Palace aides thought all of the vitriol they aimed at Duchess Meghan was ‘funny’

Throughout Prince Harry’s Spare, I was often left with the impression that Harry still has a hard time believing that much of the vitriol and hatred aimed at Meghan originated from royal quarters. While some of the smears were made up by a racist press machine, it was beyond clear (the whole time) that Kensington Palace, Clarence House and Buckingham Palace staffers were ALL in on it, with the implicit or explicit approval of their royal primaries. What Omid Scobie’s Endgame makes clear – in several chapters – is that KP leaked like a sieve and the all-white staff made it their mission to make Meghan’s life hell. Speaking of:

The book suggests that then-Prince Charles’ aides offered to help plan Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding but were rejected by Harry, who feared details would leak via his father’s office. “‘Far too big for her boots,’ one of Charles’s staffers, a regular Daily Mail source at the time, moaned about Meghan. ‘Who does she think she is?’

“Just who does she think she is? This was a running theme throughout Meghan’s time as a working royal. Here was a woman who, in the eyes of many within the institution (consciously or unconsciously), wasn’t considered good enough to be part of it because of her class, her family, her ethnicity or her career history.

“This period was the birth of ‘Duchess Difficult’ one of the many nicknames given to Meghan by the Palace and tabloids over the years,” Endgame reads. “‘Me-gain’ (because it’s all about ‘me,’ a royal insider told society bible Tatler), ‘narcissistic sociopath,’ and ‘degree wife’ (this one supposedly by a senior royal because they felt her marriage would only last the length of a British university degree three years) are a few others. Inside the Palace was no different to a school playground, except this time the bullies had reporters on speed dial.”

The book details a barrage of criticisms Meghan faced in public but said it was “worse behind closed doors.”

“Some aides and staff found the name-calling funny,” Scobie wrote. “A few even believed Meghan got what was coming to her. One former aide shared with me that a colleague told them Meghan ‘kind of deserved it …for making our lives hell’ during the wedding planning.”

A former palace employee is quoted saying: “They basically meant she had opinions. People didn’t like that. They wanted Meghan to just go with everything that was suggested and not create any additional work. It was a combination of her not conforming with how women marrying into the family are expected to behave and certain individuals just being lazy.”

In early 2019, Meghan said she experienced suicidal thoughts while pregnant against the backdrop of a wave of negative articles about her and spoke to palace HR.

“Her supposedly ‘private’ meeting with Samantha Carruthers, the Palace’s head of HR, surfaced as Palace gossip within a matter of weeks,” Scobie wrote. “Various staff at Kensington Palace, Clarence House, and Buckingham Palace all tittle-tattled about Meghan’s personal crisis, and the chatter even reached some of the reporters in the royal rota.

“There were few who were sympathetic, and even fewer who did or said anything to help.” A former palace staffer told Scobie: “The feeling was that she needed to develop a thicker skin.”

“The institutional response was regrettably predictable,” Scobie wrote. “Instead of lending a hand, they gave her the company line, requiring her to demonstrate some of that clichéd stiff upper lip and suffer in silence, all part of a compulsory effort to protect the company brand.”

[From Newsweek]

Yep – so much of this (throughout 2018) was explicitly coming from palace staff, gleefully briefing the media about how much they hated Meghan and how she was “difficult” for merely… having opinions about her own wedding. I gave a little fist-bump when Scobie said outright that it was just a matter of laziness among KP staffers too – they were so used to their part-time royals barely doing anything at all, they seriously could not cope with a woman who (gasp) had opinions and didn’t want to do anything half-assed.

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  1. aquarius64 says:

    So Meghan had to deal with lazy, incompetent staff. Good thing their names aren’t out there because no respectable business would want to hire these clowns.

    • Lorelei says:

      The AUDACITY of these people to say Meghan “deserved it because she made their lives hell.”

      Are you kidding me? It was *Meghan’s* life that was made hellish by THEM.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I’ve had the misfortune of working with entitled royal/upper class adjacent people like these. They are incredibly snooty, entitled and thick as mince. From what I heard of the wedding through the grapevine , the incompetence of the staff was unbelievable.

      • May says:

        Incompetent, yes, but I am sure part of it was sabotage as well. It sounds like these were people that would not be above “forgetting” to do things, ordering the wrong item, etc.

    • Megan says:

      What kind of people think one of their bosses getting attack by the press is funny? Meghan was surrounded by vipers.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      Meghan bullying the staff actually meant that she made them work. She made them work when there was this lazy culture, so bullying meg was their retaliation against her being competent and working hard and/or wanting a wedding of her own, to her liking. She paid for that.

    • ales says:

      I imagine that queen of the mean girls, Khate, was regularly giving them lessons on how to be more vile to Meghan. Jealousy is more insane when you have people to carry out your demands, K could not allow Meghan to be happy.

    • 12MP says:

      Lazy incompetent staff? Why don’t you look up Samantha Carruthers on LinkedIn? She’s an alum of South Africa’s top girl’s school, its top university, and prior to her roles at KP and CH, held very senior positions at DeBeers, Lazard, and PWC.

      • Square2 says:

        But is Samantha Carruther an ethical person? Who leaked a person’s private heath information to others? Especially being the head of HR & as 12MP implied she’s a professional, than she sould’ve known better. Good education & CV does not a nice person made.

    • Ellie says:

      I have a theory on how Meghan treated the staff. She likely was really nice to them and it irritated the royals. Staff to them should be at arms length, not friendly. I have an understanding of this, not because of royals but from other countries. My husband and I lived in the Middle East East and the authorities did not like us paying them more, asking them in a cool drink, or telling the Gardner it was too hot to work, go home. Same in Sri Lanka, but the reversal. The people from there that became friendly with us were treated badly.Jealousy. We would take them out and neighbors woul be upset, waiters sometime slammed dow their plates. My guess and from Meghan’s demeanor she was sweet, nice kind and too familiar with them. Can you imagine Kate saying they are my staff I’ll discipline them? I can.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So what I wana know is how exactly did she make these staffers’ lives hell during the wedding? Where are the details of this? They love to talk shit about her and yet have no true details of her being a bridezilla. Like what, she wanted more flowers on the arch? The flower arch looked exquisite so I’d say her taste was better than theirs. Like really what did she do that was so horrible during the wedding? The staff didn’t like that she had opinions. So basically they thought they knew better than her… for her wedding.

    Edit- hi, this is jais, not anonymous😂 maybe I typed without first entering my name?

    • windyriver says:

      Harry did make a comment in the documentary about how overwhelmed the staff were. My recollection is it had to do with the barrage of media requests they were getting. Don’t recall if he was specifically talking about the wedding, there would’ve been intense interest in Meghan as soon as she appeared on the scene in any event. I can imagine how an understaffed office, with likely underpaid, underqualified, and underutilized (read: used to an easy schedule) people would have resented the workload. It wasn’t Meghan’s fault, but she was the one new element, so an easy target for blame. Amazing the lack of understanding, concern and compassion reflected in Omid’s quotes. What a despicable bunch of people.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      She had opinions! A bi-racial American woman (with opinions, no less!) marrying into the class based little cult makes life hell for the staff.

      • Ellie says:

        Right on. Look what they did to Diana who is really more British than Charles and the Queen.I have nove for any of them. I loved her boys, now only Harry, and his family Archie and Lilibet. The royals behavior to Harry and Meghan is appalling. Kate the ice Queen andWilliam are disgusting. George already has bullied and I think the little one will as well.

    • Sunday says:

      Anything she did or didn’t do would have been wrong to people determined to hate her from day 1. To the (pun intended) entitled aristo staff at KP, having to even pretend to defer to a biracial American actress was beyond the pale; to them, it would be like hiring the Babadook to MC the Disney fireworks parade. The very fact that she had the gall to get engaged to a white prince – and, even worse, expect to go through with the wedding! – was enough for them to declare her evil incarnate. I’m sure some of her early transgressions included calling Harry her fiancé, confirming she planned to wear a dress and not a potato sack, and (gasp!) pointing out that her name was actually spelled with an H, not Megan. How dare she!

    • Dowager Hussy says:

      None of this surprises me. They had it in for her from the beginning. Let karma rain down on them. They deserve.

    • Kathleen says:

      Seems to me staff went from working for part-time royals plus a bachelor to part-time royals plus a whole new hot, clamored-after couple with a giant wedding to plan–and the bride was whip-smart, with great taste, and was not a child, she was used to being decisive. They couldn’t shake off their rust and they blamed her when she set expectations, which would be reasonable in most business settings but in their minds were insanely demanding. And the culture, from William and Kate on down, sneered at her, so the tone set from the top made it ok to bellyache and balk. The Cambridges (as they were) turned KP into a hothouse of fear and loathing.

    • Lulu says:

      They wanted to treat Meghan as they did Kate, a perpetual intern. Meghan came in at a ceo level and probably took over where they were lacking . That’s where ‘who does she think she is’ comes in. That Meghan was better at their jobs than they were would never be forgiven. Anyway, this is all my supposition.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Lulu, it’s not even a supposition. The staffers/courtiers believed they were dealing with an ‘American actress’. Which is somehow different from an English actress??? An American actress that graduated from Northwestern. Madame Duchess did not fit into their stereotypes. Her intellect was greater than theirs.

        No wonder Will had a problem with Harry finding happiness. Seriously, what kind of sibling, THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY CLOSE TO, tells their brother, it may not happen for them. That’s a gross, unloving comment to make.

  3. Of course they found it funny because they are all a bunch of racist pigs!! Let’s call the biracial women anything we want because she is dirt beneath our feet. That’s what is all about. Harry had the audacity to marry a biracial women and for that he must pay.

  4. equality says:

    Who did she think she was? The bride? In most situations the bride makes the majority of decisions about a wedding. But didn’t PH’s book give instances where they went along with what the palace wanted for the wedding, like wearing a certain tiara and having a big wedding at all? I don’t believe the majority of the royal employees would survive in a real corporate environment.

    • VoominVava says:

      This is so true, I agree. They were agreeable to a point, but made sure the wedding was still personal to them. Harry knows how the game goes.

      I also am really pleased that Scobie gives Meghan her proof that she went to HR for help and they did nothing to help her. Although it will mean nothing to people who will never believe her.

      “Her supposedly ‘private’ meeting with Samantha Carruthers, the Palace’s head of HR, surfaced as Palace gossip within a matter of weeks,” Scobie wrote. “Various staff at Kensington Palace, Clarence House, and Buckingham Palace all tittle-tattled about Meghan’s personal crisis, and the chatter even reached some of the reporters in the royal rota.

      “There were few who were sympathetic, and even fewer who did or said anything to help.” A former palace staffer told Scobie: “The feeling was that she needed to develop a thicker skin.”

      • LDMiddx says:

        I find it just unforgivable that a meeting with the Head of HR should become public knowledge like this. I have worked within HR in the UK: anyone with any HR experience knows that confidentiality and data security are sacrosanct, and all HR Practitioners have a particular obligation to keep such information relating to individuals secure.

        This is even more the case when it relates to sensitive personal info (mental health issues would come into that category). This is addressed by the professional body for HR, the CIPD.

        So if true, Ms Carruthers has breached her own professional standards in disclosing these details about Meghan. There is a phrase for that in the UK workplace: gross misconduct. I have known people who have been dismissed for less. So will Ms Carruthers be facing an investigation into her conduct and if not, why not?

      • Lorelei says:

        I totally agree, it’s enraging that that happened to Meghan, and the woman who leaked such personal details should absolutely face consequences. I doubt she will, but she should. Beyond unprofessional, just disgusting.

      • Jazmine says:

        And ppl wondered why Meghan was crying !

        I bet she went thru hell trying to get her wedding together & found obstacles at every turn !!!

  5. s808 says:

    This isn’t new to us but i’m glad Omid is putting out there for casual bystanders to read. This is absolutely why we didn’t get nor will we ever get the results of that investigation. M was 100% bullied by those lazy, racist pos in KP(& eventually BP too)! I’m so glad she’s out of there and has a competent team. I hope she steps on every news cycle the royals have and is so successful, she’s inescapable.

    • Lorelei says:

      The findings of that “investigation” are with the “Diversity Czar” they hired 🙄

    • ArtHistorian says:

      That’s why the public bullying claims against Meghan are so awful. She was the victim, not the bully. The people at KP working for her bullied her through the press.

      • Jais says:

        Yes exactly, she was the victim and not the bully. Here again, we have someone saying she made their life hell during the wedding. Oh really? How? What are the details? Silence. Bc the details would make the person complaining look like a lazy asshole. With the bullying claims, someone said Meghan made her afraid to answer the phone. Oh really? How? What are the details? Silence. Bc again, it would make the complainer look like an incompetent asshole. The details would make it clear these were lazy incompetent bullies who were all to willing to sabotage Meghan from the start bc she didn’t know her place. Who did she think she was is what they said. It’s a gothic horror story.

      • Christine says:

        The best example they could come up with of Meghan’s “bullying tactics” was an email sent at 5 a.m.

        I would never hire anyone who had Kensington Palace on their resume. Ever.

    • Chelsea says:

      @S808 I’m not necessarily happy about this book but I’m also glad Scobie put this in here. It’s very painful to read again but there are many who are casual observers who have no idea how cruel palace staff was to Meghan(i saw this firsthand on twitter after the Oprah interview where some people were shocked at some of the disgusting headlines pushed out by KP that the squad reposted) so I’m happy that more casual observers will see this and get a better understanding of what Meghan was put through by these snakes.

  6. Lau says:

    Terrible and digusting people all around, from top to bottom.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    And Roya Nikkhah has the gumption to lie that Meghan would want to spend Christmas with the Royals. It’s very upsetting to read these stories and I don’t believe they scratch the surface of what Meghan was put through just because she was a black American woman with her own mind.

  8. Karma says:

    She went through HELL! I hope every bit of vitriol they sent Meghans way comes back and haunts them till their last days.

  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    We knew every bit of this as it happened/leaked.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yes but in the years since the members of the rota who wrote these vile stories fed to them by the palace have been lying claiming that they’ve never gotten negative briefs from the Firm even though most of these stories are still up. And i dont think those headlines with the “degree wife” and “narcistic” insults were included in the Oprah interview or the docuderies(the ‘duchess difficult’ one was though) so there are many casual observers who aren’t aware of the extent of the cruelty from palace staff towards Meghan.

  10. Nic919 says:

    She was expecting them to do their job and many of them could not handle that.

    But even if she was picky for her own wedding, when we get to them being aware she was suicidal and they weren’t sympathetic? That is monstrous. Clearly they had dehumanized her by that point.

    • s808 says:

      and it was HER wedding! Her and Harry already didn’t want a big wedding and had to go along with it but sheesh let the girl have some say in HER wedding. My goodness. I’m so freaking glad she made it out of there alive. I don’t blame her for not ever wanting to step a toe in the UK ever again.

    • Chelsea says:

      It was so crazy to me when Valentine Low admitted after the Oprah interview that he’d already been briefed on Meghan’s convo with HR back in 2019. I mean for one thing leaking private conversations with HR is unethical and disgusting but what got me the most is that that meant that ALL of these staffers and royal reporters knew Meghan was struggling with her mental health to point that she reached out for help and they STILL chose to pile on her during that time and after.

      I just can not fathom how disgusting of a human being you have to be to do that to someone and to make matters worse she was still pregnant at the time! Just vile excuses for human beings.

      • Square2 says:

        The only reason her mental health struggle didn’t write up & publish by Low during that time was because his newspaper’s lawyer vetoed it! Low was so gleeful his got that KP leak.

    • Lucy says:

      She was pregnant and suicidal! And their reaction was, good, it’s working. Truly yt supremacy in action – they didn’t see her as human, she had to be the one with the problem and make all the sacrifices.

      • Anna says:

        Just remember how Kate was treated by the press while pregnant with George. I don’t know how Meg survived but I will always feel for her – they stole the beautiful experience of first pregnancy from her.

  11. Cee says:

    This makes me so angry. If Kate Middleton was good enough to marry a future King then Meghan Markle was more than good enough to marry a Prince of the UK.

    • Kingston says:

      Middlebum is only “good enough” by their standards which is at subterranean levels.

      • Cee says:

        Exactly my point. If KM is good enough then MM was perfect for the role.
        They only have 2 things in common: their middle classness & disgusting relatives.
        But that’s where common ground ends- Meghan surpasses Kate in terms of career, work ethic, education, wealth and intelligence.

  12. Amy says:

    You know what would actually be funny is for the monarchy to end or at least be defunded and all of those horrible people would be out of a job and a grift and would actually have to accomplish something. That would be hilarious…to watch them fail.

    • Dee says:

      I vote for defunding as the quickest way to get rid of them. Keep cutting budgets until they are royal in name only and have to get real jobs. Then you can start tackling the numerous laws to dismantle the aristocracy in turn.

  13. Miranda says:

    Lazy, racist, useless pieces of absolute shit. I hope it just kills them to see Meghan now: happy, successful, rich (in part by her own hard work, something they could never understand), and surrounded by her devoted husband and beautiful children. SHE WON.

    • Kingston says:

      Yes! She won! Because Love Wins!

      I have one regret about something M said in their Netflix docu: in one of the first 3 episodes she was recounting the final day of the’ bad bitch tour,’ when she left to go back to Archie but H had to stay behind to wrap things up; and she said that the chief steward on the plane came up to her and knelt in front of her and thanked her for all she did for the uk. And she said that was the thing that was so hurtful…….that she had done so much and yet it wasnt good enough.

      And I hated that her self-confidence was so damaged by those f*ckrs because I know she believes and tells women all that the time that they are good enough just the way they are; that they shouldnt allow anyone to make them feel any less.

      But I believe their docu, as their “look back” project, was meant to lay it all down, tell their story, warts and all. And then never look back again.

      Which is why I’m not so sure that M will write a memoir that takes in that period of her life. But I definitely hope she writes the story of their love, which Archewell Productions turns into a modern, 21st century fairytale for the ages.

  14. Becks1 says:

    There’s a clip of Omid saying (from a news program about the royals, H&M may still have been working royals at the time) that when you’re used to one meeting a month, someone who wants to meet multiple times a week is going to seem overbearing – something like that.

    Basically Meghan’s “crime” was expecting that the staffers were going to work like actual competent professionals and she treated them as such initially.

    But they didnt want to actually work, they didn’t want to implement new ideas, and they thought Meghan should be grateful for any scraps they threw her way re: the wedding etc and they were ticked that she had expectations beyond that, that she had opinions of her own.

    • Polo says:

      But the crazy thing is that as soon as Meghan left they took her ideas/ style and implemented it at royal foundation.
      They’ve copied everything archewell is doing down to most of Meghan’s speeches. Then we have both Kate and William styling themselves as dollar store versions of Harry and Meghan.
      They just didn’t want Meghan to shine. Ugh

      • Becks1 says:

        They are, but at a very slow pace. We’re still not getting complete projects from them, its still a lot of “listening and learning,” etc. They’re copying the style from Archewell and H&M but not the substance or the work ethic.

      • Lady D says:

        LMAO @ dollar store versions. Thank you for that.

    • Deering24 says:

      “Basically Meghan’s “crime” was expecting that the staffers were going to work like actual competent professionals and she treated them as such initially.”

      Typical. So, so typical. Teeth-grindingly typical. 😡 POC have to be brilliant and 24/7 perfect to prove they deserve to breathe (much less get hired. Forget being regarded as a professional.) But everyone else is allowed to slack off and fuck up as much as they want to. Such a bunch of hypocrites hiding behind their “meritocracy” and entitlement. 🤮

  15. Jais says:

    I’m also just imagining the KP staff showing one side to Harry and another to Meghan. Treating her well in front of him and then full of passive aggressive mico-aggressions the minute he left the room. Meghan went through it.

  16. Angie says:

    This has made me so angry just reading this shit. Yes I said shit. From the beginning Meghan tried so hard to fit in even to the point of submerging her own personality somewhat. As follower of hers you could see it. She was never going to win with these racist assholes. They all saw her beneath them. As a black female most of us go to microaggressions on the job particularly working in a non friendly environment but what Meghan went through was this on steroids’. The constant pettiness must have affected her deeply. No one on God’s green earth can expect her to return to this so called family. What’s really sad is a lot of this is because of jealousy. Every single one of these people are inferior to her. Just like what happened to Diana. There I’ve said it.

    • Polo says:

      Right there with you! I’m soo angry and feel so so so sad for what Meghan was and has been put through and some of which still continues to this day.
      There’s no way this kind of treatment doesn’t alter the your very being!
      I amazed at her bravery and strength! I hope one day she can tell her story and really feel seen and heard by the public.

      • HO says:

        Quote about Kate from EndGame: “ “For a woman who is so tightly controlled and carefully assembled, this is a lot of shape-shifting and pressure to perform. Under such continual duress, facades tend to crumble. The institution will do anything to prevent this from happening. The Palace knows the fallout when it does.”

        This carefully worded part of her chapter has convinced me that all is not well behind the scenes and she’s feeling the heat. Karma huh?

    • Harper says:

      The palace insiders are really an angry mob who would have gotten lamps and pitchforks and driven Meghan out of the castle walls if they could have. It’s so upsetting to know that this happened to a woman of such grace and kindness, and also that so many men and women around the world today still actively dislike Meghan because of this pile on. The truth is there was not a single adult or leader in the family to call out these playground bullies. That includes QEII, who committed the grievous sin of omission by staying silent. Harry eventually had to be the one to say no more and thank God he did.

      • Kingston says:


        “………….and also that so many men and women around the world today still actively dislike Meghan because of this pile on.”

        ^This part of what you said! Its frightening to know that the more thats revealed of the sadism of the creatures in the brf, and of how they treated M, the more their sycophants get angry at M for ‘causing’ their sadism to be revealed; for ‘causing’ the world to see how inferior they truly are. And that further causes these sycophants to double down on their hatred of M.

        Nevermind that the first misrepresentations (by the RotaRats et al) of Endgame before the pub date, was skewed against M and she was blamed for the book’s existence. Now that its it out and shows that its the mediocrity and inferiority of the others thats being revealed, she is still being blamed for its publication. Because the skewed logic is: if H hadnt married M and brought her into the BRF, their faux fairytale would have remained intact.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Ho, it’s insane that they didn’t learn a single thing from Diana. (They think they learned what they wanted, but in actuality, had all of the wrong takeaways.)

        I’m not a fan of Kate’s, but she is clearly struggling, and it’s doubtful that she’s getting any help, which is awful.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      I truly think they just naturally adopted a colonial attitude towards her. She’s an outsider, so she got colonial treatment. Kate did too, as a class outsider (to an extent), but she could be moulded into the system as she was a blank page. Megan was not a blank page but an actually formed human being. Plus in my opinion, no fully formed American could put up with the monarchy and what it demands.

    • Deering24 says:

      Seriously. I went through crap like this when I worked corporate, and it shattered my confidence so thoroughly it took years of therapy for me to get myself back to being productive and trusting my instincts. How Meghan withstood this level of hate, I’ll never know–but she gets high propers from me for surviving and thriving. And may all the people who tormented her for fun rot in their own useless misery and ignorance.

  17. HO says:

    Final comment on this because i spent the better part of my night reading this. Prince Phillip was a prophet when he said the monarchy’s most staunch supporters will bring about its demise. History will not be kind to them

    • Anonymous says:

      Bottom line: white staffers viewed mixed-race Meghan as “uppity.” “Who does she think she is?” is always code for “She’s socially beneath me; how dare she act like my boss – even tho she IS my boss?”

      I’m guessing this was especially true of Kate, previously bullied for being a commoner: there’s no bigger bully than a bulllied person who finds someone lower on the totem pole to bully.

    • Lorelei says:

      I never knew that Philip said that! Interesting. And, yes, prophetic.

  18. Kingston says:

    Can you say if omid writes about the trumped up bullying claims against M? I hv a feeling I can answer that question myself because its very likely covered in legalese so he coudnt touch it.

  19. Jay says:

    I wish palace staffers would have the self-awareness to be ashamed now that this has been so thoroughly revealed – how they took pleasure in “punishing” Meghan for… having opinions and wanting to work hard? Unconscious or not, the message of “who does she think she is” was very clearly communicated.

    Especially galling given that in many cases, it was *Harry* saying that he didn’t want the palace aides help, or he was (rightly) concerned about leaks. I don’t think Meghan felt that way at the beginning, yet of course it was Meghan who was labeled “difficult”.

  20. MabsAMabbin says:

    Funny. FUNNY. Oh yes that’s right, I laughed my ass off these past years. ರ⁠╭⁠╮⁠ರ

  21. Deanne says:

    Even if they felt she was difficult during her wedding planning, which to me translates to they expected her to just shut up and accept whatever was suggested without offering any opinions, they still couldn’t show compassion when she was literally feeling suicidal? That is beyond cruel and sickening behaviour. Abusive people always tell you to grow a thicker skin. It’s your fault that you’re taking their abuse too personally. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been to be doing your best in those circumstances and have a group of apparent sociopaths taking pleasure in making your life as unpleasant as possible.

    • Christine says:

      I lost it at the part in Harry and Meghan where a very broken Meghan says, “I tried so hard.” It’s really hard to see anyone like that, and not feel sympathetic, but she really did want to do great things with Harry for the Commonwealth, and they ripped her to shreds.

  22. Sunshine says:

    “ Throughout Prince Harry’s Spare, I was often left with the impression that Harry still has a hard time believing that much of the vitriol and hatred aimed at Meghan originated from royal quarters.”
    This!!! It is a huge blind spot.

  23. Carty says:

    Who is this Samantha Carruthers and why wasn’t she dragged more for spreading Meghan’s private medical information to all the staff? This is the first I have seen a name attached to someone Meghan reached out to and she in turn spilled HIPPA info of Meghan’s all over the place.

    • Lady D says:

      Same. I want to know who this ignorant mouthpiece is. She should be charged.

      • Jaded says:

        She has the gall to call herself an “experienced People Leader with P&L experience and a passion for organizations and people”. My a$$. I worked in HR for the better part of 20 years and would have been sacked immediately if I shared that kind of sensitive and personal information.

    • poppedbubble says:

      Exactly!!! Why is no one talking about this specific wretch of a woman? She still has her job, doesn’t she? At the very least she should be fired.

    • Vader says:

      I always found it strange that no one really went after the fact that private medical information about meghans mental health was leaked. I mean, if this had happened at a private company, tere would be lawsuits involved (at least in the US).

      • Lorelei says:

        I hope she faces some consequences. HR is never on the side of the employee— they’re always on the side of whoever is signing their paychecks— but it sounds like this woman’s behavior and treatment of Meghan was absolutely malpractice, and just beyond the pale.

        Any decent person would be appalled to read that. Unfortunately I don’t think the BRF has any decent people within it nor working for it.

      • Deering24 says:

        It doesn’t sound like any RF staffers get consequences–forget permanent ones. Hey, when your society is based on class hierarchy and endless punching-down, that’s a feature, not a bug.

  24. Mslove says:

    Is it right to fund a racist monarchy? It seems to me that people of color are barely tolerated by the family and their staff. And here they are, hosting state dinners. SMH.

  25. CM says:

    And these Royal fools worried that Harry had spilled the tea … they could have said SO MUCH MORE!!!

  26. Over it says:

    Meghan really and truly does love Harry . She really fought for this love and gives it her all. It’s the only explanation that I can come up with for why she even stayed in that institution and family as long as she did . These Satan hand maidens who walk around pretending to be humans are the vilest Things ever. Just reading this made me cry . I rewatched her and Harry docu-series over the weekend and I cried seeing the pain she went through at the hands of Harry relatives and the people that work for them and their media hyenas. I pray for happiness from here on out for Meghan, Harry and Their two beautiful children and mama Doria .

  27. Snuffles says:

    Meghan unintentionally triggered so many things just by existing in that space. Just by being her ambitious, hard working self. While it’s something Harry absolutely adored about her and wanted in a life partner, she was the last thing anyone in that institution wanted.

    These people were used to their principles coming into the office like once a month at MOST. Disappearing on extended vacations. Someone coming into the office every day and asking them to execute new ideas and projects was a shock to the system. And they quickly realized they weren’t equipped to handle any of Meghan’s requests. And, they probably weren’t used to coming in daily and putting in full work days. They resented her for it, doubly so because she was a lowly, common, American bi-racial actress. In their minds she should have been eternally grateful they even allowed her to be there.

    I think there was a lot of naivety on both Meghan and Harry’s part. Meghan probably naively thought, if she worked hard they’d appreciate her for it. And Harry naively thought that everyone would think Meghan was as fabulous as he thought she was. He clearly never thought they would react this way to her. Didn’t consider there might be biases, bigotry, sexism, racism and xenophobia being triggered in the staff and in his family. As an extremely privileged white man, that is not something he’s ever had to think about.

    As for Meghan, she admitted in the documentary that she was never treated as a black woman because she looks ambiguously ethnic. And Doria admitted she never prepared her for that reality.

  28. Sunday says:

    What most infuriates me is that any neutral party observing this, be it pragmatic courtiers or global media at large, should have been able to clock what was really happening in like 5 seconds flat. That Kaiser and Scobie are two of the only people GLOBALLY to report on this accurately is a damning indictment of Western journalism (also, well done Kaiser & Celebitchy, seriously). It goes way beyond gossip when those who purport to serve the English crown are allowed to obviously, publicly, and mercilessly harass a WOC to zero consequences and much fanfare.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      The BRF is probably the last major symbol of white supremacy, and LOTS of people in the media cling to it for that reason. Meghan joining the family ruined a lot of fantasies and idealizations, and she’ll always be resented for it. The only reason the BRF can do things like threaten outlets with cutting off access and have outright lies reported on without any critical analysis or pushback is because those same outlets still place value on this institution. I think the only way this changes is if the BRF sabotages itself to the point of no return, which. It’s certainly getting there, looking at the Foul Four running the show.

    • Lorelei says:

      They really are just stenographers, and it’s disgraceful. They have nerve calling themselves journalists.

      I hate the “access” argument, because the BRF NEEDS RRs to be there, covering their engagements and tours and taking photos; they can’t just ban every outlet that publishes something negative (yet truthful) about them. They need the press because all they do is perform for photo ops.

  29. L4Frimaire says:

    These people are utterly disgusting. I remember reading that Tatler article from May 2019 that called her names like degree wife and how gleeful and nasty the KP staff were to leak about how unprofessional and cruel they were to her. So nasty and it just got worse and worse. The fact that Meghan is in such a better place and while paying these fools dust is such a satisfaction , especially since they can’t get over it. These people are lazy, incompetent and racist. Wishing them every failure imaginable. May Meghan continue to prosper and thrive.

  30. Mary Pester says:

    Rats, they are all rats, and king and queen rodent are the worse for allowing the palaces to become the biggest sewers in London. Staff shouldn’t have this much power, and wouldn’t have this much power, unless it was sanctioned by the people that employ them. The head of HR is now sacked I hope, but more than that, I hope the Palace walls are crumbling into the sewer from where it came, as none of them, staff, family, married ins, are fit to lick Harry and Megans shoes

    • Eurydice says:

      Exactly! The palace staff might all be lazy, racist scum, but they take their cues from their employers. The RF allowed and encouraged this behavior and the buck stops with them.

      • Christine says:

        All of the abuse would have ended if QEII and Charles had any basic decency, but they don’t, so here we are.

  31. Square2 says:

    I guess Meghan’s wedding “options” that staff were not happy about were, among other nothing burgers, wearing white & a veil (these we knew from Spare), choosing her own wedding banquet (3 Michelin Stars) chef, cake specialist…

    She couldn’t even control who she could invite to HER OWN wedding, can one blamed her for insisting on some choices she could have?

    No word can describe how *$#% the BRF, their staff & majority of the BM are. No Hell’s fire is hot enough for these low-lives.

    • Deering24 says:

      Don’t forget the Great Church Scented-Candle Scandal. The BM ranted like crazy about how dare Meghan suggest the church smelled musty–when most brides before her used scented candles at their weddings just as she did for the same reason. 🙄

  32. QuiteContrary says:

    So the staff and royals gossiped about Meghan’s mental health crisis, and decided she just needed to develop a thicker skin?
    William and Kate need to NEVER utter another word about the importance of mental health again. And if they do, they need to be shouted down immediately.

    These people are monsters — laughing at, minimizing and deriding Meghan’s pain. I hope they roast in hell.

  33. alexc says:

    I had the misfortune many years ago of being bullied by a couple of upper class British women and let me tell you they were VICIOUS. It’s a form of entertainment for them. I can’t imagine what Meghan went through.

  34. VilleRose says:

    The staffers thought it was hilarious to completely orchestrate a character assassination. However, when Jason Knauf tried to orchestrate another round of negative Meghan stories that she bullied palace staffers right before the Oprah interview (something he now probably seriously regrets) and the bullying investigation was opened, none of the staffers who claimed they were bullied wanted to follow through with it. Because, as Omid said, it would expose their own laziness and incompetence. And then we never heard what the results were of said investigation. The Harry and Meghan documentary made it very clear Jason Knauf did it all with the explicit approval of William.

  35. sevenblue says:

    Imagine bragging about making someone suicidal because she gave you so much work. If that is not the definition of evil, I don’t know what it is. On the other hand, if these people see themselves above Meghan, because they came from aristos, you know their ancestors did so much worse to people. They destroyed countries, societies, families to get rich. So, it isn’t surprising that their offsprings would see no problem to play with a WOC’s life. Miserable a*holes, I believe karma would knock on all of their doors in time.

  36. HO says:

    Quote about Kate from EndGame: “ “For a woman who is so tightly controlled and carefully assembled, this is a lot of shape-shifting and pressure to perform. Under such continual duress, facades tend to crumble. The institution will do anything to prevent this from happening. The Palace knows the fallout when it does.”

    This carefully worded part of her chapter, and the rest of the chapter, has convinced me that all is not well behind the scenes and she’s feeling the heat. Karma huh?

  37. Beverley says:

    Plain Talk. The palace employees abused and harassed Meghan because she is biracial/Black and they felt they shouldn’t have to take orders from a person they felt was racially beneath them. Period.

    The racism and bullying were, at best, tolerated – but more accurately was encouraged and approved by Will and Kate.

    There are white folks who cannot abide seeing Black people happy, safe, healthy, or wealthy. Racism is one hell of a drug!

  38. Mary Pester says:

    FFS, @Kaiser, is it true what G. B news is reporting, that Samantha markles court case is going ahead next bloody year!! What planet is that fking judge on

    • Polo says:

      It’s standard procedure to set a court date but she hasn’t made a ruling on the dismissal of the amended claims yet. That will come soon hopefully
      Mariah Carey is going through the same thing with her step brother

    • Mary S says:

      We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. Doesn’t seem like SM has much of a case. But, stranger things have happened. And for those so anxious to get MM on a witness stand, they may not like it when she has to expose the wicked. So, they had better be careful what they wish for. As seasoned attorneys know, when it comes to trial practice don’t ask a question unless you know the answer. If the BM/SM backers have been relying on SM for their info on MM, they may be unpleasantly surprised when MM has to tell them the unvarnished truth. Their sick desire to “expose” MM, may turn into a masterclass in FAFO.

  39. Mary S says:

    We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. Doesn’t seem like SM has much of a case. But, stranger things have happened. And for those so anxious to get MM on a witness stand, they may not like it when she has to expose the wicked. So, they had better be careful what they wish for. As seasoned attorneys know, when it comes to trial practice don’t ask a question unless you know the answer. If the BM/SM backers have been relying on SM for their info on MM, they may be unpleasantly surprised when MM has to tell them the unvarnished truth. Their sick desire to “expose” MM, may turn into a masterclass in FAFO.

  40. Eliora says:

    My heart weeps for society. We are so much more than our chosen professions, whatever that may be. However, the idea that a group of people, that William and Charles would simply refer to as “the help,” having the audacity to consider themselves better than Meghan, all because of the slight difference in skin tone, is beyond the pale. They absolutely did not have to kiss her behind but what about a little compassion for a fellow “outsider” and “commoner”. They have no problem serving at the feet of “side-piece” Camilla, but Meghan is where they drew the line?

    These palace workers need to be so effing for real. As if their white skin earns them any amount of respect from the likes of Camilla et al.

  41. AC says:

    It just confirms that inside the palace they really are a Nasty piece of work.
    You know the saying though – What Comes Around Goes Around. And there was a lot of karma going around this year in 2023.

  42. ElleE says:

    The 1981 Princess Anne doc showed her having a part-time, unpaid staff of 6 or 7. The duchess would have needed a staff of 18 to 20 part timers leading up to the wedding. Giving M&H more resources would have been an acknowledgment of their elevated public status.

    Diana told us that after the ceremony, her palace wedding planning included her sitting by herself at her wedding, brunch with no one talking to her. Fun wedding party!

    H&M’s wedding was beautiful, stunning and went off without a hitch from the public’s perspective and now I’m convinced that 70% of that was down to Megan and Harry, not the “planners”.

  43. J.Ferber says:

    Funny? I guess if you’re a sadist, creating pain in others is fun and funny. Being hella more normal than that, this just does not compute for me. Maybe bullies and serial killers travel more in their “funny” lane.

  44. Well Wisher says:

    I supose that Meghan and Harry has moved on, while the others with few exceptions wallow in bitterness…..

  45. Lady Digby says:

    Well I’m not laughing and I don’t see how anyone with a conscience could. In any other circumstance these aides would have been fired on the spot. But as they were only following orders that’s fine then. Utterly despicable!