Chris Brown: “I never, ever had problems with anger”

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If you ask me, Celebitchy gave Chris Brown too much of the benefit of the doubt yesterday, when she discussed early excerpts of Chris Brown interview on 20/20, which will air tonight. Yesterday, we heard Chris say “of course” when asked if he understands the severity of what happened. Chris continued: “I’m human, really I’m like really hurting inside and… it really kind of is like devastating me.” Gah. Celebitchy thinks that Chris is “starting to get it” but I have serious doubts. Chris interviews are always “Me me me me I I I I.” It’s all about him and his bullsh-t and defending himself. I think the kid’s a f-cking sociopath, and I haven’t found any evidence to suggest that Chris is anything other than a very narcissistic, dumb, violent a-hole. The new excerpts from the interview are a lot of the same:

Chris Brown says he was blindsided by his own brutal assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in February of this year. “I never, ever had problems with anger,” he tells Robin Roberts in a Friday interview for ABC News 20/20. “No domestic violence with any of my past girlfriends or any altercations.” The 20 year-old singer says, “I was never that kind of person…It’s like, ‘How could I be that person?'”

Promoting his upcoming album Graffiti (on the heels of Rihanna’s own comeback CD Rated R), Brown concedes that “I was wrong for what I did…I would definitely say that it’s not something that I look past or look over. Something that’s really, really touchy.” He adds: “I’m really sorry for — for what went down.”

This is not Brown’s first apology for the attack, of course. When he took to YouTube in July to declare “I am very sad and very ashamed of what I’ve done,” many criticized it — including Rihanna, who later noted her ex looked like he was “reading off a TelePrompter.”

Brown tells Roberts that, indeed, he was heavily coached for “three or four days” by PR advisors for that online statement. “My head wasn’t really giving me a chance to be me,” Brown says. “It was genuinely from me, but it wasn’t projected genuinely.”

Of Brown’s brief and controversial reunion with Rihanna weeks after the violent incident, he explains to Roberts that he wrote a song called “Changed Man” for his girlfriend.

When she heard it, he says she broke into tears.

“I played the song for her when I first wrote it. And she cried.”

And hearing Rihanna’s critical remarks today, Brown says, is “really difficult…It hurts. It’s just something that I have to be responsible for.”

As part of his sentencing, Brown is required to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna unless they are attending music industry events. They don’t communicate, he says. “I’ve said like everything that I can with me and her,” he explains. “Me and her have talked. Me and her have spoken about the situation,” he said. “And she knows how sorry I am.”

[From Us Weekly]

The part where he‘s talking specifically about Rihanna are the worst parts, in my opinion. First of all, what kind of a-hole writes a song about how he‘s “changed” after beating his girlfriend, then plays it for the girlfriend he beat? Do you see it? It’s all about him. Never about her. It doesn’t matter if he did something to her. It’s still about him. Next, when asked about Rihanna’s GMA interview, Brown tries to play the victim card, right? “It’s really difficult…It hurts. It’s just something that I have to be responsible for.” It’s not something you have to be responsible for, it’s something you actually are responsible for. And the next time someone asks about Rihanna, I want Chris’s answer to be “She can say whatever she wants, I deserve it.” But he won’t, of course.

Here’s a clip from tonight’s 20/20:

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Enough of this loser.

  2. K-MAC says:

    no anger problem? wow, this guy is an A # 1 freak show. He is done….get rid of him. He is a scary psycho and will beat the next person he is with…didn’t he watch his mom get hit by his dad? It is called the cycle of violence Chris Brown and you are now the beater that you grew up with. Total loser.

  3. nanster says:

    Amen, firestarter. Stick a fork in him – he’s done.
    He hasn’t learned a thing from what he did – he (like Tiger, Dave, and many others) is only sorry because of the public backlash.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    never hit anyone before he hit rihanna?

    yeah, because abusers just SUDDENLY become that way once they hit 20.

    and no, he still doesn’t get it. Even him being an abuser is apparently Rihanna’s fault since he never had a problem before he was with her.

    *EYE ROLL*

  5. Eileen Yover says:

    How has he not learned by now to shut his mouth? I think its hilarious that he’s proabaly sitting back wondering why he’s loosing sales and having appearances canceled…because, like, gee, he said he was sowwwwy! Poor baby!
    I 100% agree with you Kaiser that he is a sociopath.

  6. Zarah says:

    I sincerely hope this is the LAST time anybody gives this immature bully airtime to spew his nonsense. Seriously how many interviews has he done? And each time he comes across as self-absorbed and self-serving. I’d be embarrassed for him if he wasn’t so despicable and deserving of every last critical word said against him.

  7. Tia C says:

    I also agree that he is a sociopath, because it just seems SO difficult for him to consider others in the equation of life. It IS all about him. And every time he opens his mouth he just shows the world in full living color what an IDIOT he is. He is one of the most inarticulate people I’ve ever heard! He needs to shut up, get out of the public eye and go get himself an education.

  8. Kerri says:

    Oh just shut the eff up!!!!!

    It seems like everyday all we hear is another idiot talking about how sorry they are for whatever they did or should that be for whatever someone else made them do.

    Chris is all about himself and all I hear coming out of his mouth is Blah blah blah blah, thats all it is.

    None of these men are truly sorry, just truly sorry they got caught.

  9. Goddess711 says:

    I believe ya Chris, like I believe Kanye doesn’t have a drinking problem!
    “Imma letcha finish…”

  10. Jess says:


  11. GatsbyGal says:

    @nanster – stick a fork in him, and then another, and another, and another, and another, and another…

  12. Iggles says:

    What an idiot! I can’t stand him! And yet Kanye West had more people coming out against him than CB! (Remember all those, “No comments”?)

    I want this douche to go away. BTW, he DOES have crazy eyes..

  13. Obvious says:

    I stand by what I said yesterday. he needs to go away. if he really wants to make a career come back come back in say 5-6 years (preferrably longer) and start over. by that point our fickle attention will be on something else and we will have most likely forgotten about him.

    that being said, can we put him in a ring with oh say Mike Tyson and let him get a taste of his own medicine? It’d be fun. Pay-Per-View!!!

  14. Squirtle says:

    I’m on board with all of ya except for one thing…What is really irritating me about Chris (in addition to his attitude& women beating mentality) is horrible speaking skills and grammar. Gosh someone get this guy a 4th grade English grammar book quick! It’s scary that young people are looking up to him.

  15. JaNa'e says:

    Rihanna’s admitted to violence before, including an interview in which she admits to smashing her own brother in the face with a glass bottle. if that’s not a sign that she isn’t the victim she plays i don’t know what is.

    on a brighter note: chris is predicted to go platinum,so all those claiming he should crawl under the rock i say close your mouth and open your ears. the only way you couldn’t know that his career was going stronger than before is if you lived under a rock.

  16. Popcorny says:

    Yeah, he never “had problems” with his anger -until he got called on it/caught.
    That there is the “problem” with his anger, in his dark mind anyway.
    People loooove to claim that their violent behavior is an aberration, it’s a way of distancing themselves from what they do, and who they are, unscathed.

  17. NJMDPS says:


  18. Peach says:

    Even if Rihanna slapped him. Even if she killed his kitten, that doesn’t excuse his actions. One is only responsible for their reaction to an incident. If your significant other is becomming physical, the only responsible, intellegent, mature thing to do is get away. Not get more violent. Hell I dont care if she gave him AIDS. Really. I don’t. Nobody deserves to be beaten to a pulp.

    That’s what I don’t understand about these dumbass Chris supporters. They say that Rihanna is violent too…as if that makes it okay for him to bite her or choke her? Please. Grow the eff up. A man does not hit a woman even if she attacks him. A woman does not hit a man even if he insults her. Only children and idiots go that route. And only severly dysfunctional people defend such terrible behavior. So congratulations on comming off like a Crazy McCrazyPants.

    And Chris’s career is stronger than ever? Uh huh. Also today, a pig flew out of my ass and granted me three wishes. He wasn’t amazing before. He was simply recycled, boring pop. I mean, if he was something special I could see why he might, might have a half decent career. But he’s not even that good. I’ve heard subway musicians with far more talent.
    In fact, just today I saw a man karaoke on the subway with more pinache.

    Chris Brown is over. Done, finite, cooked, played out, kiboshed. And…oh yeah, nobody cares. Because men who hit women are absolute losers. The end.

  19. hmm says:

    Ja’Nae–your support of CB is your contention that Rihanna must have deserved it because that is the way you validate your continued support of a woman beater. You’re attempting to take the focus off of what he did and to place the blame on Rihanna. You are using a childhood fight between her and her brother to excuse CB’s felonious and bloody assault on his girlfriend. Support him if you want but at least be honest about it. You don’t care that he beat her up and you are committed to propping up a woman beater because you like him and it’s easier to blame her.

  20. lastwordlinda says:

    Of course he has never had any problems with his anger, but everyone around him has.

  21. orion70 says:

    He may not have hit before, but abuse takes many forms, rarely immediately recognized/admitted by the abuser.

    re: the whole “she is just as violent as he is”. Doesn’t matter. He is ultimately responsible for his own behaviour. No matter what happened, he had the option of just walking away.

  22. john sanford says:

    what about tiger’s wife think she’ll get the same treatment? no i think she will hear “way to go girl” HIPOCRITES

  23. Zarah says:

    HIPOCRITES? Hilarious. Your indignation falls flat in the face of awful spelling. No wonder, look at the guy you’re supporting!

    On a REAL brighter note, reviews for his new album are trickling in and almost all of them are negative. Which serves the douchebag right.

  24. Lita says:

    Squirtle: I know “her and me” this “her and me” that .. Makes me want to slap him upside the head with a first-grade english text!

    Also cute @HIPOCRITS. In my mind I extrapolated to ‘hippocritters’ and started imagining little tiny hippo-critters running free in my house, back yard, snuggling in front of my open fire .. can you imagine a little tiny kitten sized hippo .. hippo cuddles .. I want one from santa!!

  25. Kittypants says:

    This sorry excuse for a man will never, ever get it. Chris, your career is over, do us all a favour and drop off the face of this planet please.

  26. Jazz says:

    orion70 is right, abuse does take many forms. He’s just like the guy who beat his own mother and he probably doesn’t even realise it. When my friend’s boyfriend beat her, if he did say sorry it would be like “I’m sorry but… you did this, or you did that”. There was always a “but”, never just sorry. It’s always about them.

  27. diva says:

    In the 20/20 interview with Rhianna she admits that Chris had pushed her against the wall before and another incident prior to that night. In the police report that tmz had she states that he had hit her on previous occassions as well. So he is lying when he says he never hit a woman before. Robin should have mentioned the 20/20 interview and shown him that clip to get him to tell the truth. She was too soft on this sociopath. If he doesn’t get the kind of counseling and he probably needs meds he will wind up doing this again.

  28. snowball says:

    Sociopath is as good a word as any to describe this guy. Chris Brown just may have attended the Ike Turner conference on relationships.

    I wonder what groupie is going to be sign on to be his next punching bag. Because there isn’t any way he’s learned a thing from smacking around Rihanna, other than to do it to someone who’s less likely to call the cops.

  29. Christina says:

    lol you guys are so funny. Out of every website i go to, this comment section is ” i hate Chris Brown UNITED” and God forbid someone was to say that they actually like Chris Brown! People in here would tear you a new one.

    I hope he does good with his new album and with everything else in his life. Not only cause I feel like he has paid his dues and Rihanna forgives him, I just cant wait to see the comments on here when it turns out that he out sold Rihanna in album sales. His pre album sales are already good! No matter how many bad things you wish on him he will always prevail! Because the negativity that you people spew about this man isnt hurting him.

    LOL let it go people! Rihanna has gotten over it. You should too.

    (ohh the people in here is going to attack me! Im so scared lol but i wont respond back cause I will have the satisfaction of knowing what i said struck a nerve.)

  30. GatsbyGal says:

    @Christina – “LOL let it go people! Rihanna has gotten over it.”

    Oh really? And just where did you pick up that bit of information?

  31. Fabjazz06 says:

    Christina– you took all of the words from my mouth… I pray that he sells more albums then Rihanna.. We all make bad decisions in life but we also attempt to learn and re-direct our focus to the good in life.. Check out his new song with Ester Dean ” I love you.” HOT…..!! Copping that album next week for sure…. Too bad Tila Tequila put Rihanna on blast with the HERPES thing.. well, go hard on the Valtrex boo…

  32. teehee says:

    …because abuse isn’t about anger, but about insecurity, fear, and anihilation. So you can really have no anger issues, but still be an abuser; or maybe nothing ticked you off until one day you were actually emotionally invested in someone, such that what they did or said hurt or scared you enough that you acted violently… much to “your own surprise”. But everyone knows who and what they are. This guy knows he’s a mess and thats why he keeps talking.

    What I dont like is that after he listens to the depth of what Riri said about that night, all he syas is that ‘well Im really sorry’– in other words he doesnt ‘hear’ or understand what she said; he doesnt understand himself.
    But that is of course what leads to these people able to be this way to begin with. They dont know how they feel or what they really think and thus are the victim of their own ignorance, and all the faulty behavior it leads to…

  33. princess pea says:

    You know, this isn’t the first time an apologist or two has dropped by to tell us we’re the ONLY community on the internet that doesn’t forgive Chris. It’s not true, for one thing, but even if it were… I’d have to wonder why these groupies think they need to work so hard in here to change everyone’s mind. As if shaming us will make us feel differently? LOL, we’re such losers for thinking that no one should be beaten/strangled/bitten like that. Right.

    If you know there are sites where everyone feels like you do, and you don’t have to read about how other people don’t just look the other way when someone gets brutally beaten, and you don’t have to struggle to convince the other commenters that he’s so excellent… why are you here? You’re not going to win us over; some of us have standards that Chris just doesn’t meet.

  34. K-Love says:

    I feel that someone can, not realize what they are capable of doing until, something happens to bring that thing out. People may say all the time that I would never do this or never do that. And then it happens. That could have been the case with Chris Brown. He saw his mother abused and he suppresed it. Nothing may have happened to bring it out. Then this situation with Rhianna occured. It came out. He could have been more surprised then she was. Because he really didn’t think he could have done something like that. People don’t wake up thinking, I’m going to do something stupid, that could mess up my life. Or make me look bad to the world. People just don’t do that. It goes back to what happened to him when he was a child. Don’t be so quick to judge this young man. He made a mistake, one he will probably regret for the rest of his life. Something he can never undo. And something that he will always be known for doing. No I don’t believe he did this because he knew it was in him to do. He did it because he was a young man, who lost control in a situation, he could not control. Was he wrong without a doubt. But should he be punished for the rest of his life? I think not. He does need to find out why he beat Rihanna. That should be his main concern. Because if he does not deal with this problem. It will happen again. That you can be assured of. Mistakes not learned from must be repeated. Rihanna also needs counseling to deal with what was done too her. I’ve dealth with abuse in my field of work and in my personal life and I already see the signs of how this is affecting her in a negitive was. It’s true the physical part will heal, but the emotional healing takes time.It’s an emotional scar you my have for the rest of your life. And no matter how many times a man promises you he won’t hit you again. If he hasn’t gotten any professional help to understand why he is an abuser. Trust me he will do it again, again and again and one of those times he may kill someone. Because the last time my x-husband beat me he almost killed me. I left him and never looked back and I have never been in that situation again. So yes I am speaking from experience.