Suri Cruise is a Flamenco princess w/ pink ruffled dress and polka dot heels

Suri Cruise was photographed out in Sevilla, Spain with the parents she tolerates, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Princess Suri was wearing a pink Flamenco-style dress with tiered ruffles and red polka dot kitten heels. She didn’t have a jacket on during a press-friendly outing to the park, but it wasn’t freezing cold in Sevilla yesterday. Weather Underground reports that it was around 60° Fahrenheit on average. Her mom Katie Holmes told Access Hollywood last week that Suri wears “ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” not kid-styled high heels per se. It’s hard to tell if Suri can still play in the heels as she was mostly being carried by her dad. In one photo, mom Katie shows her how to climb a rope ladder but she’s not having it and doesn’t seem interested.

Katie and Suri were visiting Tom while he’s in Spain to work on his new action film with Cameron Diaz, Knight & Day. This week’s In Touch makes a big deal out of the fact that Katie and Tom spent Thanksgiving apart but it sounds like Tom was too busy working despite the fact that he’s said to have “begged Katie to join him in Europe.”

In Touch reports the typical Tom/Katie tabloid dynamic: she wants more space while clingy Tom wants her closer. Instead of spending the US holiday with Tom in Spain, Katie’s parents flew into NY from Ohio to spend time with their daughter and grandchild. It looks like the famous family got together again soon afterwards anyway. Is it just me or do both Katie and Suri look annoyed with this photo-op? Suri just wants to go home and play dress up with her fabulous wardrobe. She didn’t have enough time to perfect her outfit before Tom dragged her out again. If only her mother had the same excuse most of the time.

Photo credit: Target/FAME Pictures. I’m sorry for posting so many, but there were so many cute photos I couldn’t decide!

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  1. birdie says:

    Little kids can play dress up, I have no problem with that. But this dress and these shoes clearly restrict Suri’s ability to play and are inappropriate for the park. It’s too big for her. If Suri is dressing herself, maybe its time for Mom & Dad to put their foot down, she doesn’t buy her own clothes so they could easily buy her some more reasonable options and hide the fancy ridiculous clothes and high heeled shoes. Furthermore, it seems obvious Tom and Katie dress her up and bring her out to places for the purpose of being photographed. Katie’s outfit is terrible, she would say Suri picked this too (I’m sure). They make such a spectacle of themselves. I find this family generally creepy, all around.

  2. Annabelle says:

    Jacket!!!! Her parents are wearing thick jackets- what, she’s immune to the cold?

    • Siobhan says:

      I also dislike strongly the way these loons dress their child, but on this occassion, and because I live in Sevilla, I must make a clear point about these dresses. They are worn traditionally by babys to grannies, with a huge vatiety of accessories, during a WEEK only, in April’s fair. Suri’s dress might appear big, but many of these dresses typically have a lot more rows of ruffles, making them a little heavy,
      but still wearable for a little while a day, which is what they are for. Then normal Sevillian parents take photos and take their children ( who optionally are allowed to wear no make-up or subtle or full make-up with the dress) home, wash their faces and put them
      in normal clothes. No abuse, no big deal. Just a cultural tradition. The shoes that go typically with the dresses are flamenco dancing shoes, which have thick heels, but those are also optional. What I do find abusive is the heels the Cruises put on this child as a matter of course. She will have major back problems, see if she doesn’t. And why does this chil look so sad and is never seen with other kids? I find that a bit disturbing, too. Anyway, there’s my two cents about the flamenco dress…

  3. e says:

    It’s a day of the week! That must mean it is time for Suri’s parents to dress her up and drag her out for a new episode of “look at us, we are a real family” so everyone can comment on how Suri is so spunky and creative and precocious and a real fashionista (barf). I am so sick of seeing this kids face.

  4. MintyMoo says:

    Good god, can they wash and brush her hair for once? Suri always looks so anemic and depressed! I have yet to see a picture of her happy and smiling. Every picture of my kids lives are pretty well laughing and smiling, especially when they were small. Suri seems so socially isolated and controlled. Poor kid. Lets hope they dont have anymore more kids to ruin.

  5. princess pea says:

    Well, they may be wearing jackets, but Katie is also wearing SHORTS. I’m starting to think that crying “jacket!!1!!” is an involuntary response for some people, like a reflex, whenever they see Suri. It’s not ALWAYS freezing, and she’s not ALWAYS underdressed. Just sometimes.

  6. Firestarter says:

    Does the little girl ever get to walk? I mean they are always carrying her. I realize the dress is a bit cumbersome, but shouldn’t she walk every now and again?

  7. MizzExpert says:

    Tom is so creepin’ me out! I think Suri is wearing his dress…Katie is the most over-paid womb alive! Gimme a break if anyone thinks this is a ‘real’ family.

  8. Sigh. says:

    So she was supposed to run, jump, and play in heels and a ballroom gown length dress and NOT trip, fall, and break her neck?

    However people feel about playing “dress-up,” when have you EVER seen it to this degree in a PLAYGROUND and it wasn’t Oct. 31st?

    She looks over-dressed, tired, disconnected, and totally uninterested.

  9. Kl says:

    does this kid every get to play with, you know, other
    kids?  the parents both seem so narcissistic in 
    all these pictures, like they want to make sure
    everyone can see how engaged they are with
    their child but mentally are hoping the paps are
    getting their best side.  blecch.

  10. Ann says:

    Good grief, if the photogs followed my girls when they were that age they would have seen very strange outfits on a daily basis including heels, tutu’s with cowboy boots. Little girls love this stuff. I also believe it helped them from their own identity and early sense of style. Then they got to school and didn’t want their underwear to show in phys ed and started wearing pants all the time. Let that family enjoy the youth and creativity of their child. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Though she should be made to wear coats when the weather dictates.

  11. crash2GO2 says:

    Kids should wear coats and sweaters when THEY are cold. Not when WE THINK they should be cold. There is nothing worse than overheating a child by forcing them to wear a jacket when they aren’t cold.

  12. Megan says:

    all this girl needs is to get to play w/ kids her own age!

    the dress up and jacket thing are not a big deal… if she gets cold she’ll ask for it!

  13. Sumodo says:

    Does Suri have friends her own age?

  14. Tia C says:

    Suri is adorable as always.

    To me the bigger question is: why is Tom Cruise making another movie? Does anyone even go see Tom Cruise movies anymore? The summary on IMDB makes it sound like a variation on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (which to me was a snorefest). The fact that it co-stars Cameron Diaz doesn’t bode well for him, either. Just IMHO, most (not all) of her movies are duds. Boy, his career really needs a lift!

  15. filthycute says:

    I don’t get it. Are Midget and Moron just courting p3dophiles by parading Suri this way? Protect your child. Stop dressing her like Chiaro the Happy Hooker and putting her in front of cameras.

    These people make me sick!

  16. snowball says:

    More and more, I’m loving this kid. Fashion critics be damned, this over-indulged princess is going to wear what she wants and her parents will either give in or she’ll smote them or something.

    @MintyMoo (now I have a craving for a Shamrock shake) – I’ve seen pictures of her smiling. It’s actually kind of creepy, she’s got teeny tiny teeth. I think it sort of looks like Tom’s smile, slightly deranged.

    She looks better scowly and snotty.

  17. e-non says:

    that kid doesn’t have a freakin clue how to interact with others or play. she is going to be one monstrously spoiled/narcissistic brat in the years to come.

    and holmes deserves every moment of the blowback.

  18. MymaJane says:

    I understand that her shoes are kids ballroom dancing shoes, but that doesn’t mean she can wear them everyday, ALL day. Children that are studying ballroom are going to be using them for 1-2 hrs a day, and that’s if they’re competitive dancers. Otherwise it’s for one or two classes a week.

    I just hope they’re not damaging their daughters feet just because they can’t say “no” to their little princess.

  19. Suzanne says:

    She has some form of mild autism – never plays with other kids, never wants to wear a coat (many of these kids are very sensitive to the feel of certain fabrics).

  20. Kimble says:

    @ Suzanne: Don’t be so bloody ridiculous. As the parent of an autistic child I find it really offensive that you think you can diagnose a kid from a few photos (eyeroll)

    Oh, and my son will wear whatever I put on him!

  21. prissa says:

    Honestly I don’t know what happened 2 Tom Cruise. He really is a great actor. I loved him in A Few Good Men and Magnolia. He needs to tap into whatever he did during those 2 movies to get his “mojo” back. I hope he’s able to ’cause I really did used to like him… :o(

  22. patti says:

    COMB THIS KIDS’ HAIR! I can’t stand looking at her – my kids’ NEVER looked like this! And the clothes, “dress up” is fine sometimes, but all day, everyday? What about play clothes and SNEAKERS? I don’t get these two parents, they are weird!!!

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Does this child have any play clothes at all?

    It looks like her parents treat her as some kind of animated Barbie doll they like to dress up in pretty outfits.

  24. H says:

    What the He!! is Katie wearing?

  25. Cat says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you can’t tell the difference between Tom and Katie in the thumbnail pics.

  26. Allie says:

    Why is Suri’s wardrobe even a concern?
    Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing her all over the web day after day.

  27. Jess says:

    Funny that her attire is analyzed constantly. I would hate to hear what people think of my kids on the days when they dress themselves…

    I have 6 year old twin boys, and sometimes they wear spider-man and batman masks/costumes to the supermarket.

    Does that mean I have no control over them? Nope! It means that I’m willing to let them have a little offbeat fun, as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

    The kid isn’t wearing a coat…but isn’t it probable that one of the many bodyguards that inevitably follow them around is carrying it for her?

    When my kids don’t want to wear coats, and it’s an in-between day, I bring the coats with me… just in case.

    Big picture, people.

  28. canadianchick says:

    I think the truth is the frilly pink dress and child sized shoes are Tom’s:look at the way he covets the clothes! I’ll bet Suri found then in his suitcase, showed the COS goons, and Suri wears them to keep the COS goons off daddys back.

  29. lway says:

    Sorry guys – but i have a 3 year old little girl too and she WANTS to dress up all the time, it’s good to let your kids experiment and if that is what she wants to wear and it’s not hurting anyone around her – then let her! She will soon figuire out for herself that big dresses make it difficult to climb all the jungle gyms.

    I do not agree with the shoes though and i do not believe that little girls should wear heels – probably Victoria Beckhams doing …..

    PS. I think Katie needs more clothes. Poor thing – looks like she has no pants.

  30. Seeing the Positive says:

    All you miserable, angry people fascinate me!!! This beautiful little girl is a “girlie girl” that loves dresses. In my 50+ years, I’ve seen many children in “funny” attire at a grocery store or dept store and their parents weren’t treated like freaks. GOOD parents pick their battles!! The child was photographed in SPAIN in a flamenco dress. You’ve never seen pics of kids visiting Mexico in Somberos, in Hawaii in Hula skirts, in Florida in sarongs, in Japan in kimonos, etc. Think about the context of a situation before you judge. Frankly, all you haters seem rude and unintelligent who need some serious peace in your lives.

    • Maria says:

      Thank you! I’m from Sevilla and have worn flamenco dresses all my life during April’s fair week, for a little while each day until I got tired. My shoes as a child could be either sandals or flamenco dancing shoes, it depended on how long we were going to be out and if I was going to dance or not. My dresses ( a different one every year which are now worn my my daughters) were frillier and heavier than Suri’s and yet-I could run and play with them on! And so can my kids. I will say this, though-we all have long hair in my family and it never looks as untidy as Suri’s! Also, my girls generally look happy, not vacant-eyed…

  31. Jazz says:

    Clothes companies probably have a deal with them for Suri to be seen and photographed in their clothes.

  32. snowball says:

    “Frankly, all you haters seem rude and unintelligent who need some serious peace in your lives.”

    Is that from “How to Win Friends and Influence People”?

    I sort of like Katie’s outfit, although the shorts could be a little longer so it doesn’t look like she went all Lady GaGa and decided not to wear pants at all.

    Anyway, what I wanted to comment a little on is the Suri’s hair thing. I have a couple of nieces who seem to have pretty similar hair to Suri. It’s so thin and flyaway that barrettes don’t hold and ponytail elastics slide right out after a while. They could brush their hair and five minutes later, it looks like they were in a wind tunnel.

  33. Truthful says:

    hmmmm, she is wearing polka dot kitten heels and her dad is carrying a blankie too???

    all to weird!!

  34. C-DUB says:

    Once again, Suri is bringing high fashion to our boring everyday lives…..but she does need a coat on.

  35. skibunny says:

    What the hell is Katie wearing?????
    They look like doting parents but I never see their daughter playing with other children.

  36. EMV says:

    I don’t see the big deal with her outfit or her hair,he hair is thin and gets tangled easily…60 is not freezing out and who knows if one of the body guards were holding a jacket for her or not. I think she looks cute and all we see are pap pics we don’t see her 24/7 so who are we to judge?

  37. nancyw says:

    It just looks so peculier to see Suri dressed up in a fancy gown and heels at a playground! I sometimes wonder what goes through her parents heads!! I think that they don’t give a hoot if she plays or not, it’s just a photo op!