Us Weekly: Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Alba’s man Cash Warren made out at a bar

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Jezebel has this week’s tabloid roundup, and Lindsay Lohan is all over the place as usual. I tend to believe US Weekly more than the other celebrity rags, as they have a little more integrity and don’t tend to make up stories. (They also broke the cheating scandals with the Gosselins and LeAnn Rimes this year.) Sadly, they’re reporting that Lohan was making out with Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, at a club a couple of weeks ago. There’s a specific date and everything, which makes the report seem kind of real. If it’s true, I feel bad for Alba even though she’s not my favorite actress. There’s regular cheating and then there’s your husband making out in public with one of Hollywood’s skankiest, drug-addicted, thieving narcissists. Meanwhile, In Touch is reporting that Lohan is hooking up on the down low with Kevin Connolly. These two reports are not mutually exclusive, and I can understand why Connolly would want to keep it a secret if he’s sleeping with Lohan. I could also see Lindsay getting bored and making out at a bar with whoever happens to be nearby and interested.

US Weekly: “No celeb goes to Villa in West Hollywood on Thursday nights anymore.” But on November 19, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba’s husband Cash Warren both showed up with their friends and sat together, and after about 30 minutes, started making out “lip on tongue.” “It was raw,” says an eyewitness. “They were not shy.” Lindsay spoke to Us and says she and Cash are friends who are collaborating on a potential TV show. “This is so absurd. He is married. I wouldn’t dare kiss him.”

InTouch: Lindsay Lohan is having a “secret romance” with Entourage star Kevin Connolly. They’ve known each other for years but hooked up at a party at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house in November and are “sneaking around.”

[From Jezebel via D-Listed]

Lindsay’s denial doesn’t mean much. She would probably still claim to be with Sam if she was asked. (She did hang out and talk to her one night after John Mayer intervened on her behalf.) Now, the question is will Alba ignore this disgusting makeout session by her husband, will she make him pay for it at home, or will she divorce him? How do you explain making out with Lindsay Lohan at a club? Cash might either deny it or go for the guilty approach and try to minimize it. “I was drunk. I’m so sorry. It was just a onetime thing and didn’t go any further.” How out of it, stupid, and absolutely uncommitted to your marriage do you have to be to make out with a tabloid target celebrity at a popular nightclub? It’s like Cash wants out and is trying to send his wife a passive aggressive message. Maybe he’s still pissed that his wife made him dress like a dorky kids’ educational cartoon character for Halloween.

Lindsay Lohan is shown out in West Hollywood last night. Jessica, Cash and their daugher Honor, one and a half, are shown on 11/27/09. Credit: Fame Pictures. Header is of Warren supporting the “Youth PROMISE Act at the Rayburn Building” in Washington, DC on 5/7/09. Credit: Carrie Devorah/

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  1. nAynAy says:

    Who cares, both of them are disgusting, and if they did hook up, at least that would give Jessica a reason to always have that sour-puss on her face.

  2. The best says:

    I certainly hope he isnt this stupid…of course working with Lohan is pretty stupid too, so who knows maybe he is

  3. Firestarter says:

    @nAynAy- ITA!

  4. heb says:

    She wouldn’t dare kiss him when she’s slightly sober in the morning…after she’s had a few drinks and taken a handful of random pills out of her purse, sure she’d do it!

  5. Annabelle says:

    Kevin connelly? Ginger on Ginger!

  6. Sumodo says:

    Doesn’t LiLo have a job or something? It seems like all she does is drop in on people, do something nasty, and drop out, kinda like a drug dealer. Oh!

  7. diva says:

    I also tend to believe US Weekly, and I have to conclude that he must have been totally wasted to do something so ridiculous. Most of the time people that drink the way Lindsay does hang out with people who drink just as much so they won’t feel out of place. If this is true, Jessica should divorce him stat! He is not even a celebrity or hawt to be acting out with Lindsay “junkie” Lohan is unforgivable and shows he has no discretion.

  8. nAynAy says:

    @Firestarter: What’s ITA?

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “working together on a potential TV show”?

    who would believe THAT one?! like anyone would work with EITHER of those two?

    he’s essentially a nobody who worked as what…a production assistant?…on one of Alba’s movies.

    and she’s such a train wreck right now that I doubt any producer worth their salt would approach her about a TV show.

  10. danielle says:

    Wow he must be all kinds of stupid! Why would you cheat on your money bags wife with that beat looking skank?!? Then again, Tiger cheated with some beat down looking skanks, but however much money he loses, he won’t be broke.

  11. Liz says:

    Well X17 has Lilo w/ Kevin Connaly

  12. Firestarter says:

    nAynAy- ITA= I totally agree.

  13. DoMaJoReMc says:

    PUHHHHHHHHHHHHLEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! This skank is such trash that someone really ought to do her the favor of locking her away somewhere and losing the key.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Ugh, if true, how embarrassing for Alba. That’s like saying your husband was out kissing a sewer grate. Gross.

    No one in their right mind would have any kind of affair with Lohan. If Kevin is, he’s pretty stupid.

  15. Lantana says:

    I think if he says something like “I was drunk and I was stupid” it would pretty much cover it. After that, it’s really up to Alba to decide how many times she’ll accept that excuse, because if he gets it past her this time, you can bet it will happen again. And again.

  16. Vermithrax says:

    Blechh, if he was stupid enough to dredge that awful $#!7 then he’s definitely beyond hope.

  17. sol says:

    Sumodo, her job is actually to be the designated Hollywood sl-t .I believe she sleeps or makes out with whatever crosses her way, regardeless if it’s male ,female, single, engaged or married.At first i was sorry that she couldn’t be her former self but now i could care less. She isn’t a child and as the saying goes , you harvest what you sow.
    Hope Jessica Alba gets this douche out and hope she will cope better than Fergie. What’s wrong with men and the power of just saying NO?

  18. surely would says:

    Why would you believe this report? US Weekly is apparently so behind the story they won’t even put it on their website, so everyone’s using Jezebel’s reading. It allegedly happened November 19, in public, but with all the stalkers Lohan has no one talked to the press at all until US’s story? Cash Warren has nothing in his life besides his marriage to Alba decides to cheat with someone who has no commensurate bank account? What in this story is logical and makes you believe it besides your hatred of the women involved?

    When even someone who loathes and fears women like Dlisted doesn’t think it’s true, I would hope you’d take a moment of skepticism but I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your ability to believe the absolute most made up piece of crap when it comes to Lindsay Lohan.

    Bright side – you didn’t tell a woman to shut up in this one!

  19. Tia C says:

    I seem to recall that after getting knocked up, Jessica Alba had a very hard time getting Cash Warren to agree to marry her. I remember reading about some reluctance on his part, and I was really surprised that he ended up marrying her. Maybe this is his tacky way of trying to get out of it, who knows?

    Or maybe he and Lilo just kissed in greeting and someone is blowing it WAAAY out of proportion. That could be, too.

  20. nAynAy says:

    @Firestarter –

    : – )

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to “surely would”…are you implying that MichaelK at Dlisted “loathes and fears” women?

    if so, I’d say you’re pretty much off your rocker.

    he may not want to have sex with women (except maybe their “magnificent chi-chis”) but he certainly doesn’t loathe OR fear them.

  22. kimberly says:

    why would anyone want herpes of the mouth from Lindsay?

    crackheads usually hang together. So basically you know any celeb or spouse of a celeb that hangs with lindsay is into the same shit. You know the quick trip to the bathroom to share a treat?

  23. Madisyn says:

    I don’t buy it for a minute. Why would Warren, I don’t care how drunk, would make out with this mess in public? Pleeeze. . .

  24. ViktoryGin says:

    For the stories the US Weekly gets right, it must certainly get most others wrong. And Lohan is easy prey.

  25. lway says:

    That is just disgusting. Lindsay Lohan is a walking disease. Eeew!

    Cash Warren is a dick

  26. Anj says:

    He is infected with lohan virus!

    Alba protect ur kid and urself from the virus from ur hubby and divorce him ASAP.

  27. Jazz says:

    Ewww, hope he’s not taking drug infested STD’s home to his wife. Lohan would do anything for publicity.

  28. BOGUS STORY says:


    “Cash Warren would never, in a million years, do something like make out with Lindsay Lohan at a club or anywhere else. He has a good thing going with Jessica and he’s not going to do anything to screw it up.”

    X17 photographers spotted Lindsay grabbing fast food and returning to her home at 3:30AM on the 20th in a silver Cadillac sedan, which is not her usual car. One of our photogs on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    “Lindsay snuck into her house through the garage around 3:30AM. We weren’t able to get any pictures, but we did hear that she was at Voyeur that night, which is her regular Thursday night spot, not Villa.”

    Lindsay even told Us that the reports were “absurd. He is married. I wouldn’t dare kiss him.” The two have been friends for quite some time, so we were shocked when we heard this! Almost as shocked as when we heard it all went down at Villa, which isn’t exactly a spot Lindsay frequents these days.

    Our source went on to say, “You have to wonder if people are just looking to make up sensational stories about married couples, in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal, to be the first to ‘break’ celebrity cheating stories – even at the expense of the stories being untrue.”


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