King Charles isn’t worried about the youths’ lack of support for the monarchy

Over the weekend, King Charles and Queen Camilla were seen out and about in Scotland. They attended the Braemar Games and they went to church with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife. In QEII’s day, there was a hazing process for guests at Balmoral, but Charles might have ended some of that. I saw that some of the royalist/deranger accounts were actually mad at Prince William and Kate for not attending the Braemar Games. When Charles was Prince of Wales, he always showed up for the games and he was usually seated right beside QEII. This year, the king attended with Camilla and Anne. It does feel like Charles doesn’t actually care that his reign doesn’t appeal to young people whatsoever. He’s drunk with power and he’s having the time of his life since his mother died. Still, the polling isn’t great:

Only three in 10 young people think the Royal family is good for Britain, a new YouGov poll has revealed. A majority of those aged 18-24 also said they held a negative opinion of the King as he approaches the first anniversary of his reign, with 52 per cent expressing disapproval.

The figures pose a significant problem for the monarchy, suggesting that attitudes among Generation Z have not improved in the last three years.

Younger Britons have been divided on whether or not to keep the monarchy since 2020, when the Duke of York’s friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Harry and Meghan’s fractious exit from royal life saw support plummet.

The latest survey suggests that just over a third of 18 to 24-year-olds want the UK to retain the monarchy, while 40 per cent would prefer an elected head of state. By contrast, a majority of their elders support the royals, including 80 per cent of the over-65s. The numbers gradually fall with each age group. Three quarters of the over-65s say the royals are good value for money, while just a third of 18 to 24-year-olds agree, and almost half believe they are bad value.

[From The Telegraph]

In this same poll, they asked for negative/positive opinions on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, two people who have not lived in the UK for three and a half years. While I get why the Windsors are obsessed with polling the British public’s feelings on their unelected monarchy, pollsters really need to phase Meghan and Harry’s names out of all of it. The way Britain still clings to their association with the Sussexes is desperate. As for the lack of support among younger people… it’s only going to get worse, imo.

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  1. Josephine says:

    i think that the better headline is that he simply does not care . . . about anything. maybe he cares about keeping that sidepiece full of her gin of choice, but he really appears to have no warmth or feeling for anyone in his country. he has taken no initiative to make anyone’s life better. he makes some lukewarn effort to keep his disgusting brother under wraps, but i think that country needs to face the fact that the only thing he can be arsed to do is collect money for himself.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think he cares about whatever he has cared about in his 75 years – his various agricultural, architectural and environmental projects, Camilla (of course), and his regular schedule of going to this house or that. Nothing has changed for him, except now he’s king. It’s too late for him to develop empathy or learn how to pretend he cares.

      And maybe one of our UK posters can tell me – did Elizabeth make people’s lives better, other than the psychological steadiness that comes from a long monarchy?

      • Chrissie says:

        I think you’re spot on. Think about when he became King and had a melt down over the pen That’s who he is, obsessed over details but not able to see the larger picture. William is no better in terms of developing a long term strategy for their survival. I’m Irish but live in the UK. The queen was admired but i was always surprised by the ambivalence shown by English people I talked to, towards the Queen. She got a pass in her later years because of her age.

      • EBS says:

        I’m not a royalist so it’s difficult to say, but I think the Queen was perceived as bringing a certain steadiness and an embodiment of respect for the country itself, apart from the rough and tumble of politics. (I would still prefer a system with a separate head of state, like they have in Ireland or Germany). The other thing she was great at, with her speechwriters, was speeches. “Grief is the price we pay for love” after 9/11 (which was adapted from the work of a psychologist) and “Our streets are not empty; they are filled with the love and care we have for each other” on VE Day during Covid, were absolutely genius. But it’s enough now, we need a republic.

      • Lucy says:

        I think for the older generations, TQ was a symbol who was meaningful. She stayed in London when it was being bombed, she did actual war work, as an ambulance mechanic, and when she got married it was when rations were still a thing and regular people across the nation contributed ration cards to her wedding. She was a very powerful symbol who didn’t appear to use her privileges to escape the craziest war in living memory. I think that’s the most you can ask for from a symbolic head of country. And then her descendants have pissed it into being unable to turn up for more than a few photo shoots a month.

    • Missskitttin says:

      KC3 and cowmilla represent everything that modern Britain abhors

    • Lorelei says:

      @Josephine, ITA. The only thing Charles has ever seemed to truly care about is Camilla. He’s been pretty blatant about the fact that he prioritizes her even above his own CHILDREN.

      As for not worrying about the fact that the monarchy isn’t popular among young people, I can absolutely believe that he couldn’t care less, because that’s William’s problem, not his!

  2. HeatherC says:

    Of course he doesn’t care. He knows he’s fine. Any serious attempts to disassemble the monarchy in the UK won’t happen until long after his overly expensive funeral

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      My thought exactly. He knows at the very least the institution will be there for HIM, he doesnt care what happens when he’s gone.

  3. Brit says:

    I mean Charles is from his mothers generation and I think he doesn’t mind apathy especially with todays generation. William and Kate have a bigger problem considering they are the future, which their sycophantic press like to keep saying. The problem for them is that they’re boring and have this conservative, hallmark card, Brexit image about them even with the Sussex cosplaying. They think by riding Sussex coattails and having a one sided competition will get them support. It won’t. Let’s just this, people will choose a designer purse before a knockoff.

  4. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Charles would be glad to be the last British monarch. He’s that vindictive. He wins, Diana loses, his name will be remembered in history as opposed to a footnote, and William is finally cowed. I’m into it.

    • Tessa says:

      Diana would be horrified at how William turned out. William is more like Charles now but also unlike Charles very lazy.

    • one of the marys says:

      I agree! If Charles made moves to end it he would go out as not only the last monarch but as the longest and best remembered Prince of Wales. That would upend William and be everything he deserves the arse

  5. Chaine says:

    Of course he doesn’t care. I’m sure his philosophy is “Après nous, le déluge.”

    • lanne says:

      That is the truth though. His time on the throne will be a fraction of his mothers. He achieved his life dream–it’s all gravy for him now. The problems of the realm are for someone else to contend with. I think he’s basically given up on Will-di Amin. He has his plants and his Camilla and his crown. That’s all he cares about.

  6. Scooby Gang says:

    Charles doesn’t give a hoot what happens to the monarchy once he’s no longer here. I believe he’d love to see it all come crashing down before Peg can sit on the throne. This would make Charles the last King… and I think he’d love that special title.

  7. Of course he doesn’t care he proves it all the time. The younger people seem to actually have common sense and see that the monarchy is of no benefit to them or really anybody but their royal selves. Abolish the monarchy.

  8. ML says:

    They’re going to continue to include H&M, because they need a negative contrast to the monarchy. (And they cannot entirely use Paedrew, because the monarchy has welcomed Paedrew as we saw with W&K driving him to church.) KC has gone abroad to Germany this past year. He recovered for weeks after his coronation. If you contrast his mother (and his father with Camzilla) at the same age, it’s gobsmacking that the BRF is receiving more money, has less working members, and is undertaking far less of a (cough, cough) workload. It doesn’t seem like CRex cares at all about what people think.

  9. Izzy says:

    Why should he care? If the monarchy is abolished, it will be after he’s dead, so it won’t matter to him at all. I doubt he cares how it would affect Prince Peggington.

  10. Laura D says:

    Do you know what? I believe none of them care. Unlike his younger brother William has very little sense of duty so, giving it all up to live like his aristo friends wouldn’t be seen as a hardship. When Charles passes William will have enough money to keep himself in the luxury in which he is accustomed without the hassle of carrying out royal “duties.” He’ll always be a king even if it’s in name only and I think that would suit him just fine.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Forget Charles, William is the one who should worried. He’s likely to be phased out by the time he gets to be King.

    • Lorelei says:

      I think William probably secretly hopes that the entire thing falls apart sooner rather than later. There’s no doubt that he has enough £ stashed away that he’d be able to live out the rest of his years in luxury, but without all of those pesky “duties,” and as a bonus, he wouldn’t need to worry about keeping Kate around for the stable, “family man” image that he seems to believe is expected of him as POW (and then having a consort when he ascends the throne).

  12. Misa says:

    I want to spread positive vibes these days: I recommend visiting Braemar, it’s a magical, gorgeous place!! Stunning, truly. Well, all of Scotland is incredibly beautiful.

    And Anne and Camilla look great in these clothes, they should always dress in this fashion or slight variations, it suits them much better than clumsy grandeur (Camz) or dusty ball gowns (Anne).

  13. girl_ninja says:

    He doesn’t care about the youth because he’s got what he always wanted…the crown and he is king. So if the monarchy after he’s dead, he doesn’t give a shit.

  14. janey says:

    They need to worry about the youth and us middle-agers. My peer group really couldn’t care less (42-50) about Charles, we’re mostly ambivalent but William and Kate really need to be concerned with their press and image if they want to make it to the throne and I have increasing doubts that George will ever ascend. I took that yougov poll (apologies I thought they left Harry off of it in a previous comment) and thought it bonkers they were polling us about Harry and Meghan, although members of the family they don’t cost us anything so can’t be included in the “value for money” argument.

  15. Lady Digby says:

    Agreed@Laura D as in Billy NoShow will just do the absolute minimum that he can get away with doing. His dismissive “take it or leave attitude” to his so called royal duty has been plain for years. Commonwealth? Scotland? Wales? Even his marriage there is no enthusiasm or engagement and definitely no consideration for the feelings of others in any context. FK won’t care about what us peasants think however many polls are conducted but he does need to keep the tabloid beasts fed. Daily Fail and co could make him feel uncomfortable if they start scrutinizing him closely.

  16. Lizzie says:

    Apparently William doesn’t care about Scotland, as he and his lazy wife can’t be bothered to show up for anything but a car ride with Andrew.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I think William figures Scotland will be gone before Charles is.

    • Becks1 says:

      I was really surprised they did not show up at Braemar, considering we know they were JUST in Scotland. It seems like a very obvious snub to not attend, even their fans were not happy.

  17. Brassy Rebel says:

    Charles doesn’t care. Neither should anyone else except to translate that notable lack of support into action. Just abolish the monarchy already. But the whole island seems too paralyzed to do the obvious thing.

    I am so not here for all the Highlander co-splay. 🫣

  18. Patricia says:

    Of course he’s not worried. When this comes about and it does look like a legitimate concern, it’s all going to drop happily down in Cant and Wont’s laps. Good luck with that folks. It’s called Karma.

  19. Lovely says:

    They keep putting H & M in the same sentence with pedo Andy! It drives me nuts! Yes, those were 2 big moments for them, but not the same! Put pedo Andy in there with suitcases full of cash, that rings truer!
    Btw, I saw that The Crown posted a pic on insta, about their last season coming up, and the pic is an invite to Charles’ and Camz’ wedding! I’ll be sorely disappointed if they skip, as they so thoroughly did already, a lot of Diana only to put a bow on the endless cheater’s so called love story!
    About the women in plaid, good fashion, age appropriate! They look like something Kate would wear, and that doesn’t speak well of Kate :)))

  20. Mary Pester says:

    Charlie is on a mission to be Charles the last. He is a vain, petty little man who wants to leave nothing but ashes behind. I’m in favour of that, all the way. Can’t stand the sausage fingered adulterous clown. And as for his wife, well, I’m beginning to wonder if he actually found najinsky and married it!! William is a lazy lounge lizard and Kate is the Queen of mean and her face is beginning to wear that. These poles are so slanted to the answers the press WANT that you could ski down them. I have never been asked, since I took part in one poll I did take part in showed Harry on 39 % positive, but the next day that figure was attributed to William! As I’ve said before “if they can’t control you, they control how others see you. And that is always the way with the British rags when it comes to Harry and Megan.

  21. Mslove says:

    Pegs & Kate haven’t changed much over the years. Most people I know are working on self-improvement. They are learning & growing. Not the Wails. Twenty years from now, they will still be lazy & spiteful. They know they don’t have to earn anything. They take everything for granted.

    This is why you need to elect the HOS.

  22. Well Wisher says:

    Who paid for the poll? The size of it? Why another poll?
    The answers will provide the impetus for this article…It is not about Charles as king nor survival of the monarchy…
    There is rampant dissatisfaction among the young and disenfranchised; it is a poor attempt to point it in the wrong direction…
    It is ultimately about a democratic state ….

  23. Jaded says:

    I guess the so-called *Summit* (aka tongue-lashing) didn’t go too well for the Wails. They high-tailed it out of there with nary a sighting (most likely separately) except for the car ride to church with the ephebophile uncle. Then the announcement of trips to separate rugby matches in different cities. Tell us you’re separated without telling us you’re separated.

  24. Peanut Butter says:

    I look at these photos and can’t conceive of a group of more out-of-touch, shameless, over-entitled people living off of the public dime and the ill-gotten, colonialist wealth of their earlier generations.

  25. QuiteContrary says:

    I hope Charles continues not to care about young people’s views of the monarchy. It’s long past time for the monarchy to end.

    It was never going to end in England via revolution — it’s going to sputter to a finish, out of gas, out of relevance.

    • Deering24 says:

      The monarchy dying of inertia makes a lot of sense. Its arteries are beyond calcinated as it is…

    • EBS says:

      It’s been done already. We had a civil war and deposed the monarch, bringing in a (parliamentary) republic. We then restored the monarchy. This was all in the 17th century, mind, but we’ve done the revolution thing.

  26. Jay says:

    Woo boy, any derangers who were shocked or surprised that the Wails chose to remain on their extended vacation instead of attending the Braemar Games are in for a rude awakening! Yes, they really ARE that lazy, and no, just because Charles used to go does not mean they will make any effort.

    I echo the sentiment that Charles doesn’t care about turning the tide. Even if the Wails were dynamic and exciting (they are not), the monarchy is still a hard sell in the modern age. Even if Chuck manages to rule until he’s 100, he can probably still enjoy the privileges, lifestyle, and wealth he always has, even if the influence crumbles away. That’s the next generation’s problem!

  27. Smices says:

    Camilla looks like Jimmy Saville in that lighter green outfit.

  28. AC says:

    I think Charles only cares about the 80% elderly people who support the monarchy. He doesn’t care what Gen Z or A thinks at this point as he prob won’t be around when these generations become the majority.

  29. Gabby says:

    Chuckles will do as he pleases, and if that means the monarchy is a complete shitshow by the time it falls into Williams lap, then so be it. And boy does Camilla look grumpy in that top picture. Did they run out of booze?

  30. Apple says:

    He cares about the crowds. You can see it in pictures. He makes sure to give the young a warm welcome. It’s just William won’t help him out so he has no young person catalyst. Speaking of he can’t be seen with any of his nieces or nephews for various reasons. The tindals want to be hangers on but it’s obvious they will have future money scandals. Lol. Beatrice is another future money scandal. She just had a money scandal with wedding gifts. I don’t know what’s Peter situation except his desperation during covid.