Reports: Tiger Woods is an idiot womanizer, Rachel Uchitel is a liar

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There’s so much reporting and gossip about the whole Tiger Woods situation, it merits yet another post. To catch up: the Enquirer reported Tiger had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a New York events planner/party girl/professional starf-cker. Then Tiger’s wife Elin challenged Tiger to a duel on Thanksgiving or something, they had a huge fight (new detail: allegedly, Tiger yelled “You’ve ruined our Thanksgiving! Are you happy now?”), Tiger got into a car crash, and now he’s holed up in his house, refusing to talk to the police and only releasing cryptic, apologetic messages to the ravenous press.

Meanwhile, there’s a slew of new and interesting information about this “other woman” Rachel Uchitel. I mentioned in today’s earlier post that Rachel hired lawyer Gloria Allred over the weekend. Allred is a celebrity attorney – and she knows how to use the media to manage her clients. Allred told the AP (via Us Weekly) that Uchitel is now in Los Angeles, and that they “plan to meet and then we’ll decide on the next step, which we do not plan to announce to the press.” Uchitel, meanwhile, told E! News that “I did not have any involvement with him [Woods]. Whatever was written in the Enquirer was not said by me, it was said by two people that claimed they were friends of mine but they’re not. I am overwhelmed, so I hired [celebrity attorney] Gloria Allred to handle the situation. I don’t want to get this much attention and I wish everybody would leave me alone.”

Oh, yes. Uchitel is still denying that she is friends with the two named sources of the Enquirer’s original report. Unfortunately, the Enquirer does this sh-t all the time, so they called Uchitel out in a new online report, in which they posted photos of Uchitel and Ashley Samson (photos here), one of the named sources who “confirmed” Uchitel’s affair with Tiger. Here’s more:

Tiger Woods’ shocking car crash has put the world’s spotlight on Rachel Uchitel — the New York City party girl who has been caught up in a cheating scandal with the multimillionaire golf superstar. The ENQUIRER’s blockbuster cover story was verified with polygraphs, multiple sources and an on-the-record exclusive interview with one of Rachel’s friends.

And now The ENQUIRER has caught Rachel in a slew of contradictions during the past 24 hours as she’s been questioned by other media about her relationship with Tiger. The ENQUIRER is reporting exclusively in its print edition that the 34-year-old brunette, who has a reputation for dating married celebrities, has been telling friends about a jet-set liaison with 33-year-old Tiger that began in June. So despite Rachel’s protestations, the ENQUIRER amassed plenty of evidence for its story and is now releasing part of it.

Rachel, an events planner and former director of VIP operations at the NYC nightclub Grffin, has attempted to distance herself from the growing scandal in several comments made to media in the last 24 hours, including to the Associated Press, New York Post and New York Daily News. But The ENQUIRER can show how Rachel’s denials are full of contradictions!

Rachel, who denies an affair with Tiger, told one media outlet that she hardly knows Ashley, who is quoted on-the-record in our story. Rachel said she wasn’t even sure of the woman’s last name.

However, we can reveal that Rachel is such a close friend of Ashley’s that she recently invited Ashley to join her and some other pals on a trip to Spain. AND in an ENQUIRER web exclusive, we’re publishing a photo showing Rachel partying with her friend Ashley on that recent trip to Spain.

Rachel has even been caught in outright lies in specific comment responses to The ENQUIRER. Rachel traveled to Australia to meet with Tiger while he played earlier this month in the Australian Masters, both sources said. BUT Rachel initially told us she traveled there with a boyfriend.

In a later conversation, however, she admitted to The ENQUIRER she had lied about going to Australia with a boyfriend. She said she was in the country “for business.” She also said she was not in Tiger’s hotel. But an Enquirer reporter eye witnessed her IN the hotel. She then said she did not go to the floor of the hotel where Tiger was staying.

BUT an ENQUIRER reporter in Melbourne watched as Rachel checked in to the posh Crown Towers hotel, and went up to the 35th floor, which houses the hotel’s ritzy VIP Suite. Tiger was staying in the same hotel, according to local press reports.

[From The Enquirer]

The Enquirer’s online slamming of Uchitel goes on and on, I edited it. Most of it is just a repetition of their original reporting, which is looking more and more dead-on, honestly. I also found this interesting piece done by Blackbook, written by someone very familiar with the NY club scene:

Rachel and I met for the first time when she was dating Tao/Marquee/Lavo partner Jason Strauss and was the director of V.I.P. Services out in Vegas. I remember her being very insistent that I get that title right, so I hope I did. Uchitel was beautiful, intelligent, articulate and driven. Did I say beautiful? She was the go-to gal for tables at hotspots like Pink Elephant, Dune, Marquee, Tao (Vegas) and most recently Griffin.

I asked some of her close friends about the allegations of her affair with the Tiger. Although her friends say “probably,” I could not confirm the affair. I got a lot of “I wouldn’t put it past her” and “she rolls in those kinds of circles.” I did get one reliable “she told friends she was friends with him.” One in-the-know type said, “She told me she was splitting to L.A. to avoid the papparazzi camped by her door. I love her to death, but she makes things tough on herself.” Then I did some checking on Mr. Woods just to see if the “homewrecker” label being tossed around had any validity. It seems Mrs. Woods might have a lot more to be teed off about.

The allegations of Rachel driving a wedge between the married couple seem silly. I am not a gossip columnist but I did ask around “certain circles.” These “circles” scoffed at the idea of Tiger’s innocence. I was told that over the last three to five years, many a jet was occupied by Mr. Woods and his entourage, with an ex-working girl tasked to provide beauties for the beasts. Come back tomorrow for more on the working girl in question—a lady based out of Chicago who is a regular “pal” of one of Tiger’s inner circle. “The jets would touch down in L.A. or Vegas or wherever the party was,” said my source. I asked if Mr. Woods was partaking in the girlie action? She responded with “duh.”

The superstar celebrity meeting the beautiful girl in the club story seems old hat. Why are we shocked when a Kobe or a Michael or a Mel Gibson or a senator is caught with his pants down? The Spitzer thing was kind of beyond the pale sick because he was prosecuting those kinds of crimes while partaking. But everyone in clubdom knew Ashley and her ilk and their resumes. Why is the world at large shocked? I mean, there aren’t too many average joes affording $1500-an-hour call girls. These gals are hitting lots of famous chit.

[From Blackbook]

The Blackbook person goes on to say that it takes two to tango and that Uchitel shouldn’t be painted as a home wrecker when Tiger has been quietly skeezy for years and years. I wouldn’t put it past Tiger to have a party plane full of working girls, but I find the Enquirer’s affair story more believable than the conspiracy of whispers now surrounding Tiger. Just my take.

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  1. snowball says:

    I’m ready to smash the rose-colored glasses I seem to always get caught wearing.

    Assuming all this is true (and every once in a while, the Enquirer is actually spot-on), it’s sad. Beyond the insanity of Elin who may or may not have chased him out of his house with a golf club.

    This Rachel person is disgusting, and yeah, it takes two to tango. But it still leaves her being a pig. An unattractive pig, if those pictures are a representation of what she looks like.

  2. Trillion says:

    Married Men: If you can’t honor your vows, at least please masturbate more and give in to these tacky ho’s less. Those are some of the scariest bolt-on boobs I’ve ever seen. Seriously, those two look like bad drag queens.

  3. Raven says:

    I may be the naive one here, but I find this kind of activity hard to believe while Tiger’s dad was alive. I think he really pushed Tiger to be disciplined in all aspects of his life. I think Tiger has lost his way since his dad died. I hope he gets back on track.

    I read a really nice comment on another site yesterday from someone who had been at a golf match of Tiger’s when his wife was present. It was a match with foreign and domestic golfers. The foreign wives came together and stayed separate from the US wives of the golfers. Then Tiger’s wife showed up and brought everyone together. This commenter noted how well the couple seemed to do together and how well they were getting along, as well as noting Tiger’s discipline being the first on the course the next day to practice hitting balls. Of course, this was back when Tiger’s dad was alive. He’ll be losing a lot if this conduct causes him to lose his family.

  4. e says:

    That girl is beautiful in a “my face is 90% plastic kind of way” but I would not go on an on like the Blackbook person. Tiger’s wife is a lot better looking.

  5. Goddess711 says:

    “You’ve ruined our Thanksgiving! Are you happy now?” I like that. No “I ruined our marriage, am I happy now?”
    $1500/hr? Damn. And to think we women want to settle with one guy and end up unhappy when we could be out making that kind of money by doing the same thing and not having to do the laundry or deal with their mothers and effed up families? Wheewww! Where do I apply?

  6. Kevin says:

    I believe his father was dead at the time of Eldrick’s wedding. (could be wrong, too lazy to look it up). I was wrong, married in 04, Pops croaked in 06,,,never mind carry on.

  7. e says:

    snowball the Enquirer is actually becoming pretty reliable. They broke that Edwards story and have been on a roll ever since. I used to think they were full of it like Star and some of the other rags but they turned it around and are getting some good tips.

  8. Sumodo says:

    Huge allegations, here. First of all, in my past life as a big city reporter, and as somebody who is acquainted enough with “The Mayflower Madam” to have bought her an engagement present years ago, YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE the well-brought-up girls who are making easy cha-ching as call girls. It would shock most people, but some of them end up with prize catches for husbands. That’s one issue. The other is, huge male celebrities (except maybe Tom Hanks) are such fame whores that they DEMAND entourages of “escorts” and, believe me, they HIRE people like ex-working girls, to provide them with beautiful women. Next issue: have any of you been to golf tournaments and the parties thrown for these guys by the sponsors? Unbelievable whore-fests. Some of the golfers get wasted! (Saw one big name golfer almost in Tiger’s league KNEELING DRUNK and making out with anything in a skirt–married guy…)and when you have a private plane, access to women, and the wife and kids at home, ANYTHING can happen. BTW, politicians are just the same as sports pros. Believe me, hang around with politicians and athletes and you will see A LOT. God bless blogs and tabloids, because I couldn’t report a lot of this. Oh, and I forgot. A lot of politicians are gay. A lot. Sports guys, too. A lot. Just sayin’

  9. Firestarter says:

    Tiger Woods is no different than any other human being. Just because he is Tiger, does not mean he is so above being a lying cheat.

    I hate how on other sites and a few comments on here are all about how Elin let herself go, or she is a goldigger, or mean and cold. The man obviously loved this woman enough to marry her and have two children with her. Honor your vows or don’t put a ring on it. Simple as that!

  10. danielle says:

    Wow – both those girls look ROUGH! Not that I always take a great picture, but I’m not banging married celebs either! (or married non-celebs, or unmarried celebs, etc.)

  11. Michelle says:

    I used to work around the professional golf tour (20+ years ago) and I can tell you that 99% of the married men on tour cheated on their wives. I have no personal knowledge about Tiger Woods as he wasn’t yet on the scene. One patricular player’s wife would travel to each tournament and eye girls there to see if they were the “on-the-side action” and report it to the player’s wives. Unfortunately, not many married men will deny free stuff on the side.

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    egad, that blond looks horrible.

    the boobs are terrible, but the lips are even worse. WHY do people do that to themselves?!

    and I, for one, TOTALLY believe that he not only got freaky with this skank, but he probably DID get around with others.

  13. bros says:

    both those hos need to ask for their money back on their lip injections. they look AWFUL.

  14. Kate says:

    Not defending it, but you have to take into account the lives of professional athletes — constant travel away from families and women throwing themselves at them everywhere — it is a part of the culture and it has nothing to do with Tiger’s dad being alive/dead or whatever (and actually Tiger’s dad was not a saint — left wife #1 for wife #2, estranged from his children with wife #1, estranged from wife #2 (Tiger’s mom) for the last few years), etc.). Bottom line: Tiger is not a saint, he is human who plays golf really really well. There have been rumors FOREVER about his womanizing (he hangs with the likes of Michael Jordan, etc. and Jordan’s womanizing ways are legendary). Can we all please move on?

  15. snowball says:

    I guess the moral of the story is, marry some really poor guy so he can’t afford hos-on-tap.

    “Can we all please move on?” What does that mean? No more discussions? Are you officially closing the topic for everyone? Banning any new topics on the issue?

  16. gracie says:

    Not to defend Elin if she was chasing him with a golf club…but if this was not the first or the second or even the third time this has happened (that you know about)…your level of anger would be much higher.

    I have heard the same rumors for a long time that Tiger has a wandering eye. His misdeeds of course would be minimized in the media since he is so popular and such a money-making brand.
    But word does get out. I, for one, was not surprised to hear he might be cheating again.

    Of course some will say, well, why doesn’t Elin leave him then. Get a big settlement. Maybe she really loves him. Maybe he promised to behave in the future. Maybe he told her those other stories were lies. I have a friend whose husband has cheated 3 times and she stayed because she is really in love with him and he is good to her (except for the cheating).

    Love and marriage is complicated.

  17. ccoop says:

    People tend to discount the Enquirer’s “gossip” but they frequently get it right. As my old journalism prof used to say: “Gossip is just news running down the street in a red satin dress”.

  18. Tia C says:

    @ snowball – yeah, my rose colored glasses need to come off, too.

    Having a hard time thinking of Tiger as just another sleazy man. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck though…

  19. jzhz says:

    Wait – so if this woman were more attractive (by your standards), it would be okay? That is some weird logic.

  20. alex says:

    the NE is a sleazy piece of rag, yeah they do get some stuff right at times, but most of the times all they stories are full of sh*t. So I am not looking toward them as the truth bible and any tab that have to pay someone to get a story imo is not legit

  21. yeah, RIGHT! says:

    How sad is it that he was beaten by a Swedish bikini model? 😉

  22. gracie says:

    “Today’s Blind Items

    I’m sure the fans of this married world class golfer with the perfect image would be shocked to know he cheats on his wife on a regular basis.

    Tiger Woods”

    From the blog Crazy Days and Nights” just a bit ago.

  23. diva says:

    I would like to see a notarized birth certificate verifying Rachels age at 34 she looks more like a very plastic 40. She is far from beautiful, I saw a picture of her in the Sun pre plastic surgery and lets just say she was below average. Tiger is a billionaire fool to get involved with someone who is not at least a multimillionaire and has as much to lose as he does for an affair. This is just downright stupid and I have no sympathy for him.

  24. logan says:

    Rachel Uchitel (?) I see a Mr. Jon Gosselin in your future you lucky gal!

  25. yeah, RIGHT! says:

    @#23 Thumbs Up!

  26. lilred says:

    LOL @ Goddess . I’d sign up for that gig if I wasn’t already hitched.

  27. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m with Snowball-what a freaking let down with Tiger! I used to work for a sports marketing company in Dallas and we did some ads with Tiger and our company (me included) thought he was an all around awesome guy. So many of the athletes we worked with were such skeezes: strip clubs, callers (call girls), hit on every girl in the office…
    We never saw that side of Tiger.

  28. Judy says:

    I think the Enquirer deserves a lot more respect than it receives. Their articles are written exceptionally well with literally NO grammatical mistakes. I believe this story, but it saddens me, because they are a beautiful family, and I like Tiger.

  29. Kathie says:

    Team Firestarter here! If you cannot honor your vows or unless you have a prenup that allows you to cheat then keep it in your pants! Since when has cheating been a character builder? What has happened to people that we just accept this as “part of the package” when cheating concerns Celebrity, Politician or Sports figure? Other people can continue to condone this behavior but I will never cease saying it is wrong!

  30. lastwordlinda says:

    Married guys that cheat are bad enough, but it’s rarely a surprise. But the women that KNOW these guys are married AND have children but will screw them anyway are the lowest of the low. It’s difficult enough being a woman in a male-dominated world without being betrayed by one of your own kind. Bitches. I wish much itching and disease in their lady-bits for that.

  31. Pam says:

    I think it is great that Woods is keeping the reporters and tabloids at bay. They are going to try to rip him to pieces whether he cooperates or not. It is time someone stands up to the press. If they both stay quiet it will die down with only rumor and innuendo left.

  32. WTF?!? says:

    Sorry, Raven, his dad’s death didn’t suddenly turn him into a dog. He just got caught this time, in a BIG way.

    PS Those are some butt-ugly women. What is the RDA for silicone, anyway?

  33. hmm says:

    Tiger is not the first professional golfer or professional athlete to cheat on his wife and he won’t be the last. It doesn’t make him evil incarnate, it makes him an imperfect human being. Is Tiger required to be the perfect human specimen without weaknesses or is allowed to be flawed? In this day and age, only fools believe the PR crap that comes out about most famous people and the “perfect” lives they lead. It sickens me that some people are defending her violence because they are disappointed that Tiger proved to be just a man and not a god.

  34. JaNa'e says:

    everybody in this situation is wrong.

    1. tiger for cheating in the first place.

    2. rachel for having an affair with a man that everyone knows is married.

    3. Elin for whooping tigers ass and then going barry bonds on him with the golf club.

    but they’re all human and therefore make mistakes. we have no right to condemn any of them, especially when we’re not a part of the situation

  35. Jimmy says:

    “splitting to L.A. to avoid the papparazzi camped by her door” LOL!

  36. GatsbyGal says:

    Ehhhh…it’s still no excuse for clawing his face up and then smashing his car with a golf club as he tries to leave. His wife is, quite frankly, a crazy bitch who I hope ends up getting put away for domestic abuse. Because if the genders were reversed, you better believe we’d all be calling for the head of this beast of a husband.

  37. snowball says:

    @Yeah RIGHT – “How sad is it that he was beaten by a Swedish bikini model?”

    I know I’m not supposed to laugh, but that was a nice giggler.

  38. Judy says:

    TMZ reporting neighborhood is on lockdown and that he has pulled out of his obligations later this week.

  39. Firestarter says:

    GatsbyGirl -while I agree thatshe shouildn’t have gotten violent, why should she get put away for domestic violence when Chris Brown did far worse to Rihanna and only got probation, community service and classes he has to take.

    If we are going to let him off with a slap on the wrist, I think we should give her the same punishment as well. No need for her to serve time when Brown didn’t.

    JaNa’e- For God’s sakes, this is a gossip site, where we judge everyone from their behavior to their looks. If you are so against that type of thing, then go to a fan site. You go from post to post telling everyone to be more accepting of behavior that is NOT acceptable. Your constant defense of Chris Brown and his violence is tiresome. No one has to accept his behavior and move on and no one has to accept this behavior from these two.

  40. fizXgirl314 says:

    men are bashing their wive’s heads into things and breaking bones and they don’t get “put away”… can we first start by correcting THAT problem before we put away the little blond who scratched her husband’s face or slapped some guy in a bar? I mean seriously, am I living in some parallel crazy universe? why are some of you women so STUPID… !!!

  41. QB says:

    An athlete cheated on his wife?? WOW I’m shocked , not.

    Tiger is just like Michael Jordan , Kobe , Arod. They are all dicks , talented but dicks.

  42. wow says:

    This is what I get for coming late to the party. Everything from all sides have pretty much been said.

    I know what I want for Christmas this year though. I’d LOVE to have A-1, top notch professional liars like Tiger has. I want them to follow me around and make any of the stupid sh*t I do come across as “normal”.

    It’s pretty sad that in this day and age, it’s almost naive to think your spouse will be true to their vows. It’s also sad that couple’s stay together for public image or to save endorsements.

  43. mollination says:

    they all cheat. except johnny depp (and I pray to god, Barack Obama).

    Anybody else, suprise will not register on my face. It’s been this way for decades.

  44. Goddess711 says:

    Anybody who knows better knows the woman didn’t just suddenly go off her nut and start beating on him. It’s a build up of rumours and him denying it. Rumours and him denying it. Years of him telling her she’s crazy, other people are crazy, he’s Mr. Faithful it’s all lies…it builds up. Something huge like Whorezilla there hitting the entire world publically and him trying the same old “it wasn’t me” shit – girl’s gotta snap. Temporary insanity or whatever, to me it’s the self-esteem turning back on and son’ma’betch don’t lie to me anymore – she probably didn’t realise she was doing that – rage does that to any of us.
    I’m team Elin all the way. I wish she’d’ve worked on her slice a bit more before it, give ol’ Tig’ something to remember next time he needs to stick it into somebody else.
    I’m thinking Whorezilla did this on purpose to break up his marriage; he ALLEGEDLY texted he loves her? I smell a “I wanna be the next Mrs. Woods” there. Hope she takes some kickboxing classes before she signs up for him!

  45. ViktoryGin says:

    1. Cheating is not a new phenomenon. Realizing that you don’t have put up with that shit is (particularly as a woman, and really only in the West).

    2. Chris Brown and Elin Woods are not a parallel comparison and here’s why:
    Men who are abusers are cowards who have to debase and belittle a woman in order to feed their own bankrupt egos. Elin was exacting revenge on a wrong transgressed against her. The violence is the same (generally speaking), but the impetus is not. It doesn’t make it right for those of you who wish to equalize that fact that men have been marginalizing, ostracizing, misusing, and misappropriating, and, yes, absuing women worldwide for millenia; but it IS different.

    And men wonder what creates such engraged, embittered misandronists…

  46. Nala says:

    ((Johnny)) swoon. Barack? I think he would, if he could get away with it. But Michele would know and his a*s would pay!

  47. ViktoryGin says:

    What’s more…

    To anyone who thinks about marrying an athlete…read the fine print:

    “Will fuck around”

    So don’t act surprised when Jane Blow is claiming that your husband is her baby’s sperm donor. Just keep that lighter fluid ready ‘cuz seeing his shit in flames is the only thing that is going to keep you warm on that fateful night when reality rear-ends you, your million dollar mansion, your holidays in St. Tropez, and the Bentley….and it most definitely will.

    There are only 3 sure things in this world: death, taxes, and cheating men.

  48. Sincerity says:

    I don’t condone infidelity; however, given the right opportunity with a woman who’s more than willing, I suspect that most men will cheat regardless of who they are. It’s not unusual for high profile men to cheat because they have the money, opportunity and too many willing participants to chose from.

    What’s interesting now, is that low profile women such as Rachel Uchitel are no longer content to remain in the shadows. They’re coming out and making a lot a noise because they realize their chances of marrying a high profile celebrity are considerably lower than screwing one. If they don’t actually get the man at least they have a chance at 5 minutes worth of notoriety that they may be able to parlay into some cold hard cash. In the past, these women did not have much to gain by embarrassing a high profile acquaintance because they actually had a conscience and did not want any scandal attached to their reputations.

  49. gracie says:

    @ViktoryGin…I think I love you. You have summed up perfectly everything important and pertinent to this issue and you wrote it beautifully. Thank you.

    Ps…I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  50. Mairead says:

    Somebody here said “men are as faithful as their options”, and to a large extent I think that’s true, not for every man, or even for the majority. But e should remember that many many married/involved women cheat also.

    @Hmmm – I absolutely agree

    @ Kathie – keep up the good fight. However, I do want to say that there is a huge difference in being unsurprised about cheating and wondering why there’s all this gnashing of teeth over the private life of someone who littles little white balls around for a living, is not the same as condoning.

    I don’t actively condemn cheats, but it doesn’t mean I approve of their behaviour either, just as i don’t approve of one-night-stands. I just think that the dynamics of each couple is unique and you will never be thanked for sticking your oar in.

    @Snowball & Co – here, try on my patented Cynicspecs 😈

  51. Jazz says:

    Somewhere, David Boreananz is breathing a sigh of relief.

  52. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ViktoryGin, very well said.

  53. crash2GO2 says:

    I so enjoy the majority of thoughtful posters on this website!

    My only addition to the comments, is that I don’t believe that married men actually cheat as much or more than married women do. In fact, a recent study points to just such a conclusion, and while I haven’t examined their data, in my experience, it is true.

  54. ViktoryGin says:

    @ gracie & praise St. Angie:

    cheers, ladies!

  55. Hehe says:

    I’D do the same if I had $300mil and not so goodlooking. bang a few skunks.Who cares? I bet he does porn stars as well. Enjoy it while it lasts Tiger. And please, he’s a golfer. He just shows up,smiles and waves a stick.Throws a ball through some trees. Guess he ‘s bored of golf as well.

  56. pamela cilia says:

    Who would ever fancy this bloke without all his money? Nobody would. I know that for a fact and if I was his wife I would gladly take every penny I could get and just laugh and walk away without a second thought for a pathetic man like him.

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