Julia Roberts gets drunk & obscene for a good cause


Julia looks pretty, doesn’t she? She’s not all glammed up, she’s not wearing much makeup, and she still looks lovely. Anyway, these are photos from the red carpet of a gala fundraiser for the LAByrinth Theater Company. I know about the company because Phillip Seymour Hoffman used to be (and perhaps still is) one of the co-directors of the theatre, which does lots of experimental stuff, and promotes new talent, from directors, writers and actors. Julia was the big headliner, and she gave it her all, if these reports are any indication. Apparently, Julia got sh-tfaced and hilarious as she tried to do Celebrity Charades.

Julia Roberts hit the sauce for a good cause at LAByrinth Theater’s Celebrity Charades fund-raiser, sponsored by Entertainment Weekly.

“She was drinking vodka and tonic beforehand, and was pretty tipsy by the time the event started,” laughs our spy. “None of her teammates could decipher any of her clues. She told the crowd that anyone who bid would get a kiss from her, which was OK because her husband [Danny Moder] was in the first row and the kids were at home. At one point, Sam Rockwell tried to carry her offstage, as he jokingly asked for ‘three bottles of water for Ms. Roberts.’ ”

At another point, she tried to divert the attention of Kristen Wiig, who was on the opposing team, by sneaking up behind her. All in all, says our spy, “She was pretty great. She tried to get her team to guess ‘In the Heat of the Night’ by rolling on the stage floor and pretending to make out with herself.”

[From Page Six]

The NY Daily News also reports while playing Charades, Julia (with her teammates Sam Rockwell and Billy Crudup) lost one round and she screamed at the audience “I can’t f—ing lose on this! I usually go to sleep at 8:15! Let’s have fun! I’m wearing tight pants and my kids are asleep!” The NYDN also reports, in a little side note, that Crudup was “canoodling” with an “unidentified brunette” in case anyone cares.

I like Julia more when she does sh-t like this. It shows that she’s not stuffy, and she’s still able to throw down and get drunk with the boys. I would have loved to play Charades with her. By the way, how do you get In the Heat of the Night from rolling on the floor?

Julia on the red carpet for the LAByrinth Theater Company’s 6th Annual Gala Benefit in New York on December 9, 2009. Credit: WENN

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  1. Meow Mix says:

    Sounds like she just sucks at Charades.

  2. lilred says:

    Charades with her would be a hoot.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman is from my town so I love him too!

    Julia does look good but I still can’t get over the stupid stuff she did when she first started dating the married Danny Moder..

    But I still LOVE Steel Magnolias!!!

  4. CadieBelle says:

    Starting to sound like sh’e got a little problem with alcohol

  5. Ursula says:

    I also still can’t get over the whole ‘how low Vera’ She does loo good in these pictures, but she is not my cup of tea. I find her husband rather icky. I also get the impression that she is not that happy in her marriage.

  6. diva says:

    There is nothing cool about getting wasted at a charitable event at 40+. On that note, she could have dressed up for the occasion and she looks rather hefty in the first picture.

  7. birdie says:

    Her face and her skin look beautiful!

    Cheers to aging with Grace instead of Botox.

    Julia will drink to that.

  8. birdie says:

    @ diva…

    2 days in a row with the ageist, sexist comments!

    Would it be okay for Julia to be drunk at a philanthropic event if she was 39? Nobody sent me the memo that fun dies after 40.

  9. atticus says:

    There is nothing cool about being the **only one** getting wasted at a charitable event, no matter what age. That said, I doubt she was the only one drunk, she was probably the only one reported on as being drunk. And rolling around on the stage. Hmm. Anyway…

    She usually looks glam on the red carpet, I’m guessing this was a lower key event. It involved charades, for crying out loud.

    I agree with Dorothy and Ursula, I liked her until the “A Low Vera” tshirt (play on words for aloe vera – and it was handwritten, what a loser) and the married man husband stealing bit. And she also put me off when she presented Denzel Washington with his Oscar, she somehow made it seem like it was all about her. I generally like her movies but find her to be pretty arrogant and self righteous.

  10. Sumodo says:

    There’s a charity event in my town tonight, featuring champagne, strawberries dipped in fudge, and a soap opera star! We are all over 40 and are going to have FUN!!! Viva La Julia!

  11. Firestarter says:

    Can’t stand her.

  12. really says:

    Oh get over yourselves, who cares if she wants to get drunk. She didn’t hurt anyone and it sounds like she had a good time. And as far as her being over 40, well that is just ridiculous! Get the stick out your behinds.

  13. Popcorny says:

    Can’t stand Julie Roberts, so long ago lost having bought into her own (over) hype. I never regarded her as pretty or attractive either, too mannish and boring with nostrils so wide you could drive Zambonis’ into them.

  14. Stephie says:

    Love Julia, let her have her fun.

  15. diva says:

    @ Birdie I just don’t think it is very classy to get wasted and roll on the floor drunk at any age and particularly at a charitable event. I think that would constitute making a fool of oneself in public, it made the gossip headlines and I’m sure Julia isn’t very proud of that this morning.

  16. pickelhaube says:

    I cannot stand this horsefaced tw@t. She is smug, arrogant, and is the absolute epitome of the phrase “unwarranted self-importance”. Julia really appears to think that her sh*t does not stink, even though she’s a husband-stealing, catty, hateful b*tch. And she’s horrendously ugly, IMO, what with those gigantic nostrils (you could fit an ear of corn up each one!). Not to mention her massive wide mouth and lanky, gawky, too-tall and flat as a board body. No offense to Georgians, but she’s got that weird look that they all have….not attractive at all. I wish this unpleasant b*tch would disappear forever!

  17. moe says:

    @really. I agree with you.

    Some of the nasty comments here say much more about the people who make them than about Julia herself. Looks like the fun has died a long time ago for these winners.

  18. Georgia Peach says:

    Pickelhaube: You’re a total idiot. An IGNORANT idiot. All Georgians do NOT have a “weird look.” And many of us are QUITE attractive. Your statement is as f*cking stupid as someone saying all Asians look alike or all African-Americans look alike. You suck.

  19. lilred says:

    Geez,Pickelhaube: generalize people much. I agree with Georgia Peach you suck.

  20. Dirty Martini says:

    Dirty Martini was raised in Georgia …..and is a perfectly lovely lady.

    Not as lovely as Julia Roberts looks in this picture alas.

    Having said that: OK she doesnt sound stuffy in this story……….but she does sound more than a bit annoying.

    Tipsy is fun. Drunk is just tacky.

  21. mags says:

    this reads like a game of telephone: probably actual event: julia gets rare night off from being mommy indulges in a few drinks and gets a bit tipsy
    people at event jokingly tease her, “the spy” takes this and reports that she is DRUNK!
    and commenters post about how she is a man-stealing, holier than thou, blah blah unclassy drunkard.

  22. Lita says:

    “Starting to sound like sh’e got a little problem with alcohol”

    One report (afaik)? An alcohol problem, really?

  23. Ogechi says:


  24. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    aw, i think it sounds like a fun night for her. i know how it feels to have kids and not get out much, i can totally hear myself saying the “it’s past 8:30 and i’m wearing tight pants” comment if i was going out and having some fun with a group of my girls.

    i’m sure they were all drinking and i’m sure they were all having fun. come on! this is an “event” where they were playing charades?!? more like a group of friends who get together to raise some money is more like it. i like the idea of her letting loose and having some good old fashion drunken fun. the whole “earth mama” image she gives off gets a little boring and stiff, ya know?

    btw-i actually just watched “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” last night with her and sam rockwell in it. great movie. GREAT movie.