Ariana Grande: I had a ton of lip filler and Botox, but stopped in 2018

I wonder if Ariana Grande is still with Spongebob guy because they’ve been pretty quiet for a while. Maybe now that he’s available and separated from his wife she will have lost interest. At any rate, Ariana did a Vogue Beauty Secrets video and in it she said that she used to get filler and Botox. She also says she stopped getting these injections in 2018. I do not believe her but I am also grateful she admitted to getting work done at all in the first place. Ari also talked about changing her hair and makeup style because she used to hide behind big hair and winged eyeliner.

Ariana Grande has revealed she’s taken a hiatus from lip fillers and Botox injections in recent years.

Grande’s comments came during a video made for Vogue about her beauty secrets, during which she got candid — and emotional — about how her relationship with beauty has shifted over time.

The singer and the actor has not previously disclosed undergoing any cosmetic procedures. Having grown up in the spotlight, and thus dealt with public scrutiny over her appearance from a young age, she said, “it’s really hard to know what’s worth hearing and not.”

While applying makeup for the video, Grande, now aged 30, explained that she had often embellished her beauty looks with bigger hair or thicker eyeliner “as a disguise or something to hide behind,” but as she gets older she doesn’t “love that being the intention behind it anymore,” thinking of it “as self-expression and accentuating what is there” instead.

Similarly, she continued, she used cosmetic procedures in the same way. “I had a ton of lip filler over the years, and Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I felt so — too much,” she said. “For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me and now I feel like maybe it’s not.”

“I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines,” she continued. “I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more. Aging can be such a beautiful thing.”

[From CNN]

Deep sigh. Ariana’s face has changed a lot in recent years and some of that is likely weight loss, some of it is natural aging, and some of it is how she’s changed doing her makeup. But I think she has had even more invasive procedures done around her eyes and forehead and may have gotten a brow lift or the famous ‘ponytail facelift’ that Bella Hadid is rumored to have done. The corner of a person’s eyes rarely lift upward as they age but hers have done that. Her upper face just appears very pulled taut to me. There also isn’t a dramatic difference in her lip size between 2018 and the present day, quite frankly, so I just don’t believe her when she says she stopped getting filler five years ago. I think she wants to have it both ways and own up to some things but not others. In a way it could be worse, and I’m glad she admitted to getting work done. But when people hide behind these little half-truths it’s still annoying.

photos credit: John Nacion/, Tony DiMaio/, and via YouTube

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  1. helonearth says:

    She seems to have forgotten the nose job as well as the rest.

    Either admit to all or say nothing. These half truths are ridiculous when there are some many photos available of the previous faces.

  2. FHMom says:

    “ The corner of a person’s eyes rarely lift upward as they age but hers have done that. Her upper face just appears very pulled taut to me”
    She’s definitely had some surgical work done.

    • Lens says:

      It doesn’t look to me like her eyes have changed -her eye makeup with the exaggerated wings looks like it’s doing the lifting. But anyway, people love to “accuse” people of having work done but wouldn’t you do the same if you had the $$ and were always in front of the cameras? Let’s not make it so “gotcha!” and normalize that’s what they all do if they are public figures. Even Angelina Jolie got a nose job after all.

  3. Polly says:

    Well I guess this is one way to change the conversation away from her love life.

    And I don’t believe her either.

    • Sandra says:

      I think she is trying to look more demure to change some of the optics around the fact she almost exclusively pursues men who are supposedly “in committed relationships.”

  4. MsIam says:

    I thought the rumor mill said she and Sponge Bob moved in together in NYC? I guess she goes where the PR wind blows.

  5. Jais says:

    Sometimes these people make me feel crazy. Like I have eyes.

  6. Naye In VA says:

    Mmm she stopped the tanning too?

  7. Viktoria says:

    Technically she could have stopped the lip fillers in 2018 because filler accumulates and rarely really dissolves all that much. However you can clearly still see the filler migration especially in her bottom lip! I know what I am talking about because I got lip filler for years only for it to move all over the place and NOT dissolve until I finally saw a doctor to get rid of it. Also she definitely had a ponytail lift (which shows in her hairline) and an obvious nose job so who is she fooling? I feel like we move to times where filler and Botox and non invasive stuff is becoming normal because everyone does it but Celebs still don’t own up to the actual surgeries they have!

  8. May says:

    why the hell does she put SPF on before her nighttime eye patches that she wears for 4 hours?????

  9. Sophie says:

    Yeah, I don’t buy it.

  10. dlc says:

    So sad that a beautiful woman in her 20s felt like she should have botox!

  11. Juju says:

    Yeah, it just makes me sad the reality of how prevalent these cosmetic procedures are and how young they start! I remember when face lifts etc were primarily for women in the 40+ age range. I think there are many stars that look so much older than their actual age because they are having the same procedures that women much older are having. Whomever is recommending these procedures (their surgeons or their teams?) is insane. No one really knows how this stuff is going to age. It just boggles my mind that 20-somethings are getting surgery and fillers to look like a cast member of Real Housewives.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Yes. Let’s distract from my affair with a married man and cheating on my husband with tears about my insecurities. I watched this video and it just seemed so performative to me, but her fans seem to really eat it up. I guess that’s all that matters.

    I hope Dalton Lilly and her son are having marvelous days.

  13. taris says:

    it’s always people who are already naturally so beautiful with the most insecurities.. how sad..

  14. Demona says:

    I’m doing this not to necessarily call her out but so that anyone who might believe her and feel bad about themselves can learn and hopefully not feel that way

    She has probably had the following
    Rhinoplasty (they all do it just to thin it and make it look more refined, very subtle)
    Chin reduction
    Blepharoplasty/brow lift. She has way more eyelid space than she used to
    Ponytail face lift- its what changed the eye shape to the more Asian look when people started saying she was Asian-fishing

    That’s probably not all but those are the major ones

    • Delight175 says:

      There’s this lady on YouTube, called lori something, that she breaks down the surgery she thinks celebs have had done. She did a video about Ariana Grande, and it checks outs.

      I totally believe that if you want to change something about yourself you should go for it, your body your choice. Who are we to judge? But to say that everything is botox and fillers is kind of a reach.

  15. Grant says:

    In her defense, she didn’t say she hadn’t had other work done. She was just talking about lip filler and Botox while she was applying lip stain. She also said she wouldn’t rule out (another–I said it!) face lift in ten years.

  16. Kirsten says:

    Is she the one who lost her shit because someone photographed her from the wrong side once? I tried watching the Vogue video, but it’s so distracting that she’s facing the camera on an angle and bobbing around to keep her chin in the air.

    This + the constantly getting involved with other women’s partners just screams zero self-confidence.

  17. Somebody Nobody says:

    I find her unrecognizable with blond hair and blond eyebrows. It’s like she’s playing the part of Tinkerbelle the home wrecking fairy.

  18. iisaidwhatiisaid says:

    She completely transformed into her wicked character….it’s so weird. She’s changed her clothing, makeup, even the way of talking. This girl in the video would never use ‘yuh’ or walk around saying “I want it, I got it.”

  19. Notjust says:

    Liar liar pants on fire.