Kate Winslet wows Germany at Bambi Awards

Bambi 2009 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Here is Kate Winslet at the Bambi Awards in Potsdam, Germany on Thursday. The dress looks pretty, doesn’t it? She’s gained a little weight back, I think. She doesn’t look as sucked-plucked-and-tucked as she did during the 2009 awards season, but she still looks good, albeit a little… puffy. Like plastic surgery or Botox puffy. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe it was jet-lag. Maybe it was German beer. The dress is even better from the back, too – lots of sparkle! Winslet also carried a clutch that was bedazzled with her initials. Only Winslet could pull of something so classy!

Kate won a Bambi for her role in The Reader. The Bambis are given out specifically to “recognize excellence in international media and television with vision and creativity who affected and inspired the Germany public.” I’m not sure how Kate Winslet playing a Nazi concentration camp prison guard does wonders for Germany, but it was a good performance, and Kate was cool to show up to receive her award with grace. The actual award itself is one of the heaviest around – it’s 3.6 kg, and made of bronze and 18-carat gold. Sweet.

Kate Winslet returned to the German film studio where she made the Oscar-winning film “The Reader” on Thursday evening to accept the 2009 Bambi Award for best international actress.

The British actress, who won the Academy Award for best actress, told the gala ceremony of 800 that she enjoyed the work at the Babelsberg studios outside Berlin so much two years ago that she was always glad to return.

“Ever since we made ‘The Reader’ I’m always trying to find ways to come back to Germany — it was special,” said Winslet, whom the jury honored as “an actress who doesn’t just slip into her roles but rather puts herself into the soul of her roles.”

Winslet struggled to hold up the 3.6-kg Bambi made of bronze and 18-carat gold at the ceremony broadcast live on German TV.

“This is very heavy so I’m going to put this down,” said Winslet, who played a German woman with a secret Nazi past in the romantic drama “The Reader”.

She added she treasured the experience working with the German cast and crew.

“They had a really wonderful sense of humor even in the face of some brutal filming hours,” she said.

Her comment prompted German comedian Michael Mittermeier to quip later: “Kate Winslet, you’re the first person from England to ever say we Germans have humor. Thank you, thank you!”

[From Reuters]

That’s funny – English people don’t think Germans are funny? I think Germans are funny. Every German I’ve ever met has a great sense of humor. That’s true of the English too, if we’re stereotyping nationalities’ senses of humor. Anyway, this is one of Kate’s rare red carpet appearances since her awards blitz earlier this year. She seems like she’s been taking it easy since then, which makes me happy. She doesn’t have to do a million films a year, and she probably enjoys the downtime with her family.

Bambi 2009 - Show

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  1. nikki says:

    i dislike her in “the reader”,i prefer her in “revolutionary road”

  2. An23tom says:

    My favourite actress that doesn’t whore herself and her family like others in Hollywood.

  3. mila says:

    I can’t see any “puffiness” . She’s so beautiful and classy. Yes, she’s gained a bit but I prefer her this way.

  4. Vermithrax says:

    My crush on Kate is eternal.

  5. filthy cute says:

    She’s had work done. Gimme a break.

  6. kruczynski-way says:

    She’s stunning, the dress not so much. I think that she should stop wearing “old Hollywood” dresses and be a little more… mh… modern-looking. The prize is kind of weird, never heard about it before but no doubt she deserves it.

  7. scorpiogal says:

    She actually looks like herself again. Hooray!

  8. DiMi says:

    I don’t see puffiness either. I think she looks healthy, fresh, and beautiful.

  9. Firestarter says:

    Guess I am looking at someone else, because the pictures I am looking at show no puffiness whatsoever.

  10. Kelly-Michelle says:

    Puffy? It’s obvious that she styles herself “old Hollywood” because she’s on the heavy side. At least she knows how to stand (straight and sucked in) and to wear black.

  11. Beth says:

    The comments about Kate’s weight are unneccessary. She doesn’t look puffy and I don’t see a weight gain. She’s never been a size zero. She looks good and pretty.

  12. marie says:

    Jesus Christ. Puffy? Like she’s had work done? No wonder so many women hack themselves into Frankensteins and have eating disorders.

  13. kruczynski-way says:

    There’s no need to be thin to wear a stylish/modern dress. She’s not puffy, she’s healthy looking and I think that she can look good even if she’s wearing a paper bag. Kate just needs to be a little less severe looking and more uncontrived.

  14. lilred says:

    If that is puffy, I want to be puffy just like her.

  15. Sumodo says:

    @ Kelly Michelle “…on the heavy side”??? If Kate is heavy to you, I guess I’d be ginormous. What do you weigh, missy?

  16. ChargerFan says:

    Must be a slow day in the “let’s stalk and make fun of celebrity” world… This isn’t a story AT ALL!! She looks great.

  17. Kelly-Michelle says:

    115 before Turkey Day 😉

    I agree that Kate looks good here, but only to a point. Kate is a celeb who just looks better when she’s on the slim side, if you know what I mean. She doesn’t carry weight well, in my opinion, like Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, or Drew Barrymore. Maybe it’s her face. I dunno.

  18. sickofit says:

    all of you did not see the show. she was like the most goodlooking girl on that show. those pictures do not tell the truth at all. she looked so classy in that outfit. i dont care about her normally but this dress did fit her extremely well.

  19. Camille says:

    She looks lovely, and I like the dress too.

  20. snowball says:

    She’s so lovely, ah. For everyone that thinks she’s “heavy” or “puffy” – in person, she’s probably a humongous size 4. The tabs were all griping about how fat Jennifer Love Hewitt was, and she was a 2 at the height of all the ridicule.

    I don’t think that’s the most flattering neckline for Kate – for some reason, it makes her chest look really big and rounded. It might have worked better if it was off the shoulder and not cut so low and rounded, but I love the color on her.

    Oh man, “carry weight well.” I’m sure somewhere there’s an anorexic who thinks no one can carry 115 lbs. well. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I think Kate is lovely too, and very talented. She’s one of my favorite actresses.

    3.6 kg of 18 carat gold? I’d melt that little trophy down and take a nice vacation!

  22. original kate says:

    gorgeous – not puffy at all.

  23. Nell says:

    Puffiness? Ridiculous! She’s gorgeous – I see no puffiness at all; all I see is a beautifully dressed, slim movie star, with well styled hair -she looks classic. Give her a break and stop making things up!

  24. diva says:

    Well there is nobody to sue for this look. She looks matronly or since she was in Germany looks like a “hausfrau”. I think she should go back to her “20 minute Pilates” and rethink her stance on dieting. I don’t understand these modern day “movie stars” don’t they realize that the public is always their audience and wants to see them look their best and that is their “job”. They signed up to be in the spotlight so look the part and be grateful that people care to see you. Soon enough you will all be Elizabeth Taylor.