Princess Charlene looked happy & healthy in red for Monaco’s National Day

Over the summer, the European tabloids reported that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were separated, and that Charlene lives primarily in Switzerland these days. She apparently returns to Monaco for big events, and she dutifully appears at her husband’s side. They seem to have worked out some kind of custodial agreement as well, with Albert having primary custody but Charlene gets access to the kids and, one would assume, the kids visit her a lot in Switzerland.

Well, this weekend was one of those times where Charlene was in Monaco for some events. It was Monaco’s National Day, so Charlene had to appear at a parade and do a balcony wave, all with her twins Jacques and Gabriella. Charlene and Albert also had to host a gala alongside Albert’s sisters. Princess Caroline looked especially pissed about it. One nice thing I’ll say about Charlene and Albert is that their kids seem like pretty normal little kids. Who knows if Jacques and Gabriella are really well-adjusted, but they seem to understand that some days, they’ll be put on display and they seem okay with it. I love that Jacques gets his own little military uniform too.

Charlene decided to go for red looks for her appearances. For the parade and balcony wave, she went with a red knit dress, red wool coat, red Stephen Jones hat and red Manolo Blahnik boots. It’s too much red, although from the waist up, she looks great. She’s back to blonde too, after going brunette for months this year. Her gala look was a custom DidierAngelo gown. Very pretty, honestly.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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30 Responses to “Princess Charlene looked happy & healthy in red for Monaco’s National Day”

  1. Mimi says:

    I want to feel compassion for someone who was clearly struggling, but all I can think about when I see her is how odious she allegedly was to his mixed-race son, including moving him to the servants’ quarters. It’s also kind of infuriating that he poses with his white children, like they’re the only ones that matter.

    • Beverley says:

      In his mind, they are the only ones who matter.

    • LRB says:

      He poses with his children who are his heirs… on official Monaco engagements. Surely their colour is not the issue, it is the fact that these two children are the heirs – or heir and spare ( not sure if a female is even allowed to inherit but that is a whole other issue).
      I am not sure that the Switzerland stories are true or whether she was in some kind of rehab facility in Switzerland – her health, both physical and mental, has clearly been poor over the last few years. But I am hoping that she is now a lot better, and she seems genuinely happy and engaged at recent events.
      I am absolutely not an expert, but my understanding is that Albert never denies his other children, and gives them a lot of support. She – like Meghan – gave up a huge amount to marry into the family, and I suspect Caroline was not keen on being usurped as number one Monaco female. I also suspect that the press give her a hard time – like Meghan – and many of the stories are untrue.

      • Lau says:

        All of Albert’s children should be able to attend those events. Both Stephanie and Charlotte have children with more than one man and all of these children are attending.

      • Mimi says:

        His first son and his mother spoke about his misstreatment at her hands. And I like the mental gymnastics of “oh no! There is no racism at play here, it’s just that the white kids are the heirs.” Bull. The mixed race son is the first-born. He should be the heir. I wonder why he’s not. *insert eye roll*

      • equality says:

        The first son is not the heir because of Albert’s choices. He could have legitimized him as the heir by marrying his mother. It wouldn’t even have to have been before his birth.

      • HeatherC says:

        The first born son (actually second child, his first kid is a girl) is illegitimate, that’s why he’s not the heir. His oldest, Jazmin, has the double whammy of being illegitimate AND female so she’s totally out.

        Alexandre is illegitimate that’s why he’s not the heir.

        Now why Albert didn’t marry his mother, that’s most likely due to racism and what the people of Monaco would or would not accept.

        Illegitimate children of monarchs in history have fascinated me from an academic and drama standpoint. Centuries ago, Alexandre could have attempted to raise an army and challenge his legitimate brother on the death of their father.

      • B says:

        This is no beef with specific commenters here who are using the term illegitimate re: the children.
        This is beef with a societal mechanism as a whole that supports applying the term to children to help retain the patriarchy. To equate a legal mechanism that makes it harder for the woman to extract herself should she find it necessary with children suddenly becoming legitimate is disgusting.

      • Bumblebee says:

        I agree B. To go even further, how painful and difficult it must be for children in the same family to have labels and roles assigned to them at birth. Because of ‘legitimacy’, gender, birth order, and race, they are set up for a life of conflict. At home and in public.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @Mimi — no, Albert’s first born child is Jazmin. If being born out of wedlock didn’t matter, SHE should be the first heir. Actually, if we are talking about what is “fair,” Albert shouldn’t even be on the throne, his older sister Caroline should be the one wearing the crown. And Caroline’s son would then be the first in line to the throne. The ONLY reason Alexandre’s father is on the throne right now, is because the succession is not fair. But if it WAS fair, Alex STILL would not be the first in line.

      • B says:

        And let’s take the legitimacy label one step farther.
        What hypocrisy we can label the other children as illegitimate because they weren’t born to two wedded people, but Albert’s wandering peen escapes the label entirely.
        (Insert vomit)
        Gotta wonder if Charlene is smiling bc she just did early check in on the airline app…

      • cee says:

        Jazmin was never going to be in the LOS because at the time of her birth her mother was married to someone else (divorce was not finalised). Alexandre could have been legitimised at any point but Albert chose to marry someone else and have legitimate children with her.
        Charlotte’s eldest son is not in the LOS, not Princess Stephanie’s youngest daughter. Andrea’s first son is in the LOS because his parents eventually married.

  2. Teagirl says:

    I think the Monaco twins are much more appropriately dressed than the Wales kids. They even have gloves in cold weather! It’s always puzzled and irritated me why the Wales kids are never given gloves and a scarf, or sunglasses. I assume it’s so we can see their faces, part of the Wales PR push.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is that Princess Alexandra, to Charlene’s right? She looks so grown up now!

    Charlene’s situation is such a mystery. I know some people believe she stayed in South Africa for months in 2021 as a way to escape and used health issues as an excuse but she truly did not look well in some of the photos that were released to the public when Albert and the kids went to visit her. She definitely had some kind of health issues. I wonder if she’ll quietly divorce Albert when the kids are 18? But maybe she is truly happy and reconciled to her situation?

    As for the kids seeming well adjusted, I dunno, they mostly look bored and over it at these kind of formal events which isn’t a surprise. They’re never seen misbehaving but they don’t look all that happy to me either. Someday they’ll probably speak out about their childhood and I don’t think it’ll be very complimentary of their parents. If you go back up the family tree of Grimaldi, none of them have had happy marriages (and I went as far back as Wikipedia allowed me lol). It’s all misery and tragedy and I don’t think Charlene and Albert are an exception to the rule.

  4. Lizzie Bathory says:

    This is the best Charlene has looked in years, honestly. Gabriella’s miniature version of Charlene’s outfit is cute. The kids are still in the window when it’s fun to match their parents.

  5. Jazz Hands says:

    Is that little girl wearing Louboutin shoes? I didn’t even know they had a children’s line.

  6. Roseberry says:

    I know Kaiser focused on Peg &Twiglets recent appearances at the Rugby World Cup in France- but Charlene and Albert also attended the games where South Africa featured.. They were front row at the final, which South Africa won and they were also pictured celebrating with the team in the dressing room. It’s the happiest and most normal I’ve seen her look for years, maybe she really wants to go back there and is working her way to an accommodation with Albert

  7. Surly Gale says:

    It IS a lot of red, but they are all matching reds, not one blue red and something else being orange red so I’m not complaining. She looks the best she’s looked in a long time. I hope she has found some kind of happiness.

  8. Thena says:

    Charlene’s brother and sister-in-law attended the gala. You can just see Sean Wittstock behind Albert in the photo where they are entering the gala. I don’t know if he lives in Monaco, but he turns up at a lot of these events.

  9. angrypineapple says:

    Caroline is going to Caroline, i.e., look irritated at everyone.

  10. blue says:

    In the 4-some pic, it looks as if Charlene took off her shoes so Albert would be look taller. Her dress puddles & in heels she is taller than he is.

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