Ashlee Simpson to help sink Nicole Richie’s new sitcom

We heard last week that Nicole Richie would produce and star in a new sitcom for ABC. That’s fair enough, we’ve already seen that Richie can be funny, albeit by being rude and mean, on her scripted reality show with Paris Hilton, “The Simple Life.” Maybe Richie has changed since becoming a mother and is ready to show that she’s a gentler person who can find humor in everyday life. We have yet to see if she can act, though.

There’s a new report in the National Enquirer that suggests that Richie might be sinking her big chance at sitcom stardom before it’s begun. She’s said to be besties with Ashlee Simpson and to be offering Simpson a major role on the show. Ashlee can’t act her way out of a paper bag and this is a huge mistake on Richie’s part. I have a hard time sitting through Ashlee’s scenes on Melrose Place and I love that trashy soap opera.

Nicole Richie has a generous Christmas gift for BFF Ashlee Simpson-Wentz – a co-starring role on her ABC sitcom…

“Nicole promised Ashlee that writers would craft a central role for her,” revealed the source. The two women and their children spend a lot of time socializing together, and Nicole decided she’d like to work with her close friend.

Nicole’s generous offer could not have come at a better time for Ashlee.

The 25 year-old former pop star is still being devastated over being uncermoniously axed from “Melrose Place” just two months into the season. She made her Broadway debut on Nov. 30, taking on the role of Roxie Hart in a revival of “Chicago,” but her planned 10-week-run ends in February.

Again, have these writers not seen the Melrose Place reboot? Ashlee’s character is being killed off for a good reason. The girl thinks that acting involves widening her eyes and scrunching up her mouth. I hope that someone tells Richie that she’ll have to have a real actress as co-star instead of a friend. If not, this series is surely doomed. Why doesn’t Ashlee go back to making mediocre pop music? I thought she was trying to pass herself off as a singer, not an actress. Musical theater is also a decent route for her, but not acting.

Here’s Ashlee outside a performance of Chicago in NY on 12/6/09. Nicole Richie is shown outside a Jay-Z concert with Samantha Ronson on 11/8/09. Credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    So many talented actors out there trying to break into the business…and Ashlee gets 2 TV show roles. Sigh.

    For the sake of this girl’s self esteem, I think she needs to find something she’s actually good at and pursue that. Her singing career pretty much tanked with public embarrassment, and everyone is harsh on her acting skills. It must be a stressful way to live, especially with a dad that probably pushes for stuff like this all the time.

  2. Ally says:

    Or maybe Richie realizes that the key to her onscreen success is co-starring with a friend who’s a lousy-acting doofus, so that she looks good/hilarious by comparison.

  3. dude says:

    ACTUALLY, I have to say both of Ashlee’s albums arent that bad. They are better than Jessica’s for sure. I own them both & they’re pretty good. It does suck that she got caught lipsynching but im more than sure she isnt the only one, just the only one to get caught. Never seen much of her acting, but Nicole Ritchie seems semi talented. I think w/ her personality she could hold a sitcom on her own.

  4. QB says:

    Who told Richie she was funny? Bitchy ? Yes , but not funny.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Well actually she (Ashlee) seems to be doing quite well with her stint in the musical “Chicago”, so I guess she has found something she is good at. The reviews that I have read have been very positive regarding her performance.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Just great. Now all they need are the Pratt – Montag’s and some of the Kardashian girls and the rest of mankind can easily avoid all the talentless wannabes by not watching one show!

  7. Newyorking says:

    Who wrote good reviews about her in Chicago? My gym played two of her songs so I downloaded them. The music is decent but my ears bleed from her screeching. This girl cannot sing – please. She screeches in that hoarse voice and people call it singing. I have never listened to the songs again – cannot bear to. I would rather hear a frog’s croak – it’s more pleasant. Doesn’t she have another career option? I hate it when talentless biatches take away opportunities from really talented people. Raise your hand – who here will pay $100 for her Chicago performance? Better check out Jude law in Hamlet nearby – the guy can act.

  8. Neelyo says:

    Right on Squirrel! Put all the talentless wannabes and famous by relations on one show to free up the rest of the schedule with some intelligence.

    Firestarter, they’ve dumbed down CHICAGO so much by now that even Melanie Griffith got good reviews when she did it so don’t put too much stock in those critics.

  9. Sumodo says:

    We forget that TV ratings are through the floor and that network TV has to nail down the crucial young demographic. They can’t do that without hiring the so-called “stars” of their generation, no matter how bad we “elders” think they are. These are the kids who grew up on bad MTV and Disney Channel shows. They have had the bar set low for them, already. These are kids who don’t watch 30 Rock or Scrubs.

  10. Firestarter says:

    I am not a fan of musicals, so I was just parroting what I had read.

    If she is selling tickets, someone must like her. I never said I personally liked her singing.

    My music tastes are so far removed from the Simpson sisters, I am in another universe.

  11. Bete says:

    The large photo on this post reminded me of that dude in Motley Crue. Nikki Six. She really needs to put on some weight.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I love Melrose Place too! And Ashlee Simpson can’t act. She’s the reason ratings tanked, when it debuted, it had the exact same ratings as 90210, then that episode where Ashlee’s reading the letter in the beginning scenes, during which I LOLed, then it went dowwwwnn, guess she’s gonna work her magic on this show too. Nicole Richie made me laugh, she has a funny personality in real life, but how it’s gonna carry over to a scripted comedy, i’m placing my bet that it won’t, nicole richie is funny because she says vulgar things and does stupid things and screws around with people and grabs guys butts, etc., if it’s on ABC, it’s gonna be Disney-fied and made all corny into the ‘formula’, and it probably won’t be funny, also, can she act? Don’t really know, I haven’t seen anything she’s done, but you never know. Also the fact that she probably has as much people that hate her as much as they hate Ashlee Simpson, that does not bode well for the ratings.

  13. says:

    its interesting that’s what nicole wore to a jay-z concert. well, i guess it’s just the hair that bothers me…please,girl! it’s HOV!

    that being said, i remember when my son was really young and i was supposed to be getting dressed for a night out dancing the night away with my gays at Intesified-a motown/soul/rocknroll night in philly it ended in complete disaster with me in tears sobbing that i couldn’t get myself ready and i just couldn’t go….between nursing and the baby crying and my dress not fitting me right and i couln’t find the other shoe i was looking for and the baby crying and the nursing and the baby crying and the nursing…
    so maybe that’s what it is. i guess it’s just that i think she normally has really great hair-i have hair envy with her i suppose-and then in these pics it looks like she hasn’t showered in 3days and just threw it back in a work-out bun.

  14. Emily says:

    My god, Ashlee looks freaky in that top photo, but I really want her hat! I’m shallow, I know.