Ben Affleck buys Jennifer Garner a 7 carat ring

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Remember that honking giant engagement ring that Ben Affleck bought for Jennifer Lopez back in 2003? It was a 6.1 carat pink diamond from Harry Winston and he paid 1.2 million for it at the time. These two canceled their wedding at the last minute in January, 2004 and the rest is history. The ring was sold in 2005 with no word on if the proceeds went to Ben or J.Lo or if they shared.

Jennifer Garner, Ben’s wife of four and a half years, has been seen out with a ring to top J.Lo’s giant pink bauble. According to Star Magazine, the thing is 7 carats and it’s real!

Ben Affleck sure knows how to make a girl feel appreciated! He recently gave wife Jennifer Garner a stunning 7-carat diamond ring as a thank-you for hanging in there while he shoots the romantic drama The Town in Boston. “Jennifer was flabbergasted when he gave it to her,” says a source. “He said he knows he’s so lucky to have her, and that she’s a great mom.” So now Jen is tending to daughters Violet, 4 and Seraphina, 11 months, with a hot new rock on her hand. “She isn’t pretentious at all, so she’s kind of embarrassed by the size of it,” adds the source. “But she’s getting into showing off her bling!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 14, 2009]

I scoured through photos of Jennifer Garner, because her poor family is pretty much stalked by paparazzi, and I found photos of her wearing the amazing ring on 11/17, 11/19 and 11/21. In photos taken on 11/28, 11/29 and 12/1 she’s not wearing the ring. She attended a charity event last night wearing different rings. Garner is an understated person who dresses pretty casually when she’s not on the red carpet. At first I thought she might not want to wear the ring out much because it’s so valuable. She’s also looking very thin lately, so maybe the giant diamond ring is out being sized. It’s also possible she’s not that into the ring, like maybe she thinks it’s garish. J.Lo loves flashy jewelry but Garner seems content with a few low-key pieces. She did have a ton of diamonds on at the 2008 Oscars, but that’s pretty much what all the celebrities wear.

J.Lo with her engagement ring in February, 2003:
Film Premiere of Daredevil

Photo credit: Fame Pictures and

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  1. heb says:

    Wow Ben looks so young in those pictures of JLo.

    Nice Rock Jen, you deserve it!

  2. Platinum says:

    I bet he screwed up somehow and trying to buy forgivenesss.

  3. Firestarter says:

    Hmmm, what did he do I wonder?

  4. snowball says:

    She is looking really thin lately.

    How awful is it – I’ve been Tiger-ized. My first thought on seeing the headline was, “why, did he cheat on her?”

    I will totally just believe he loves the heck out of her. She seems like an awesome Mom, Violet always looks so happy to be with either parent.

    Violet looks just like Jennifer, I can’t tell though if Seraphina looks like Ben a bit? Violet you could tell right away by the dimples, but Seraphina, not so much.

    Ugh, JLo. He lucked out dodging that bullet.

  5. javelin says:

    This ring combined with her recent skinnyfication suggests he cheated and she feels insecure. Man, Hollywood sucks.

  6. nanster says:

    @platinum and @snowball – that’s exactly what I thought, too. Oh no, what did HE do?

    I hope that’s not the case – they seem like such a nice family.

  7. sickofit says:

    yeah i too get the feeling he messed up.

  8. UrbanRube says:

    I’m with you, Javelin. The rumors have been out there for a couple of years now.

  9. Guest says:

    WHY? as if we don’t know! ha.

  10. Pont Neuf says:

    That ring is really nice but… Who would wear it with a jumper and jeans?

    Anyway, Jennifer Garner looks great. I wonder if Ben Affleck went for her because she seems to be the antithesis of the self-centered, egocentric and furiously tacky Miss Lopez, or Lola or J-Ho or however she calls herself this week.

  11. bella says:

    I think they’re a great couple, a nice family, and I hope he didn’t do anything other than shoot that movie to warrant the ring. I don’t think I can take any more man-hos this month.

  12. lin234 says:

    Wasn’t there rumors/pictures of him flirting heavily with Blake Lively that had Jen running over to Boston when Ben was shooting In Town?

  13. gekkca says:

    What was it that Tiger Woods said? He needed the Kobe special? Sadly, that’s what I’m thinking. I love these guys but it wouldn’t be surprising. But as a mom toting around two young kids, I wouldn’t be wearing that ring unless it was for an event…

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m going with the cheating angle myself.

    there were a few blind items a while back about a guy cheating on set with his younger co-star, and a lot of people guessed Affleck and the young woman he’s shooting that movie with. I think she’s on Gossip Girl?

    and we know that Ben likes his strippers, too.

  15. MeMyself says:

    Maybe he just loves his wife?

    Honestly, people, the way so many of you are so damn negative, it takes the fun out of this site.

    Must everyone always assume the worst?

  16. lilred says:

    Maybe he just wanted to do something for her. My Hubby does stuff for me all the time and he hasn’t cheated on me.

  17. birdie says:

    A more positive possibility would be that its a “Let’s try for another baby” ring which would make up for Mom losing her figure for another year! (Ha)

    Unfortunately for Bennifer 2.0 I have to side with the posters above and say Ben messed up. The rumors have been around for months, and even rumors hurt wives.

  18. Roni says:

    NOT that you know of, “lilred”…not that you know of…SORRY just being honest. Are you with your husband 24/7?

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    several million dollars on her hand and the girl still looks like she shops at target lol…

  20. Just a Poster says:

    “That ring is really nice but… Who would wear it with a jumper and jeans?”

    Oh Pont, Diamonds go with everything!!!

  21. NJMDPS says:

    What did he do??? Smells fishy.

  22. Jag says:

    @ javelin ~ I totally agree with you.

    Hopefully, that’s a replica, because with her being a busy mom with active kids, it’s risky to be wearing the real thing all day long.

  23. Lantana says:

    All the Tiger talk – I heard on Bob and Tom this morning that there are voice mails out now of Elen calling one of the ho’s saying, “You know who I am, you’re fucking my husband.” Oh what a tangled web we weave. If the voice mail is true, she knew. Makes me wonder if SHE is the one that put the affairs in the public eye. Maybe she decided she wanted out and it didn’t go her way financially, so she’s making sure it does. At any rate, we can’t condemn all men because of Tiger Woods, and maybe Ben is just a really happy guy that loves his wife and that’s the whole story.

  24. ogechi says:

    awwwwwwww so nice..I wish them the best.

  25. niamh (neev) says:

    Maybe it’s because she never got a proper engagement ring, remember they eloped? And then when Violet was born Jen said (on Ellen) that Ben gave her a diamond ring, to make up for the no engagement thing, and it slipped off her finger and went down the drain.. so maybe this is to make up for that..? Looks too big to fall down the drain 🙂

  26. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh dear, I’m glad I’m not the only one to take in the dramatic weight loss along with the ginormous ring and wonder ‘what did he do’?

    I fear my rose colored glasses have been smashed to smithereens after this Tiger Woods debacle. 🙁

  27. nessuno says:

    This story is totally false. Jen has that ring since long time. If u go in the gallery of you can see that she has the ring since they got married.

    And she said that its 4 carats, not 7!

  28. Me says:

    What did you do, Ben? She looks miserable.

  29. Kolby says:

    The weight loss could be from nursing and having to run after two children all day. I lost tons of weight after I had my baby – it’s been a year and I’m still ten pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant. It happens.

  30. bros says:

    she is looking really gaunt and boney lately. all her chest ribs are showing. she looks much better with a little softer fat in her very angular face. Looks like the Zoe has struck again.

  31. danielle says:

    I think I’m the only person in the world who misses Bennifer 1. They were so fun!

  32. Jane says:

    Danielle, yes you are the only one that misses Bennifer 1.0, they were annoying as hell and that union ruined their careers. As for the ring, that is not a new ring that is her engagement ring, 4.5 carats. She doesn’t wear it often, probably because it’s so damn huge. So this story is bogus, they photographed her with a giant ring that she rarely wears and made a story out of it so all of us can jump on it and make assumptions. Again not a new ring, check out pics of Jen from 2005 on her fan websites you’ll see her wearing that exact ring when she is making red carpet appearances.

  33. journey says:

    maybe with j-lo back in the news (what with falling on her butt at the awards show, and looking all skanky, and singing so badly, and all the bad blood between her and her ex-husband), and he realized what could have been, that he could have married the drama queen from the block instead of his sweet girl next door, and it made him very very grateful for what he has, and he wanted to show it in a concrete way!

  34. Jazz says:

    I was thinking “apology ring” too. Damn you Tiger…

  35. Popcorny says:

    7 carat ring and she’s lost weight … sounds like a case of Tigeritis.
    My heart goes out to her … -while the back of my hand goes out to Ben.

  36. Whitey Fisk says:

    I still can’t understand how he made the jump from somebody like J-ello (sorry, I can’t shake the Louboutin font) to somebody like Jennifer Garner?

    Like everybody else, I hope this isn’t an apology gift.

    P.S. Lilred, my guess is that Roni has been cheated on A LOT. Pay no mind.

  37. lucy2 says:

    That’s funny, I thought the same thing – what did he do? We’re all so cynical.

    It’s a pretty ring, but she has never struck me as the flashy, fancy type, so I don’t really get it. Their kids are very cute and both parents seem to spend a lot of time with them, so hopefully everything’s fine and they’re happy.
    I do wish the paparazzi would back off of them though, it’s ridiculous.

  38. Roni says:

    NO Whitey Fisk…I have NOT! Just been around the word (serving in the military) and I see how MARRIED MEN ACT…and SOME NOT ALL cannot be TRUSTED. Just giving my opinion…it’s a FREE country to do so and one that I risked my life to serve so that I may and (you too) can have FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  39. Tazina says:

    Such negative people! He bought it for her because he LOVES her.

  40. birdie says:

    @ Kim

    I clicked your link, I see no ring nor is that picture even large enough to spot a ring.

  41. Shelly says:

    @ Roni about lilred’s comment about her hubby doing nice things for her and not cheating on her – I thought that SAME thing….not that she knows of. Isn’t it sad how that’s the first thing that pops into our head? Lilred, I mean no disrespect toward you at all; I’m happy that you are in such a wonderful relationship. My husband used to send me flowers all the time, just because, and he stopped when I continued to say, “Thank you, now tell me what you did that you had to send me flowers,”…….. LOL but only kind of.

  42. Jett says:

    The ring, the weight loss, yep he cheated and not for the first time either. He would never have married her if she hadn’t been pregnant, the band aid baby doesn’t look to have worked any miracles on their failing marriage either. You rarely see him out in public spending time with her the only time you do see them is when they are with the kids who are the only reason Ben’s shotgun marriage has lasted as long as it has.

  43. Cakes says:

    When my hubs does sweet things for me I just say thank you. If he has cheated on me I dont know about it and I would prefer to keep it that way. I dont think he currently is hes just a sweetie.

  44. Roni says:

    I was just being “real,” didn’t been to sound like I was assuming anything because “ONLY ASSES ASSUME!” Just stating the facts… yeah thanks for the “material” things but show me that you love me by speaking VOLUMES and BEING FAITHFUL!!!! I don’t need the flowers, cards, cars, rings, whatever…I NEED YOUR FAITHFULNESS! That is PRICELESS!

  45. Sakota says:

    Violet looks like the only normal child and in other photos she looks so natural, free, happy go lucky. Nothing complicated and she dresses like an actual kid. Nothing like someone who is going to end up in rehab at age sixteen with two husbands and three kids.

  46. Goddess711 says:

    Uh oh. More confessing hookers coming up. That’s guilt jewelery. Must be a lot of hookers and a lot of Ambien involved.

  47. lilred says:

    Roni: If you had read my post correctly you would see that I said he does things for me , not buys me things believe me I am not hung up on the material things in life. You said ” show me that you love me by speaking VOLUMES and BEING FAITHFUL “.
    Why would you even suggest that my husband has done neither without knowing either of us?

    Thanks Whitey Fisk it just kind of burns my toast when people really have very little trust in others.

  48. Camille says:

    That ring is so big it looks fake lol. Also she is looking incredibly thin these days….

  49. Butch says:

    God J. Lopez was so beautiful. She’s still a beauty, but look at that old photo. She was glowing!

  50. GatsbyGal says:

    There’s absolutely no reason to wear a diamond that large. I don’t think he’s cheating on her or anything like that, I just think he bought it because he’s fucking rich and doesn’t give a shit how much he spends on a ring. He probably could’ve bought her a new wardrobe for the same price. Or taken a nice vacation. Or, I dunno, donated it to charity. Spending that much on a diamond, especially in this economic climate, is just stupid. Even 50 Cent says he’s cutting back on his bling because of the economy!

  51. Zarah says:

    She’s looking stressed out and unhappy in recent pics. The weight loss is startling. I keep hoping there’s a benign reason for it, but I fear not. Ben has always struck me as a sleazebag, his newfound family imagine notwithstanding. He was neck deep in the swinging bachelor lifestyle (read booze, gambling and women) and I’m not conviced he’s totally given that up.

  52. Pippi says:

    Jen was wearing that ring the night she almost tripped and fell at the academy awards in 2006 (two months after Violet was born). The eternity ring ($500,000 was given to her on her birthday April 2005) that she wears a lot of the times, together with the two other wedding bands is her engagement ring. Star magazine making up lies again in desperate attempt at hopes of selling trashy mag/tabloids. I bet even JLo is laughing at this story.

  53. NJMDPS says:

    Yes, Butch………J Lo was very pretty and Garner is just OK. By the way, they married on a third world island, not exactly in front of the world and God. I wish Jennifer Garner well, but she married him, with child, who cares!
    But Ben, not any of the women he “screwed”, should be held to scrutiny. I pity the poor women that have been involved with him. He is the problem…………

  54. Lisa says:

    Oh all of your are such negative creeps! She has had that ring since 2006 at least. She doesnt wear it everyday, or on every red carpet, but she’s had it, fans know that. Look on a Jen website (jen-fans) if you want and look through all thepictures, I’m not sure which ones will show it and I’m not going to dig through them all, but believe me, its NOT NEW!

  55. shamrock says:

    Seriously, did any of you think that just maybe, he gave her the ring due to lifting her spirits. It’s possible she is struggling with postpardum depression after the birth of Sera? Maybe, he is supporting and showing her love in his own way. Stop with the rumors, RUMOR PATROL is here!!!

    All the best to the familia~

  56. Lyn says:

    why is it that everyone thinks the worst of people? Why don’t you all get a life and talk about things and not other people. So what and who cares? Obviously you people do. and yes I’ve read the same artical as you

  57. Judy says:

    Guilt doesnt have to be associated with someone giving his wife a gift because he loves her and has been ignoring her while making a movie. Is it because people are jealous that she got that ring that they have to make it something cheap?? Big deal they wrote about Ben having lunch or some crap with an actress he was making a movie with and then you heard no more about it because there was nothing more to write the rag mags went back to haunting brad and angie lol If I had a ring like that that fit my wedding band the way hers does I would wear it all the time. YOu wear your little diamond rings right? SO what is the difference? Her big diamond or your small one?

  58. Becca says:

    I don’t think Ben “dodged a bullet” when he broke up with Jennifer Lopez. That’s not to say that I don’t believe in his marriage to Jenn Garner…just that his break up to Jen L was SAD.

    Some people are just mean about it. Did you ever think that Ben HURT Jennifer Lopez? She would be on a different path right now if she hadn’t been hurt and humiliated by him and the media. She isn’t perfect and I remember not liking her or being suspiscious of her but I really came to appreciate her post break up with Ben it humbled her a LITTLE bit but it hurt her MORE and she ended up with Marc Anthony, who is talelnted but I don’t know that he is any better. Too bad her marriage to Cris Judd didn’t work out or that they didn’t reconcile, that might have worked better for her. Who knows.

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