Scobie: Duchess Meghan ‘doesn’t want anything to do with’ the Windsors

People Magazine released more quotes from their interview with Omid Scobie, which he gave alongside the exclusive excerpts from Endgame. Again, these are official book excerpts, not a “leak.” The Daily Mail and other British outlets have claimed that Scobie – or the Sussexes! – have “leaked” this information. No. LOL. Anyway, Scobie’s sources told him much the same thing that we’ve heard from other sources and articles this year, which is that the Duchess of Sussex’s interest in the Windsor family or the royal psychodrama basically died with QEII. Meghan adored Harry’s grandmother. She doesn’t give a f–k about the rest of them. Some highlights from Scobie’s interview:

Meghan is done with that family: While the Duchess of Sussex, 42, has “moved on” from the royals, Harry “still has unfinished business,” author Omid Scobie. “Quite early on in the [book-writing] process, some of those Meghan sources that I really leant on in the earlier years this time were like, ‘You know what? She doesn’t want anything to do with it.’ For Harry it’s different. He still has unfinished business when it comes to his battles with the press. His challenge will be to find something that balances that out so we can see him working in a space that isn’t connected to the ties that bind from the past.”

William & Harry’s relationship is done: According to the author, Harry “is in the rearview mirror” for his brother Prince William. “William’s so far forward in his journey that what is important today is very different to what was important 10 years ago. You really feel this when you talk to people working at the palace, that they really consider what Harry and Meghan, but mostly Harry, say as just irritating noise. The feelings of this man are not worth anything anymore. That’s sort of typical of any big corporation. I know it’s different because they’re family. But as we’ve known for a long time, the meaning of family is very different to them.”

The Windsors are ostriches: In Endgame, Scobie writes that perhaps more than at any other point in history, the family is ignoring its internal fractures at its own peril, because “part of the buy-in from the [British] public is that the royal family is the nation’s family.” And yet, Scobie says, heir-to-the-throne William, 41, has prioritized his loyalty to the monarchy, even quietly cooperating with the U.K. press to undermine Harry, 39. (Kensington Palace had no comment when reached by PEOPLE about the allegations.)

[From People]

“You really feel this when you talk to people working at the palace, that they really consider what Harry and Meghan, but mostly Harry, say as just irritating noise. The feelings of this man are not worth anything anymore.” I mean, it’s horrible, it’s despicable and it’s also not true. I have no doubt that palace insiders have said just that to Scobie, that Harry’s memoir full of neglect, abuse, parental abandonment and brainwashing is all just “irritating noise” to William and Charles. But it’s not true – William in particular is obsessed with Harry, obsessed with trying to “compete” with Harry and somehow claim Harry’s life and achievements as his own. If Harry and Meghan breathe in the Windsors’ general direction, William and palace insiders immediately run to the press to scream, cry and throw up over all things Sussex. These are not the acts of an heir or a king who have thoroughly moved on either.

I believe the stuff about Meghan though – I genuinely think her “breaking point” with the family was QEII’s death and the subsequent 10 days she was held hostage. She wants nothing to do with them.

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61 Responses to “Scobie: Duchess Meghan ‘doesn’t want anything to do with’ the Windsors”

  1. kelleybelle says:

    As a wise friend once said … “No shit, Sherlock.” They’re dangerous, racist bastards.

    • Erin says:

      Exactly, why would she want anything to do them after what they have done to her, her husband and children, and are still actively engaged in? She’s not a bootlicking royalist like these lunatics in the press. I am currently NC with my parents because of various things they have said and done over my life time and they didn’t have the whole of the British press behind them.

    • Megan says:

      The BRF can never understand that Meghan has her own life because they don’t have their own lives. They fundamentally don’t get they don’t have to be a miserable bunch of backstabbers and vipers.

      • Proud Mary says:

        John Oliver was right; but Meghan, being so in love with Harry, just couldn’t have seen that the whole institution is just one small nail short of a bedlam. Their biggest achievement is their media arrangement and the general malaise of their subjects.

      • Nic919 says:

        John Oliver’s comments were made when the engagement was announced and he read that correctly.

      • Jais says:

        It always amazes me how absolutely spot on John Oliver’s comments were. It was him and Yasmin Alibhai-brown. But Meghan loved Harry and she wasn’t going to run.

  2. equality says:

    To characterize a family member’s pain and suffering as “irritating noise” and to not listen to legitimate feelings is dysfunctional. Thinking you should never be the one explaining or apologizing and that everybody else in your family should bow to your wishes is a built-in dysfunction of the monarchy. If PW wants to “modernize” the monarchy doing away with the system that leads to trauma for certain family members would be a good place to start.

    • Lorelei says:

      It’s despicable. And juvenile! People have so much respect for others who can actually admit when they’re wrong and apologize. Apparently William was never taught this.

      I love how whenever a British paper prints excerpts from a book before it’s published, it’s “serialization,” but when Omid does it with an American magazine, it’s “leaking.” 🙄

    • Auntie Git says:

      @equality Exactly! You are so spot on.

  3. aquarius64 says:

    If this is true, brava to Meghan. She’s done with the creepy family, but I think she keeps a good relationship with Eugenie. Meghan knows her worth; she won’t sell her self-respect for looted jewels, titles and palaces, unlike the Three Witches of Windsor (Kate, Camilla and Sophie).

  4. lanne says:

    I wouldn’t wish what happened to Meghan in that toxic family on anyone. She knows that they wanted her destroyed, shamed, even dead. I know the Sussexes will never subject their children to their abuse. I hope, in time, they will talk about escaping from an abusive family in a way that would be helpful for many people who find themselves in similar situations (on their own terms and in their own time)

  5. Yes she is done! I think for Harry he might still be holding out for some kind of peace with his father and I believe Meg will support him either way. I hope for Harry that one way or the other he can fully come to terms with it. It is hard for some to cut all contact out and just be done. I said this yesterday that I cut my abusive mother out completely and once I did my peace came. This isn’t Megs family and for her it was probably much easier to just say done.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I had had a 5 year plan to slowly go no contact.
      Then they did something that is unforgivable. Among a field of many other unforgivable things – but it almost led to the death of my disabled sibling.
      So I went no contact with parents and most siblings. And the peace I felt and still feel. Every holiday doesn’t have a dark cloud hanging over it. It’s wonderful.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      But yesterday the press were screaming that Meghan needed to keep being part of the royal family. Because no one cared about her other than that. So how are they going to spin that story now?

    • Jais says:

      Meghan more or less said that Harry’s relationship with his father was his own. Think it was either in the cut or variety interview?

      • Christine says:

        Yeah, she was really clear. Her relationship with her father is done, but it doesn’t have to be that way for Harry and his father.

        It is far more grace than Chuck deserves, but Meghan has always been far more than the royals in England deserve.

    • Sunday says:

      I do think it’s for peace, but I think it’s less for peace in terms of a reconciliation and moreso trying to starve the media. Regardless of what they say or don’t say, British media always positions the Sussexes as attacking the monarchy, so I think he is mindful of seeming antagonistic to Charles and yes, does want peace rather than to provoke a paranoid, tedious king. He’s happy to focus on Meg and Archie and Lili and building their life safely away from the palace.

      However, when Charles passes and Will ascends (and, if QEII’s demise was any indication, probably for some years beforehand), it’ll be a completely different story. The problem is, while I think Charles is generally happy enough to go no or extremely low contact provided no news cycles are stepped on, Will doesn’t respect the cutting of ties – he’s the one still throwing their names to the press, still obsessed with everything they do, still essentially stalking their every move. Will was responsible for the smear campaign (and with it, Meghan’s su*cidal ideation), and we can plainly see that the desperate competition with and raging hatred of the Sussexes lives on for both the Waleses. Will and Kate of course won’t do any sort of growing or learning between now and whenever they take the throne, so the keenery will reach insane new heights, except they’ll be the headliners and the spotlight will be theirs, for better or worse. So naturally they’ll attempt to throw the Sussexes to the mediawolves again to save their own skins, Will will go too far because now he’s king and he’ll be even more of a monster if that’s even possible, and he’ll basically force Harry into clapping back at Will so completely it reverberates across the entire monarchy, which Harry will do because Will is the one who almost took his Meg away, and because while he might believe in the monarchy in theory he absolutely does not believe in king will. The only question is how long until then, and quite frankly if I were Charles I’d hire extra food tasters.

      If they were a normal family and someone did not respect the no contact then restraining orders and charges may be in order. Those rules barely work irl and definitely don’t apply to Will and so I’m sure H & M are taking advantage of the relative peace (as Charles and Will and Will and Kate bicker amongst themselves) to further protect themselves for that future eventuality.

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry will become an American citizen if William becomes king and nothing changes between now and then. And if he has to drop the titles he will. He was already ready to do it.

      • Sunday says:

        @Nic919 you may be correct, but my point is that Harry and the Sussexes are only one half of this equation. Yes, Harry and Meghan have already made the decision to leave and would leave a thousand more times if it meant peace for their family. But Will won’t let them have true peace, he’s the problem here and one that only gets worse with time.

  6. sevenblue says:

    “people working at the palace, that they really consider what Harry and Meghan, but mostly Harry, say as just irritating noise.”

    These same people also said to Omid that H&M couldn’t make it outside the palace. He said that they gestured the palace and pointed out it is impossible to do the work outside the institution. They are just pissed that H&M proved them wrong and showed all the future spares an alternative way of living.

    • Jais says:

      Technically, I can see the people who work in the palace finding Harry to mostly be irritating noise. There’s a lot people that work at the palace who are not related to Harry. So yeah that tracks. But it does not track for William. These are people who work for William and are trying to cover up how truly unhinged William is in regards to his brother. This reads as wishing something to be so.

      • Fawsia says:

        No, the entire organization is obsessed with Harry and his accomplishments outside of the system! The same goes for William and Charles and the British godawful media!

    • Roo says:

      How delusional they must be. We see what little value the RF provides, especially to the most vulnerable people in the UK. What do they think they actually do besides wave, tour, and listen?

  7. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    “William is so far forward on his journey”. Bwahahaha!!! William is a classic example of arrested development.

    • Nic919 says:

      William was frozen mentally to 1997 and he has never moved beyond that. Both Harry and William needed therapy following the traumatic death of their mother, but only Harry took the needed steps for it. Harry made mistakes as a teen because of the lack of help he received, but he found his way.

      William is a petulant teen who believes he is a victim for being future king but also that he is owed all reverence. He will continue to be miserable in life until he gets serious help.

      • Lorelei says:

        Even most of the stuff Harry was criticized for is pretty normal for teenagers, IMO…wasn’t smoking pot considered the “worst” thing he did?

        The Nazi costume was wrong, there’s no question there— but we now know that William talked him into it.

        But being out with his friends and getting drunk? Meh. Most teenagers and people in their 20’s have been there. The only difference is that there were photographers waiting outside for Harry. At least Harry never had to drive, nor worry about a making sure there was at least one friend serving as the designated driver every time he went out.

        And I feel sorry for him re: the naked Vegas photos, because some asshole decided to sell the pictures to the press, when Harry obviously thought he was among friends. Sure, it would have been optimal for him to not have participated in a situation that enabled those photos to exist, but he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He wasn’t assaulting anyone or anything like that, weren’t they just playing poker?

        I obviously get how the costume and the Vegas pics would be seen as embarrassing for the RF, but if even half of what we’ve heard about William is true, he’s done FAR worse. Everything I’ve heard about Harry is within totally normal bounds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        And William is the one who’s *still* going clubbing with the same bros he was going out with two decades ago while his wife and children are at home. Harry actually grewTF up.

        Also I love the way you worded it: that William “believes he’s a victim because he’s the future king.” I’d never thought of it that way before, but that is absolutely how he sees himself.

  8. s808 says:

    Meghan is definitely done, her not going to the coronation was a clear indication of that. She knows the most senior royals do not care about her or children. I’m sure she only cares about them in relation to her husband.

    • MsIam says:

      I think that more than anything showed how for Meghan her feelings and respect for Queen Elizabeth were paramount. Charles is just Harry’s father. This also casts serious doubt on Meghan being on the phone call for Charlie’s birthday, unless it was to tell the children to say hello.

      • Proud Mary says:

        MSIAM, I had my issues with Betty. She was the face of the institution, and she allowed the men-in-gray to leverage her popularity against her own family members in a way that made lasting damage. And I can never forget how, during all that time, when Meg was being lied about and trashed by the Media, not once did Betty use the back seat of her car to help Meghan, the way she did for Andrew, or Sophie–even though it was they, themselves, who had done things to deserve the bad press. I even recall, if I’m not mistaken, that during the height of Meghan-made-Kate cry, Betty did multiple solo outings with kate, including a ride to church. So I can say that I was no fan of Betty.

        But she did come across as very personable, and I can imagine she was, in her own way, nice to Meg. I suppose in an institution of hateful people, a little kindness goes a long way. Michelle Obama talked about Betty in the same way– that her meetings with Betty had lasting positive impacts. Given some of the racist abuse that Michelle herself endured at the time I can see how Betty’s “kindness” could have made a huge difference.

      • May says:

        @proud Mary, 💯

      • bisynaptic says:

        @Proud Mary, 🎯

  9. GoldenMom says:

    Can’t even begin to imagine what her life has been like since she began dating Harry. This insanely dysfunctional collection of racist psychopaths was only the first thing she had to navigate. Now it is the British press, the British public, the rest of the world with their opinions, which everyone seems to have about her/them.

    How do you live a life with that going on? Can’t even wrap my head around it. She is a strong, strong woman. no doubt.

    • Roo says:

      I think it’s nature and nurture, with a lot of credit to Doria. She seems to be a strong, kind, and steady person who knows herself and follows her values.

    • Lorelei says:

      @GoldenMom, I can’t wrap my brain around it, either. Meghan is made of much stronger stuff than I am, that’s for sure. IDK that I’d ever have left the fetal position if I’d been faced with even a fraction of what was thrown at her, but she managed to put it behind her (even though there’s still a lot of online harassment daily, and we don’t know about all of the security threats they face) and carve out such a happy life for herself. I admire her so much.

  10. Becks1 says:

    So I do believe the part about Harry’s feelings meaning nothing for the institution – William is jealous of Harry and is desperate to control him (and if he can’t control him, then completely copy him) – but Harry’s feelings mean nothing to William. If they did mean something, then things would be very different.

    And yes, its clear Meghan is done with the Windsors, and I think that has to bother them, right? They want to be the ones to cut ties, not her. She could have gone to the coronation if she had wanted to (if she had been invited, which is a big IF as we all know) – by staying in California she was sending a very clear message.

    And the funny/ironic thing is, by having the coronation on Archie’s bday it gave Meghan the perfect reason to stay home. Charles may have thought he was really doing something with that date, but it really just made it so easy for M to stay home and for Harry to show up for the coronation and that’s it. he gave them an easy out for everything for that day.

    • Nic919 says:

      Giving the cold shoulder to narcissists really drives them nuts. Meghan was bullied during the funeral events and we all saw it televised. She owes them nothing further of her peace of mind.

      That said I think she would remain polite to Charles. She has class unlike so many in that family.

    • Jay says:

      I don’t know about the whole institution, but I get the sense that for William, all feelings and emotions not his own are merely noise, not just Harry’s.

      I think your point about the Windsors wishing to be the ones to fire the Sussexes is still quite relevant, and (as always) right out of the abuser’s playbook: “I tell you when you are done”. I think more even than Meghan and Harry being long “done” with the royals, the tone of Scobie’s excerpts so far almost sound like Meghan just feels a kind of pity for them all, their insularity and their dysfunction, as well as their inability to do things any differently.

      Meghan was the first real “outsider” to come to this firm in a very long while, and she left within a few short years, putting an ocean between them. That should scare even the most hardened monarchists. It’s like a well- respected guest star coming in to an established series for a story arc and then abruptly leaving after just two episodes due to unexplained “creative differences”. It’s not good!

      Harry was raised in this cult and he’s only just starting to get clarity, but Meghan? She knows exactly what it means to have a strong, trustworthy network of family and friends because she’s had them for years, and she has shown that she can recognize and cut out toxic people, too.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    I mean, Meghan refusing to go to the coronation was a clear indication that she was done with the Royal Family. I’m so happy for her. I think we underestimate how much the Royal Family tried to destroy her life.

  12. Jaded says:

    Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and her hideous mother deliberately set loose the tabloid dogs of war on Meghan (and tangentially Harry) and things got so bad that she was seriously contemplating suicide…all because of their unfettered jealousy, resentment of and racism against her. Look what happened in NYC. In a Diana-like nightmare they were nearly chased to their deaths by out of control paparazzi. No effing wonder Meghan has completely turned her back on the BaRF with the exception of Eugenie and possibly Bea. The worst part is the gutter tabloids have not been brought to heel because of the *unspoken agreement* between them and the senior royals. They just keep throwing fresh meat to them. The more this keeps happening the more I’m beginning to think that Diana’s death was premeditated in some way.

  13. YeahRight says:

    Meghan is the same woman who cut off her father for being toxic and horrible. Whoever thought she wouldn’t do the same to the Windsors was fooling themselves. Harry is a grown man he will realize that his father isn’t someone who can be redeemed, he’s is who Willy got most of his bad traits from. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He probably won’t fully shut that door until upchuck is dead. With that said this is what the squad was talking about stale tea. We been knew she was done. The way she said “that’s your brother” and “my husband’s family” Meghan been over them people.

  14. VilleRose says:

    As she should be. She has zero obligations to them anymore, she tried her hardest and they tore her to pieces. I think the next royal event she’ll go to is Charles’s funeral and that’s it. After that, there will be no reason for her to do any kind of events. We already know she wouldn’t go to William’s coronation (if that ever happens). I doubt William and Harry will ever fully reconcile, I don’t think Harry would go to his brother’s (plus William probably wouldn’t want him there). It infuriates the British tabs/BRF that she managed to escape and refuses to be controlled. She managed to do what her deceased MIL was not able to do.

  15. QuiteContrary says:

    Harry and his accomplishments aren’t merely irritating noise to William — they’re the only thing fueling him these days.

    As for Meghan, I’m glad she’s done with that pit of dangerous vipers.

  16. L4Frimaire says:

    These excerpts are why I’m not fully on board with reading this book. How can anyone say with a straight face that William has Harry in the rear view mirror when he’s chasing him around the world and seems to be obsessively watching his every move. As for saying Meghan is done with the Windsors, she has decided to move forward with her life because of the appalling way they have treated her and continue to brief against her. What else is she supposed to do? I feel like we got so much insight into H&Ms perspective from their own words, that this is not the best analysis. Not Omid’s fault but this constant noise about how much William hates Harry is doing William no favors and makes him seem kinda crazy frankly. It’s a really bad look.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, it’s interesting. Whoever is speaking to omid is much more tempered than whoever is speaking to Sykes of the daily beast. Or they’re changing their tone depending on the person to whom they’re speaking.

      • MsIam says:

        Keep in mind though that People Mag wants to play both sides. I wonder if they would even dare to print anything less than flattering about the Wails, considering they still have to try and sell those “Modern Royals” fantasy covers. This is why I’m buying the book and not just judging it on the People excerpts.

  17. tamsin says:

    I don’t think William has chosen loyalty to the monarchy. His behaviour arises completely from his jealousy and resentment of Harry. And I agree- you can’t say Harry is in William’s rear view mirror when he seems to devote his life to trying to outdo his younger brother.

  18. Mary Pester says:

    Really? Irritating noise they say is that why they were briefing every fking day during invictus, why they were out in public more during invictus than they had been for months, ALL of them were on display. Is that why keen copies everything Megan wears (keens wiglets are her own 😂). Is that why the press can’t mention the “left behind Royals” without linking in Harry and Megan’s names, just to try and make it interesting? Yeah right 😂😂Harry and Megan aren’t in any rear view mirror, they are front and centre of every waking thought the Windsors and their minions have.

  19. J.Ferber says:

    Well, she’s one smart lady and she knows her worth. She also knows the worth of her family– husband, son and daughter. Lastly, she’s SANE and what sane person would want to associate with people who wanted/want you and your whole family dead?

  20. Emily says:

    Scobie is really just stating the obvious. pretty clear the RF wants nothing to do with Meghan and would love to claw back harry without her. they really needed her to play their boogieman/scapegoat for the press and when she didn’t want that role, they were done with her. i would even say when they left for Canada, she was done with them. that was her saying i’m not gonna join the fam fully. i know they propositioned half in and half out, but i think she was hoping Harry and their kids can maintain some of those relationships with their family…when it’s been clear that they would rather eat glass than accept her on her terms as a fam member she washed her hands.

  21. Over it says:

    Well I remember Meghan telling Harry in the documentary that that was his brother, then on the msnbc panel with Melanie H , she said her husband family. So yes I completely believe that she is done done done with that family of inbred asshats . I stand by meg.. they can all go do one as far as I am concerned.

    • kirk says:

      Over it – I also remember Meghan telling Harry in the documentary (Netflix S1: E6, ~45:47 (including preface)), “It’s your brother. I’m not gonna say anything about your brother, but it’s so obvious.” And it’s obvious at that point she understands the betrayal is definitely coming from inside the house. Harry tries to deflect, putting the onus on PR “comms teams,” but the emotion from Meghan in that badly lit shot in the hallway makes it clear she puts the blame on Willy. By that time Philip was dead, so their only possible touchpoint was Betty.

      Also, you noted Meghan said her “husband’s family” on ‘msnbc panel with Melanie H’ — I interpreted that to mean ‘NYT DealBook Online Summit with Mellody Hobson on Advancing Women’s Equality,’ 11/9/2021. Re: Mellody Hobson, I found it interesting that she attended Princeton with Caroline Elkins, the author of “Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya” that was instrumental in Mau Mau claimants winning a £20 million court case against the British government, along with an official apology, and prompted the British government to ‘find’ 300 boxes of forgotten documents that detailed their abuses and document destruction.

  22. AC says:

    I think there’s a silent majority that are glad Meghan is done with that toxic and abusive family(her husband’s family) that’s given her nothing but pain all these years. Its like many of the Biden voters, as someone in Twitter quoted, we’re the real silent majority, we don’t advertise as much as they do. But we know what’s Right from Wrong.

  23. Robin Samuels says:

    Rachel Meghan Markel Mountbatten-Winsdor, Duchess of Sussex, Princess Henry, doesn’t care who in that family and their loyalists likes or dislikes her anymore. She came with an open heart and willingness to become a resourceful member of a historical family. She learned quickly that behind the scenes, they are a group of miseducated mannequins living at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised and competing amongst themselves for popularity.
    During the Queen’s funeral, it was evident that she was not a much-loved member of the Royal family, as often stated in an official Queen of England communication. The Queen admired Meghan but for opportunistic purposes. She understood that including a person of color would boost the monarchy’s relationship with Commonwealth countries, particularly those with a minimal white population. Charles, forever envious of a woman’s ability to outshine him, clearly saw Meghan as the return of Diana. William is a long and complicated story.
    It’s common for a woman to be not well-liked by her in-laws, especially if she’s of a different hue or culture. In many cases, time soothes the turbulence, and in many cases, it never does. The Royal family, heavily controlled by the British tabloid media, had no choice. Meghan and, eventually, her children would be fresh meat as part of the Invisible Contract.
    Meghan will always support Harry but will not forget the hatred she endured behind those ancient walls. I salute her for her strength and determination not to let petty behaviors destroy her. She recovered and healed, and in the words of the infamous Temptations, she is keeping it moving and not looking back.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      RobinSamuels, I think the funeral was in some ways surprising to me. I couldn’t understand why the brf/bm was so blatant about their poor treatment of H&M at a time that the world was watching. They very obviously exposed their continued belief in the ‘Empire’. They believe they can do what they want and everyone else will follow along. Until they get over that mentality, I can’t see them gaining anything in future. Rather than shoring up whatever position they have left, they continue to erode it globally.

      Of course, Meghan is done with them. I suspect that Harry is, too. In the interviews he gave, it didn’t sound like he thought he would get accountability from the brf and he seems reconciled with that.

  24. Beverley says:

    Betty may have recognized the strategic benefits of having Meghan in her family, but Betty rarely lifted a finger to shield Meghan (or Harry, or even Archie) from the vicious tabloids. The most notable protection she ever gave them was the ride in her armored vehicle from the airport and their own procession during QE2’s Struggle Jubbly. It seems from casual observation that Betty did the minimum to curb the abuse rained down on Meghan and the children. I’m sure it wasn’t lost on Meghan that the one person who might have made a positive difference for them, did the absolute least and actually allowed the harassment.

    Yet Harry adored his grandmother and Meghan supports Harry. But with the queen gone, there’s no reason she should subject her young children to the malevolence that defines their royal relatives.

    • goofpuff says:

      It really makes me wonder how much power Betty actually had. If she could even get away with doing those things if Charles who had the power would allow her to. It feels as if Betty was just as trapped as Harry was, both by her family and her misguided sense of what serving the country was.

      It could be Betty was the only one to show Meghan true warmth and that is why she appreciated it.

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