Kate Gosselin: kids are ‘sobbing’ without cameras; Hailey calls Jon ‘monster’

While we were salivating over the latest details in the trainwreck Tiger Woods scandal the Gosselins were wondering what they had to do next to get some press attention. The celebrity media was so Gosselin-focused for the past six months that it took a real doozy to pull our attention away. It’s like the Gosselins were a minor tornado that leveled a few houses and Tiger was a big hurricane that hit land. The family of eight with the lazy cheating dad is still doing stuff, though, and there’s still some mild interest in them, like “oh yeah, the Gosselins.”

Kate Gosseiln has a new interview with Barbara Walters airing Wednesday as part of Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 special. It’s a shame that the Tiger news didn’t break earlier or she could have been replaced on the “Most Fascinating” list by one of his mistresses. Other “10 Most Fascinating” people include Tyler Perry, Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga, and Adam Lambert.

Kate tells Barbara that her kids are upset and crying because they miss the camera crew. She also says they often watch videos from the show and calls them “family memories.” That’s really sad.

“They cried in the van on the way home from school the other day. I finally admitted to them, they kept asking, ‘Where’s the camera crew? Where’s the camera crew? We miss them.’ And I said, ‘Our show is over.’ …Eight sobbing kids driving home from school,” Kate, 34, says on Barbara Walters’ The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, airing Wednesday on ABC.

The show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, recently ended its two-year run.

In September, TLC made the shocking announcement that as of Nov. 2, Jon Gosselin would no longer appear on the reality series and that the program would be re-titled Kate Plus 8.

But the plan got axed after Jon objected to his kids appearing on TV, claiming that he had an “epiphany” that the show was exploiting his children.

Kate disagrees, telling Walters that Jon ended the show “because he could.”

Says Kate, “Unless you live in my house and, and see how everything that we have done with the show has been such a great experience, you can’t speak.”

To this day, her kids — 9-year-old twins Mady and Cara and 5-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin — “watch DVDs of our show and it’s family memories to them,” she says.

[From US Weekly]

So did all the crew just leave all of a sudden without having a party or saying goodbye to the kids? These people were part of their lives for years and now they’re gone. The kids don’t miss the cameras, they missed the people that were around all the time. Of course that’s going to be a little traumatic for them to be gone. The thing is, Kate doesn’t seem to get the distinction between the people behind the cameras and the show. It sounds so insensitive they way she broke the news to them. The kids don’t miss the show or being filmed, they miss having the crew around.

Kate was videotaped while serving patrons at a diner in Raleigh, North Carolina on Tuesday. Radar Online reports that the footage was a “test segment… for a show that ‘s still in development” with TLC. Unlike her soon-to-be ex husband, Kate doesn’t burn bridges.

The case by TLC against Jon Gosselin for breach of contract continues. Hailey Glassman, Jon’s sometime girlfriend, spoke to Radar after her deposition in the case. She said that she didn’t have much evidence against Jon except for the fact that they met up with Christian Audigier over the summer for a clothing line which never happened. Hailey also confirmed that she’s off-again with Jon but said they’re still living together. She started crying while talking about him, and called him a “monster,” saying “I was told under oath that Jon really did sleep with Kate Major. I’m mind boggled and hurt by it. And he still lies to me about it and denies it to this day.” Oh, honey. Jon may have told you Hailey was “cuckoo”, but you were so stupid to believe him despite all the evidence that he was cheating with multiple women. Where were your friends to tell you?

What’s more is that not only was Hailey lied to by Jon, his manager made sure she never got paid for talking to The Insider in late October. “Then when the check came, Michael [Heller, Jon’s manager] wouldn’t give it to me because he said that Jon owed his father [Mark Heller] money and he wanted me to sign my check over to Jon. It was the most ridiculous thing in the world. To this day, Mike Heller has my check from October.” It’s too bad all the tabloid money has dried up.

Kate Gosselin is shown out on 10/28/09. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Goddess711 says:

    Meh. They’ll get over it. With lots of counselling. I wonder if they know about Santa yet?

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Almost every interview by KHate about how she told the kids the show was ending seems different. I feel like each time someone interviews her, she has to tell the interviewer how she told the kids. It seems like she is telling them over and over again, and seemingly in different ways. Has she, in fact, told them the show is over? If so, then STFU about it, already. KHate is the one who misses the dollars and the kids just miss someone who is going to show interest in them…a GENUINE interest!

    I was in Heaven when we went , what?, about 2 weeks without any Jon & KHate news. Seriously…. enough! And if she does get a new show, I will not watch.

  3. QB says:

    Kate , we basically lived in your house because you invited the cameras in to your home. So people have every right to speak since you gave them permissions.

  4. BiggieShortie says:

    Kate is an idiot, too. I don’t even wanna HEAR anything about Kate +8 or nuthin’.

    These assholes are pimping their kids, no matter HOW much they try and convince the public it is what their kids want.

    Kids the ages of theirs have no CLUE what is in their best interests.

  5. No Sensi says:

    “Other “10 Most Fascinating” people include Tyler Perry, Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga, and Adam Lambert.”

    Hahahahahhaaaa ahahah wooo. heh. no seriously. ouch. woo


  6. smallwonder2738 says:

    Ok…don’t get me wrong, I am not defending either of the Gosselin’s.

    That being said… think of all of these kids. They have only known life behind a camera and seeing themselves on TV. They probably really are heartbroken because it is over (alongside the missing crew).

    Think of kids that age when you take their photo or video them and they want to see it over and over and show anyone who will look. Now imagine those kids had that luxury everyday of their life (and Mady and Kara for most of theirs too!) and it’s just part of life. It would be like taking our TV’s or computers away… it would cause some separation anxiety and nobody can deny that!

    I think that Kate misses the hefty loot they were making for the episodes, but I think it’s complete BS for anyone to say she doesn’t love her kids and is only using them. When she was pregnant she didn’t know that a show would come from it. She got pregnant because she wanted more kids to love. However, yes, fame changes everyone…I think she loves fame, money and power… and her kids.

  7. Lantana says:

    The kids are young. In 10 years they won’t remember a thing. And Jon and Haley are weird-o’s. They’re “off” but living together? Does that mean he brings chicks home? Crazy.

  8. bella says:

    Hailey actually went to college? Where did she go, clown college? How stupid (or, more kindly, naive) can a woman-girl be? Come on, girl, get him out of your system and get yourself out of his apartment. You’ve been given the gift of seeing what a tool Jon really is before you waste any more time on him. It’s much cheaper to walk away now than to pay for both a wedding AND a divorce later.

  9. Eileen Yover says:

    Who the hell chooses these “facinating” people? Barb? I heard Octomom is going to be one of them too. Who knew having a litter of kids and whoring them out for tv and endorsements was facinating??

  10. wow says:

    This chick again. Khate misses the camera’s, not those kids. If they miss the camera’s, then did they also miss all of the church volunteers that helped to take care of them back in the begining too? Did they cry and scream when new people that they didn’t know were hired as nannies and assistants to replace the volunteers they already knew? Same difference here.

    Kids that age will probably ask where so and so is, but I doubt they are going to kick and scream continuously over it. I don’t think kids that age have that big of an attention span to get all angst over people not being around…except for maybe their FATHER.

    In the say something nice department, her hair looks a bit better in this picture. However, just like with K-Stew, the constant b*tch face messes it all up.

  11. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ Eileen I totally agree. I can think of many more fascinating people. Those folks (although I love GaGa) are fascinating like a car wreck.

    How about giving the spotlight to people who are actually trying to change the world for the better, or a soldier, or all the folks who have lost their jobs or are having to eat at soup kitchens but are still going. I mean the people who have been featured are more or less people who are either a) “whoring out their children” as Eileen notes or b) happen to have gotten lucky and been noticed by some exec who thinks they can sell their product (which is also what Walters is doing). It is pretty disgusting.

  12. Danielle says:

    Those camera people were probably the most stable people those kids had in their lives for a while. No doubt they’re grieving that the people are gone.

  13. Obvious says:

    it’s like a train wreck. I wish i could stop it but i can’t help watching…

  14. texasmom says:

    I am sure the kids are just dying inside from the divorce. Kids really suffer, including being angry at their parents, who they desperately need and love. It is hard to find a safe outlet for all the grief and pain. Being sad about the cameras leaving is probably the one thing they are allowed to be publicly sad about with their mom. When they cry about that what’s really going through their mind is something like “I hate all this change, why can’t I have my normal life back” — even if their life wasn’t exactly normal it was (cough) THEIR life.

  15. LolaBella says:

    Oh Kate, let’s just be honest:

    YOU miss the cameras, THE KIDS miss the crew who they saw every day for years and in their minds were ‘family’.

    Now STFU, go away, get a job and support your family in relative obscurity like the rest of us do!

  16. Linda says:

    I can imagine not having the camera crew around is extremely difficult for these kids – the camera crew were the only decent thing in their young lives! Kate couldn’t be bothered with these kids a majority of the times and it’s the camera crew who was there for them!

    When will this horrible woman ever go away!

  17. oxa says:

    I will not watch her most facinating this year as kate gosselin is full of excrement. The kids by now have adapted to the changes and its kate that misses all the attentions and pampering. I am so sick of this shrew and wish she would go home and actually RAISE her kids instead of the nannies doing it.

  18. Neelyo says:

    There’s a typo in the headline, it was supposed to say KATE is sobbing without the cameras.

    Such a horrible deluded person. She can’t go away soon enough.

  19. amanda says:

    Barb is clearly trying to go for some ratings over any actual substance. It’s been awhile since she was a journalist ya know? It’s pretty tough to digest Kate Gosselin as one of the year’s most fasciating people, pretty darn tough.

    If there is one single reason why that Gosselin show should never again air, it’s because I have now read multiple times that same Kate Gosselin quote about the kids sobbing because the camera crews are no longer there. Kids should not be crying out for camera crews– its not right, and there is something so empty and TWISTED about it. And the fact that Kate keeps repeating it over and over, is like an adult version of crying for the camera crews.

  20. Erin says:

    I doubt that the children had much time to get attached to specific crew members because it’s my understanding that Kate would routinely have people fired from the set for whatever–you know, wearing the wrong color shirt and stuff like that. I agree with those who have said that they are upset and angry about change, not just the show.

  21. jaundicemachine says:

    Kate is just so creepy – referring to a nationally televised show as your “family memories”. . . *shudder*.

    I do feel for these kiddies. On the behind the scenes episodes (I know), the little ones clearly bonded with members of the crew. Probably because unlike their parents, the crew treated them like kids and not like commodities. Now all that’s left is the “hired help” (which doesn’t exist because Kate is a good mommy) and two narcissists who don’t have time to raise 8 young children.

    She’s an appalling monster. And he’s a spineless slug. And together, they grossed millions selling their children’s childhood to the highest bidder.

    In the words of Kate “it was a good run”.
    A beautiful sentiment, from an unabashed famewhore.

  22. Lauren says:

    I think the crew was their surrogate family since Kate drove most of her real family away. Also Jon and Kate have been distracted emotionally, so the crew was filling in as their parents. What a sad, pathetic mess.

  23. Ginny says:

    Kids like candy and playing video games every waking hour, and cry when you don’t let them do it. That doesn’t mean that you’re mean or terrible for not letting them do it, it means you’re doing what is best for them, and they won’t die because they’re not getting what they want. That’s part of what being a parent is, taking care of your children and giving them what they need, what is best for them, not what they want. They might like having the cameras around (but I kind of doubt it) but it’s not healthy for them.

    I do bet they miss the crew, because they were probably the only adults who paid attention to them.

    But yeah, I’d bet Kate is more upset about losing the cameras than the kids are. She wants the show back, so she’ll say whatever she thinks will win the public over to her side.

  24. lin234 says:

    There are so many grownup child stars that are messed up mentally because of fame at such a young age and this is when the child star isn’t being filmed 24-7. She’s no better than a stage mom who will exploit their children for any amount of money.

    Elin is more fascinating at this point because we haven’t heard a million interviews from her!

  25. nj says:

    Its not that Kate doesn’t love the kids. I do think she loves them on some level. I do think she much prefers to be all dolled up, flying first class, staying in hotels, and “working”, ie hawking her full-of-sh** books, than to actually raise the kids and deal with the noise, the mess, the grind of it all. Now its one thing to feel that way, (who wouldn’t rather be pampered in a hotel than live a constant whirlwind of cleaning, wiping noses, scolding, laundry, etc)? However, she is avoiding her reality-those 8 kids are HERS and she should be taking care of them. All her book and talk show schemes are not going to work because she can’t preach about raising children when she’s not raising them!

  26. pebbles says:

    Of course the kids are going to miss the cameras…….

    who else is going to be paying attention to them?!!

    Self-absorbed Kate?!

  27. bros says:

    F*ck this bitch-how about being honest for one day in your life Kate and admitting YOU miss the show and the $$, not your kids. they arent OLD enough to understand the concept of reality TV or TLC or ANYTHING. They are sad and weepy because they are living in the middle of an acrimonious divorce, and she seems completely oblivious of the fact that THAT is what is making her kids sad-the absence of having both mom and dad around at the same time as a unit– not missing TLC personnel. she makes me ill. I cant stand this vile woman.

  28. Judy says:

    So Kate will shed the crocodile tears again for the camera tonight–don’t think I can stomach it. Loved how RadarOnline referred to her bodyguard as her “constant companion.” She’s so full of S—.

  29. mollination says:

    *Kate* is butt-hurt about losing “her show”. Her kids are distressed by the change in routine, friends, and family.
    God, what a reprehensible woman.

    As for hailey. I hate people that put accountability on everyone else. He doesn’t still “have your check”, you signed it over to him you dumb F. And THAT is the most “ridiculous thing in the world”.

    And barbara walters is easily fascinated, Jesus.

  30. Truthful says:


    I cannot stand her husband Jon, but I am glad they are off the air.

    I’ve had enough of that bull.
    I do not beleive that her kids have been crying for the cameras and camera men..if they are they will get over it..

    she wants the loot, let the kids grow up normal, some parents are really horrible people.

  31. Aprill says:

    Its not that Kate doesn’t love the kids. I do think she loves them on some level. I do think she much prefers to be all dolled up, flying first class, staying in hotels, and “working”, ie hawking her full-of-sh** books, than to actually raise the kids and deal with the noise, the mess, the grind of it all. Now its one thing to feel that way, (who wouldn’t rather be pampered in a hotel than live a constant whirlwind of cleaning, wiping noses, scolding, laundry, etc)? However, she is avoiding her reality-those 8 kids are HERS and she should be taking care of them. All her book and talk show schemes are not going to work because she can’t preach about raising children when she’s not raising them!

    @nj ^that was awesome. Every bit of it, just awesome.
    Please TV Gods keep that women off TV so she can stop exploiting her kids.

  32. nj says:

    Excellent point there, bros- their parents are divorcing, at each others’ throats, and I’m certain MISERABLE to be around, BUT the kids are sobbing for THE CAMERA CREW??? Correct me if I am wrong- it is said that except for the death of a parent, divorce is the most stressful event a child can endure. It is probably worse for the Gosselin kids because as stars of a reality show, they were touted as a happy family, a family that could love each other through the tough times, a loving family having fun and going nice places and having nice things. Can you imagine their confusion right now? It’s heartbreaking. But Kate thinks they just miss the camera crew. Hang it up, Barbra Walters, for sitting there just now and not saying ANY OF WHAT I JUST SAID!!! Put me on ABC because I will call that b*tch out and I don’t care!!!

  33. lin234 says:

    lol at nj and bros comments. She never mentions how the divorce is affecting the kids. But on the other hand, those camera crews were probably around more than both parents. Regardless, She clearly has her priorities straight.

    Unfortunately, I can see someone out there developing a talk show for Kate and people watching it. There are a group of people still out there that buy Kate’s new, shiny, fake persona in interviews and worry about how this multi-millionaire is going to feed those poor little eight mouths. Especially, since she’s a “single” mother. Poor ‘ol Kate!!! How is she ever going to make it with only a few million?

    NJ- Now I would watch a talk show where the host isn’t always halfway up the guest’s ass!

  34. bambi says:

    they shouldnt have ever started jon and kate plus 8(all though i love the show).