ABC shows Lady Gaga girl-on-girl kiss, but not Adam Lambert’s “gay kiss”

2009 American Music Awards - Show
Barbara Walters’ special “Most Fascinating People” on ABC included pop stars Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. Both have been making a lot of headlines for their outlandish wardrobe and stage antics. The special aired footage from one of Lady Gaga’s videos in which she is full-on making out with another woman, tongue and all – but not Adam Lambert’s now-infamous guy-on-guy kiss from his over-the-top performance at the American Music Awards (otherwise known as “CrotchGate 09”). Footage from the performance was cut to spare Barbara Walters’ audience from having to relive the horror of… two men kissing!

Adam Lambert was featured on Barbara Walters’ “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009” special on ABC last night — but the most fascinating part, Babs refused to air footage of Lambert’s infamous man-on-man kiss. Walters didn’t shy away from the issue on the ep, making several references to it — but ultimately explaining how Adam “turned the music industry inside out doing things we won’t show you here.”

During one of the first segments on her “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009” show last night, Babs aired a package featuring Lady Gaga locking lips with another female — it was not blurred, it was not censored, it was no big deal.

But later in the show, she made a big deal about the fact that she wasn’t going to show Adam Lambert’s man-on-man kiss at the AMAs.

[From TMZ]

I’m the first to say that I thought Adam’s performance was too much, and I also flinched a bit when Lambert’s camp came out in defense of the performance, saying that there was a double standard at work. I thought the whole thing was just a bad decision. But with this new development, it sure does appear to be a double standard, doesn’t it? ABC clearly doesn’t have a problem with two women making out, but two guys kissing is considered obscene enough to cut from a broadcast? Oh, wait, I forgot – two women kissing is “hot;” two men kissing is “gross,” right? Silly me.

Did anyone notice Babs’ “stern grandma” attitude when talking to Adam about it? She just loves to sit up on her moral high horse, doesn’t she? But let’s not forget, she’s not above messing around with a married guy or stepping on people to get what she wants. I hope when she finally gets off TV, she takes her “soft white light” interview cam and her sycophantic interviewing style with her.


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  1. The best says:

    honestly, who cares? I dont want to hear people say..”oohh i dont want my kids to see that!” WHY NOT? thats something they could see at the grocery store. Gay couples exist & they are allowed to kiss in public its not a crime. It will be ok if he was kissing a girl tho right?… b/c thats normal. Now i think the pelvic thrust he did in that other guys face, not really a good idea.

  2. pickelhaube says:

    I don’t want to see ANYONE kiss, whether they’re gay, straight, or whatever. At least, not like tongue down throat, clothing coming off, full out groping kissing…save that sh*t for the bedroom no matter what your sexual preference. Now, if everyone could do PDA without being nasty, I wouldn’t give a f*ck what the sexes of the participants were. Maybe that’s the issue here for a lot of people?

  3. Obvious says:

    that was a poor move on her part and ABC’s. They’ve let him back on because people threw a fit but this is definately a double standard issue now. they don’t mind lesbians on their tv shows (Grey’s) but men is a whole nother story.

    Adam was waay over the top I agree, but I don’t find anything wrong with 2 people kissing, it’s not a big deal guys!

    And I can’t believe she made a big deal about it. if i wasn’t already on the adam support train this would make be get on.

    :edit: @pickelhaube, i agree the tongue action is too much for my taste but i firmly bvelieve if you’re going to girls going at it like that, then you should also have the balls to show two men. not saying i approve of how much is being shown but this is a discriminatory act.

  4. ChargerFan says:

    I hate to be the one to tell you this America, but there are different lines that men and women can and can not cross. Women can hit men, men can nor hit women. Men get paid more for sports, women get paid more for modeling. Women can kiss each other and dress all skanky, men can not… Ect ect. Big deal, get over it.

  5. princess pea says:

    Hey, thanks for the advice, ChargerFan. I guess I should get over the whole double standard about pay scale, too… why should women expect to get paid the same as men for doing the same work, sheesh.

    The problem with your “status quo is the way to go” philosophy is this fact: that something exists or has existed for some time does not automatically make it right. See: human trafficking, drunk driving, rape, murder, etc. The double standard here is wrong, end of story.

  6. Obvious says:

    @chargerfan, but i please correct me if i’m wrong. doesn’t say in the bible and constitution that men and woman are created equal, not one above the other. and aren’t we always screaming about equal rights. obviously things aren’t equal and that;s what the new complaint is about.

    what bothers me is the fact that being a lesbian is ok but being a gay male is not. that is a horrible double standard and further alienating part of a group that is already denied the rights or the rest of the country.

  7. BitterBetty says:

    Well said, pea.

  8. Firestarter says:

    Right on Pea!

  9. Lenore says:

    “@chargerfan, but i please correct me if i’m wrong. doesn’t say in the bible and constitution that men and woman are created equal, not one above the other.”

    No, actually. Neither the Bible nor the American Constitution says that. The Bible especially is pretty specific in stating repeatedly all the ways in which men and women are NOT equal!

    Not supporting Chargerfan either, of course, because that comment was just daft. Sexual inequality has always existed but that doesn’t mean we have to continue putting up with or perpetuating it, any more than we put up with racial inequality.

  10. pickelhaube says:

    princess pea-

    Actually, that whole commonly held assumption that women don’t make as much as men (75 cents to every dollar men make!) is bullcrap. If you look at the math, women make less because they take off more time for maternity, motherhood duties, etc. I am a woman and when I worked, if I made less than a man it was ONLY because I didn’t have the qualifications the man had. And it wasn’t just men, I wouldn’t make as much as a qualified woman until I got those qualifications, then I was receiving equal pay. Certainly we don’t want unqualified people to recieve unearned pay simply because of their gender, now do we? Wouldn’t that be sexism as well? We need to pay people because of their qualifications, not because some people think they are oppressed because of their sex/color/whatever. THAT is true equality.

    And no, men and women are not equal. Well, we are and should be under the eyes of the law, but men and women are different. An apple is not equal to an orange, but they both have their merits. We need to focus on the individual strengths of each gender and use them, not try and force a misguided ideal of everyone being exactly the same, because we’re not, and to pretend we are is damaging and foolish.

  11. Obvious says:

    thank you lenore, as i said i very well could be wrong, but i do know somewhere it says all men were created equal and we are all men (ina general sense) but for the life of me i can’t remember where….

  12. hatsumomo says:

    I think ChargerFan was just stating an obvious. Not that I agree with it, but alot of what she said is true, whether you like it or not. Also, a lot of the points concern the entertainment/Hollywood industry not the average joe/jane life.

  13. mackenziee says:

    she’s not kissing a girl! Watch the papparazi music video. its these three guys who are in a band and she’s kissing one of them.

  14. Instantsoup says:

    I am pretty sure that’s not a girl. Looks like the twin boys that was in the Paparazzi video and was in some VH1 reality show.

  15. wow says:

    Yeah, I wonder why ABC and others make such a stink at the man on man kiss, yet will be whooping it up for a woman on woman kiss? It is a yet another double standard that should be addressed.

    I’m already tired of Adam Lambert, but he does have a point with the double standard. Here’s how I say it should be handled. Music and singing acts must be required to actually have the talent. This way neither sexes will have to resort to this type of OTT behaviour. If you’re a singer, get out ther and belt it. If you are a musician, get out there and rock it out. If you’re Lady Gaga and can do both, then leave the costumes at home and give us a show.

    It annoys me when real talent resorts to this “let’s shock the public” mess. They should be above that type of nosense.

  16. EMV says:

    I have never really liked Baba Wawa. She is old and for the most part out of touch. She gets on her moral high horse and condemns people for not believing what she does. She is so annoying on the View. I was wondering why they would show Gaga kissing a chick and Lambert no kissing a guy….I don’t want to see anyone have a raunchy smooch fest,but there def is a double standard. More so with Barbara Walter’s produced shows.

  17. What Mothering Duties? says:

    pickelhaube, that’s just stupid. I am a law school graduate with NO KIDS and at my last job I made 82 cents for every dollar my male colleague made. I went to a better school than him and had better grades and was always picking up his slack. I never could bring it up to management, either, because they made it illegal to talk about your salary with co-workers (just because something like this–that they were doing that was illegal–might be found out).

    This is the thing the patriarchy has done best: enlist women into their army to keep other women down.

  18. MSat says:

    Take a look at this still from the Lady Gaga video aired last night:

    It definitely Gaga kissing a woman. Now, whether that constitutes girl on girl is open to discussion, but the person who is not gaga is a woman.

  19. Snarf says:

    Appears that there’s a double standard? Of course there’s one. Straight or bi girl on girl action is ok, but two guys going at it is as you said “gross”. Lainey put it best, “It’s not about alleged lewdness, it’s about factual gayness”. Apparently, we’re not supposed to demonstrate even remotely that we’re gay unless we’re redecorating, shopping, or putting together a snappy outfit.

  20. Legend says:

    picklehaube said:

    “Actually, that whole commonly held assumption that women don’t make as much as men (75 cents to every dollar men make!) is bullcrap.”

    Not entirely. While your right that some of the difference is due to down time for female workers (i.e. maternity leave etc.)there are issues of less pay for similiar work. Male dominated positions are paid at higher rates than female dominated positions requiring similiar skills, effort and ability.

    Anyhoo, back to the kiss. I call Bullshit. Noone I know or have seen on TV discussing it were upset by the kiss per se. It was the simulated oral sex, leashes etc. That said, you sure won’t see anything tamer from Lady Gaga so I don’t know why ABC wanted her instead.

  21. california angel says:

    Well it’s a damn good thing that Charger Fan wasn’t around during the American Revolution or we’d all be lining up for our afternoon tea right now…Complacency is worse than ignorance IMO.

  22. ChargerFan says:

    Hey, I mentioned the pay thing, women get paid triple men in modeling. Should I be all upset and make a fuss? Stop picking and choosing one part of the double standard and running with it! If it’s gonna be like that, get 50% of our armed forces women and send them to the front lines. I served my time fighting for this country. There is a double standard in this country, there always will be. Life is not fair.

  23. CD says:

    Sigh… I’m a different woman than the one before.

    @What mothering duties:

    I’m not part of some ‘patriarchy’. I’m a stay at home mom, and I enjoy it. I have two degrees, and am qualified and registered as an interpreter for the deaf…

    I’m an educated woman, who happens to think that I serve my child and family better if I stay home and take care of the house and kids.

    My husband doesn’t make me do anything, and I have more sway over most decisions than he does, when it comes to finance, parenting, etc.,

    He goes to work and makes money – I am the one who runs our lives… And I LIKE that.

    I’m not trying to keep other women down, but I also think that true equality doesn’t mean we should pretend that we are the SAME as a man.

    We aren’t.

    That doesn’t make us less capable in MOST instances (intellectual persuits and jobs like Law), but I certainly don’t want a female firefighter who doesn’t have the upper body strength to carry me coming to my rescue.

    Another example: Women in military don’t have to do as many push-ups as men… WHY?

    You want to be in the military, you better be able to meet the standards – regardless of gender.

  24. gg says:

    Fyi, the photo used above, the blonde she’s licking, is one of the triplets (all male) from Sweden from their little band “Snake of Eden”, who appeared on “Daisy of Love” tv show.

    Gay kissing is gay kissing. It bothers some people and doesn’t bother others.

    But one argument I can’t argue against is all the mommy types I know that would prefer to not see people of any gender or orientation licking on each other salaciously on major broadcast stations or prime time. There’s always cable for the more lewd stuff. Awards shows are notorious especially lately, for being over the top and now artists are trying to top each other’s antics.

    Me, I don’t have kids and I’m pretty liberal, but I don’t think you really have to kiss or lick on people or rip things to sing a song.
    But that’s me …

  25. Emily says:

    @ChargerFan, life might not be fair, but does that mean we shouldn’t fight to make it fair? What if Americans had that attitude in the 1800s? “Oh, life isn’t fair for you slaves, boo hoo, now go back to picking cotton!”. Humans would still be living in medieval society if we decided that it’s okay to just keep the status quo.

  26. hannah says:

    hey chargerfan,
    your an idiot…

    you thought of one profession where women make more than men, WELL DONE! what about the rest of us non-models? Oh, and nobody made you join the armed forces, i dont like the draft thing, but that was your decision to be in that profession.

    and no, maternity leave does NOT account for much difference,I’ve studied it. There were studies done (filmed studies, i’ve seen them)where a woman turns in an application and so does a man, with the same credentials, and the man gets offered a management position, and the woman a secretarial position. Not once did a woman get a higher paying position, and very rarely did they get offered an equal position.

    and the maternal responsibilities? why are they maternal responsibilities? why can’t men take care of their children?

    This bothers me to no end, the ignorance of the disparity is unreal.

  27. Cath says:

    Most women in the armed services would PREFER to be allowed at the front. It’s the male-dominated military brass that thinks they can’t do it. Way to prove your own point with a great example of what I’m talking about!

  28. Peach says:

    Israeli women are allowed to serve alongside men. If they’re strong enough than American woman are too. In fact I’d put a female Mosad member up against an American male foot soldier any day of the week.

    And modeling? Please tell me you’re joking. So if you’re born above 5’3 and starve yourelf or are the 2% born with a naturally thin body you can make TRIPLE what a …man makes?
    Depends on the man. Depends on how good of a model you are. Don’t tell me Miranda Kerr makes more than Kobe Bryant.

    Defeatest attitudes are dull. I’m bored of even talking about such silly bullshit already. Go back to 1920 and enjoy yourself. Or under a rock. Either/or.

  29. BEEBEEC says:

    Ba ba has always been a cheating, backstabbing dirtbag.

  30. Camille says:

    Of course there is a double standard there and it disgusts me more than the girl/girl or boy/boy kissing.

    (boy on boy kissing doesn’t bother me in the least actually- well not if they are two hot guys lol).

  31. Bete says:

    To me, it’s not about the kiss, whether its gay or lesbian or hetero. When singers have to resort to sex to sell a song, the song isn’t much to begin with and maybe the artist isn’t much either.
    That being said, there is an obvious double standard and these standards are difficult to eradicate, unfortunately.

  32. anony says:

    Actually, the blond Lady GaGa is kissing actually is a guy. Someone from Sweden I think.

  33. Ana says:

    Anony-I thought that too (and you are correct, he is a guy and is a triplet or something) but I googled it and found a picture of Lady Gaga kissing another girl. So Barbara must have showed a different clip maybe?

    Oh, and I didn’t care about the kiss. The whole preformance was gross. Humping someone’s (anyone’s! face! Guy or girl, straight or gay) is gross. He can not sing!

  34. Dorrie says:

    The data on women’s wages as compared to men’s comes from the US Census Bureau. They’ve been tracking wage information for some time. Women earn 75 cents on the dollar what men do, and that’s women working full time, year round. This is an overall figure; it doesn’t tell us anything about the level of discrimination within individual professions. It does show that women still lag behind men in the labor market.

    I remember when women earned 57 cents on the dollar. Women’s groups used to give out buttons with that figure on it, no other slogan needed.

  35. ViktoryGin says:

    @ CD

    Though I respect stay-at-home mothers and hate there is such animosity between the ones who work and those that don’t, I think that your diatribe was misplaced. What Mothering Duties is attempting to make a case for is equality in the WHITE-COLLAR INTELLECTUAL ENVIRONMENT, where there there is no appreciable disparity between natural ability on the basis of gender, unlike….bodybuilding. You did mention this in passing, but the whole basis of your argument was completely incidental to what Mothering Duties said. She emphasizes that she doesn’t have kids in response to an earlier poster’s attempt to argue that woman get paid less because of maternity leave and therefore less hours logged in. This argument doesn’t stand because in Dutie’s case, her lesser pay is not because of maternity leave. Anyway, cheers!

  36. Kylie says:

    We should all be able to kiss who ever we want when we want. If you don’t like it then look away and dont push your views onto others. We dont want to hear it.
    Its nearly 2010 – Love who ever you love and be happy.
    Quite simple really.

  37. EMINE says:


  38. Lindsie says:

    Those actually aren’t women. They’re men. They are Swedish rock stars who competed in daisy of love. Look it up seriously.

  39. RAH says:

    lady gaga is kissing a guy not a girl its just a girl looking guy. who cares if you’re gay,lesbo,or bi it doesnt matter who kisses the same sex or not. we all are people

  40. J.D. says: