Katie gets some extra brainwashing

Star speculates that Katie is having second thoughts about her involvement in the Scientology cult and having a Scientology birth because she’s spending 8 hours a day at the Celebrity Scientology Center with Tom, which means that she needs extra convincing:

(Katie) spends day after day — up to eight hours at a stretch — at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, often with Tom, 43, by her side. Now, Star Magazine says it has learned what’s going on behind those closed doors:

“If they’re going to the center together regularly, it means that she is definitely resistant to something,” a Scientology expert who prefers to remain unnamed tells Star.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if Katie secretly wanted out of Scientology, out of her relationship with Tom, or both.” The source says that at the center, “they are probably putting tremendous pressure on Katie to find out if she has any second thoughts about Scientology.”

If the Scientologists were clever about it they would let off from Katie and let her come around gradually and think it’s her own idea – kind of like Stockholm syndrome.

While the media focusses on the fact that she’s supposed to remain silent during the birth, no one has really picked up the story that her baby will be left entirely alone on its first day in the world, and then removed from her and cared for by Scientology handlers for three days. That’s even crazier and more cruel than asking a woman to stay silent during childbirth.

Fellow cult member Kelly Preston tries to clarify that a silent birth is all about being polite:

“Screaming is fine … It’s the words. If you can avoid saying certain phrases and words … Just try to keep it as quiet as possible. Of course you’re going to groan and yell. It hurts. Just keep it to a minimum.”

Here’s Katie out shopping yesterday for paper goods. A commenter on the board where we found the pictures (although they’re originally from Just Jared) said that her Scientology handler(s) had enough sense to keep out of the picture.

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