Lindsay Lohan’s neighbors don’t want her


I understand that a lot of people hate Lindsay Lohan. I’m right there with them. But to hate her so much that you try to keep her from living in her own home? That’s a lot of hate. But again, I understand. Lindsay used to live in the posh Sierra Towers on Sunset Boulevard. While a resident, she threw countless parties and meandered around drunk. I’m guessing she killed a few neighbor’s cats and probably left random condom wrappers around in the hallway, because that just sounds like Lindsay Lohan. She lives her life in that kind-of-crazy-but-we’ve-all-done-it-once-or-twice kind of way.

Lindsay Lohan’s former neighbors are battling to stop her moving back to the Los Angeles apartment block she terrorized last summer. Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence twice while living in Sunset Boulevard’s Sierra Towers, and angered residents by hosting late night parties and flooding ex-boyfriend Harry Morton’s condominium in the complex.

A tenant tells the New York Post’s gossip column PageSix, “She was a disgrace when she lived here, no respect for the other tenants. I’d be leaving for work early in the morning and I would see her staggering in drunk.” The supposedly sober star was spotted swigging champagne at a New Years bash in Italy, prompting a spokesperson to confirm she had slipped on her vow to remain alcohol-free.


I once lived in an apartment with a crazy-ass nutbag above me. He’d bang on my door at three in the morning screaming about the noise and calling me all sorts of names, even though I’d been asleep in bed. Living around crazy can really ruin your day. I imagine living near Lindsay Lohan is like living near my schizo former-neighbor. You never know what’s going to happen. They could randomly start dropping their television on their floor over and over again to piss you off. They could start having incredibly loud S&M style sex above your bedroom just to piss you off. They could leave a dead chicken on your doorstep. Two of these three things really did happen to me – I’ll let you figure out which two. But I’m guessing living near Lindsay Lohan is no more peaceful. I can understand why people wouldn’t want to spend every minute of everyday wondering when their sanity was about to be put to the test.

LiLo doesn’t have any talent or redeeming qualities to speak of. She really should consider leaving L.A., moving someplace far away and irrelevant, and either getting clean and moving on with her life, or drinking herself into a stupor without bothering the rest of us.

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