Lana Del Rey met a fan dressed up as her working at Waffle House

In July, photos of Lana Del Rey working a shift at Waffle House in Florence, Alabama went viral. It felt like a Mad Lib when I wrote about it then, and it still does now. (She has family connections there and was likely recording music at nearby Muscle Shoals). At the time I expected it would become a Halloween costume, and I was right. It has all the hallmarks: a niche internet joke, but still recognizable and easy to replicate. If I had had Halloween plans, I was going to try to do it. One fan who wore this Waffle House Lana costume was in for the surprise of a lifetime when she ran into the real Lana Del Rey at a Halloween party in LA. Sandy Ganzer is a makeup artist, and she posted pictures of herself to Instagram with Lana. Sandy wrote in her caption that Lana “had a sense of humor” about it and thought it was funny. Sandy completed the costume with a bottle of Pepsi, which is a reference to a notorious lyric from Lana’s song “Cola.”

Over the weekend, the songstress, 38, ran into a fan who was dressed up as her from the viral photos of her working a shift at Waffle House at a Halloween party in L.A. The fan, makeup artist Sandy Ganzer, shared a selfie on Instagram of her posing side-by-side with the singer-songwriter and fun shots of her costume.

Ganzer posted a carousel of the photos on Instagram on Monday, which she revealed in the caption that the “A&W” singer took herself. The two smiled and posed next to one another, with Ganzer wearing her spot-on costume complete with the performer’s signature eye liner and a “Lana” Waffle House nametag and the singer styled in a black jacket, cowboy hat and braids.

Ganzer also shared a photo of her full look — featuring a black skirt similar to Del Rey’s and a Pepsi bottle as a prop — and posted a reference photo from the star’s shift to compare.

In the caption, Ganzer joked about how shocked she was to run into the Grammy-nominated artist while wearing the makeshift costume she pieced together. She wrote, “Waffle House employee shirt purchased on Ebay : $28.60 Pepsi bottle and fun little straw purchased last minute at CVS: $9 Waffle House “Lana” name tag sticker: $5.59 Attending a halloween party dressed as “Lana Del Rey kicking’ it at Waffle House”and she’s there in real life: Priceless.”

Ganzer added that the “Candy Necklace” singer loved the bit. “Thank you for having a sense of humor about it @honeymoon, you’re a Queen,” she wrote.

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I like that Lana attends a Halloween party and her costume is, very loosely, a cowgirl. It appears to be just a hat, which has been my dad’s Halloween tactic for my whole life. He puts on a hat and says, “look, I’m Indiana Jones.” We can’t all be Heidi Klum, you know? Sometimes you just put on a witch hat or a cowboy hat and get on with it. Someone commented under Sandy’s post that the “Waffle House” shirt she got on Ebay probably isn’t authentic because it’s not the right color, but who she’s supposed to be is still recognizable from the name tag. The Pepsi bottle with the bendy straw is the perfect finishing touch. It shows that Sandy knows the rich text that is Lana’s back catalogue.

photos via Instagram and credit Cover Images

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