Colin Farrell & girlfriend go on vacation without 7-week-old baby Henry


Here are new photos of Colin Farrell and his girlfriend Alicja Bachleda-Curus heading out on a little Mexican vacation. Fame Pictures notes that Alicja and Colin boarded a plane at LAX without their 7-week-old baby Henry Tadeusz. And there’s no sign of Henry in the Mexico pictures either, which leads me to believe that Papa Colin and Mama Alicja needed a few nights away from the little rugrat, and probably left him in the care of some nanny or family member. Fame Pictures asks: “The two lovebirds look primed to escape from their stressful celebrity lives for a vacation, but is it irresponsible to be apart from their new baby so early in his development?” I think if it’s just for a few days, it’s fine. Who cares, as long as the baby is cared for by someone responsible? It’s not even like babies do anything interesting at that age, you know? But that’s just me, being a non-mother (happily so).

While on vacation, Alicja and Colin seemed to just be chilling out, not doing much of anything besides eating and smoking and looking at stuff through binoculars. Which actually sounds like a really great vacation to me. My guess is that they’re also spending some time in bed. Ten bucks says Alicja gets knocked up again in about two seconds. There’s a reason they’re called Irish twins.

That’s about it. I guess there wasn’t anything to that story about Colin and Janet Jackson. Or maybe there was and Alicja just didn’t care. Oh, and Alicja kills me. Can you believe she just had a baby? She was back to skinny two seconds after giving birth. She kills me. Colin too. I love him.

Colin and Alicja at LAX on November 28, and in Mexico on November 29, all without baby Henry. Credit: Fame.


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  1. Firestarter says:

    Am I wrong for thinking that it isn’t right to take a vacation 7 weeks after having a baby? I am no mother, but it seems kind of soon to leave a newborn with a nanny or family member.

    Maybe I am just being critical.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I can’t see going away that soon.

  3. Magie says:

    Well, she’s obviously not breastfeeding. Wouldn’t want to damage the “girls”.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Here’s what happens if you have close family members: they MAKE you go away for some together time.

  5. turtles says:

    the health of this couple is essential to the happiness of their baby. I think that shortly after having a baby it is a good idea to reconnect as a couple, have some time for love and remember why you had a child together in the first place. So many couples let all the romance and effort go out of their relationship as soon as children arrive – I think it will be good for the baby for mom and dad to take good care of themselves and their relationship.

  6. mollyb says:

    I guess I don’t think it’s really up there in the list of horrible things you can do or anything but it does surprise me. Most first-time mothers I know have trouble leaving a tiny infant like that for a dinner out with the husband, much less a few days vacation.

  7. mila says:

    I can’t blame them for going away for couple days. especially since she gave birth not too long ago-she deserves some rest!

  8. MP says:

    When my nephew was 2.5 months old, my sister and I convinced our sister and BIL to take a weekend getaway. My sister stressed herself out taking care of the baby 24/7 and it was a good time to reconnect with her husband. Now she did call every 15 minutes it seemed, but she did relax and get some sleep — which was the point. They are not bad, irresponsible parents for doing that imo.

    I agree with Kaiser, I don’t see anything wrong with them taking a weekend away (if that is what it was) as long as the baby is cared for.

  9. Alex says:

    Friends of mine took off to Mexico for 5 days when their baby was 1 month. And yes, she was breastfeeding. It was the best thing for them and they came back refreshed and connected.

  10. Jillian says:

    Call me old fashioned, but newborns need their mamas! I didn’t have mine spend the night away from me until she was close to a year old.

    But whatever.

  11. Tess says:

    Wow, this seems like a surefire recipe for family bonding.

    Wonder how long Colin Farrell and girlfriend will be together.

  12. minx says:

    I remember reading that her mom is there visiting now, so she probably stayed with the baby. I wouldn’t be able to tear myself from such a small baby but Alicja is probably right about keeping Colin interested in her. Remember that 6 weeks is usually enough time for post partum recovery, so they just resumed having sex. New moms usually forget about the guy once the baby is in the picture but she’s smart about reconnecting with baby’s daddy.

  13. snowball says:

    What do I know, since I’m divorced from his daddy, but I’d have torn an arm off rather than leave my son when he was 7 weeks old. Even if his daddy happened to be one of my man-crushes.

    I’d be a sobbing puddle of misery. One night I could live with. An entire Mexican vacation? I’d be calling every five minutes.

    Babies sleep and there’s nothing wrong with a little quickie here and there until you can find more quiet time.

  14. alokin says:

    I don’t know if I could leave my baby at 7 weeks old,maybe with my mom,but everyone is different so I’m not going to judge them,she looks good for someone who just happen to had a baby.

  15. e. says:

    kinda of the reason why mothers pour all their energies into looking after a newborn and not servicing the father is the newborn is a creature that needs constant attention to survive and thrive. The daddy, in theory, should be an adult who can handle not being the center of the universe for a few months.

    I can see leaving your 7 week old child to go away overnight to a bed and breakfast, but going to Mexico seems incredible. I hope they’re putting a little something away for baby’s therapy bills.

  16. Miss Thang says:

    I don’t think this is a big deal, but I know I couldn’t do it.

  17. Mairead says:

    I’m assuming the child is either with their mothers or his sister, who’s his assistant.

    And Kaiser – Christ woma!!! don’t you remember the trouble there was the last time someone made an “Irish Twins” remark? 😯

    And just for that I ought to bombard you with Jedward videos. Careful what you wish for girlie 😈

  18. hmm says:

    I can’t see leaving a baby at that age and frankly if you and your man need to reconnect so soon after having a baby, chances are something is wrong. And these are celebs (at least he is) and they are not caring for their children to the point of exhaustion anyway, so they could have brought the child along with a baby nurse and there would have been baby time and bonding time for the couple. If it was 7 months, I’d get it, but 7 weeks, please.

  19. crazymary says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. Parents need time together without their kids even when they are babies. Now, after saying that, I can say that it would have been very hard to do with my first one but by the time our third one came along I welcomed a little “sexy time” break. Lol. If the baby is with a grandparent they are good hands.

  20. Munkey says:

    snowball: I agree in full. I could never have left my kids behind when they were so young.

    But to each his/her own, I suppose.

  21. Emily says:

    @hmm, do you know for sure that they’ve got a team of nannies? Colin always seemed like a very hands on dad with his first son, not all celebrities want to outsource their kids.

  22. GatsbyGal says:

    I hope they’re able to appreciate just how fortunate they are. Not everyone can just up and leave for a vacation and give the baby to a nanny.

  23. eva says:

    i am polish so in my country they talk a lot about Alicja’s relationship. her mother went to stats two weeks ago so i guess she stays now with the little one. in my opinion it is great idea to spend weekend together when your baby is 7 weeks old and you know that he under your mother protection.

  24. jzhz says:

    Looks like a totally reasonable choice, to me. Good for her for not worrying about the judgement of other people and doing what’s right for her.

  25. crash2GO2 says:

    I’m with you e.

  26. Enonymous says:

    I don’t want this to sound racist or anything but what is up with Russian/Slavic girls hooking up/ marrying/breeding with random famous celebrities/rich men a minute after they meet them. Are they that desperate for money and fame?

    As for them vacationing weeks after the birth, Meh! its their business.

  27. bella says:

    All I know is, my baby boy is not quite six months old, and you couldn’t drag me away from him unless you rendered me unconscious or were very effective wielding a weapon and a threat. For that matter, I doubt you could get my husband away from him, either.

    Whatever works for them, but I’ll take my life over that any day.

  28. Alice says:

    @Enonymous – maybe just because they’re grgoeous and they can get those guys. I don’t think you have to be desperate for fame and money to want to hook up with Colin 🙂

    As for their vacation I think it’s perfect! It doesn’t mean something is wrong in their relationship if they want to take a break and enjoy some time and sun together! Like the baby will need therapy for a couple of days with his grandmother. I understand that some mothers don’t want to spend a sec away from their child but to assume it is necessary is quite excessive. The baby needs food, care and attention and I bet he has it.

  29. Beatrixdarl says:

    I am very much a ‘whatever works for you’ kinda person and my morals are pretty loose but I find this gobsmackingly weird and heartless. I’m all for having a life outside of motherhood but you gotta make some sacrifices, particularly in the first few months! Poor kid.

  30. Marla says:

    Alicja is a privileged Mom anyway. Most mom’s don’t have the finances or luxury to leave their babies with someone. When you have don’t have the full time mom it must not bother her to leave her baby this soon. My nephew is 2 1/2 and my sister and her husband still haven’t left him overnight anywhere.. even with me or the grandparents that only live minutes
    away. Guess everyone has different priorities.

  31. Ana says:

    I do find it odd. My baby is a year and a half now and we are just now planning on spending the night away from her for our 5 year anniversary in Jan. I guess it is different because we didn’t need to “bond.” We already had one. It just got stronger over our mutal devotion/obsession with our baby.
    I guess it is different for everyone. I was very lucky that my daughter started sleeping through the night at a week old. I do know some kids that at a year old still wake up every two hours.

    I don’t think they are bad parents or anything. I just can’t imagine having a good time on vacation with such a little one at home.

    Normally we just take our girl everywhere….but we plan on spending the entire day in bed! haha.

  32. Jag says:

    I totally agree with hmmm, so ditto. 🙂

  33. bella mama says:

    as a mother of two, i see nothing wrong with it especially if its the grandmother with the baby.

    we’ve yet to go away for more than a night yet but would have if we had had the money.

  34. Anonymous says:

    He is so sweet, and real.

    He used not his kids for promo.
    Thanks Colin!

  35. Patrice says:

    How on earth do you leave a child that young behind? While I realize it wouldn’t be practical to travel with them that young either, I cannot FATHOM boarding a plane and leaving my newborn behind with anyone in another country, even if it was my own mother! Shame on them.

  36. Patrice says:

    I have to say that I agree with the whole “Irish Twins” thing. Has anyone seen what girlfriend looked like in her bikini? Good God, I didn’t even know that was possible!!! Wouldn’t be surprised….
    P.S. Mairead: Calm down! “Irish Twins” is NOT aracial remark, it is just a common term that is used all the time. Don’t be so sensitive.

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