Nicolas Cage’s ex sues him for $13 million after eviction, claims physical abuse

Christina Fulton and Weston Coppola Cage on 10/23/08. Credit: WENN/Fayes Vision

Nicolas Cage threw a lot of money around, and that seems to have included his ex girlfriend and the mother of his oldest son. Cage, who owes over $6 million to the US government and is being sued byand suing – his former business manager, is now being sued by his ex, Christina Fulton. Fulton, 42, claims that Cage took back a house he gave to her in 2001 for raising their son and that one of his employees racked up charges on one of her credit cards. According to the lawsuit, Fulton is over $1.2 million in debt and wants $13 million from Cage:

Christina Fulton, mother of Cage’s eldest child Weston, 18, is suing the actor for fraud and breach of contract, alleging she’s been caught in the web of his financial mismanagement and is now more than $1.2 million in debt herself, Los Angeles court papers show.

Cage stated in an October lawsuit he faces financial ruin after allegedly being duped by a former accountant, Samuel Levin. The actor currently owes $6.3 million in back taxes, recently defaulted on a $2 million loan, and has begun a massive sell-off of homes, cars, yachts and other possessions to recoup his losses.

Fulton, 42, a former actress, says she was provided an L.A. home years ago by Cage in exchange for raising Weston, and believed the property was under her name. That is until September, when Cage allegedly served her with a 60-day notice to get out.

Fulton says that because of Cage and Levin’s negligence, she now owes the IRS more than $1 million, in addition to $250,000 in unpaid credit card debt. She says the credit card was supposed to be paid off regularly by Cage and that fraudulent charges were racked up by a staffer hired by the actor who didn’t undergo a sufficient background check.

All told, Fulton says damages to her exceed $13 million.

Levin, the accountant, has countersued Cage, stating the actor’s financial collapse was due to his “compulsive, self-destructive spending.”

Cage’s attorney Marty Singer tells PEOPLE: “This lawsuit is ridiculous and absurd. Nicolas Cage has given her approximately three million every year for many years, even though he was only obligated to pay her six thousand a month in child support. We expect this lawsuit to be promptly thrown out.”

[From People]

If this is true and Cage only owed Fulton $6,000 a month but was giving her three million a year and a free house I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her. It’s not like Cage owes her more money just because he decided to give his son a life of luxury. On the other hand, if she believed the home was in her name and had a bunch of fraudulent charges on her credit card from one of Cage’s employees she should be compensated. It’s not Fulton’s fault that Cage was massively overextended.

Radar Online has the court filing for this case and there’s some interesting dirt in there. Fulton’s filing mentions her troubled relationship with Cage in the early 80s and states that they lived together for four years and that Cage emotionally and physically abused her:

After living together off and on for approximately four years [after Weston was born in 1990], and not being able to live with the mental, physical and emotional abuse inflicted upon her by Cage, and feeling that she was subjecting Weston to an unhealthy environment, Plaintiff together with Weston moved out of her common residence with Cage.

The legal document goes on to say that Cage bought Fulton and his son a house in 2001 and told her “that she could restore and decorate… to her liking as it was going to be a permanent residence and as title would be transferred to her as soon as arrangements could be made.” What’s more is that Cage allegedly sent an e-mail to Fulton in 2009 telling her to sell the home if she needed money. It was only when she tried to sell that she realized it was still in Cage’s name. Then at the end of September she got a notice to move out followed by foreclosure notices.

Cage’s financial situation is surely a mess and it’s not surprising that he let down some people who were depending on him. The guy was a compulsive spender and only a massive setback like this was going to stop him.

By the way, have you seen Nicolas Cage’s oldest son? He’s in the photo above. He’s a big kid with long hair and a punk look and I assumed he was in his twenties. He’s only 18, though, and it looks like he could be fending for himself unless his dad steps back in to help.


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  1. Kayleigh says:

    Hasn’t she heard? He has no, scratch that, negative amounts of money? Yeah, good luck getting money for a house you never owned.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Looks like some of those $250k charges went to Botox and lip fillers.

  3. Lantana says:

    Cage’s behavior is sketchy. It reminds me of an alcoholic’s M.O. Say things at the moment to make everything OK, and when things aren’t OK, tell people to F off. He’s probably making this out to all be her fault. I feel sorry for the son. I feel even sorrier for him looking at the picture.

  4. Green Is Good says:

    Somebody tell Hagzilla to get a job. Just because she had a kid with Nick Cage doesn’t mean she’s exempt from earning her own living. She’s been riding the gravy train long enough.

  5. Pont Neuf says:

    I’m sorry to say this but, I find this woman to be an opportunistic witch. First of all, if he was being abusive, why didn’t she sever all ties with him? Oh yes, 3 million dollars every year for just having given birth, heal many emotional wounds.

    Second, she should have made arrangements to ensure that the property was in her name. It’s not like she’s a teenager and, if she can pay a lawyer to sue her ex-husband now, she could have paid one to oversee the concession of ownership to the house Nick Cage allowed her to live in.

    Yes, Nicholas Cage has made many disastrous choices with HIS MONEY, which HE earned. He will have to pay the consequences soon enough.

    This woman is behaving like a parasite and, quite frankly, I’m embarrassed for her.

  6. SolitaryAngel says:

    Hagzilla? HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA Thanks for the LOL

    **Edit** What’s the best cleaning fluid for getting Coca-Cola off a computer monitor?

  7. Cinderella says:

    What amazes me is that a person can collect $3 million a year, but not have the smarts to hire a lawyer to ensure the deed was put in her name long ago.

    I don’t know about California, but in many states, you can go online and confirm with the property appraiser if you are the owner of record.

    I think she’s full of crap. She knew he owned the property, but she didn’t count on him going broke.

  8. lilred says:

    I agree she has been riding the gravy train for long enough…what was stopping her from getting a job anyway, It’s not like Weston needed constant supervision he’s 18 for heavens sake.

  9. Nebraska says:

    If Weston cracked a snaggle toothed grin, he would look like the male Miley Cyrus.

  10. Linda says:

    Does she wonder why he dumped her?

  11. Eileen Yover says:

    I agree-she has definitely used some of that dough on her face. She has that typical frozen surprised look. Please tell me this isn’t suppose to be the new face of beauty…because I’m seeing it everywhere!

  12. isabelle says:

    Yuck! They both freak me out! I wish women would stop using that vile botox crap!

  13. irishserra says:

    I rarely have sympathy for these celebrities (and wanna-be’s) when it comes to money. I don’t think a single one of them is owed a life of luxury. Three million per year? Hell, the $6,000 in child-support alone is more than enough to feed, clothe and shelter yourself and your kid and have money put away for his college.

    If you have worked hard and earned the means to live luxuriously, then absolutely enjoy it; but when the challenges come, don’t expect the millions of people out there struggling paycheck to paycheck to feel sorry for you – especially when many of those very people have helped line your pockets with their movie purchases.

    As for Miss Fluff’n’Stuff here, why doesn’t she go contribute something to society?

  14. Constance says:

    And what career? Look her up on imdb… She didn’t do anything worth talking about.

    I totally agree that with the 6k a month, a nanny to help her while she worked isn’t crazy. Just lies.

    Plus she’s “supposed” engaged to some Norwegian death metal band singer or something…(I see where little Weston gets his look. XD) He isn’t helping her out? I’m sure she’s sooo financially alone.

  15. Annicka says:

    I can’t stand Nicholas Cage. But his son is so hot.

  16. How is it Nic Cage’s fault that she didn’t pay taxes? & how could she not know that the house wasn’t in her name? Does she live in some magical fairy kingdom where the mailboxes are never sullied by property tax bills? Sit down, you ignorant gold-digger.

  17. MaiGirl says:

    I really wonder what women like this see in the mirror. Are they really like, “I look 25. Keep up the good work!” Seriously. Does botox freeze your judgment?

  18. nnnnnn says:

    Pure gold digger. If I’m getting 6k a month, I will be kissing the ass of whoever is giving me and running his errands without error.

  19. Trillion says:

    She looks older than 42. She knows her gold-diggin’ days are over so it’s a last ditch effort to maintain some ridiculously wasteful “Real Wives” lifestyle. As for the son, he looks like he’s trying to fashion himself into some real-life version of the Dethklok singer. I’m sure it sucks for him to see his parents go through this and I do feel sorry for him.

  20. Truthful says:

    funny, as soon as her son turns 18, all of this happens..

    let it go and support ya self, all of this time she could have had some kind of franchise and some real estate..

  21. Sigh. says:

    Home Ownership 101 — if you don’t SEE YOUR name/signature on it, it ain’t yours.

    Kept Woman 101 – handle your business, always secret some of the money away, cos he ain’t gonna be alive/rich/generous forever (he’s been married 3 TIMES since her – DUH!).

    She AND their son needs start lookng for jobs…That’s WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD 101.

  22. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Is he going to pay that dinosaur skulls or islands?

  23. Mairead says:

    It’s a neverending source of amazement to me that Nic Cage was able to get that rich from acting, as he is absolutely woeful at it.

    And ditto for what Sigh said

  24. Kelley says:

    #2 … and a baaaadd nose job, too, lol.