Serena Williams did a gender reveal/baby shower party – she’s expecting a girl!

When Serena Williams announced her retirement from tennis last year, she wrote in Vogue that she and her husband Alexis Ohanian hoped to have a second child, and they really wanted another girl. Olympia, who turns six years old in a month, desperately wants a little sister. After Serena announced her pregnancy at this year’s Met Gala, I often got the feeling that Serena and Alexis were trying to prepare Olympia for a little brother though, and I often wondered if they already knew that they were expecting a boy. Turns out, not so much! They only did the gender reveal party recently – like, Serena is ready to pop any day now??? – and it turns out that they’re having a girl! If you can’t watch the whole video, I’ve added the clip at the end where they find out.

While I’m not into “gender reveals,” I think this is fine – they made it into a baby shower and all of Serena and Alexis’s friends got to come out and celebrate before the birth. It’s lovely to see Venus there, and their dad Richard Williams. I’m really happy for Serena. She was “thinking pink” and so was Olympia. I’m not sure Serena would have known what to do with a son.

(PS… The British media has turned Serena’s whole gender reveal and baby shower into a “why wasn’t Duchess Meghan there?” story. Like… Serena is based in Florida, the Sussexes are all the way across the country.)

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  1. Jessica says:

    Well, they are just salty they couldn’t write a story about Meghan taking a private jet to the shower.

  2. Genevieve says:

    So, not only a gender reveal, but also a baby shower for a second baby, AND one that is the same sex?

    Why couldn’t it just be a “we’re so excited to welcome you we couldn’t wait till after you were born” party?

    • Thelma says:

      Who says you can only have a baby shower for the first child? I had baby showers for all my 3 kids. In any event, it’s a personal choice so not sure why you’re being critical?

      • Genevieve says:

        Showers never used to be like that – they were for necessities. I don’t like continually asking for gifts all the time, personally. And we’re in a world inundated with STUFF, so why would we continue to be turning showers into something they don’t need to be? But no need to take it personally.

    • Anna says:

      Seems needlessly nickpicky but ok

    • MsIam says:

      @Genevieve, if there is a big age gap between the kids or different sexes then I think its fine to have more than one shower. I think Olympia is 5? So maybe all of the baby stuff was given away. There were 10 years between my sister and I so yeah my mom had two showers. If people don’t want to give again then no big deal.

    • TIFFANY says:

      Genevieve, funny how you have a issue with how a Black women and mother spends her money.

      They literally had a party for all of their friends.

      Find a stadium of seats.

    • Is That So? says:

      I don’t think that Serena and Alexis had a first baby shower to get the necessity for their first child. They did it to celebrate their baby.

      They are also doing the shower for their second baby for the same reason.

      I’m pretty sure that Serena and Alexis friends would have sent gifts baby shower or not.

      I wish Serena a safe delivery and a responsive medical staff instead of one with racially tinged opinion that engender her life.


    • Hannah says:

      @ Genevieve I think it’s worth noting and respecting that Serena is a practising Jehovah’s Witness which celebrates the impending birth of a new baby in the form of a baby shower 💖

    • SarahCS says:

      When any of my friends were pregnant I was always happy to have some kind of celebration with them and delighted to be able to offer them a gift. We’re all different and do what makes you happy.

      I’m here for celebrating any happy thing that comes along.

    • Nerd says:

      Baby showers were not just for necessity but also just as a celebration of a new impending life entering your family. Obviously, they aren’t in need of anyone purchasing anything for them or their baby, now or with Olympia, but that doesn’t mean that they should avoid celebrating this beautiful moment with friends and family just because they are fortunate to be wealthy. It’s not as if this celebration somehow caused the end of mankind or disturbed your life or someone else’s. It was just a beautiful and innocent moment that they were able to celebrate with their child, family and friends.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Aw I’m happy for them! I saw that there was a reveal posted but didnt get a chance to watch the video yesterday.

    I don’t know how much clearer Serena can be about how she feels about Meghan and how close they are. being good friends doesn’t mean you have to go to every single thing when its across the country.

  4. Smart&Messy says:

    I am sure Serena would have loved a little boy to the moon and back, too. I’m happy she is happy and I’m curious to see where her life goes as a retired athlete. I just wish she stopped messing with her face. It’s so unnecessary.

    • Nerd says:

      I’m not sure what you are referring to regarding Serena messing with her face. She wears makeup, which can be a factor, but more importantly, she’s pregnant and that can impact a woman’s facial appearance, especially towards the end of a pregnancy. That is one of the reasons I laugh at the ignorance of derangers who like to say that certain women of color like Serena, Meghan and Beyoncé, aren’t pregnant when all of them have been seen with this fuller and more youthful look that can’t be faked. The thing about Meghan is that her pregnancy fullness makes her look even more youthful that she looks like her gorgeous teenage photos. Serena is beautiful and it’s great that they were kind enough to share such a special moment with all of us. I’m happy that Olympia will get the baby sister. I pray that the rest of pregnancy will go smoothly and baby and mommy will have a successful and healthy delivery.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    The video was so sweet. So happy for them.

  6. Chantal says:

    I saw the video last night and thought it was cute and creative. Olympia was too adorable and so excited! Serena’s husband is quite the jokester, which I didn’t expect. I laughed when he proudly introduced himself as SW’s husband. Like, who there didn’t know that?

    Not surprised at the dumbass BM but how do they know? They didn’t know the Sussexes were at Ellen’s vow renewal either. The video didn’t show every single guest there. Maybe she wasn’t prominent in the video bc everyone knew the BM would hatefully turn the Ohanian’s special and joyful moment into the Meghan show. I hope she was able to celebrate with her friend in person, if not I’m sure they made other arrangements. Anyway, congrats Ohanians!

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I’m glad Olympia got what she wanted which was a sister.

  8. Xeni says:

    Serena will forever be the GOAT to me and I’m sad I was too broke to catch her at Wimbledon 😂. Congratulations to a healthy baby, I love their little family

    But oh goodness I have serious beef with whoever does her eyebrows…like why

    However she’s Serena so she’s already won at life

  9. Nerd says:

    Congratulations to them all. I could tell that they as great parents have been trying to prepare Olympia, who desperately wanted a sister, for the possibility of a baby brother. Serena and Alexis seemed so happy that they were able to give their baby girl the sister she always wanted. The happiness and bond between all three of them was sweet to witness. Happy for them all.

    The media has no idea who was at the celebration and they have no clue as to what anyone’s relationship is with each other. Someone not being at a celebration doesn’t define their relationship. They have told us repeatedly that Meghan has no friends or that she has ghosted or Markled them yet we always find out the incredible relationships she has that have lasted for decades and have never been altered by the attempted hate campaign of the media. We’ve heard about former cast mates no longer being friends only to see them defend her or show up to a polo event. We hear about them not inviting people to their wedding or christening only to find out through her podcasts that Sophie Trudeau and her children have stayed and visited poolside at their home. We heard that her and Serena not really being friends and Serena and Alexis arriving at a polo event and Serena being her first podcast guest. They said her absence at Priyanka’s wedding meant that their relationship wasn’t real only for Priyanka to be part of her 40th birthday celebration. They have told us repeatedly that Harry has dumped his friends because of Meghan, yet we’ve seen his friends publicly and in the documentary. The fact is that the media don’t know how Meghan or Harry’s relationships work with each other or with friends because they don’t have an understanding of how healthy relationships work.

  10. Rainbow says:

    On another note I wish she did something with the brows. They are so bad.
    They look like they are drawn with a pen.

    • Eurydice says:

      Maybe they are. I have a spot on my brow where the hair is sparse from scarring and I use a pencil to fill that in.

  11. maisie says:

    I so hope Serena is OK. she looks a bit out of breath in some of the video. Her pregnancy is incredibly high risk, she nearly died when Olympia was born. I’m sure she’s getting great care, but me, I’ll be worried until I hear that both momma and baby are healthy.

    That said, I love Alexis’ joy in all this. He’s embraced the dad bod, he seems so totally besotted with both his wife and daughter. check out his pancake-making for “Jr” on twitter.

  12. Eurydice says:

    Awww, I wish them all the best.

  13. Nicegirl says:

    YAY!!!!! 🍼 💕!!!!!!!! Just so much happiness and joy for this lovely family and our wonderful and amazing gift that is Serena like we are so lucky 🍀 and now another baby and she will be a GIRL


    I love baby boys too ok NGL, equal opportunity baby lover here. Bring on the babies!!!

    So happy for you Serena & family 💕 🌅

  14. Grace says:

    QUEEN SERENA. I love everything about her! I wish her an “easy” delivery and a healthy baby. She and her family are adorable.

    Now about baby showers in general….
    Don’t like them one bit.
    Not a fan of money and gift-grab baby showers though. People, come on, having baby #4 and you are having another shower. Your house is already overflowing with baby stuff and toys. Enough. I love my friends, their babies, children, and my family. But do I really need to buy yet another toy, stuffed animal, or piece of clothing when they already have 100s of these things??

    Stop the madness!

  15. Savu says:

    Alexis seems to love being surrounded by strong women and raising strong girls. Adorable!

  16. Robin Samuels says:

    Have we become a nation of grumpy older adults? You are not mandated to attend the baby shower. A gift can be baby clothing, a donation to St. Jude, a vase of beautiful flowers, or a box of candy. The objective is to share in the expectant mother’s joy.
    Someday I may wake up to discover the British tabloid media no longer exists. I never imagined that many poor storytellers live in the United Kingdom. I love that Meghan is starving them. They told her to shut up and go away. She did. Now they have nothing better to do than scratch their bum, dig in their nose, and make up stories. They can’t wait until next week when they’ll at least see Harry and write about how sad he looks. How do they know Serena and Alexis didn’t have virtual guests?

  17. ME says:

    Congrats to them ! I’m so happy their reaction to having another girl was pure joy. I know people who were visibly upset when they found out they were having another girl…also one that cried because they wanted a boy not a girl ! Like don’t have a gender reveal party if you’re set on one gender over the other. One day that child will see the video and witness your disappointment.

  18. PJ says:

    This was very sweet and you could tell that Serena was nervous about maybe getting a blue sign, lol. Having two sons myself, I know what a relief it is to think “okay I know what to do.”

    And Olympia is 5, so who knows whether or not Serena donated all of Jr’s baby stuff. I had a second shower (thrown by friends) for my second son, who is 4 years younger than his brother. It happens and as someone said, it looked like family and friends who generally want to do something for the mom/dad/family just before the new arrival.

    Those mentioning Serena’s face–she has pregnancy face. Some women show in their face or other parts of their bodies, hormones affect people differently. I can’t imagine that she’d be having anything cosmetic done while she’s pregnant, especially since she was such a high risk pregnancy before. Let’s hope she doesn’t have a repeat of her birth experience with Olympia and that this baby girl comes in easily. Wishing many blessings to them.

    Speaking of Meghan, why would these two friends want to give the crazy press anything else to whine about after the whole fiasco of the press threatening to sue to find out exactly who was at Meg’s NYC shower? No thanks. I’m sure H & M will send Baby Ohanian a present or make a donation in their name somewhere.

    • PJ says:

      AND I meant to call attention to the fact that the press has a history of showing Serena at her worst in pictures. Back during the USOpen final debacle in her match against Naomi Osaka, I got into with a journalist about his biased story on her and the picture they ran. He then told me that he didn’t have control over the picture and often never saw the pictures until his article was published. So, just like the press wants to drive the narrative about H& M, they’ve been doing it to Venus and Serena for 30 years. Something else Serena can sympathize with the Sussexes about 🙁

  19. jferber says:

    Two sisters, just like Serena and Venus. Precious. God bless them.

  20. Cathalea says:

    As if her whole face already didn’t give it away. Girls can do this to you 🤭

  21. Tessa says:

    Olympia will be a great big sister. Congratulations to the family