Omid Scobie explains how the royal sausage is made in a fascinating interview

Elle Magazine published an excellent interview with Omid Scobie this week, wherein he ended up spilling some interesting royal tea and media tea. Some of it is “how the sausage is made” when it comes to tabloid reporting and royal image-making, but I honestly love that stuff. I love learning how the royal sausage is made. Scobie also confirmed to Elle that he knows Endgame will burn a lot of bridges and end a lot of relationships he has within the royal courts and even within the royalist/propagandist media. This is a longer piece (it’s great!) and worth the read – go here for the full piece. Some highlights:

How American media works outside the royal rota: “With Americans, it’s very different, but you also go further afield. That world of supermarket tabloids in the U.S. and all of the anonymous insider quotes and all the rest of it, I’ll lift the lid on some of it. A lot of that comes from royal correspondents in the U.K. and the press pack who are just making a bit of extra money on the side and not putting their name to the story, or they’re putting things out there that perhaps they may feel more comfortable putting in the American tabloids than they would in their own work.

A mention of Rose Hanbury: “On a more sinister level, as I talk about in the book, those rumors that could potentially cause more damage to the royal family, such as the fallout between William and Kate and Rose Hanbury, which started on the pages of The Sun newspaper in the U.K., ended up completely disappearing out of the public conversation thanks to diverting attention at The Sun newspaper to stories about Harry and Meghan. At face value, that sounds like a conspiracy theory so I wanted to break down in the book how that change actually happened, the conversations I had with the communications aides at Kensington Palace who were desperate to get rid of this rumor or get it out of the eyeline of a specific tabloid newspaper.

How the Sussexes are still being used to deflect: “You only need to look, [this past weekend] The Guardian newspaper broke a staggering story about how King Charles had secretly profited from the assets of dead British citizens, that the assets of thousands of people in the northwest of England were being used to upgrade his property empire via some archaic custom. These are details about the royal family that we don’t know about and should know about, but when you look to see which newspapers in the rest of the media landscape have picked up on that story today or covered it, it’s few and far between because people would much rather spend their time getting swept up in hysteria over whether Meghan steps out on a red carpet last night or has a new Netflix projects in the works, or whatever thing that they choose to be angry about at that time. I think that for the right-wing, mainstream British newspapers, it benefits them to rely on the easier, lazier style of reporting when it comes to the royals because ultimately it keeps them in the good books of the royal family. If they were to all seize on this story about Charles profiting from the assets of dead citizens, that would then turn it into a nightmare for the palace.

The palaces still openly brief against the Sussexes: “Listen, for years the Palace was hugely involved in briefing stories about Harry and Meghan. There is proof to support that, I have proof, Harry and Meghan have spoken about it. At this point it is fact upon fact, upon fact. I think if you look at it today, things are a little different. I don’t see much evidence of wheeling out stories about Harry and Meghan specifically from Kensington Palace since they changed their complete communications team. It seems that there is perhaps some hope that they can move away from that kind of approach. We still see stories that come out that clearly came from the Palace, The Sunday Times as a prime example. It’ll be stories about the Sussexes: Are they going or not going to Sandringham at Christmas? Have they been invited to this? Are they going to acknowledge Charles’ birthday? This or that or the other, so much of this comes from a royal correspondent picking up the phone and chit-chatting with a communications aide, and whatever comes from that conversation ends up becoming the story.

The Sussexes still sell in the UK: “The reality is that the papers know that Harry and Meghan are the more clickable, interesting story, whether people like them or not. I think a lot of people do it out of hate. I think they’re a couple that receive a lot of hate clicks, but they still receive more attention and engagement than anyone else. That in itself is a problem for the institution of the monarchy because if their main players aren’t the ones getting the attention on the front pages, then where do you go from there?

How Meghan feels about that family: “We’ve seen her in the last year really establish herself as an independent individual that is not riding on the coattails of her royal past or really even interested in being involved in that world. I know her team spoke about [how] she wasn’t coming over for the coronation because of Archie’s birthday, but I also know from speaking with people that there was also a desire to stay away from the noise and hysteria that comes any time she sets foot near the country, let alone the family. And the way they were treated during the time of the Queen’s death and the funeral really reinforced for her that she had not only made the right decision, but didn’t want to go anywhere near [it] again.

LMAO this mention of the Early Years: “I think Kate’s in a really interesting position because in many ways, she’s the last main attraction in terms of the guaranteed crowd-puller, the guaranteed front page, the attraction within the royal family when it comes to all the glamour and mystique and mystery that comes with the Firm. She does a good job of maintaining that, too. We still know very little about her, we don’t really know her thoughts or feelings on much beyond the early years, but I think that we have seen an evolution in Kate.”

How Meghan changed Kate’s whole deal: “I remember when Meghan was still a working member of the royal family, I was writing Finding Freedom, and I was talking with a senior aide at Kensington Palace that worked with all four at the time, and they described Meghan’s arrival doing all of these big projects and going from one thing to the next and wanting more. That was always her attitude. They described it as—and they never finished their sentence—but it was a bit of a rocket up [the …] for Kate”

Lazy Kate: “We have seen an evolution in her on all fronts, but I also feel that there’s a huge amount of pressure on her moving forward … being kind of the last shiny thing in the royal family. That’s a huge amount of pressure for someone who has, so far, carried out much less engagements than any other member of the royal family. Who, although we don’t ever say it, is technically a part-time working royal.”

The “Kate the Peacemaker” stories: “I have questioned where Kate the peacekeeper stories come from because I’ve certainly not had anyone tell me anything of the sort. From my observations and the conversations I’ve had with people, Kate likes to stay out of that stuff, and we’ve certainly not seen any efforts from her made to smooth things over with any issues with herself and Meghan or with Harry or any kind of encouragement between the two brothers to talk. I don’t know where the peacekeeper stuff comes from. I sometimes think that it’s just lazy journalism that of course this sweet and innocent wife would just want to get the men together to smooth things over because perhaps in a movie or a TV show, that’s how it would be portrayed.”

Infantilizing Kate: “I often find that a lot of the coverage about Kate is either wishful thinking or more insinuating than anything. I also find some of the coverage on her a bit disrespectful at times. Just any kind of infantilization of her, the kind of like, wow, doesn’t she sit well? And wow, she twirled her hair. It’s always very breathless and I think well, she’s a grown woman. She’s got a lot more to say and do and prove beyond that. But the comfort zone with the press seems to be how well she can flip a pancake.

Rumors of William & Kate’s marriage troubles: “I think partly, rumors take on a life of their own online, and so there will be a bigger hunger for things that aren’t even true about someone. I think William and Kate have largely been protected from that with the British tabloids who often do lean on these very lazy rumor spreading and whatnot. But with Kate and William, particularly with their great relationships with a lot of the important newspaper editors and publishers, they managed to be kept out of that. But of course, there is no control over things in the U.S., and we have seen them become fodder for a lot of the supermarket tabloids for stories about their marriage being in trouble and all the rest of it. I’m not here to comment on someone’s marriage. I can only go by what I have heard from people that are much closer to the situation that I’d imagined a source for InTouch magazine is. I’ve not heard anything about a marriage being in trouble. I’m always very careful with that stuff as well. Just as much as I will disregard that story, I’ll also disregard the stories of Harry and Meghan’s marriage being in trouble. I think it’s very lazy tabloid journalism at times because you can’t make money off people just being happy all the time. You need them to be in crisis for their lives to be more interesting, and I think sometimes two people can just be in a very safe and perhaps slightly dull marriage and that’s okay.”

[From Elle]

“But the comfort zone with the press seems to be how well she can flip a pancake.” First of all, she flipped the pancake poorly and that whole pancake photo-op was a huge flop!! I get what Scobie is saying and he’s absolutely right that the press prefers Kate’s superficiality in general. But let’s also be fair: Kate prefers the superficial as well. She’s spent 12 years in an institution and all she’s got to show for it is some nonsensical busywork, a drawer full of janky wigs and a button collection. Kate’s “comfort zone” is low-energy, no-drama, the-bar-is-in-hell stuff. As for the Wales marriage… I’m sure Scobie knows a lot more than what he’s saying, and perhaps in time he’ll get to talk about all of that. Also: that rejection of the Keen Peacemaker storyline!!

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  1. Dee(2) says:

    He’s correct about the infantilization but Kaiser is correct she wants it that way. Lowered expectations have absolutely been beneficial to her, that’s why she gets such great praise from doing things that you would not find odd to give praise to a 7-year-old for doing. She wants the accolades the others get, not just Meghan but she doesn’t want to do the work. So it’s a sycophantic media and a bunch of, Oh she played piano in a recital, oh she flipped the pancake by herself, oh she wrapped the gift for those kids all by herself. All of these are things that if you were saying it about your child you would think was cute, but remember this is what the press is writing about a 42-year-old woman.

    • Nic919 says:

      Part of why she is pissed at Meghan is because she was able to get away with her superficial nonsense for years but then Meghan shows up with big ideas and great projects and the lack of work Kate has done became even more obvious. And seeing how they are the same age, it makes Kate look like a relic.

      So now they are trying to pretend she cares about arly yaas but it’s just repeating a whole lot of nothing because it will never amount to anything but a busywork project where business suit Barbie shows up and reads a few cue cards.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        This exactly 💯 👆.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “I was talking with a senior aide at Kensington Palace that worked with all four at the time, and they described Meghan’s arrival doing all of these big projects and going from one thing to the next and wanting more. That was always her attitude.”

        This is THE BOOK I want to read. I want to hear the truth from real staffers that worked for Meghan about how she approached her work, what it was about Meghan’s work that supposedly drove them crazy and what did these so called “senior palace staffers” really want Meghan and Harry to do as Senior Full-Time Working Royals.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Rocket up Kate’s @ss. Love. I will not forget that on Sept. 15, 2018 (Harry’s bday), that Kate’s people scurried up and came up with and announced Kate’s vague early years “project”. Sept. 17, 2018, KP puts out the announcement of Meghan’s completed Together cookbook. A truly beautiful delicous cookbook.

        Just wondering, is there evidence of Kate’s ‘concerns’ about children effected by ‘Broken Britain’. Asking for my imaginary friend.

      • Nic919 says:

        Thanks for bringing that up because people should never forget that after 7 years of nothing, Becky English announced Kate’s made up broken Britain nonsense mere days before Meghan showed her completed cookbook project. And to this day Kate hasn’t done anything substantive on the arly years issue.

  2. Lady Digby says:

    When OS states his sources arent talking about THAT marriage being in trouble, I interpret that as meaning the marriage is quietly kaput as in finished and they have silently split.

    • Nic919 says:

      He also didn’t want to comment on anyone’s marriage in general. It’s unlikely he would be told anything about them anyway, especially a story like that.

      It’s probably better he doesn’t even go near that because he gets attacked personally on far less controversial stories.

  3. Andrea says:

    What churned my stomach was his
    “ Kate never puts a foot wrong” that doesn’t sit well. Disappointed Scobie still can’t be truthful and not burn THAT bridge.

  4. Red Snapper says:

    The Lone Ranger Funeral Truther here, Kate the peacemaker ended up in tears after someone shouted at her after Philips funeral. Carole wanted the peacemaker story.

    • JD says:

      I’m still with you on this!

    • Jais says:

      The Lone Ranger Funeral Truther strikes again😂

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Lone Ranger was not alone! It’s when I took the time to learn that dvring something could be changed. If you want to record something in real time do it on a separate device. DVR works from the origin&al source. If the original source has been edited, which happened with Philip’s funeral & kerfluffle between the Wank’s, the recording is only going to share what the original source is sharing.

    • Nic919 says:

      I support you and witnessed this as well. And this is only one of many things edited to protect that family.

  5. sevenblue says:

    Wow, the full article was great. I still can’t believe that there is such a tightly controlled press in UK. In the past, I really thought UK as a fully democratic country. H&M’s story really opened my eyes to how broken UK is.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      And the alienation from all things democratic has only gotten worse since Brexit. It’s tragic.

  6. Jais says:

    The keen peacemaker stories always felt like a Carole Middleton production, so yeah, it’s unlikely she spoke to Omid.

  7. Smart&Messy says:

    How the royal sausage is made? The end is probably secured with a peg.

  8. Snuffles says:

    Omid is only going to talk about things that he has the receipts to back up. He doesn’t have any receipts on the state of the Wales marriage so he will slot it into the rumor category for now.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Right-because he’s an actual journalist -he’s not going to insinuate.

    • Bettyrose says:

      H & M gave that topic a wide berth too. You can be critical of Kate and still be disturbed by how precarious her status is and all the implications of a married in no longer considered valuable. Better not to touch that.

    • Becks1 says:


      But lol that he called their marriage dull. 🤣

  9. Lulu says:

    Thank you @Kaiser for your coverage of Endgame this week. It’s turning out to be almost as much fun as the flop Caribbean tour.

  10. Pumpkin says:

    “I think sometimes two people can just be in a very safe and perhaps slightly dull marriage”

    I think this is a pretty decent sum up of W&K’s marriage. Even if there’s absolutely no cheating going on (I think there’s way too much smoke for there *not* to be fire) still, it is seemingly a dull marriage. And in terms of “safe”, people would argue “oh please they’re on the verge of divorce” but I don’t know. They both gain something from this (she gets the titles and prestige, he gets someone who *wants* to stay) and a divorce wouldn’t help either of their images or even the monarchy’s.

    • Lady Digby says:

      @Pumpkin yes they could have an arrangement that suits them both for various reasons. I think Endgame and Spare have actually shored up the marriage as well for 2 reasons. 1. No one who reads either book and is sensible is going to want to be the second wife of Incendiary Bill, deal with a family who are a nest of vipers and our rabid press and 2. Far too risky in announcing separation now on the back of this publication because of gives credence to the lies and spin the Firm uses to preserve the image of the heir. Big Willy hates scrutiny or criticism so he won’t risk it and Kingy won’t give permission anyway. If he wants to end the rumors then Big Willy should act decently towards wifey in public.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Lady Digby, you might be right, but on the other hand, this may be a good time to announce a formal separation because of the ‘royal racists’ and pushing the Sussexes out. I think there is a way to put this onto Cant. I don’t think she would have the opportunity/ability to challenge that publically.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think this was the situation until 2021 when William changed his public demeanour toward her and has never gone back. Something happened. Even Kate now is barely hiding her hatred.

  11. equality says:

    The only reason for no Sussex leaks from KP is that they have nothing to give because they know nothing.

  12. Shawna says:

    Love the throughline here: lazy journalism. What Scobie is really het up about is unprofessional writers!

  13. Amy Bee says:

    The press in trying to defend Kate has said that she had three children and that she gets stuck in when she has to play sports (for the camera). The press like her as the doll that they can project their beliefs and opinions on.

    • Lady Digby says:

      @Amy Bee I find that so sad in 2023 that the white patriarchy prevails and that all the Firm and tabs want is a silent white woman child like and dependent on her husband just trailing in his wake. I feel so sorry for G C and L and their future partners. Everybody should be free to make their own choices in life as regards career and life partner. I really think we should end the monarchy for their sakes.

  14. Lau says:

    We can say that Kate being infantilized is disrespectful and also agree that Kate loves to be infantilized. Now for the peacemaker bit, Scobie’s words pretty much confirm that this is all coming from the Middleton camp, right ?

    • Nic919 says:

      She literally said she likes being taken care of in some interview years into the marriage. She is not a functional adult.

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Royal sausage-making is indeed interesting. And I need to say royal sausage-making a few more times today.

  16. Jay says:

    The bit about KC stealing dead people’s assets actually being a big/serious story is funny because when I saw that headline earlier I fully dismissed it as nonsense.

  17. J.Ferber says:

    My God, he’s gorgeous!

  18. Lady D says:

    I think this is my most favourite article from CB ever. It’s just full of great laughs. I’m going to print it out and type VINDICATION across the top of it, then frame it. I’m seriously happy that those two fools finally felt a little karma in action.

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    Omid comes across as very smart, very grounded — and very ethical. He’s not in the business of rumormongering. No wonder the rota hates him.

    He is skewering the sloppy and unethical stenography they pass off as journalism.