Prince Harry ‘rejected’ his father’s invitation to go to Balmoral a few weeks ago

(This is Part 1, chronologically, in a three-part series of palace briefings which happened this weekend.)

In January, on the day Prince Harry’s memoir was released, King Charles evicted the Sussexes from Frogmore Cottage. Buckingham Palace waited a few months to announce the news on their terms, framing it as a purely punitive and “cost-cutting” measure, because the Windsors like to pretend that the Sussexes didn’t repay the cost of renovating Frogmore, nor that they had a valid lease. The other reason for the eviction, one which few people wanted to admit, was Charles’s attempt to control Harry’s movements if and when Harry flew into the UK. Without a British residence, Harry would have to ask his father for security and a place to stay, if Harry wanted to stay at one of the secure royal estates. This is exactly what happened when Harry breezed into London for the WellChild Awards just before Invictus – he stayed in England for one night and only flew out on September 8th after he visited his late grandmother’s crypt. We still don’t know where he stayed, but now the king wants us to know that Harry was invited to Balmoral but Harry turned down the invite.

Prince Harry rejected an offer to spend the anniversary of the Queen’s death at Balmoral with his father, The Sun can reveal. Experts were stunned earlier tonight that he turned down the olive branch, seen as a sign that the King was ready to forgive his son’s repeated attacks on the Royal Family. The Duke of Sussex, who was prepared to fly more than 5,000 miles from the US, snubbed the relatively short trip to Balmoral. The next morning, he was alone as he marked 12 months since his grandmother’s death, before ­jetting off to Germany for the Invictus Games.

Harry’s shock snub came after he formally asked the King’s office for royal accommodation and security for his one-night stopover earlier this month. He was appearing at a WellChild charity bash in Chelsea, West London, before going to Dusseldorf the next day. But a senior aide politely informed him that none of the family’s London homes or Windsor Castle were available as most staff were in the Highlands. Instead, Harry was told he was welcome to join them at ­Balmoral, where Charles and Queen Camilla were having ­private family time.

It would have reunited Harry with his father and stepmum for only a few hours, but still would have been the longest period together since the Queen’s funeral. However, Harry — who described Camilla as a “villain” in his book Spare — is understood to have claimed his itinerary made the trip impossible, to the surprise of royal experts.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said: “For Harry this was a golden opportunity missed. He should have braved it out and gone to see them. If the King invites you to Balmoral, then most people would cancel all of their travel plans. He could have easily re- arranged things slightly to allow himself the time. Any attempts for a rapprochement must be on the King’s terms. I’m glad he is showing some backbone and offering this olive branch. But Harry must have known that not only the King but the whole of the Royal Court decamp to Balmoral for the summer and that was the only place he could go.

“I am not sure if Harry has realised how hurt his father was, especially about the things he said about Camilla. But of course Charles will always welcome him as he is a forgiving man and it’s his son. But it has to be on his terms and Harry has to apologise, not the other way round. If he wants security and somewhere to stay, palaces which are dust sheeted and throughly cleaned when royals are not in residence during summer are not going to be opened for Harry.”

Harry, who is now based with his family in Montecito, California, must request permission to stay in a royal property. Over summer, most are either closed, running on a skeleton crew or thrown open to tourists. Frogmore Cottage is currently empty and Harry has no access.

[From The Sun]

Harry didn’t ask to move into the king’s suite at Windsor Castle – there are eleventy billion suites, spare rooms and small apartments available in all of the assorted castles, forts, palaces, mansions and cottages in London and Windsor. That, to me, is the bigger news – Harry requested a spare room for one night and his father refused and parlayed that ask into an attempt to hijack Harry’s trip for some bullsh-t. The last time Harry went to Balmoral, his grandmother had just died a few hours earlier and Charles had called him specifically to say that Meghan wasn’t welcome in Scotland, no Black folks allowed, and then Charles refused to see Harry when he came up solo.

As for Harry’s refusal – it’s hilarious, actually. In the months, weeks and days leading up to Harry’s trip, the British papers were full of news about how none of the Windsors wanted to see him and he wouldn’t be welcome and they were SNUBBING him and now we hear that Charles actually invited Harry up to Balmoral? It’s so funny. Y’all know the only reason why Harry got the invite was because he traveled alone to England. If Meghan had been with him for that part, no Balmoral invitations would have been forthcoming. As for Ingrid C-word’s insistence that Harry must apologize, it’s amazing that she hasn’t considered the fact that Harry has done absolutely nothing to warrant an apology to his father. In fact, Charles owes Harry many, many apologies.

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  1. Princessk says:

    This is all British media speculation. I am quite sure that what happened is not as portrayed by the British media who we know are not to be believed.
    As usual this is just more click bait filled with unnamed sources as usual and is best ignored.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Totally agree. This is what the BM want people to believe. I don’t buy for one minute that Charles invited Harry to Balmoral. And I definitely don’t believe that Harry is asking permission to stay in Royal lodging when he visits. Any such request would be leaked immediately by “palace sources.” I’ve long believed Harry stays at the place he and Meghan had their first date when he visits London.

      • Princessk says:

        Exactly. These media people are desperate for Harry and Meghan stories because they sell more than any other royals and will therefore concoct anything out of thin air and spin it into a story for gullible people to swallow.
        I know how these hacks operate I have seen them in action, no morals and no scruples.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Exactly. I don’t believe, even for a second, Harry requested to stay on royal property. This is just more lies from The Sun.

      • Lorelei says:

        This was my exact reaction when I saw this yesterday. There’s no way Harry asked permission to stay anywhere on royal grounds, and his visit to his grandmother’s grave took them all by surprise. Which left them humiliated, so here we are with a BS article rewriting the narrative.

  2. RoyalCommoner says:

    The royal experts are full of sht. No invitation yet an invitation. All making words and stories from their daydreaming.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Charles invited him knowing he’d say no because he was on a business trip and literally didn’t have time to visit a whole other freaking country.

    If Harry had said yes, Charles would have been off foraging for mushrooms when he got there.

    • RoyalCommoner says:


    • Eurydice says:

      Not just a business trip, but the opening of the IG. If there was an invitation, which I doubt, Charles could have made it anytime, not the last minute before an important event that had been planned for years. But, I suppose, nothing is more important than Charles.

      • Nicole says:

        Harry needs to have a little pride and stop asking for decency from ppl who have showed him the opposite all his life. If u took my home that I paid renovations and rent on for no other reason than just because why would I seek u out for accommodations?

        Having said that British press are known for their lies and seeing how H didn’t need them when he went to court earlier this yr. I struggle to see how he would need them on a pit stop to the Invictus Games. The suggestion to Balmoral is asinine as it’s hrs away in another country.

        If it’s such a problem for accommodations and security maybe his attendance to the WC awards should be a recorded message over Zoom.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Nicole There is no evidence whatsoever that Harry requested to stay in royal property or for any other favors of any kind. His pride is completely intact.

      • Jais says:

        So, even if Harry did ask permission, I’m sorry that does not show a lack of pride on his part. Requesting a safe place to stay on palace grounds is a simple request. This story does not show Harry lacking in pride but that sure is what the tabloids want us to think. It’s a backfire though, bc if it’s true and Charles actually did deny Harry this request, it makes Charles look absolutely horrible. Such a bad bad look. It only plays well to small-minded royalists. And finally, Charles and William would love it if Harry only attended the WC awards through zoom. That would play right into their controlling hands. It was pretty clear that Harry’s actual presence was very special for the WC families.

    • Becks1 says:

      My husband always says the best time to ask people to hang out (that you dont’ especially want to hang out with LOL) is when you know they’re going to say no, LOL. If this is true, then it fits – Charles invited him knowing he was going to say no and gets a win-win in the press – Charles extends the invite (win), harry snubs invite (another charles win.)

    • Yesgirl says:

      @BlueNailsBetty I agree. This is just to take up headlines. Harry didn’t ask for anything or they would have leaked it weeks ago. Right now its about somehow making Harry look like he still needs them or that they still snub him. I don’t believe anything from BP, BM,RR or KP. They can’t get on the Invictus headlines and W&K are nothing to brag about so here we are with Harry wanting something that he can afford 1000 over a room for a night. LOL Long walk for a glass of water.

  4. JanetDR says:

    Balmoral, of all places? And so far off his itinerary? Nope.

    • Jan says:

      Balmoral is over 500 miles from London.

      • North of Boston says:

        What is it, like 5-7+ hours each way, unless he flew? And if the BRF was offering him a helicopter ride, if I were Harry I would not accept out of safety precautions.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      “Come visit me, darling boy. At the home that holds the memories of the death of your mother, your emotional abandonment and the death of your dear grandmother and further abuse at my hands! I won’t be in or available to see you – so many mushrooms you know- but do come for a visit before that sports thing you do. If you are so important, they can postpone it a couple of days! Must go. It’s tampon time”

  5. Southern Fried says:

    I have trouble believing Harry would ever want to stay on palace grounds, any Brit palaces at all.
    I’m sure he has places to stay like with friends and brings his own security. I wouldn’t even trust Brit security if I were him. Besides Chuck no doubt hasn’t invited him anywhere since the con-a-nation.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      That’s the exact thing. MET has shown it’s whole a$$ as a complete farce and a place that lets opinions, racism and politics rule how they run their organization. Unless he handpicks them – and he hand picks veterans and people he trusts – then they are worse than useless. They are a liability to his health and safety.
      And if he does hand pick them – that lot won’t have an easy time of it after he leaves.

  6. Jais says:

    Get that this is unnamed sources but I can absolutely see Charles saying no room at the inn for you, Harry. And that detail that Seward included about frogmore being empty but unavailable to Harry. My god.

    • Debbie says:

      Just like establishing, as we all know, that Harry was traveling to England for the WellChild event, then she writes that “the next morning, he was alone.” Huh? Why?

  7. Boxy Lady says:

    So Harry was supposed to stay in Scotland in order to attend an event in London?! That makes no sense whatsoever. But, of course, logic has never thwarted the British media’s ridiculous stories.

  8. Chloe says:

    Going to Balmoral would not have made a lick of sense. This edition of Invictus was years in the making so no, Ingrid, we don’t re-arrange schedules

  9. Eurydice says:

    Isn’t Balmoral like 500 miles away from London? That would be like asking for an overnight in Boston and being told, “No, but come visit us in Cleveland.”

  10. Amy Bee says:

    The leaking of this story is proof that Charles and Camilla’s trip to Paris as well as William’s trip to NY were failures. If those trips were as triumphant as the Palace and press wanted the public to believe the weekend royal News would have been about the trips and plans for the future. Instead the press and Palace reverted to Harry. It’s clear that the press is not getting what they want from the Royal Family and the Palace has to feed the beast. I have my doubts about Harry asking to stay at a Royal accommodation but I do believe that he rejected an invitation to Balmoral.

    • A says:

      I honestly think this is just the palace briefing machine backfiring on itself. They problably leaked this information earlier with the intention of trying to inturrupt the invictus games. But, instead Willy and Karen decided they were going to try to counter program that week, so the only time they could push out the news and have it still be news is now! Which of course blows any good will from Chucks paris trip away and puts the focus back on Harry !

      • Amy Bee says:

        @A: Why would the Palace want the press to trample on their good appearances on NY and Paris? The Palace would have been briefing inside information about the trips to keep the focus on them rather than reverting to Harry. In fact they would have been rubbing the success in Harry’s face stating that he was irrelevant and lost prestige. The fact is the trips were flops and the press were dissatisfied with what they got in NY and Paris.

    • s808 says:

      yup that’s all i’m getting from all this. if those trips were actually successful they’d be talking about them more, not briefing about Harry.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @s808: That the Palace would want to remind the public about Harry after successful tours makes absolutely no sense to me. They know the Royals failed to deliver and had to give them something to keep them on their side and so they three Harry under the bus again.

    • Eurydice says:

      How would one even measure the success of these two trips? What were the expectations?

      An elderly couple with no governmental power to effect anything go to a state dinner in France – ok, there’s some talk, hands are shaken, there are some visits here and there, somebody wore something. How does this warrant any more than one article? Even US presidential state dinners don’t get more than that. As for William – the president of a minor foundation attends a summit in NYC. He visits a couple of places, he talks to a couple of people, he turns around and comes home. What more did anyone want?

      But if the measure of success was to show the world that Charles and William are glittering celebrities, then that’s not going to happen, no matter how many trips they take. Their jobs are boring and they themselves are intrinsically boring. Because there’s nothing much to say about these people, the BM makes it up instead.

      • Amy Bee says:

        There was absolutely no buzz or excitement for these trips and the royals went to known tourist destinations to get crowds which were still small in number. They were on very few front pages and were barely talked about in the news. News of these trips would have carried over into the weekend. That’s how I know that they trips were unsuccessful.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Amy Bee – but there was never going to be buzz or excitement for those trips. They weren’t doing anything buzzworthy or exciting – just an expected state visit and a short trip to attend some panel discussions on the environment. Why would such ordinary things attract crowds? Crowds only line up if the people themselves are compelling – Harry and Meghan can do totally boring things and get plenty of attention, but Charles and William will never be like that. I think they need to measure success in a different way.

      • Amy Bee says:

        The aim of these trips are bring to the Royal Family first of all. The Palace were eager to show that they are popular overseas and are global statesmen. I think we can admit that they both failed to prove these claims to be right.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Eurydice you’re right that they “should” measure success in a different way, but right now they don’t. Right now its about crowds, headlines, beating H&M over and over again. By those metrics, these trips were failures.

        By normal metrics, the French trip at least seemed fine. Everyone seemed to have a good time, Charles gave some nice speeches, they drank champagne – but that’s not how the BRF measures success at this current point in time.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – Not just “should,” but “must.” Using the current measures, they will always fail. They’ll keep setting up unrealistic expectations and never delivering. People don’t flock toward failure.

        It’s obvious to everyone that William’s not a sex god, so what would have been so wrong if he presented his trip in a serious way – with spending more time on Earthshot, talking up the current finalists and the progress made by past finalists? If he wants to copy Harry, he should follow what Harry did with IG. Harry let the success of the games come forward, he celebrated the success of the veterans – and those successes shone back on him. With Earthshot, William could have celebrated the finalists, put a spotlight on their work, shown happiness for their progress. This would have made him look like a success and people want to be associated with success. And in a climate where the UK citizens are wondering what use is the RF, wouldn’t this be a better answer than “William’s a sex god”?

    • bisynaptic says:

      @Euridice, except that “success”, for the British press, ultimately boils down to one thing: public engagement—and, by extension, newspaper sales. £££

      • Eurydice says:

        Sure, the British press will have plenty of “success” and “engagement” when they report on the downfall of the monarchy, but it won’t seem so successful to the RF.

  11. I don’t believe Harry asked for a room period. This is just royal cult and tabloids wanting to say he was snubbed and that Chuckles was hurt at the same time which makes no sense. Harry does have friends in London and he probably stayed there but we may never know where he actually stays and this is the cults and tabloids problem THEY DONT KNOW!!

  12. Sheyr says:

    If (and it’s a big if- don’t trust the Rota at all), Harry requested permission to stay at Windsor and it was denied, it might be tactical on his part to show that world that his father was just being disgustingly petty after snatching Frogmore back from them.

    After the furore, some snivelling crap came out about how Harry would be welcome to stay in KP,BP etc as an alternative. This puts paid to that stupid claim.

    • Jais says:

      That’s my feeling too @sheyr. If Harry asked, it was to test his dad and he was not holding his breath. He no doubt had a place to stay already in place, not having faith in his dad but to see what he would do. And Charles did as Charles does. And like you said, Charles denying Harry a safe place to stay in is now on record. Harry has the correspondence and I’m quite sure he gave enough notice.

  13. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    “Relatively” close my ass. It’s like an hour and a half to fly from from London to Aberdeen, then another hour (minimum) to drive to Balmoral.

  14. SussexWatcher says:

    So, first of all, I don’t believe for one second that Harry asked king Chuckles for a room at a royal residence. IMO, that’s just pure lies. In fact, if I were Harry I would legitimately be afraid I’d be poisoned or otherwise “taken care of (the Harry problem)” as some RR wrote about recently. Or at the very least, his room would be bugged! But honestly, I’d be afraid for his actual life.

    My guess is that Harry stayed with one of his aunts or perhaps at uncle Elton’s house. He has plenty of friends and non-bullying/abusive/violent family he can stay with for a night.

    And secondly, these people are just so delusional and stupid I don’t even know where to begin. Not only Ingrid Go-F-Yourself, but all of the actual royals. Every stupid leak and complain/explain that comes out of that hellhole just shows they cannot read the room and are living in their sycophantic bubble. You lost, Harry and Meghan won; just get on with being the king and queen and heir to the throne of the UK. You look petty and stupid every time you brief against the Sussexes.

    The craziest part is that you know they’ve actually (probably ages ago) already twisted it up in their own minds that they really are the aggrieved party. So now they’re operating from a place completely detached from reality. They’ll never come around and apologize for being racist, bullying and leaking against the Sussexes, or for nearly killing Meghan.

    I hope Harry has realized this and isn’t actually still waiting for an apology or asking to stay in royal residences.

    • Jan says:

      Harry said he knows he will not get an apology from his family and he is moving on.
      Meghan not going to the ConAnation proves that she moved on.

      • Ciotog says:

        I feel like Charles thinks he gets the apology because he’s the king. Nothing to do with what’s right and wrong, just even his own son is supposed to show deference to him.

    • Lorelei says:

      @SussexWatcher, I think you hit the nail on the head with:

      “You lost, Harry and Meghan won; just get on with being the king and queen and heir to the throne of the UK. You look petty and stupid every time you brief against the Sussexes.”


      “The craziest part is that you know they’ve actually (probably ages ago) already twisted it up in their own minds that they really are the aggrieved party. So now they’re operating from a place completely detached from reality.”

      Their egos will never allow them to stop focusing on the Sussexes, so they’re basically trapped in this miserable merry-go-round of an existence for the rest of their lives. It couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

  15. Mslove says:

    The BM lies are not matching up with reality. Staying at Balmoral makes no sense. I think Harry never asked.

  16. Jan says:

    When will people stop believing this nonsense about Harry asking to stay at a Royal residence, when he did not asked when he was there for the court case.
    They didn’t know he spent the night in England until he showed up at Windsor Castle the next day.
    It took two weeks, to come up with this story to come up with this story.
    The French people didn’t come out to Chucky’s dog and pony show, just like with Cain it was tourists.

  17. Laura D says:

    KCIII flew to France and took his Bentley with him and then took a short visit by plane whilst there. This was allowed for “security” reasons! All this while making a plea for everyone-else to save the planet! So, of course he’s going to release a story about a non-existent invitation to the son he snubs on a regular basis. It’s all smoke and mirrors folks. Nothing to see over here!

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    Based on what Harry has said & the moves he has made…I don’t believe that he asks the Royal Family for ANYTHING…and for him…it is a matter of life & death…Harry has LEARNED the GENERATIONAL putrid lessons regarding the Royal Family & the Royal Rota…and he knows giving the Royal Family ANY info about his movements means that some in the Rota has that info too which can jeopardize his safety …plus he has been CONSISTENT & CLEAR about what needs to be done in order for HIS family to interact with the ROYAL family…apologize to Meghan…which will NEVA happen…Harry knows it will NEVA happen & Harry & Meghan are GOOD WITH THAT…the ONLY reason they are flourishing is BECAUSE they’re out of the putrid Royal swamp and H&M understands & celebrates that fact❣️

  19. A says:

    There are so many aspects of this story that just make that entire family look like huge hypocrites/assholes (remember chucks not just king in the UK, but head of the Church of England). But the one that really brings it home for me is Mr “all about the eniviorment” actually suggestingthat it would be no big deal to take a plane to scotland when you have an engangement 500 miles the other way in London. I mean they would probably be better off just saying he asked for a place to stay we said no haha. Also it wasn’t a “charity bash” it was an award show for sick children, and caregivers. Its not like he was flying into town for a coldplay concert, which is probably why he contacted these clowns in the first place, under the mistaken impression that they might give him some grace for one night. Big mistake Harry!

  20. Tessa says:

    No need for Camilla to be there if he meets with his father. Where is Camilla s condemnation of Clarkson for what he wrote about Meghan. Ingrid needs to apologize for the Diana trashing books she wrote.

  21. Becks1 says:

    I am LOLing at the back and forth. There was no invitation, wait, there was an invitation and Harry rejected it!!! The shocking snub of Charles’ olive branch!!! These RRs really can’t decide (or maybe its BP that can’t decide) which makes Charles look better. A month ago completely snubbing Harry was clearly thought to be the better look; and maybe now after the massive success of IG BP has decided it looks better for Charles to extend an olive branch that was rejected by Harry.

    Harry staying at Balmoral for one night makes zero sense. ZERO. IF such an invitation was issued (big “if”) then my guess is it was issued with the expectation that he would say no.

    also, what is with all the nonsense about all the estates being closed up and minimal staff etc during the summer? I imagine Windsor is fully staffed at all times, with the exception of personal positions like a valet or the like, since its in constant use both for tourist purposes and for official purposes by other members of the royal family. does anyone really think they’re throwing white sheets over all the furniture in Windsor Castle during the Balmoral holidays? does anyone think Sandringham is ever less than fully staffed, or Highgrove?

    • MrsCope says:

      Becks, I think they intentionally put out conflicting accounts and let the different camps and royal experts “build their own adventure” LOL. It’s all so much noise, even if they put one angle out and rethink it after how the public receives it, I don’t think they’ve got such “main character” energy that they can’t fix this tactic even if they wanted to.

    • Christine says:


      This isn’t the 1400s, the royals don’t pack up their houses and move, en masse, every time they switch between residences.

      • Jais says:

        The very fact that they’re out there briefing that they couldn’t possibly have a room ready and that he has to give notice. Whew. I call suuuuuch bullshit on that. It’s absolute bs. If true, he gave them enough notice, there is in fact staff at WC, even if the rest of the fam is at balmoral, and they are playing insanely petty games. And they know it. That’s why they’re trying to cover themselves now by claiming Harry didn’t give enough notice. Of course he did. That man plans.

  22. Brassy Rebel says:

    Quiet part out loud: “Any attempts for a rapprochement must be on the King’s terms.”

  23. equality says:

    It’s funny how it is perfectly acceptable in UK media if KC can’t meet with PH when he is in the country because he has things scheduled, but if it is the other way around PH should drop everything, including sick children and wounded veterans, to meet with KC.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @equality, yes, the same dogsht father who couldn’t be botherd to wish his son, daughter in law or grandchildren happy birthday! Or wish our veterans at the invictus games good luck. Sure he’s going to make a 500 mile detour for much of the same treatment! Seward should stick to fairy tales and not journalism

  24. Jay says:

    The stories this morning seem especially chaotic and scattershot, and none of them are a good look for Chuck.

    If he did indeed invite Harry up to Scotland, it’s absurd: why would Harry, having just come off of one event (Wellchild) immediately jet off 500 miles to Balmoral and possibly risk missing the opening of the Invictus games, which he’s been working on for years? I think it tells us a lot about Charles that he thinks Harry could just delay Invictus “for a few hours” to accommodate him.

    And to do what, exactly? Reflect on how his father and brother used his Gran’s death to punish and exclude Harry and Meghan? “Pa, remember last year when I couldn’t go on the plane with the rest of the family because you hate my wife, and I had to drive up here alone and found out from a news story that Gran had passed? I’m so glad you invited me back here to relive those memories!”

  25. s808 says:

    Charles knows damn well H wouldn’t agree to staying at Scotland when he’s in town for business in London, that’s why he “invited” him. That way he could feel less like a POS father without really having to commit.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @s808, it’s crap, pure unadulterated crap, Harry wouldn’t ask Charlie for the time of day! And seward sounds more like a twisted bitter ex every day

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, I agree with you. I don’t think Harry asked for anything, either. That’s probably why these stories were put out there–Harry didn’t need anything from them.

  26. one of the marys says:

    Miss Manners reminds us an invitation is not a summons or a demand. So why is declining the invitation a snub? Of course Harry wouldn’t be able to make that trip. More articles reflecting poorly on Charles. He’s avoided Harry every time he’s in the country this past year. Harry knows how this game is played and it must make him so sad. Or if he wants to call Charles’ bluff he could publicly issue an invitation to California. Harry and Meghan have refused to play the game for their own sanity but damn they could have a lot of fun running circles around these idiots

  27. Puppy1 says:

    To quote Nacho…..BS

  28. Over it says:

    So what these Royal rodents lien ingrid c-word and insiders are saying is that the support for sick children and their families are just not important. Charity work for which Harry is happy to do for this organization on his own dime and which chuck and family continue to milk the tax payers for is just a lie to them .
    They should be ashamed of themselves. Harry came to the uk to support sick and their families. He was in London. How was he supposed to go all the way to balmoral and still make it to well child on time ? And if chucky wants to see Harry . Then he can get off his pampered behind and come down to London to see him. It’s not like he doesn’t have a million and one properties at his disposal whenever he wants them .
    Chucky really is the worlds biggest dog -sh—-t father .
    One more thing these people will never understand. Respect is something that is earned,not given because you were born to a certain family. If chucky wants respect from Harry, then behave like a decent human and earn it .

  29. Well Wisher says:

    The story is after Moir piece in the Fail, the RF had to give….The king or his cohorts delivered both of his sons.
    William’s was by Richard Kay and Harry to the Torygraph Victoria Ward…..

    I hope they are satisfied.

    Harry did what was reasonable based on the ‘leaks’, he made a simple request and was rejected…
    Why would he fly to Balmoral for one night, when the actual graves are in walking distance from Windsor?

    He is now fully aware that he should make other plans when he is in the UK…

  30. Robert Phillips says:

    The thing that all these reporters seem to keep forgetting. Harry stepped away from the royal family. So he doesn’t work for the royal family anymore. So when he turns down an invite from Charles. It isn’t an invite from the King. It’s an invite from Harry’s dad. And he can turn it down or not. And also, an apology from Charles to Harry would be from a father to a son. Not from a King. They don’t get that the rest of the world doesn’t care about England anymore. That England really doesn’t have much power over the rest of the world anymore. And that the “King” doesn’t have any power at all. Except over these sycophants who’s lively hoods depend on their lying about the royal family.

    • Well Wisher says:

      But did he actually do so??

      Wouldn’t it be reasonable that he want to spare the Queen Consort any discomfort?

  31. DeepfriedDallasite says:

    Harry’s family is so crappy and it’s insane how they are oblivious to it or feel justified in it. I suspect that Harry likely stays with a friend or Spencer relative when in London, one who has no connection to his trash paternal family and has a tight security team in place. Harry knows those clowns would tell everyone and their uncle of his travel plans if he was actually reaching out for a place to stay when in town so he either does to see whose leaking or doesn’t bother at all. Ingrid is a terrible person who has to tell bold face lies to get her bread. Nothing she writes is true.

  32. tamsin says:

    It’s interesting that the media does not even seem to put out guesses as to where Harry is staying when he is in London. I doubt that he stays at Althorp because it is not exactly near London. It’s my impression that neither of his aunts live in or near London either. The pettiness of Charles and co. abetted by Camilla knows no bounds.

  33. QuiteContrary says:

    Harry and Meghan are getting all the media attention. This is the palace trying to insert Charles into the narrative. But it just makes Charles look terrible.

  34. MikeB says:

    When you realize the story is in The Sun then you also realize the whole story is made up. Ingrid Steward knows nothing, and other sources are fantasies.

  35. vpd4 says:

    This BS that they put out is so tiring. The lying, the gaslighting, how can they get away with this?

  36. bisynaptic says:

    For all we know, Harry stayed with Anne. 😆

  37. Libra says:

    Harry knew the dates for Well Child and Invictus very early on and would have made flight arrangements then as well. One of the first things you do after getting flight arranged is lock down where you’ll stay. He would not have waited until Charles left for Balmoral before inquiring about a room. This is a lie and doesn’t pass any timeline smell test.

  38. Norvell says:

    The British Media, including so-called “experts, are destroying its own British Royal Family/Monarchy each time they print these false stories. The Commonwealth contains mostly people of color, and they all witnessed how the BRF disrespected and ill-treated Meghan Markle. The BM is primarily at fault, and the British Monarchy seems controlled by lying and racist reporters. If KC wants to right this awful wrong, he should re-gift Frogmore back to The Sussex’. Harry did nothing but reveal the truth.

  39. Patricia says:

    BS. Harry and Meghan have better sense

  40. L4Frimaire says:

    Ugh, Harry’s family is disgusting and have gone from bad to worse. They don’t even do anything worthwhile but continually do bullshit like this. At a certain point indifference becomes contempt, and these people are a contemptible lot.

  41. blunt talker says:

    Whether happened or not-it looks really bad for the Uk royals to deny a one night stay with all the palaces and rental properties they own-the meaness is overwhelming. if this really occurred I would not leaked it to the press-but as it has been proven the UK media controls the royal family not the other way around.

  42. blunt talker says:

    If this is true or not-I think they are trying to get Harry alone to gang up and make him apologize especially to Camilla-I can just feel her anger about what Harry said about her in Spare-I could hear her yelling-Charles your son better say he is sorry to me or else.