Jesse James’ ex is back to doing pr0n, gets custody bid denied

This week’s Life & Style promises an “exclusive” and features Sandra Bullock on the cover with the title “Fighting for My Kid.” Inside, L&S does have an exclusive – with porn star Janine Lindemulder, the mother of five year old Sunny with her ex and Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. Lindemulder is fighting for “expanded visitation rights” with her daughter, Sunny, who has been under the care of James and Bullock since January when Lindemulder began to serve six months in jail for tax evasion. James and Bullock take the position that Lindemulder is an unfit parent, and that Sunny is best left in their custody. Lindemulder has remarried, to a convicted felon with a long rap sheet. According to court papers filed by James before her incarceration, Lindemulder was sometimes so drugged out that she was leave Sunny alone during the day while she slept it off.

Lindemulder went on Good Morning America last month pleading to Sandra Bullock to sit down and talk to her about Sunny, saying “What would give her the right to take away my daughter? This is my daughter. I’m the best mother I can be.” In response, James’ lawyers issued a statement that Lindemulder’s beef was with James, not Bullock, and that she should bring her issues to court instead of the press.

In her GMA appearance, Lindemulder claiming she was pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. In the latest issue of In Touch, she confirms that she’s back to doing porn and says she’s “good at it” and it’s basically the only career she knows. She also talks some smack about how James wanted nothing to do with Sunny the first three years of her life, and claims that someone hacked into her e-mail account and deleted e-mail from James proving that he didn’t want the girl:

On staying in porn: “I like my job. I’m good at it. I’ve been a porn star for 23 years. It’s what I did right out of high school. If I won the lottery, would I do it? No. I don’t see myself in this for very much longer.”

On making too little to support her daughter: “That’s why I’m not going into the courtroom saying I want her completely now. But I do have 50 percent legal custody.”

On child support from Jesse: “I’m not getting any money from Jesse. What would make him happy is if I just vanished off the planet. I’m in fear of what Jesse’s capable of doing. [I suspect that] he had a hacker erase 30 e-mails from when Sunny was born. The e-mails said, ‘I don’t want Sunny to have my last name. Find her a new daddy.’ After he showed no interest in the first six months, I moved to Oregon. He said, ‘Good, the farther, the better.’ He wanted nothing to do with Sunny for three years of her life.”

On Sandra Bullock: “We haven’t even had a conversation. They couldn’t care less what I have to say. They changed Sunny’s school a while ago and didn’t tell me. I found out from Sunny.”

[From Life & Style via Popeater]

The more this woman talks, the more it seems like her daughter should stay with Bullock and James. I get that she deserves to see her daughter and I don’t think her career choice should affect a judge’s decision either way. She didn’t pay taxes for six years in a row and went to jail for it, and she’s married to a guy who has been convicted on state and federal charges “involving alcohol, guns and the manufacturing of narcotics.” Those are huge strikes against her whether she’s a porn star or not.

It looks like a judge shares my opinion. In a recent court ruling Lindemulder was denied overnight visits with Sunny and must see her daughter during the day. She was granted Christmas Eve with Sunny, though, that’s something.

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  1. Lantana says:

    I DO think her career choice should influence a judge’s decision. And I think he/she made the right decision.

  2. birdie says:

    It’s always sad to see the darker side of the adult film industry (not that there is a light side). Here she is, drugged out, 25 years past her prime, and still peddling smut. Yet, she doesn’t even make enough money to afford to raise her daughter.

    I bet “manufacturing of narcotics” means cooking up crystal meth. We all know that Meth is made in houses, and the chemicals are deadly and stay in the house sometimes even after its been extensively fumigated. Meth is dangerous and scary, and the addicts who are using it can’t be trusted with a pet, let alone left in the presence of a little child. Janine’s husband is BAD NEWS. Janine’s drug addiction is also troublesome.

  3. diva says:

    I have always like Sandra, but I have to wonder why she married Jesse? He was married to a porn star, I personally wouldn’t even date a man who dates strippers much less a porn star. It does speak to his character, whether she likes it or not. That is why she is all over the tabloids and it makes her look bad. She seems to classy to have ended up on the wrong side of this trailer park drama.

  4. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @Lantana: I wholeheartedly agree! That choice and the choice of partners affects her daughter and she SHOULD stay with Bullock and James. I think whenever she sees the child, it should be supervised. My opinion, my 2 cents worth!

  5. Tia C says:

    I totally agree with diva. (that’s 2x today so far, lol) Anyway, that is what I’ve been thinking during this whole custody drama. Sandra’s actually not technically on the “wrong” side of the trailer park drama, but the fact that she is involved at all shows that she married beneath her. There, I’ll say it. I can, because I’ve been there myself. But she’s keeping her head up and doing the right thing for this child. Good for her.

  6. MARKY-MARK says:

    I’m also with Lantana on this one. Just a few weeks ago a Father made an unfortunate choice in South Carolina regarding the Mother of his daughter and the little girl paid with here life. Porn stars don’t exactly keep high class company

  7. Annabelle says:

    Not being able to afford her daughter isn’t a reason to deny her access- think of divorcing stay at home moms who receive child support and alimony, & that’s how they pay for things. I’m not saying she’s a great mom, but I doubt he’s some squeaky clean perfect father. I feel kinda bad for this lady

  8. I wouldn’t allow any overnight visits when mom makes PRON IN HER HOUSE!!! Christmas Eve or not. She wouldn’t be allowed to bring her daughter to a “set” would she? How is she not violating her parole/probation by associating with (marrying) a convicted felon? People can change, but that takes time & I don’t think Janine’s put in any effort on that front whatsoever.

  9. Tazina says:

    People change as obviously Jesse James has. We all have a past where often choices were made based on immaturity and who is anyone to judge what a person is now based on what went before…..When Sandra Bullock met him he was a successful, responsible individual and obviously a decent person. She wouldn’t have given him a second glance otherwise and based her opinion of him on the person he is now. There are no flies on Sandra Bullock….no one is going to take advantage of her.

  10. Sumodo says:

    With all the meth labs in Florida, stories like these, NOT involving a celebrity second wife, are all over the news. Meth is dangerous, houses explode. The residue, even, is harmful enough to children. Yes, I agree sometimes that Sandy married beneath herself and may regret it someday.

  11. Obvious says:

    @dread, i tihnk since she was in for tax evasion that the parole standards might be different, and i know that there are loopholes if you are married to one. That coming from my sister who is a cop, but sunny is obviously in a good home now with a loving family, and while she should be able to see her mother, it needs t be supervised and she needs to be protected at all costs from her step-father.

    that being said Janine needs to stop bringing Sandra into it. This is a custody battle between mother and father. Sandra has not adopted the child so she technically is not a factor in this situation.

  12. filthycute says:

    The only reason Jesse James is able to fight for his child now and make Janine look so bad is because he has Sandra Bullock’s face to splatter all over the tabloid media.

    Where is Jesse James in all this? Why isn’t HE speaking out for Sunny? Did he hire Sandra Bullock as his lawyer or his wife?

    He sounds like a coward and Sandra is just a sucker along for the ride.

    She reminds me of the kind of woman who latches on to the idea of hating her boyfriend’s ex(es) just because she thinks it’s what she’s supposed to do as the new girlfriend.

    Sandra needs to grow the eff up and step out of this drama. It’s between the father and mother.

  13. daisyfly says:

    “Where is Jesse James in all this? Why isn’t HE speaking out for Sunny? Did he hire Sandra Bullock as his lawyer or his wife?”

    This entire battle royale didn’t exist in the public’s eye until Janine brought it up. Ever think that Jesse’s actually trying to protect his daughter by not bringing her into the spotlight?

    It’s a catch-22 for him because had he, he’d have been accused of only trying to look like he cares. Obviously by staying mum to the public, he’s being accused of not caring at all.

    Child custody isn’t a topic that one can joke about. Whoever this child ends up with could dramatically and adversely affect her life. Stability, love, and support are what she needs. If her mother’s unable to be stable for HERSELF, why are we using genetics to nullify her responsibility to be stable for her child?

  14. lilred says:

    I think Sandra genuinely cares for Sunny as does Jesse, why wouldn’t she want what’s best for the child.
    Sunny is not her biological child but that doesn’t matter to her (nor should it)the child did not ask for her crazy mama.
    Her welfare should be top priority to ALL the adults in her life.

  15. pickelhaube says:

    If Janine was/is involved in making meth, she absolutely should NOT be allowed ANY unsupervised visitation with her child. Period. When I was home for Thanksgiving, a house nearby blew up because of a meth lab, and everyone inside was either outright killed or on life support with horrible injuries. That crap is no joke. And here in FL, we have constant meth lab explosions where children are involved (always innocent victims of course), so that right there tells me she needs to be kept away from that child.

    As for the porn thing…who woulda thunk that a damaged, probably abused at some point in her life crackhead would go back to porn? Not me…LOL! The sad reality here is that women with T&A but no brains trade on their bodies until they get too old to be marketable, then usually die because they’ve outlived their usefulness. Too bad this skank couldn’t have bucked the trend, but then again…a wh0re is a wh0re is a wh0re. You cannot change your spots, ya know.

  16. anyhoo says:

    “Where is Jesse James in all this? Why isn’t HE speaking out for Sunny? Did he hire Sandra Bullock as his lawyer or his wife?”

    The cover picture is of Bullock, and that’s all. They just used an old picture. She’s kept mum about the whole thing, too knowing it will just hurt Sunny in the end to talk badly about her mother. The cover and the magazine is misleading, since Bullock’s not the one who was interviewed, but it will sell magazines because people know who she is.

  17. Bete says:

    Jesse must be really good in the sack. How Sandra Bullock can be with a man who was married to a disease pit is beyond my comprehension, but still, she is there doing the decent thing. Any other woman would have walked out of the relationship.

  18. Lily says:

    If the court reports are correct, and she is conducting her business out of her home, then it should affect her custody rights. It’s not necessarily something that should play into her rights as a parent when it’s legal and it’s happening in an actual place of business. But when it’s something that the child may be readily exposed to on a whim just by being in her custody, then it absolutely should be considered.

  19. Trashaddict says:

    I’ll be a little bit devil’s advocate here and say if a white kid and a celebrity weren’t involved, the courts wouldn’t give a flying leap. Most of the child protective services will go for an “intact family” and have to wait for something to actually happen before they take the kids away. Another thing, if Jesse won’t pay child support, how would she support this kid besides doing porn? It’s not happening on her salary from the K-Mart. Women in this society have lower paying jobs than men and get paid less for the same work. I’m glad the kid’s not going to be with her, and I don’t like this woman at all and she’s made absolutely lousy choices but probably had fewer options to begin with.

  20. Jen says:

    Kinda off-subject, but why in the world does the ex’s neck and chest area not match in skin color/tone? Freaky.

  21. D says:

    She’s not entitled to child support if she has no custody. Legal custody means she gets 50% of a say in areas such as education and spiritual upbringing. Without physical custody or worrying about a babysitter, she has no reason NOT to get another type of job (or several) and SAVE money so that she can be a suitable mother. This is what any other single mother (or single mother trying to get custody) would have to do.

  22. Jag says:

    Sandra should have a say in this situation because she’s helping raise the girl. And if the mother were to give up her rights, Sandra could adopt her. As for Sandra marring “down,” what about Jesse had married down with his first wife, and now he married the same? Listening to Sandra talk about Jesse on the George Lopez show, I think it works for them.