“Beyonce wore a bonkers Balmain to her London premiere after-party” links

Beyonce wore a bonkers Balmain at her London premiere. [RCFA]
Travis Kelce calls his girlfriend “Tay.” [LaineyGossip]
A merry Henry Kissinger Can Rot In Hell Day to you. [Pajiba]
Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas are fine? [JustJared]
The mirror-image in the car adds to this Justin Bieber optical illusion. [GFY]
Does SZA know the lyrics from all of her songs? [OMG Blog]
The Golden Bachelor proposed! [Seriously OMG]
More Beyonce photos! [Hollywood Life]
90 Day Fiance couple reveals their baby. [Starcasm]
Some good examples of the “Mandela Effect.” [Buzzfeed]

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  1. Moondust says:

    Did Queen B troll Khate with big blue? Lol

  2. Nlopez says:

    I like B’s outfit. It’s cute for a red carpet premiere.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    Props to Queen Bey for wearing this in what is a FREEZING London at the moment – its been snowing today.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    Queen Elizabeth II wore some jewels that were only slightly smaller than this. Perfect for our Queen Bey!

  5. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Rolling Stone had a headline, “Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Mia4s says:

      As someone who had the very great fortune to travel in Cambodia…I absolutely co-sign this. Sometimes it’s true that only the good die young. 🤬

  6. bettyrose says:

    I heard the craziest Kissinger story once, decades ago (which was the last time I even thought of him). I knew someone who knew someone that grew up in the same German shtetl as Kissinger and he was apparently a huge bully as a kid, a detail I’m sure surprises no one.

  7. Macky says:

    They say kissinger wasn’t really exceptional smart. I’ll believe that. He cozy’ied up to powerful men and told him he will be the monster. His politics didn’t care about people at all. AND THEY KEPT BRINGING HIM BACK.

    The way his company kept its clients hidden was probably a crime as well. Money laundering or atleast bribery.

  8. M says:

    Diva Down was trending on Twitter earlier when Santos got expelled. I love that for her.

  9. J.Ferber says:

    Bey always brings it. Amazing! Now THAT is how you do stunning! Kate, take notes, as I’m sure you have. We’ll see this dress on her next week.

  10. Sass says:

    Wowwwwie that giant piece of jewelry is very evocative of the Sacred Heart to my Catholic schoolgirl upbringing. Intense. But I like it.

  11. TIFFANY says:

    I honestly thought Kissinger’s death announcement was a joke because I waited so long for. We and the people I follow on Twitter cut it up because we were so happy.

    Then I had a good night sleep.

  12. Latte says:

    What is with the crazy ads on this page lately? I can’t scroll through half a story or even type of sentence without that full page ad hovering and then taking up my whole screen?? Its glitchy and hard to read anything

    • Sass says:

      Same. Also constantly reloading and losing my unfinished comments, and it murders my cell battery

      • Lucy says:

        Same for me. I have had multiple comments eaten, or the site jumped around when I’m trying to scroll in the comments. It’s so frustrating I’m not commenting as much.

    • ED says:

      It’s so bad on my iPhone that I can’t read this site from it anymore.
      I have a much older iPad at home though that can’t be updated anymore (iOS wise), and it doesn’t have the same problem thankfully.

      • Hannah says:

        I understand the ads can be frustrating. It helps if one remembers that the advertisers on this site mean that we get this site for free and it’s not behind a paywall

        In a year where we’ve seen 2 other celebrity gossip sites go down, let’s rather just be grateful we still have one goss site where like minded people can comment (without needing to pay for the privilege)

  13. J.ferber says:

    Just read that Taylor got online to say she was invited to London by the Queen. And no, it wasn’t Camilla, but Queen Beyonce who invited Taylor to the Renaissance movie premiere. So Taylor Swift herself deposed THAT queen for the true queen of the world, Beyonce. Well-done, Taylor!

  14. Jewell says:

    Beyoncé looks amazing as always. I saw the Beyonce experience last night. So glad I went because there were so many details I didnt catch at the concert in person