Scobie: Princess Kate ‘does not plan to increase her workload for 10-15 years’

In Endgame, Omid Scobie devotes one chapter in two parts to Queen Camilla and the current Princess of Wales. The side-by-side is because these are the only two married-in women who figured out a way to survive the institution – Camilla has survived by keeping the tabloids by her side, and Kate has survived by being as docile and personality-free as possible. While y’all know my feelings on Kate, I will give her begrudging credit for that one thing: she has found a way to survive and balance herself within everyone’s competing agendas. After twelve years of marriage, she’s become such an institutional creature that even the most mild criticisms of her are seen as the most heinous of attacks. Which is where we are now – Scobie actually went pretty easy on Kate, considering the rest of the book, which is why it’s so interesting to see this outsized focus on Scobie’s “scathing attacks” on poor Keen. Some highlights from various British media coverage:

Katie Keen: Kate is said to have earned the nickname “Katie Keen,” according to the author of Finding Freedom, because the palace press office hides her reportedly lower workload by saying she is “keen to learn”. Scobie and claimed the late Queen liked her because she was ‘coachable’ unlike the ‘strong-minded’ Princess Diana. Scobie added that Kate ‘glides under the radar’ because she’s ‘never challenged the system with public struggles or oversized aspirations’. He adds she is ‘comfortable in her role’ and ‘willing to bring the requisite smile and elegance to her duties as princess’.

Kate ignored Meghan:
Scobie claims another source told him Kate ‘spent more time talking about Meghan than to her’…He added that Kate ‘watched on in silence’ as stories were published about Meghan making her cry, and that she now ‘shivers’ when her name is brought up. ‘This is a side of Kate that rarely gets written about. Advocating for mental health causes—the mental health of mothers, for that matter—but ignoring her own sister-in-law’s cries for help seemed out of character for someone the public knew as sweet and easy to get along with…At the very least the institution ignored Meghan when she was in pain. It’s a dismal record, and with William now openly claiming his mother was essentially too paranoid to speak the truth, it proves the institution still operates under the principle that women not born into the family are, ultimately, disposable.’

Part-time royal: Scobie writes “The late Queen, too, would take off blocks of time throughout the year to recharge, but she was also known to carry out at least three hundred engagements annually. Sources said Kate remains ‘laser focused’ on her duty to the family first, and then the Crown. Where other senior royals are out and about several times a week, meeting people across the length and breadth of the country, Kate has long maintained a smaller work schedule that helped her check off the required royal boxes while saving time for her roles as a mother and a wife.” The new book also claims she “does not plan to increase her workload for 10-15 years” until her children are grown.

Kate & Meghan:
While Scobie says the sisters-in-law had “nothing in common” they “could have made things work in those early days if there was peace between the warring Windsor siblings”. Meghan is said to have found her time in the royal household as being “lonely and isolated” and had hoped Kate would be someone she could turn to for a kind word, as they “were once both outsiders, middle-class women brought into the House of Windsor for unimaginably different lives”. But Kate, so Scobie claims, was “uninterested in forming this kind of bond” because “she can be cold if she doesn’t like someone” and “wasn’t a fan of Meghan”.

[From The Sun & The Daily Mail]

There are several royalists being sent out to snort derisively in Scobie’s direction, but it’s curious that no one is mentioning the book’s discussions about how Kate and William have always gone MIA for months at a time, how Kate blatantly began copying Meghan two seconds after H&M got engaged, and how a former staffer even admitted that Meghan’s arrival was like a rocket up the ass for Kate, and that’s why there was all of this Single-White-Female-ing. While all of that – and Kate’s lack of empathy for Meghan – makes it hard to feel sorry for Kate, I do think it’s interesting that this supposedly modern Millennial woman is able to largely glide around with no personality, no causes, no passions. All with that budget wig on her head. Also: it’s so funny to me that Kate is going to put off full-time royal work until all of her kids are in their twenties.

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  1. Jensa says:

    Let’s face it, she intends never to increase her “workload”. She’s hardly going to suddenly acquire a work ethic in her 50’s is she?

    • Lux says:

      “It’s so funny to me that Kate is going to put off full-time royal work until all of her kids are in their twenties.”

      Yes, by then they will be full-time working royals and her workload (unlike other “senior” senior royals in the family) will have no reason to increase. She’s so strategic that way!

      And developing a public no-personality personality is not a skill—that’s really who she is. Just small talk and jazz hands and endless, relentless smiling. I mean, if your main personality trait is a vicious, competitive streak towards your SIL that can only be revealed behind closed doors, you’re essentially devoid of any real attributes. Charles and Camilla love her because they don’t want to be outshined and she doesn’t like to work—their agendas align in more ways than one.

      • Megan Bambrick says:

        WHO CARES. If hating and hating on a person like this brings you joy then you need help or you’re beyond hope at this point.I give up on this website 😴

      • aftershocks says:

        You obviously care enough to click and comment @Megan Bambrick. So, apparently you think it’s fine for Kate to have stood by acting coldly and hating on Meghan. The revelations of Kate’s nastiness toward Meghan, her cosplaying of Meghan, and her aiding and abetting the lie that Meghan ‘made her cry,’ are key reasons why many observers are critical of Kate’s behavior, and point out her character flaws.

        Kate’s shortcomings tend to be largely ignored by other media outlets. It’s a good thing that CB is a platform where the truth can be aired.

      • Lux says:

        @Megan B, hate is a strong word and really doesn’t apply in this case, but I absolutely get joy out of calling out people who are undeserving of taxpayer dollars! It’s like, go be the best mom and raise your kids in private if you dislike working so much? Just don’t live in multiple castles and break your clothing budget and virtue signal in “causes” about which you have no real grasp, solution or idea. I’m sorry you don’t care about these things, maybe because her lifestyle is not coming out of your pockets? It’s not coming out of mine either, but these people are insistent on cracking the U.S. so I’m insistent on reiterating how useless they are.

    • Her plan was to catch a Prince and live in the lap of luxury and if she had to she would smile and wave and call it work. Let’s see if she gets sit upon the big fancy chair. My bet is she won’t.

    • Rooo says:

      I honestly don’t see her doing anything now; that’s the part that’s so confusing

    • ales says:

      She is a complete waste of space, a cardboard dress up doll could replace her and no one would notice the difference. All the money lavished on her now, could go to charity instead. She does virtually nothing now, what is she actually giving up doing.

      • Cairidh says:

        After she was engaged, when Madame Tussaud’s were making a waxwork of her, a daily mail commenter said “Why doesn’t she pop along and stand there herself for a while, nobody would notice the difference. She’s got nothing better to do.”

        Nothings changed, people are still saying the same things about her.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      “Kate has long maintained a smaller work schedule that helped her check off the required royal boxes while saving time for her roles as a mother and a wife.”

      Fun fact, Kate: the late Queen was a mother and a wife, and still managed 300+ engagements per year.

      Imagine if Her Maj had declared she wouldn’t do her job until all her kids were grown.

      They think their excuses for Kate are valid and show her to advantage; and they produce the exact opposite result.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Just in time for retirement!

  2. Becks1 says:

    First – she is never going to work more. She just isn’t and we all know it. She’s lazy, uninspired, lacks intellectual curiosity, and feels no sense of “service” or “duty” as even the Windsors understand those terms, much less how other people understand them.

    In 10-15 years it will be that she has to support George as he’s doing whatever, then it will be she needs to be there for the grandkids, etc.

    I LOVE though that the tabloids – the Sun and the Mail – are running these quotes – ESPECIALLY the part about ignoring Meghan’s cries for help as she pretends to be a mental health advocate.

    It reminds me of when that Tatler article came out, and people like Eden and Emily Andrews breathlessly reported on what sections were being removed and when and how insulting the whole thing was…..while repeating it almost word for word.

    • Anna says:

      Gotta give them credit, they really did find ways to talk about what they shouldn’t without breaching the “invisible contract”. I’d claim they were smart, but had they been smarter, it could’ve been them getting the bag without risking their credibility to do it.

    • Meena says:

      Yeah, she is never going to work but she is going to learn the hard way because all these racist old hag in uk will die off in those years. Millennials and Gen z hated kate so much. They look at her and see what is wrong with todays society. I always wonder if she last long , i mean what if they had agreement that they wont divorce until kids turn 18 and part of the deal kate work less.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      She’s going to start working more. Mainly because William is trying to get rid of her. She can’t make William fall in love with her. Or even lust after her anymore. So she is going to have to try and make herself indespensable to the family. And her only option is to get out in front of the camera’s. And do more work. It won’t work. But that’s all she’s got left to try.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Robert Phillips, I agree that more work is all she has. The problem I see is that she isn’t comfortable (after all of this time) doing the work. She may be a blank canvas because that’s what they want, but the strain is really showing. I’ve thought more than once that she will crack. That’s partly her fault for falling in line to become nothing more than what she wears. It’s not going to be pretty.

      • Lorelei says:

        I’m so curious to know if Kate still would have pursued and married William if she’d had a crystal ball and could have seen how miserable her life becomes, and what a toll it takes on her physically.

        There’s always a (slim) chance that she’ll grow a backbone someday and leave, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Kate MUST know deep down that Pippa has it better than she does.

  3. equality says:

    Not really being passionately interested in something is somewhat of the norm for the royals, so Kate should fit in. Charles and Sophie are the only ones who seem to really get into causes, so you would think that Charles would have valued that in Diana. Even Anne with her big numbers seems to only be passionate about horses and QE never seemed passionate about anything but horses and dogs.

    • Haylie says:

      SoFiesta is just as dispassionate as the other left behind Windsors. She pretended she didn’t know anything about a “chat show host” whose Girls Leadership Academy she visited as one of her “passionate” causes.

    • sunny says:

      I would argue it is precisely the opposite. Previous royals including the most recent generation had things they cared about, like Charles with the environment or the Queen with the Commonwealth. Even more modern married-in did from Albert to Philip.

      This generation just happens to be painfully dispassionate and empty.

      We will never see Kate work more because she is lazy and vapid. It is hilarious to watch people continuing to kick the can down the road as if one day she’s simply going to wake up and be an entirely different woman.

      • equality says:

        Phil, to some extent, I would agree. QE I never saw passionately advocate for anything. Of course, she wanted to keep the commonwealth going for her own benefit. What exactly did she herself institute to give back besides being a figurehead? To a great extent most of them do it to keep on the gravy train and justify the top benefits.

      • Lorelei says:

        We know what the Queen’s “passions” were — her horses, her dogs, going to the horse races, etc. Everything she was “passionate” about were things she just happened to enjoy in her private life. Passionate about any causes? Please.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think there is a difference between being passionately interested in a cause and having interests.

        QEII, Phillip, Charles, Anne, Edward, hell even Camilla – they all had/have interests. There’s just this blank space where Kate is concerned. I think the palace likes that because it makes it easy to have her pretend to like whatever she’s doing (its why her kids are interested in planes when she’s at an airfield, or rugby when she’s at a rugby match, etc.) But it also just makes her…..bland and boring.

      • kirk says:

        “Previous royals including the most recent generation had things they cared about, like Charles with the environment…”

        Puhleeeze. Chuck’s so passionate about the environment that he gives it lip service while traveling in between his multiple palaces – how many is he up to now 4? 5? Doesn’t his horsey wife occupy another huge home? Chuck who always flies private, and if he ever uses carbon offsets to balance it, somehow the money winds up back in his pocket through his oh-so-super-environmental initiatives. Chuck who was the first to get a waiver excusing him from France’s short-trip flight ban. Chuck who flew a whole freaking car into France? Show me Chuck’s carbon footprint and you’ll wind up showing me an enviro-warrior hypocrite.

    • Alice says:

      That’s not true. Anne has been involved with Save the Children since she first became a working Royal and does a ton of work with them.

      Philip was passionate about the Worldwild Life Fun and many other things, like the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

      It’s truly just Kate and William who have no work ethic and seemingly no real interests.

    • AnneL says:

      I think QEII set a decent example by royal standards, though. She had little intellectual curiosity, but part of that can be chalked up to her age and upbringing. She fulfilled her role as Queen diligently, and on the side had horses, dogs and…..what was it again?…..oh, four kids!

      Kate is lazier than both Anne and Liz and has no real passions to boot. She pretends to, but she doesn’t.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate is passionate about shopping, looking young and being thin. They just can’t promote these interests to the public.

      She’s never done anything that isn’t related to her own self interest which is why they pretend she is bland. The reality is that she’s just a very shallow superficial person.

      • Blithe says:

        I don’t think she’s even passionate about shopping. I think, like the Queen and Camilla, she might be trying to find a uniform that sticks AND somehow manages to win her admiration and magazine covers.

        Think about Diana — who deliberately championed and wore British designers, and brought attention to their collections,which quickly sold out. Or even the Real Queen, Charles, and Philip with their Royal warrants . They didn’t necessarily change what they did, so much as make aspects of what they did become USEFUL to entities beyond themselves.

        Kate, as @Nic919 has shown, can’t be bothered.

      • anotherlily says:

        She’s only got shopping and being thin now that the looking young has gone. She tries to look young with botox and fillers and wiglets, plus photoshop but the more she does this the worse it gets.

  4. Tessa says:

    Kate was.always lazy even before the children were born and before she married. I never saw her as sweet. But someone very calculating. And sneaky.

  5. Nubia says:

    OMG didnt ‘Katie Keen’ come from this site!?? Lol i used to think that the lurking comments were just a joke,but maybe courtiers do frequent the site.

  6. SussexWatcher says:

    She’ll do it (not work) for as long as she’s able to get away with it. If Pegs wanted her to work more, she would. She has no agency but rather just does what she’s told. Her not working until the kids are grown serves her, but also serves jealous Chuckles, old horse-faced Camzilla, and the rage-filled wanna be a global statesman (and carry on with my affairs in private) Pegs.

    She should be worried about Pegs getting tired of her though because we can see how, even now, she’s his scapegoat when need be. Once he falls for someone else or just gets sick of her groping hands and word-salad 2 minute speeches, she’d better look out.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Kate likes work never has never will
      She is the lazy one and if she wanted to do more work she would have ages ago.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Oh I’m totally not saying she wants to work more. She definitely does not. If she cared about working/charity work or had any sort of work ethic whatsoever, she would have done it in her 20s before getting married.

        My point was that if she were told to work more by Pegs, she would do it to save her own ass. But none of the other Leftover Royals actually want her out there working either, lest she somehow manage to outshine them or steal headlines.

      • The Duchess says:

        Exactly, just like she was told to do Early Years to compete with Meghan. Now she’s stepping out looking haggard, whilst still doing the absolute bare minimum. This woman is terrified of working. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    I am really here for all the Windsor misogyny being exposed. It’s one of the reasons Kate has survived all the treachery. She never challenges her role as empty headed doll. Instead, she embodies it. That’s the one thing she works hard at–living down to the low expectations placed on married-in women. Be fertile and fashionable.

    • Tessa says:

      She is a stepford. Nothing is assured for her it depends on Williams whims. I think she is work phobic .

    • Nic919 says:

      Is there anything more misogynistic than letting her sister in law be attacked over a false story that benefits your own image? Kate is a full participant in the misogyny. She is the commanders wife to use the Handmaid tale analogy she benefits from patriarchy and hates all women who put her position at risk.

    • AMTC says:

      Agree and as for ‘laser focused’ – that would assume some fortitude and intelligence – she’s got the focus of my Pomeranian. Try myopic.

  8. Pinkosaurus says:

    She’ll need to stay home with grandchildren in 15 years, preventing her from working, ever. Camzilla has already decided to do the minimum so Kate won’t have any recent example she will have to live up to.

  9. Jais says:

    So he does talk about how Kate copy-keens Meghan? I’m only in the first chapter😂. But yeah, it’s weird/convenient how that detail hasn’t been discussed in the BM.

  10. MichaelaCat says:

    “work” “load”

  11. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Kate won’t be doing royal work in 5 years, let alone 10-15, ’cause she’s gonna be out on her keister.

    • J.ferber says:

      I’d be happier if she just stopped pretending that she IS working.

      • Lorelei says:

        @J Ferber, EXACTLY THIS! It’s the (extremely transparent) gaslighting that’s so egregious. She’s a “Top CEO,” she reads scientific journals, she’s wearing pantsuits now because she wants to be seen as a “serious leader,” blah blah.

        It’s the constant unwarranted praise and attempts to make her into something she’s just not (and hope that none of us will notice, apparently) that is so grating.

  12. Anna says:

    Let’s be honest, Kate doesn’t want to work ever.

    It’s a nice life, if you can get it. But on the dime of taxpayers struggling with a cost of living crisis? The lack of shame and empathy is astounding.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    The British press is overreacting to this description of Kate because what I’ve read here doesn’t appear to be an attack on Kate but merely a sober observation of how she has managed to stay on the good side of both the press and the Palace. Omid has confirmed what a lot of us have been saying about Kate for years.

    • Jais says:

      The way the BM is overreacting to the section about Kate pretty much proves the claim that Kate is infantilized by the press. They are in-time proving it🙄

      • Lorelei says:

        @Amy Bee, right? These are not “scathing attacks.” Meghan was the one who was on the receiving end of those. This is exactly just Scobie finally saying out loud what everyone already knows.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A LOT of Midd/Goldsmith money, insider info, leaks, Fail contacts, and deals have gone in to Keen’s image with the press. It didn’t just happen because she’s bland; Keen and mummy made it happen through 20 years worth of deals.

      • Harper says:

        It totally feels like a deal has been made. When Meghan said on Oprah that she asked KP to correct the crying story she was told no and that “The Duchess of Cambridge does not get drawn into gossip.” It sounded like a pre-requisite of the marriage contract and, if violated, Kate was entitled to some recompense–jewels, cash, another kid, whatever. Kate’s been protected too much and her family is too greedy to not have some kind of arm-twisting going on to protect Kate’s feelings and her image.

  14. Sunshineinfiji says:

    Scobie has outdone himself with this book. All the so called royal experts must be vomiting in their morning coffee, that they didn’t have the guts to do what he did, without fear or favour. He’s done with Endgame what Andrew Morton did with Diana, Her True Story.

  15. Ginger says:

    Kate is lazy. She isn’t working much because she is such a wonderful mom, she isn’t working because she doesn’t want to.

    Also, I really want a royal reporter to go in on Kate. Why is she handled with kid gloves? She is ALWAYS afforded grace. I don’t get it.

    • Lorelei says:

      Always. And I don’t get it, either. Hilary Mantel is the last person I recall making any negative comments about Kate (and it’s not like they were nasty attacks; they were, like Scobie’s comments, simply stating the obvious), and that was over a decade ago.

  16. Kittenmom says:

    And now comes the push for research into the importance of “Adolescent Yahs” followed by “Teen Yahs” “University Yahs” “Young Adult Yahs” and then grandparenting. Well played, Katie Keen.

  17. Tessa says:

    Diana was great and had a work ethic. Kate with all her laziness is treated like a delicate flower who must not work. And gets away with being lazy. Diana was expected to work during the early stages of pregnancy with William. Diana unlike Kate had an interest in learning and working. And the public took to her. This just illustrates the very flawed royal standards.

    • BRC says:

      Diana worked after attending ?’finishing school’? She was a ‘nanny’ for some American couple living in London. Then worked at a nursery school. She worked before marriage and worked brilliantly after marriage.

  18. Bettyrose says:

    In 10-15 years will she be upping her royal engagements or working full time as an accessories buyer at Jigsaw? Get your wagers in now for the best odds.

  19. Digital Unicorn says:

    The stories of Kate being cold have been around since the University days – I remember a quote from someone in that circle saying that the aristos found Kate to be a ‘cold fish’ while Pippa was the more friendlier and fun of the 2 sisters. Pippa seemed to be more accepted by them than Kate ever was.

    It was also said that Kate was cold to people who she couldn’t use to get close to William and once she was done with you, you were dropped like a hot brick.

    She has always been a lazy bum who lives off others. She will never work to the levels of the rest of the family, regardless of whether William wants her to or not.

    • Bettyrose says:

      It doesn’t take much to see that Pippa is the more fun of the two. But Kate was the pretty sister that Carol banked on. Pippa was given slightly more room to be herself.

      • Steph says:

        Wait… You think Kate is the prettier of the two? I’ve always thought Pippa was. Maybe that’s bc Pippa seems to have a personality. I remember when she was promoting her (ridiculously stupid) book. She was able to do the morning show interviews and come off fine. Kate would never be capable of doing that without making a fool of herself.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I think Carole thought that and treated them accordingly.

  20. Eurydice says:

    Lol, if we were true influencers, we’d be able to get Kate to give up her wigs.

  21. Square2 says:

    Scobie & others might go easy on Kk-kate, I don’t. (Have not read Endgame.)

    Among many things she& MomMidd did & briefed to RR, after Meghan’s arrival on the BRF scene, the most unforgivable one is the “Meghan made K cried” briefing.

    Because after the Oprah interview correcting the lie, did K & her Middletons (felt ashamed and) keep quiet about this lie? NO. They spun several different versions of the “Bridesmaid fitting” to the point that her “fans” and/or KP bots left messages under charity/people’s (that mentioned Meghan) X/Twitter posts said, “M is a child abuser”, “She abused Charlotte” & other crazy lies reg Meghan & Charlotte.

    When they (wrongly) labeled the Duchess of Sussex as bully, was bad enough; but when they spreading rumors (having no evidence whatsoever) labeled a person as child abuser that’s an unforgivable sin. Especially for me who has earned a REAL degree in Early Childhood Development.

  22. Lulu says:

    Kate and Camilla both desperately chased marrying the heir at all costs yet neither embraced the public duties required and both do all they can to ditch the public duties. Remarkably similar. If it wasnt for Diana and Meghan we would have no idea how pitiful they are in their own roles.

  23. GrnieWnie says:

    Well, she was keen to learn how to LARP as a public policy researcher and look how that turned out lol.

  24. Thelma says:

    Kate comes across as lazy and just intellectually incurious. After all these years in the royal family she still can’t deliver a speech of any significant length properly. My high school senior nieces can do better…

    • LDMiddx says:

      I really feel for anyone who finds public speaking hard. And I am not saying I am particularly good at it….but then I’m not, you know, Princess of Wales. So I don’t think it is unfair or hypocritical to expect that after all this time, she would be reasonably competent at it and her speeches would no longer be painful to listen to. I feel cruel saying it, but I am not the one in an immensely privileged, public role which she chose to take on.

      I am old enough to remember Diana starting out with her speaking when she was 20. She was so nervous, she had to give a short speech in Welsh which she was just starting to learn, that must have been very hard.

      But Diana worked on herself, took advice and within a few years became a very competent speaker. I think what we are missing with Kate is the passion, the desire to communicate something important and contribute something positive….I think we would forgive an awful lot if we really felt that desire was there.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate was sold as the most educated bride in royals history because of her uni degree. That she could not do basic speeches is ridiculous seeing as she would have done presentations in class. Maybe it’s her fake accent messing it up, but then that means she should practice much more.

        Kate was lazy at 29 and remains lazy at almost 42. She will never change unless she is forced to.

  25. Over it says:

    Kates interest is stalking, stalking William, stalking Harry and now stalking Meghan. B is just a stalker

  26. Lady Digby says:

    I hope Omid has included a table of RF engagements over the last decade to prove how little WK do. Last year she did 90 engagements and as she does 3 per afternoon that works out as spread out over 30 weeks so if she did increase her committment to 3 afternoons a week this year that would result in a total of 270 engagements. How is 90 engagements , one afternoon a week for 30 weeks considered to be “part time” surely it is dabbling not “working?”

  27. Libra says:

    Kate is not lazy, just uninterested in anything that doesn’t revolve around her. Her family knows this well; hence the remark Mike Middleton made to William at the engagement, “…don’t work her too hard”. They have first hand knowledge of Kate not willing to apply herself to the opportunity to work at PP. Anyone who can stalk her prey and knock other females out of the running for many years, can also apply herself wholeheartedLy to other causes, so she has proven she is capable of applying herself when it suits her and when she benefits.

  28. Eliora says:

    Kate has been lazy all her life and still is. The British media are now clutching their pearls that Omid dared to call their Princess Kate lazy. How quickly they forget. The British media have been calling Kate lazy for years. The woman wanted to marry a prince and live a lazy life of luxury. Why are people acting shocked by this. Kate is basic.

    Kate may be prejudice or even racist but let’s face it, she hated Meghan on sight because Meghan was legitimate competition. If Meghan was as basic as Kate, she would have been embraced.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate and her mummy dearest still would have used all of their paid tabloid and pap connections to destroy any good reputation Harry’s Wife had. It was made far easier by the extremist right wing and the racist in the UK and US going after Meghan, but the Midds would have gone after anyone Harry married.

      Kate is no victim, she’s not passive, she’s as conniving and manipulative as the rest of them. The Midds have used paid PR hacks from the Fail to be their PR consultants for 20 years. None of them are innocent.

  29. HO says:

    One of the things that seemed quietly implied by his chapter on Kate is that she’s in a fragile place and could break at any moment (the way the end of her chapter was carefully worded was quite telling). She feels the pressure immensely. Also, she smokes.

    • Steph says:

      What the heck does her smoking have to do with any of this? 😆 Y’all love to align smoking with the being the scum of the earth in these comments.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Did he refer to her thinness at all? The portrait of royal life for a married in woman is horrific. They seem to want a thin white pliable type who is decorative, has kids but says nothing of interest whatsoever. I feel sorry for the 3 children and their future spouses because they will be put through the wringer too. They are treated like zoo animals and Chuckles started the rot by briefing to press during the War of the Wales. Yes Diana fought back but we can see she was up against the Firm with their power and money on their side. They “reclaimed” her in death and now has the gall to “repackage” Diana’s look? No wonder they wrongly think it is equally okay to evict Meghan and then get KM to cosplay her as well??

      • HO says:

        He didn’t refer to her thinness or anything of the sort. He was actually quite kind to her, i guess because he didn’t want them to accuse him of misogyny which they’ve done anyways. But if you read between the lines, she’s being held together by tape and the palace is eager to prevent any fall outs.

      • Lorelei says:

        Yes, she wrote the idea for the name “Heads Together” on the back of a cigarette package!

        @Steph I don’t think any of us said or think the fact that she smokes makes her “scum” (her actions toward other people are what make her scum 🙃), but as @Ho said, it was just funny to have it mentioned so casually after years of rumors.

        (Plus, we don’t even know if they were *her* cigarettes; all we know is that they were on the table but she wasn’t there alone.)

  30. aquarius64 says:

    Kate is now officially a waste of taxpayer money.

    • Steph says:

      What do you mean “now”? Hasn’t she always been? Do you mean that finally a legit journalist is saying it out loud?

  31. Steph says:

    In ten to fifteen years she’ll enter her “golden years” prematurely (though it won’t look premature) and she’ll start to have to take it slow.

    • Lau says:

      You typed faster than me ! I was writing that she would say she’s to old to do sh*t. Or maybe that she has to managed her now grown up kids’ lives.

  32. Mary Pester says:

    Why are we dancing around facts!! There are several reasons why William married Kate.
    One, the Queen told him to marry or dump! The idiot chose marry because he was to lazy to look further.
    Two, Charlie liked her (because he thought she was harmless, but hadn’t banked on her mother)
    Three SHE IS THICK, and William knew she was thick. He knew he could carry on as he wanted and she would ignore everything as long as she could stay married to the throne, sorry heir.
    Kate thought she should be worshiped by everyone inside and outside the Royal family, she played the “dim, obedient wife to a T, then along came Megan!
    The shock to her system, to see this beautiful, intelligent woman, being welcomed by Prince Philip, the Queen and Charles, and more importantly, being able to hold her own in conversations with them, put the fear of God into her. She knew she couldn’t compete, but the stupid bitch didn’t realise, Megan didn’t want to compete, she wanted to be Harry’s wife, a daughter in law and a sister in law, but Kate thought Megan was as ambitious as SHE was /is and decided to help out her. She copied everything in the hope that Charlie and Billy would admire her, not Megan. Well Kate, Megan’s gone and you STILL can’t compete. So carry on with your inappropriate behaviour,and copying Megan, because the world is starting to notice!!

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, “the world is starting to notice.” What will it take before the brf and bm realize that they are their own worst enemy?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Charles hates Kate and all the Midds. He advised William not to marry her. He, not QEII, gave William the same ultimatum Philip gave him. Marry her or dump her, you’re ruining all our reputations. William wanted to stick it to the Windsors by marrying the worst possible choice. Now he regrets it.

      • Nurse16 says:

        William had asked other women and was turned down. Kate was his last choice. I believe that he might have liked her but never really loved her. Harry and Meghan was a slap in the face to Kate because Harry really loves her.

      • Tessa says:

        And William dragged this so called courtship for 10 years. He could have walked away but Kate went in for media campaign to win him back.

  33. Beverley says:

    In 10-15 years, where will Kkkhate be? Will she be increasing her workload as a senior royal or will she be out of her ass, irrelevant and divorced, while another woman shares Will’s throne?

    Either way, she’ll look like Death warmed over by then. At 41, she cannot hold a candle to dignitaries and other royals a decade older than Kkkhate. I cannot even imagine how her meanness, bigotry, bad eating, and misery will look on her by then. Yes, I believe that just like Camilla, her ugliness inside will keep seeping out like a rotten, stinking malaise. Hold on to your horses, celebitchies, it won’t be pretty.

  34. Jaded says:

    This line stood out to me… “[Kate] advocating for mental health causes—the mental health of mothers, for that matter—but ignoring her own sister-in-law’s cries for help seemed out of character for someone the public knew as sweet and easy to get along with.”

    I’m pleased he noted what all of us CBers have been saying for years, that the dichotomy of advocating for Ahly Yahs and mental health causes, compared to her cold, rude and aggressive behaviour towards Meghan, is glaringly obvious. Kate’s mean-girl persona has been somewhat scrubbed from social media but it exploded as soon as Meghan came on the scene. Her behaviour publicly (Commonwealth church service, post-funeral walkabout) towards her was unconscionable and I’m sure there are dozens more instances that went on behind closed doors. The more the rota try to gin up Kate’s work ethic, intelligence, compassion and happy family fantasy, the more spiteful, dull and inept she appears.

  35. JaneS says:

    Sounds about right.
    This should not shock anyone.
    Kate has always been a dress up doll, who never wants to work.

  36. Jay says:

    No doubt the palace sees Kate’s chief value as her willingness to be”coachable” – Diana taught them how dangerous it would be for a married-in to have her own views. And in turn, Kate’s willingness to be a dolled-up, smiling blank slate may have allowed her to survive within the RF, but I don’t think anybody could look at or hear her and say that she is thriving.

    As for her “intention” to keep working part-time until the children have grown? Please. Why would she suddenly change after all these years?

    And that’s assuming that the choice remains hers – what happens if Chuck has a short reign? Or if people (rightly) get tired of paying for a full-time princess who barely does an engagement a week? Or if the tabloids decide they need fresh meat – it’s not going to be Camilla or William that they criticize!

  37. QuiteContrary says:

    Kate is allowed to be so lazy because Will is so lazy.

    Those two are going to throw their children into the fire as soon as possible to deflect attention from their own laziness.

    Charlotte and George have maybe 10 more years of relative freedom before they’re called upon to cover for their parents.

    • Blithe says:

      Fingers crossed that Charlotte goes to University, and then some sort of internship in another country, and tugs at Louis to do something similar. George, at least will get to go to University, and might get to meet a few other royals, and get a sense of life beyond the strictures of his family.

      I’m also thinking that as they hit boarding school, they’ll figure out ways to connect with their Sussex cousins. It’s not super realistic, I know, but I’m hoping for good things from this generation of royals — even if, at some point, they’re no longer royals.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Blithe, I’m with you. I’m not holding my breath, but a girl can hope!

        You just know that George and Charlotte will be hiding copies of Spare under their mattresses the way other kids hide raunchy magazines or whatever they don’t want their parents to find, lol.

  38. TN Democrat says:

    In 10-15 years she will be ducking work claiming she needs to take round the clock care of her elderly parents, then the excuse will be her grandkids. She married the prince, wears the cursed Diana engagement ring and has the Princess of Wales title while doing nothing meaningful. She achieved the goals she plotted with her mother and she will never contribute meaningfully to society or her charities because contributing was never the endgame.

  39. JaneS says:

    TN Democrat, you have hit the nail on the head.
    All true of Kate.

    Diana was more blue-blood than the Windors.
    I don’t know where I read it, but I remember reading that part of the attraction to Charles on Dianas’ part, that as future King he would never be allowed to divorce.
    Diana was deeply damaged by her parents divorce.
    Diana, as a very young bride, did know she would be the Mother of the future King.
    Diana worked and meant to use her position to support the Crown and actually help people.

    Kate and her Mom always saw William and his position as the prize. Once married, all done. The kids were her only job duty as she sees it.

    • AC says:

      She’s never had a real job in her life , no other ambitions except marry W and make sure Her major role is to carry and bear the next heir.
      That’s not going to cut it in the 21st century. Many of the younger generation women puts her to shame. She will never be a role model for the next generation of young women. Not a good image for the future QofE being labeled as “lazy” and does nothing else.

  40. Lulu says:

    I believe Melania is the only US First Lady to never grant an interview to media. She desperately wanted a magazine cover but was too afraid of her husbands reaction if she said something he didn’t like. It’s possible Kathy does as little as possible because of imposter syndrome, except in her case it applies. She knows she is not up to the job and doesn’t want the public or her rage filled husband to witness her inability. So she grins and does jazz hands.

  41. LDMiddx says:

    By the way has anyone commented on how SHOCKING her outfit is in that top photo? Why did they let her go out like that? Floaty white evening dress trailing over vampiric black gloves and Christmas decorations for earrings…..really?? With the long trailing hair it is just too much.

  42. VilleRose says:

    She is seriously going to hide behind her kids forever. George and Charlotte are not far from being teenagers. Teens still need their parents but they are definitely more independent. What is she going to do when Louis goes to college? If she and William don’t divorce now, they will when they are empty nesters. They won’t have the kids to fall back on and there’ll be nothing left for them to discuss. Though who knows, maybe seeing it spelled out this way, this will light a temporary fire under Kate’s behind. I won’t be surprised if we see a flurry of engagements all of a sudden to counteract this. It won’t last, but it will be fun to see the damage control.

  43. J.Ferber says:

    VilleRose, Maybe in Kate’s “desperation,” she might contrive to do a lot more performative
    reveals of her “smoking hot” body. One day a leg, the next a breast, the royal jewel once again and on we go. Some will defend her and praise her to the skies, despite her coarseness, vulgarity and preening.