Numbers in Tiger Woods prenup; paid off mistress to cancel press conference?

2006 Ryder Cup First Practice Day
This morning, Kaiser covered a story from the Chicago Sun Times that stated that Elin Woods would be given “a hefty seven-figure amount — immediately transfered into an account she alone controls — to stick with her husband.” Elin was originally slated to receive $20 million out of Tiger’s billion dollar fortune if she stayed married to him for a full 10 years. The couple has been married just five years, but Tiger is trying to throw more money at Elin to get her to stay.

The Daily Beast has exclusive details of the prenup terms and the exact dollar amount incentives included in the revised version. According to sources, Elin has been offered the full prenup payout amount, $20 million, plus an additional $55 million if she stays with Tiger for two more years. In order to encourage her to stay, Elin has been given an immediate $5 million payment. The guy made $110 million last year and he’s been married to Elin for five years. If the settlement doesn’t reach nine figures I don’t think it’s fair. That’s a hell of a lot of money, but look at all the women this guy cheated with. He wants his wife to stay for two more years for less than 10% of his fortune. He’s made a billion dollars. Who knows how much of that is left after all the women he’s wooed, but she deserves 1/2 of what he’s made during their marriage. Yes this is a sick amount of money, but look at how much he makes. He was the highest paid athlete in the world last year.

The Daily Beast has learned exclusively that the beleaguered golfer is negotiating an immediate $5 million payout to his wife—and revising her prenup to give her as much as $55 million more to stay with him two more years.

The lawyer familiar with the couple’s negotiations told The Daily Beast that Tiger also has agreed to shorten the original prenup to seven years from the date of marriage, meaning it will vest in another two. And the revised agreement provides for a staggered schedule of payments spread out over five years that could be worth upward of $75 million. So for Elin to collect $80 million, she’ll need to stay with Tiger another seven years, be a dutiful wife in showing up with him at social events and in public as if they were still the perfect couple, and sign a nondisclosure form that will prevent her from ever telling her story. Even if she lasts only two more years, she’ll still walk away with nearly twice what she was entitled to under the original prenup.

Tiger’s advisers, who have successfully gotten the couple into counseling sessions, believe that keeping the marriage intact will help Tiger keep his corporate sponsors and bolster his dented image. Elin is herself considered a good asset. She’s never been a publicity hound or used her marriage to make money through self-help books, lecture series, or QVC makeup and jewelry lines. Rather, she’s just maintained a low profile and dedicated herself to being a spouse and mother. As opposed to some other celebrities, like Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie, Elin has never pushed her kids into the public eye. So, now, if she is persuaded to stay, she knows little will be the same. Her quiet life is finished. A Los Angeles-based paparazzo told me that a photo of Elin and the children would fetch $250,000. Some agencies are offering $100,000 just for tips that pay off with photos.

[From The Daily Beast]

A press conference scheduled for this morning by the mistress who previously denied a relationship with Tiger was canceled at the last minute. According to Radar Online, Tiger may have paid the woman off to the tune of a million dollars. At least that’s how much money Rachel Uchitel was allegedly seeking not to talk to the press. Now how is it that his wife only gets $5 million while this woman gets a million dollars for staying quiet? Both amounts are a ton of money and more than I’ve seen in my life for sure, but I just feel like Tiger should pony up $100 million bucks and tell his wife she’s free to go. He was caught cheating with at least two different woman while his wife was home taking care of their two kids.

The third woman that’s been named by the press, Kalika Moquin, tells US Weekly the rumors of an affair with Tiger are “completely untrue.” A source tells US that Grubbs is lying and that “She was absolutely sleeping with him. She brags about it!” The source adds that the two were together in Woods’ suite at the MGM Grande on October 22 and 23 of this year. If I were in Elin’s position I would get a damn good lawyer and challenge that prenup. There’s no way in hell I would stick around after all that.

2006 Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Of course he paid off that woman to STFU. He can ill afford the public to know the details of what a lying cheating acum bag he really is.

    He has got to save those endorsements!

  2. Andrea says:

    Wasn’t Woods in a relationship with someone else when Elin started going with him?

  3. MintyMoo says:

    Imagine to have to PAY someone to stay with you….how pathetic is that? I was so looking forward to his mistress giving that press confrence! Too bad it was canceled. Just the thought of Tiger squirming with shame and embarrassment evokes pure joy!

  4. Goddess711 says:

    I think he’s lost the best friend he ever had – in addition to a fabulous wife.

  5. MintyMoo says:

    Imagine to have to PAY someone to stay with you….how pathetic is that? I was so looking forward to his mistress giving that press conference! Too bad it was canceled. Just the thought of Tiger squirming with shame and embarrassment evokes pure joy!

  6. Firestarter says:

    @Andrea- Not that I have ever heard. If that were the case, why would Jesper Parvenik have introduced them and set them up on a date?

  7. wow says:

    I think the third mistress is named Kalika something or another, not the Jamie Grubbs one. Grubbs is the second one with the voice mail message.

  8. bros says:

    she doesnt deserve half. she deserves whatever the terms of the prenup state, including any clauses about what happens when there is adultery, which is probably has, for both of them. when you have a prenup, you are usually automatically writing yourself out of half. and it appears he had a pretty good one too, with her only getting 20mill after 10 years. strong prenup i’d say.

    whats weird to me is that, what is the point of him paying elin to stay with him and show up to public events etc. the damage is done. everyone knows, and everyone knows why she would be standing with him at these events-because she is legally bound to and got a wad of cash to do so. but what is the point? what am I missing here that I just dont see the point of forcing this charade when everyone already knows what happened.

  9. Raven says:

    It seems to me like he wants her to stay and is doing everything he can to make that happen. I think her lawyers should get with Catherine Zeta-Jones’ lawyers to craft a mega-payoff like CZJ gets for any subsequent cheating. That will keep him from straying in the future.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    @Wow – you are right I will fix that thank you!

  11. Popcorny says:

    I wish Tiger would cheat on me.

  12. Kaboom says:

    The point is, HE made that money. Does she deserve any of it that goes beyond a very generous participation in his lifestyle? What exactly does she do that goes above and beyond the job any wife and mother does in any marriage that would entitle her to eight figure paydays?

  13. Judy says:

    I would have had so much more respect for Tiger if he had just let that whore talk instead of paying her off not to. Everyone already knows the truth anyway. Rewarding Gloria Allred and Rachel for their ability to manipulate is nauseating.

  14. Kolby says:

    I read a story this morning that has very, VERY different pre-nup numbers. Check it out:

  15. Codzilla says:

    I can’t keep track of this shit anymore. Just nudge me when the the finale rolls around, thanks.

  16. bros says:

    I agree Kaboom. she knew what she was getting into, otherwise she wouldnt have signed a prenup. the fact that it sounds like she didnt do a good job getting a lawyer to fix that ridiculously low payoff of 20mill after 10 years is sad. but it looks like its getting fixed now. pity it comes at such an emotional cost though, and that she might be willing to stay with a lousy shmuck for the cash. WAGs man, WAGs.

  17. nycmom10024 says:

    @kaboom- are you for real? seriously? Wow! It seems to me when most regular people get cheated on, only those that know us know our dirt. And frankly the monies a couple split if their is a cheating clause is in direct relation to the family income. Would i stay for 8 years? I don’t know I am not in her situation. But when I was in a similar though obviously far less public situation, I choose to take the cheater back after a year. We reconcilled for a year. Then I left for good two years later. Unless you have walked in similar shoes, you can never say with any certainy what you would do. You never want to have a knee-jerk reaction in your marriage.

  18. The best says:

    Why would you want to pay your wife to be with you? You clearly do not love her or you wouldnt have done what you did. I cant imagine how embarassed she is!! I dont care how much money he offered me I could not stay with someone who has no respect for me. 20 million isnt that bad, really. She would get child support for those 2 little children so she would be fine. I hope out of respect for herself she declines his offer & leaves his ass anyways.

  19. nycmom10024 says:

    People, more folks than you may think sign pre-nups. You don’t sign one thinking that you are going to get a divorce.

  20. alex says:

    Oh please Elin is never going to leave him

  21. El Predicto says:


    Are we all in a damn hurry to figure out how Tiger will pay off his wife? Yes, he will do whats best for his image. He is the national spokeman for a number of large corporations, he has made a billion dollars so far in his career.

    Let’s not forget that Elin was a nanny prior to marrying Tiger. Not that it forgives his indiscretions one bit. But, she has a pre-nup. She agreed to it. Was she so naive that she didnt gladly sign the document, knowing about professional athletes? She worked as a nanny for another professional golfer. She had been on tour, and had seen and observed what goes on with these golfers prior to snagging Tiger.

    Yes, he was a dick…but lets not pretend that she was a dewy eyed girl who had no clue. She gets a huge chunk of cash, she will get an enormous amount of child support.

    If she can get additional money to hang around for a while and maintain his image, so be it. She saw that two of his best friends were Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley…both of whom are man whores, with a trail of women, gambling and bad behavior.

    She’s no wide eyed innocent!

  22. Sumodo says:

    Cha-CHING! Cashing out the wife isn’t what you think. I did the math awhile ago to settle a bar bet. After what seemed like YEARS of dickering, Michael Jordan’s wife ended up with 38-percent of his worth. I believe it was $189 mil. However, that was a longer marriage and, of course, there were children, property, holdings, etc. Jordan’s net worth was $550 mil. David Letterman’s wife, using the same calculation of 38-percent, would end up with $160-something million. I forget what his worth is. If you roughly use $1 billion, and 38-percent, Elin would be due $380 mil and for a five year marriage, she won’t get that. But, even half of that is $190 million dollars. Now, we’re talking.

  23. alex says:

    El Predicto, I complete agree with you. Most of the wives of famous people especially atheletes(sp) know exactly what they are getting into. I am sure that half of them know their husbands are cheaters but as long as their(wives) get to keep the lavish lifestyle they are not going anyway. JMO

  24. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kaboom, while I see your point (HE earned the money), I will say this.

    the reason he had the image he did, and therefore got the endorsements he did (talent PLUS image equals endorsements), was because of the portrait he portrayed with his wife and family. Wholesome, trustworthy, faithful…a “family man”. add those things to a naturally talented athlete and you have a gold mine, endorsement-wise.

    if he had not been married, and his life with girlfriends (and hookers, according to rumors) was public knowledge, he may not have gotten as far as he did professionally.

    yes, he is immensely talented at his game, but that’s not enough to get major, national endorsements with companies like Nike and Buick.

    considering that he’s apparently made more money off endorsements than he ever did from winning (something I read somewhere), or at least as much as he did from winning, it IS a factor in the amount.

  25. lucy2 says:

    No amount of money would make me want to stay, to me that feels like selling your self respect and dignity, especially in a public problem like this.
    If I were her I would divorce him, and go for every penny I could. Why not?

  26. shooswineflu says:

    I think it’s unfair to assume the wife “knew what she was getting into” regarding the affairs. Tiger’s behavior just doesn’t bear that out. If Elin knew about the affairs and didn’t care about them, then why did he have to constant change his cell phone number so she wouldn’t know who he was calling? Why did he leave that voice mail with skank #2 asking her to take her name off the voicemail greeting? Why did their Thanksgiving fight start with Elin catching Tiger texting skank #1? Those are not the actions of a couple who have an arrangement or understanding regarding his infidelity. He was desperate not only to keep this from the public, but from his wife as well.

  27. Sudini says:

    WTF El Predicto & Alex – seriously?!

    These assumputions you’re making about whether or not Elin “knew what she was getting into” are completely baseless and nothing more than attempts to (for some a**clown reason) beat up on someone who absolutely does not deserve it.

    Just because she signed a pre-nup does NOT mean she knew he would turn out to be a completely hurtful and cruel piece of sh*t.

  28. mollination says:

    This whole article makes me sick. Why does she deserve HALF of his money? It was her choice not to work…god women make me so disgusted.

    Secondly, even if she did deserve his money, why does she get to take it and then leavE? The whole point of paying her off would be for her to stay.

    I can’t with this shit.

  29. diva says:

    This is really bad all the way around.If you read between the lines it means that his wife asked for a divorce and in order to keep that from happening Tiger immediately transferred 5 million into a separate account and changed the prenup with a contingency clause that she appear at events etc. Elin wants out and she is just getting paid to stay and smart woman that she is figures she will just live on one side of the mansion and take long trips to Sweden without him. This marriage is officially over and it is now a sham for Tigers corporate image.

  30. No Sensi says:

    Won’t some one please think of the endorsements!!

    I mean children.

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn, I was wondering why I don’t make that much money… all these fucking athletes are hoarding it all!

  32. hairball says:

    He is physically gross. I guess money does make people more attractive. I know it’s naive, but I am still in a bit of shock over this. It’s very hard to believe (but obviously true). Just goes to show what a perfectly planned PR image can do for you.

    I am just stunned. What a pathetic loser he is. And also a stupid one – did he think this would never come out??

  33. Andrea says:

    Tiger did not need this woman to get endorsements. He was doing good all by himself.

  34. bros says:

    I agree andrea. elin was not the one earning him endorsements. he would have had them anyway. mollination: exactly.

  35. mel says:

    @hairball I’m shocked too but my co-worker just told me Tiger’s Dad was a womanizer too, so like father, like son. There is so much more going on in the world that I cant belive the focus is on Tiger and his transgressions. Very sad.

  36. fizXgirl314 says:

    sometimes I wish we women would have a greater impact on the world as well… but you have got to realize that this is still BY FAR a man’s world… they have all the lucrative markets cornered… the only way to make that sort of money as a woman (unless you are oprah) is to marry into it…

    In all seriousness though, why don’t YOU as a woman try to become a ridiculously well paid golfer, basketball player or baseball player and report back how that shit works out for you :/

    if we are going to point finger, then let’s not forget that if we average the sins of men and women, men FAR outweight women on level of disgustingness…

  37. Sincerity says:

    I absolutely love the both of them! These two just may love each much more than anyone realizes.

    Elin knew what she was getting into when she married Tiger and that’s the reason she accepted the initial 20 million dollar prenup. If she just up and left him, that’s all she would have gotten plus child support.

    Realistically, she’s not entitled to half his fortune and she wants this scandal to blow over so she can determine if Tiger is really going to change. If not, 75 million dollars plus child support, medical expenses, along with housing and educational expenses taken care of is not bad for 10 years worth of work. Tiger’s the one with the money, not Elin and she has no real career prospects to speak of, so in her situation, compromise make a great deal of sense.

  38. Stephie says:

    I’m wondering why he would want her to stay (besides loving her and wanting his kinds close to home). If he cheated, isn’t he clearly stating that something is amiss (or maybe little tiger is stronger willed than big tiger)? Also wondering why such private details (how much $ she will get, and had gotten) became public. If he’s richer than God surely he can better contain the fallout. (but obviously not)

  39. truthSF says:

    @Sincerity: Very well said, I couldn’t agree more.

  40. Bobby the K says:


    I like it when our heroes and the other people we’re supposed to look up to prove to have clay feet and failings.

    It will lead to a more mature outlook, once we give up on the idea that fame and even talent is going to make someone a better person.

  41. nycmom10024 says:

    @FizXgirl314 re women & sports-Sadly until the Williams sisters women did not earn the kind of money that men do in tennis that men do. Plenty of reasons, but the fact remains the same. not the same money.

    Before title IX Most women did not have the opportunity to play pro sports.

    This is not a woo is us woman thing, it is just reality. College scholarships yes, big pro sports money? No, sad huh!

    For those that believe that he earned those sponsorship solely because of his game, I say not so. Sponsorships are marketing programs. Marketing programs are designed to appeal to the widest sector of a particular demographics. Advertisers are sold a package that pkg in this case, if a skilled, well polished hardworking family man, a man that plays like “everyman” Everyman does not want to be perceived as a cheater.

  42. westender says:

    If some of these women are saving text and voice messages could a sex tape be far behind? Or a paternity suit?
    No matter how much money Elin is entitled to it will not change the fact that now she and her children will be the subject of the tabloids for years to come. I feel sorry for the children they did not deserve any of this.

  43. pricewars says:

    My goodness! All of this poor wifey business, little tigger was a naughty tigger…Marrying someone with that level of success and net worth from the outset deemed his lovely wife no less of a gold digger? hmm hmm, methinks possibly not. Hey, securing a future is fair enough(especially a 20 million dollar one)Miss wifey was a winner from the start and with much less effort than it took Tiger to earn his fortune. The loving wife sham, of course may have had some slight effect on the gawking world’s perception of Mr Woods, but I’m with Mollination and bros on this one, the man’s rewards for his pure talent and success are his and his alone. Tiger would have gotten the endorsements anyways. Sure, the Tiger is a player on and off the what! I’m guessing Tiger got ticked and crashed his car because poor little wifey was trying to get a little more greedy in renegotiating the terms of her financial contract because Tiger dropped the ball(should have been more careful with those phone numbers tiggy boy!)Once this is all said, done and gawked at, no doubt there will be another lovely future wifey, probably is now, doing her numbers somewhere. Ah the joys of love!

  44. lucy2 says:

    I certainly don’t know the details of their pre-nup, but I wouldn’t assume that because they had one and both signed, she “knew what she was getting into” as if she knew he would someday screw around. A pre-nup is not a license to cheat, nor is it an anticipated expiration date on a marriage. Most people with a lot of money get one these days, and when you’re talking about the money he makes, it would be INSANE not to have one.
    In my opinion, when you legally marry someone and take vows, you are promising to be faithful to them, pre-nup or not. Unless they agreed to an open marriage right from the start (which it doesn’t sound like they did) then there’s no excuse.

  45. Lantana says:

    Love the idea of giving Elin 100M and let her walk. How about give her 100M and give her the opportunity to walk or renegotiate the pre-nup (post-nup). If she’d take 100M and stay, then it’s “fool me twice” and she’d be in it with eyes wide open. But that scenario would probably do more for Tiger’s public image than the crap he’s spinning now. Just looks like a win situation for all – not that I think he should “win” anything, but that Elin would get so much more than she currently seems to be getting now, and then the money would be off the table. Of course, there is the probable chance he’d give her 100M and she would actually leave, in which case I guess I see why his “team” doesn’t seem to be advocating it.

  46. JustV says:

    I’m in the camp that his wife was not fully aware of the scum that she was marrying. Was she aware of his fame and fortune, yes, did that influence her interest in him, probably. But, I think the course of events prove that she wasn’t aware that one-half of the marriage was an open relationship.
    I also think that because Tiger is married, it has increased his marketability, especially in more conservative, specifically Asian, markets. A good athlete will definitely make a large sum of money and get some endorsements, but a good athlete with a wholesome, family-man image, that’s marketing gold. A married, family man, will always be seen as more marketable than a single athlete even if their skills are at the same level.

    I wish the best for Elin and her children. Even with a ton of money, deciding whether to stay or leave in a situation like this, and understanding the ramifications for the lives of one’s children is not an easy position to be in.

  47. Guest says:

    will cheat again. could end badly.

  48. KansasGirl says:

    Tiger, whatever transpires, your life has irreparably changed. What a schmuck you must be.

  49. ahahah says:

    I don’t know but since I’ve heard of them two together I thought it wasn’t a good match. It was just a feeling. Now, I’m telling myself, it was too perfect!

  50. GiGi says:

    Tiger cheating on his wife is old news. This was a blind item on a site over a year ago. It was rumored by people who knew about him that his wife thought she had the perfect catch. He is a very rich man. I dont know if she knew about the cheating part. But it did say she is unhappy in her marriage, long before the cheating. Tiger was rumored to have women all over the globe. Someone wrote when Tiger was younger that he and his father used to frequent the brothels of Thailand. Tiger was also was said to use a service where he paid 1 million dollars to have a escort available whenever he needed her. He would fly her in on his milion dollar jet. This is just a rumor. They were in response to a blind item.

  51. bros says:

    I totally believe this Gigi. the problem was, Tiger started sticking it in women who arent professional working girls. working girls get paid to keep their mouths shut, particularly the ones in the million dollar club. he should never have switched from those types to these starf*uckers who want fame and court the public eye and see him as a means to an end and dont work for an agency and have semi-legit jobs. wrong move.

  52. niamh (neev) says:

    Mollination- You’re joking, right? “Why does she deserve HALF of his money? It was her choice not to work…god women make me so disgusted.”

    Elin WAS working her ass off raising those kids and she was obviously the only one doing so! She doesn’t get paid for her work- mothers don’t, as a general rule- but she sure as hell earned that money as much Tiger did. (By the way- there’s no way to deservedly earn a billion plus.)

  53. Goddess711 says:

    I’m wondering when she’s going to pack up the kids and private jet it back to “Scandanavia” lol.

    And yeah – it’s so necessary to get out there and get a job with 2 kids and a bajillionaire husband. Why would she not get half? Don’t people go into the marriage 50/50? I’ll go out and hunt for food with my golf clubs, you stay here and look after the cave and kids. I think yeah, she DESERVES to be able to keep herself and her kids in the manner they’ve become accustomed to; HE broke the marriage contract, not her.

  54. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to bros…

    agree he should have kept to professional women…but after a while, he probably figured “hey, there are a lot of women who will sleep with me and I won’t HAVE to pay them to do so”.

    of course, he’s not realizing that when you pay a whore, you’re not paying for the sex, you’re paying her to leave, and to keep quiet.

    EDIT: let me clarify…I am in NO way advocating the use of prostitutes. all I’m saying is that if he was going to be scummy enough to cheat and didn’t want to get caught…etc.

  55. Ksgirl says:

    Wow. Some of these comments are kinda mind-blowing.

    “It was her choice not to work…god women make me so disgusted.”

    Because creating, carrying, birthing and raising babies is so easy, such a carefree life of luxury. Let it be said that there has never been even the tiniest intimation that Elin Woods is anything less than a devoted wife and mother. How is it that she’s being attacked when the wrongdoer here is her husband?

    Disgusting, lazy women and their stupid childraising! Seriously? Really? OK.

  56. Teo says:

    Wow, this is a terrible article. she “deserves half of what he’s earned?” Why? What has she done that’s so significant. Even if he DID cheat on her all those times, that amount of grief happens all the time and isn’t worth 500,000,000 dollars…That’s a joke. It happens to less fortunate families and they get SQUAT so why does SHE deserve it anymore than he does for actually earning it?

  57. Teo says:

    Niamh – You’re absolutely correct that nobody should earn a billion plus, HOWEVER, raising children does not entitle you to HALF earnings. If she WERE to get a job somewhere and taken the kids to daycare, how much do they charge you? how much would she have made? Even add those up and you don’t get 500million. This argument is legit though, I understand where you come from, but honestly she’s not the one doing the advertisements or getting the sponsorships. Plus, who’s complaining of getting paid 55 million dollars to be a stay at home mom?

  58. Firestarter says:

    Ahh yes, your maturity is showing!


  59. Virtual Vice says:

    Alimony and child support are not intended to be punitive. The intent under the letter of the law is to maintain the standard of living enjoyed during the course of the marriage. Existent provisions of the prenup more than allow for this. And Woods has gone far beyond his contractual duty in an effort to salvage the marriage. The legal standard is looking at the income generated during the duration of the marriage. Woods amassed the majority of his “9 figure” net worth prior to his marriage to Elin.

    He would be a fool to toss more money her way. Better to cut one’s loss and find a partner that values the man as an individual, faults and all, without exclusive focus on the bank account.

    Thankfully the man is a shrewd businessman so should weather the storm with his asset base intact if he has good legal counsel.

  60. NJMDPS says:

    Good for her…………he acted like a jerk. She is doing what any “woman” would do if we had the opportunity to. Come on………be honest, if you were in her shoes you wouldn’t take this jackass to the cleaners?? I sure as hell would and he deserves it. She was not looking to do that prior to his “revelations”…….and, according to him, he is not happy in his own bedroom…….GET LOST and leave the frigging check on the table you SOB. No woman/man should stand this humiliation. Who the hell does he think he is.

  61. lolo says:

    I really can’t stand either of them.

    Did anyone notice Tiger’s tone to Jamie Grubbs when he asked her to take her name off her phone? It was like a man ordering a pizza. There was no please or any sort of affection in his voice. It was all business–do what I want now! To me, that says everything about him.

    His fame and success in hitting a tiny ball has gone to his head. He thinks he’s king of the world and can have his cake and eat it, too.

    As for Elin, she obviously didn’t mind dating a shallow, narcissistic man and becoming his trophy wife. I think Tiger plied Elin with money to be his uber-blond Swedish trophy, and Elin willingly complied.

    My boyfriend says it best–it’s a pimp and ho relationship. He married an object to display his success, while she married her best and only customer. They both got exactly what they deserved.

    If the relationship ain’t real, it ain’t real. And, this one has always screamed fake to me. I do feel sorry for their kids, however. They didn’t ask to be a part of this.

  62. birdie says:

    On a website that aims to be “smart” I for one am disgusted by the blatant misogyny and sexism expressed by certain posters.

    Hateful words should be banned. Part of the reason its still a man’s world with a double standard for women, is that hateful verbal attacks against women are ignored.

    If certain posters were making comments about a race being “disgusting” or a nationality choosing to be “worthless” I would expect them to be banned or at the very least reprimanded.

    But aside from FXgirl, I don’t see anyone pointing out, or taking offense from the hateful illogical sexism certain posters are expressing.

    Ultimately the numbers don’t matter to any of us. There is no reason to make blanket statements about hating women in general, because of a possible divorce which has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you, or with any woman in the world besides Elin Nordegren. But it’s nice to know that there are men walking around out there hating an entire sex for the actions of one woman. I might add, one woman who has done nothing to warrant the attacks.

    Elin and Tiger had a contract, they have more than that though, they have a family together. Tiger owes Elin more than money can buy because what he’s broken is her trust and their relationship. He has broken their family. What she gets financially really doesn’t matter, because what she has lost is probably worth more than any numerical sum their lawyers can agree upon.

    Now, why is there so much hatred for a woman who has done nothing but experience a painful breach of trust? Very simply it is gross misogyny and sexism.

  63. Aspen says:

    QUOTE: As for Elin, she obviously didn’t mind dating a shallow, narcissistic man and becoming his trophy wife.


    I left my career when I had my daughter because it was my choice to be a mother and participate in my family from home. When I was working, I made considerably more money than my husband, but it was “our” money. That’s what marriage IS.

    There is nothing disgusting about my level of participation in my family, and there is nothing grasping about my feeling of entitlement to my family’s money.

    If my husband cheated on me and I was forced to leave the marriage, it would not be my “fault” that he abandoned his values and promises to me. I would get a job, leave him, and take him to the cleaners for all he is worth to teach him a moral lesson and vindicate myself.

    If that’s disgusting to you…honestly, I don’t get it.

    Assuming she married him to be his “trophy” wife would work as an argument if she had remained childless and was showing little emotion right now.

    But she beat the crap out of him with a golf club when she found out and chased him into the street with it. She is also now posturing for a divorce over these infidelities. That ain’t a woman who only married for the money. Sorry. Doesn’t fly.

  64. Pete says:

    I think Elin deserves a hell of a lot more money and should leave, but I don’t think she deserves half of his career earnings.

    Yet, I fully realize that the main reason why a golfer, of all athletes, earned so much money was because he and Nike sold him as uber-wholesome, while he has always been a seedy dork. Worse, he’s signed on with some of the most criminal companies who exploit land and people without mercy.

  65. Kelly-Michelle says:

    Tiger should just pay us off to stop talking about his affairs. That should make his corporate sponsors happy. lol

  66. Goddess711 says:

    The “he’s not happy in his marriage” thing. What guy (or woman) who is screwing around on their wife (or husband) actually says “Yeah, I’ve got a great life going on, this is just for the rush”? Of course he’s going to give the same line even to the press after the divorce. I’m betting the truly unhappy one was the one at home being screwed around on and suspecting/knowing he was out dogging around. Nothing’s much worse than knowing you’re being cheated on and hearing the lip service that turn into the “you’re crazy!” bullsh**. It’s enough to make you pick up a golf club and “go ghetto” on somebody’s head after awhile!
    Y’gotta be dumb to be a paid ho’ and think you’ve got a great job but to actually believe it when some jackass tells you he’s so unhappy with his wife? Puhhleeeaase – that’s a special kind of stupid.
    As for Tiger being a smart businessman -I don’t think so, he’s screwed up pretty big and public here, but let’s hope the gods have a special brand of something that will make Tiger’s dick fall off.

  67. Yae says:

    If Tiger HAD to be a jerk and sh-t where he ate he should own up to it.

    If you have to be a weak idiot, you should at least make damn sure you don’t shame your innocent family.

    Okay I have to do it (sorry). The filthy rich and their obsessions with their pee-pees.

    Kelly-Michelle, I concur.

  68. queenie says:

    Look, here’s the set-up:

    Scummy but talented athlete who can generate ubermoola for big multinational companies except for his “image problem”. How does one clean this up?? Marry him off to a squeaky clean woman with no history and have a squeaky clean image of a family life. As far as I can see, Elin was used by Tiger and his reps to try to contain his oh so many nasty habits. Too bad the hydra always comes back. So yeah, she deserves half and more. She was part of his image and brand and she should nail his balls to the wall for his lack of indiscretion–so should all his handlers for that matter. It also speaks volumes that he is willing to pay her to stay in the marriage–this is called “damage control”. My guess is he will lose much more in endorsements and career if he just cuts loose. Had he been the single whore that he is, he probably wouldn’t have gotten all the endorsements from companies that pander to wholesome American values.

  69. mj says:

    My take on pro athletes is usually this: admire the talent, but not the person behind it.

    All too often, these athletes we admire are horribly flawed people. To put all their energy and focus into succeeding at sports, they typically neglect other areas of their personalities. Namely, being unselfish, compassionate, giving, etc.

    Add to that the insane amount of adulation they get from the public, and of course the hangers-on and groupies.

    What results are selfish, narcissistic individuals. And there are unending lines of women who are so caught up in the fame or money that they will put up with them. It’s a recipe for disaster all around.

    That’s what we have here. Tiger’s parents’ whole lives were only ever about him. (Have we ever even seen his siblings?) Then he gets treated like the only golfer on the planet. Of course he is going to act accordingly. Nothing about this story shocks me, except that he was stupid enough to let it all become public.

  70. says:

    Well Tiger is NOT Larry Sinclair!!!

  71. Michelle says:

    That must have been a really good piece of tail. Look how much it has cost him!!

  72. Tiffany says:

    With all of this media attention going on, I was just thinking of something. I am human, just like Woods, and make mistakes. But I cannot for the life of me go around knowing that is something like me cheating on my significant other and it being true, my family and people I love first reaction is “Shocker” (sarcastically) or ” I have known that for years” or ” I am not surprised”.

    The only difference is that I have not the biggest athelete in the world and every part of my life is being disected in the media. That would just hurt me to know end thinking that someone thought that about me in the first place.

    My heart goes out to him not in the that he got caught, that was going to happen eventually, but in that that is what people really think about him. He would never admit it, but the man has to be hurting, he is human.

  73. Erin says:

    Is he BLIND???? I do not normally cast myself as a lesbian, but GEEEEEESUS….his wife is pretty close to PERFECT! What was he thinking with these grosseeeess? Obviously he was temporarily blind!

  74. Celebitchy says:

    We no longer have a full time comment person and rely on abuse reports. If there are abusive comments, please report them to bring them to our attention.

  75. Bubbles says:

    Nobody seems to be focused on the children. Perhaps that’s where Elin’s main focus is right now. What is best for the children is always a good parent’s first priority. She is probably trying to figure out whether she can stay with him (if he changes) or not. I am positive that he is begging right now and promising to change. She, of course, wants him to change so that her kids can grow up in an intact home.

  76. Candy says:

    @MJ – Agree with you 100%!!!

  77. lolo says:

    @Aspen: You can’t use your own life to defend celebs you don’t know.

    Why are you identifying with these people, anyways? These people are uber rich and they obviously live by highly different standards. The average joe can’t afford three mistresses. The average joe-ette can’t take a golf club to her husband without getting arrested for assault.

    My take on it is that this was a star athlete meets trophy wife relationship. There’s no need to get worked up because you disagree.

    And–anyone knows that when you have kids–it’s 18 years of child support. And, the man has to pay living expenses, etc. There’s less money with no children and a pre-nup. Sorry. It does fly.

    Oh, and what was Elin doing before she met Tiger? She wasn’t a model, she was an assistant for another golfer. Yeah, that sounded like a promising career. No matter what happens, Elin will be super rich. Much better off than most of America. I, for one, don’t feel any sympathy for anyone but the kids here.

  78. xxx says:

    Chances are she probably already knew about the mistresses and turned her head because of the children/celeb satus/money/possibly love, etc. She just beat the hell out of him because he humiliated her and her family (children) in public. I can’t imagine any celeb couple that stays faithful except Demi/Ashton. Those two seem truly in love but who knows.

  79. rochelle says:

    I think that if a family is happy makes enough money to enjoy their self why do they want to cheat on their spouse.