“Charles Melton gained 40 lbs for his role in ‘May-December'” links

Charles Melton put on 40 lbs for his role in May-December. [Pajiba]
Tristan Thompson explains why he cheats. [The Root]
Jenna Ortega is back to filming Beetlejuice 2. [LaineyGossip]
Kim Kardashian debuted new hair (or a new wig) at the GQ event. [Go Fug Yourself]
Rihanna went to the F1 race i Las Vegas. [Just Jared]
Margot Robbie is seasonally inappropriate in Bottega Veneta. [RCFA]
Wal-Mart has a second Mean Girls commercial. [OMG Blog]
More pics from the May-December premiere. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Barry Manilow covered “All I Want for Christmas.” [Seriously OMG]
Sofia Vergara talks about her difficult year. [Hollywood Life]
Some male models for your Monday perusal. [Socialite Life]
Do you know the names of all of the emojis? [Buzzfeed]

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16 Responses to ““Charles Melton gained 40 lbs for his role in ‘May-December'” links”

  1. bettyrose says:

    Wow, Tristan, that’s a lot of words for “I’m not emotional mature enough for a relationship.”

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Charles Melton is so handsome but that outfit is ghastly David Byrne dupe. My word, everyone in that photo looks awful. From end to end. Julianne looks like she’s wearing a duvet, Natalie looks like she’s ready to skate her long program to qualify for the Olympics and that gentleman (who I assume is the director) looks like a tired accountant. Unfortunate fashion choices all around.

    Margot just get more and more beautiful.

  3. Twin Falls says:

    I have high hopes for Beetlejuice 2. 🤞

  4. K says:

    CM is breathtaking wow

  5. Ameerah M says:

    Margot is channeling another Barbie. It was a LE Barbie if I remember correctly.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I think the seasonal inappropriatenesses is because the look was put together for July, but never got worn because of the strike. Looks great and glad we got a chance to see it.

  6. Ann says:

    Charles Melton was incredible in May-December. One scene of his in particular at his kid’s graduation will stick with me!

  7. J.ferber says:

    CM was in an episode of Poker Face and he was hot as hell.

  8. Normades says:

    I would have never bet on CM as being the breakout star of Riverdale but here we are.

  9. AC says:

    I’ve always liked CM since Riverdale, he’s handsome 🙂

  10. Brianna says:

    I love Julianne but, what’s with the bedsheet?

  11. Rainbow Kitty says:

    Jesus he’s handsome!

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