Joe Rogan shot an arrow at a Tesla Cybertruck during an interview with Elon Musk

Here’s your eye-roll for today. Elon Musk showed up on Joe Rogan’s most recent podcast episode for an exhaustive nearly-three hours. To set the scene, both men are in costume for Halloween. Brogan (get it? Bro-gan?) is dressed in a blonde wig and Puerto Rican baseball jersey while Elno is wearing a silk scarf and long jacket as the self-described “half-dressed Wizard of Australia.” They’re also smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. You know, doing those manly men things.

At some point, the topic of Tesla’s 7,000lb all-electric Cybertruck comes up. The Cybertruck is a massively ugly-looking stainless-steel angular vehicle that was inspired by the film Bladerunner. It’s been touted as “bulletproof” and “practically indestructible.” (*Spoiler* It’s not.) Space Karen starts bragging about how it’s impenetrable and lists off weapons it’s been tested against. Naturally, Rogan asks, “Can I try it with an arrow?” Musk responds with, “Yeah, it might be funny.” And that, friends, is how we got here, to a video of Joe Rogan shooting at an impenetrable truck with a crossbow and arrow.

Joe Rogan was ridiculed for trying to play Robin Hood when he invited Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk onto his podcast.

On an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” released on Spotify Tuesday, Rogan channeled his inner Robin of Loxley when he bet Musk (the sheriff of Nottingham?) the princely sum of $1 that he could pierce one of his new Tesla Cybertrucks with an arrow, during a discussion about the car’s bulletproof body.

But the podcaster’s arrow barely scratched the vehicle’s surface.

Musk shared a snap of the stunt on his X platform, formerly known as Twitter. Misspelling Rogan’s surname, the billionaire captioned the image: “Joe Rohan shatters an arrow on Cybertruck that would easily go through a normal car.”

[From HuffPo]

It took me a good 20 minutes to get through it, but I watched the full six-minute clip. You can watch it below if you can stomach it, but it’s sooooo tedious. Twitter absolutely had the time for these two, though. The Tweets making fun of the arrow stunt were gold. It’s times like these, when we all come together to make fun of foolish people doing silly things, that make me unable to fully quit that hellscape of platform. The absurdity isn’t just limited to arrows and cigars, though. Apartheid Clyde also claims Twitter is now a centrist platform, proclaiming, “Everything is to the right if you’re far-left.” When Rogan asks him about the cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg, Elon puffs his chest up, reiterates that he’s down to clown whenever, and accuses Zuck of using the pull-out method to get out of the fight.

But, perhaps, the craziest, most dangerous thing that Elon says during The Joe Rogan Experience comes when they’re talking about why he nobly bought Twitter a year ago. He drops a little tidbit that his own internal numbers value Twitter X as only being worth about $17 million right now, then claims he bought the platform to help save civilization from the “woke mind virus” that will cause a “zombie apocalypse.” Yuuuppp. If I woke up one day and decided that it was the day to save humanity from zombies, I don’t think I’d buy a platform and purposefully overrun it with misinformation. But, then again, I’m not a billionaire emerald heir with a flair for pretending I’m a genius businessman.

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  1. B says:

    Is that Camilla’s wig?

  2. Beff says:

    In the last few weeks, I bet 100+ bots have followed me on twitz. I rarely post on there and barely have a presence. It’s mostly pretty young women. Great job, Elmo.

    • Truthiness says:

      Yeah, I don’t post a word and I’ve gotten a ton of bot followers. The photos are mostly of pretty young asian women. They use a lot of bad grammar, try-hard aphorisms and expensive restaurant food pictures.

  3. Marge says:

    When I read the headline, I thought that maybe “shot an arrow” is a euphemism for some clever criticism he leveraged against Musk. But no, no, he literally just shot an arrow. 🙂 Also, isn’t the fact that the arrow “barely scratched” it kind of damning? I mean, it’s an arrow, and it managed to scratch an armored truck?

    • CatMum says:

      better hope nobody throws rocks at it! the video clip of him breaking the window at the rollout is hilarious.

  4. Flowerlake says:

    I love how he is triggered by Wikipedia not being for sale.
    He would love to destort even more news.

    Anyway, does anyone take twitter seriously any more? It’s just people being toxic and fighting 24/7, whether it be about lies made up by rightists/Rusbots or which German tv series from the seventies was best.

  5. Pinkosaurus says:

    God bless for getting through the video. I can barely stand to read your entertaining write up just from the overwhelming doucheyness of it all. How are these two self-important dim bulbs so successful?

    What idiot is ever going to buy one of those ridiculous trucks (if they ever get produced in real numbers) and want to be seen driving around in it?

    Are the vehicle engineers responsible for it going to pretend “I don’t know her” the rest of their careers?

    • Linder says:

      I think Arnold Schwarzenegger will buy one. He’s into monster sized vehicles.

      • snappyfish says:

        @Linder I just saw Arnold on Stephen Colbert and he has the All electric Hummer. Made a point the he had the first one, But I could see him getting this monstrosity too

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      There’s no way there’s a market for this vehicle & there’s no way Tesla can produce these at scale for less than a small fortune. Elon is (yet again) going to tank the value of one of his companies due to his ego.

    • SarahCS says:

      Wow that truck is ugly.

    • Minnieder says:

      I struggled but I watched the whole video. I could only understand about half of what elmo said between the mumbling and fast talking and run on sentences

  6. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Imagine having the immense wealth these guys have and choosing to spend your days spouting hate and bigotry and absolute nonsense.

    Also, I saw one of those trucks on the road last week and it was the most stupid, useless looking vehicle I’ve ever seen.

  7. Maida says:

    Actually Mr. Musk was legally forced to buy Twitter after he ran his mouth, entered a binding contract to pay too much, and then tried to get out of it. He’s really working to memory hole the whole “you were sued and decided to fold in the early part of the trial” part of his Twitter acquisition.

  8. snappyfish says:

    ‘Emerald heir with a flair for pretending I’m a genius businessman’…Simply brilliant doffs cap to Rosie.

  9. Gisby says:

    Rosie, that isn’t a crossbow. It’s a composite bow.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Yep, and that idiot should not be allowed to hold a bow. The shooting at the truck is pure idiotic, the arrow could rebound and injure Rogan himself or whatever poor sod had to film this nonsense. Shooting like this shows he has no clue.

    • Marguerita says:

      A crossbow bolt might’ve actually pierced the side of that fugly truck, depending on what model they used. The poundage on that composite looked pretty low too, easy to draw for such a manly man.

    • Rosie says:

      @Gisby, ahh thanks! I swear Rogan says in the clip that he wants to shoot it with his crossbow. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference either haha.

  10. AlexS says:

    If anyone is going to cause an Zombie apocalypse, its the guy who wants to put an chip in everyones head. That just screams horror movie premise

  11. Nerd says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who scrolls through and thinks it is a thumbnail of Camilla 🤣.

  12. Sunny O says:

    I too think Joe Rogan looks like Camilla in the blond wig.

    Camilla can now refer to the thumbnail if she ever wonders what she really looks like.

  13. phlyfiremama says:

    If vaginal dessicant was a picture…

  14. bisynaptic says:

    THREE hours?!? Hasn’t Musk already been on Rogan’s show? What more do they have to talk about for THREE hours? Anyway, three hours with either of these fools sounds like sheer hell.

  15. Her again says:

    I just love that Elon misspelled Joe Rogans name in his tweet 😂

    You know Joe didn’t like that ONE bit!!