Gary Goldsmith: ‘It’s utterly ridiculous to consider that Kate is a racist’

As many have noted, we’re in the middle of yet another “Panic! At the Palace” newscycle. Kensington Palace is in full meltdown mode and Kate’s people have sent out talking points to all of their friendliest media allies. The thing is, the game is pretty tired and Camilla Tominey is one of the few who took the bait. The Middletons’ big “tell” for their panic is when they authorize Gary Goldsmith to put his name on some Daily Mail screed. Dodgy Uncle Gary, a convicted domestic abuser, is trotted out every few months to verbally canonize his niece and clap back on Kate’s enemies. The thing is, I doubt Gary even writes this drivel. Some highlights from messy Gary’s latest screed:

His feelings on Omid Scobie’s Endgame: His book made me feel nauseous. I had to put it down many times because the content made me so angry and I haven’t even been able to finish it. It’s such a character assassination of William and Kate in particular, who is mentioned an extraordinary 291 times. There is even a chapter devoted to her, Kate, my niece! And now we’re even being told that Kate has been ‘accidentally’ named as the supposed royal racist, along with her father-in-law, King Charles, in the Dutch translation of the book.

Racist Kate: Somehow, the names of two of the most upstanding members of the Royal Family were in the manuscript when it was sent to Dutch translators, in a passage about an exchange of letters between Meghan and Charles regarding members of the Royal Family and unconscious bias. It’s utterly ridiculous to consider that Kate is a racist. Racism isn’t something which is inherent in anyone. It comes from an environment. Both Kate’s mum Carole and I grew up in Southall, West London. Colour, race, age, creed and religious beliefs have never been a factor in our friendships or values. To think Kate would buck that trend is totally bonkers.

Old news! The whole book is just a tapestry of gibber and falsehoods sewn together with his personal opinion. It is Scobie milking his relationship with the Sussexes for every cent it’s worth and stirring up a pot which has been stirred enough. Let’s face it, this one-sided snidey account will make it even harder for any of the Royal Family to reach out to Harry and Meghan now or in the short-term future. From the first page to the last, all Scobie does is re-tell well-worn stories, but with a particularly vicious slant, using terms such as ‘pliable’, ‘tightly controlled’ and ‘carefully assembled’ to scoff at Kate.

Carole never orchestrated anything! He even pursues the laughable theory that Carole orchestrated Kate’s relationship with William, pushing her daughter to choose St Andrews University in a bid to meet William when, in fact, she would rather have gone to Edinburgh. ‘The Middleton strategy involved more than just aristocratic affectation — Carole calculatingly placed Kate right at the centre of young Prince William’s world,’ he writes. What rubbish. St Andrew’s is the best university for history of art and Kate did well to get in. Does Scobie really believe that Carole was sitting there in a war room down in the basement of Bucklebury planning out some devious strategy saying: ‘Right. If we put her in the right place on this day then bang… fireworks’?

[From The Daily Mail]

“Colour, race, age, creed and religious beliefs have never been a factor in our friendships or values.” Kate literally has zero brown or Black friends OR aides and she only uses Black children as props. And she spearheaded a national smear campaign against her Black sister-in-law. William and Kate’s jealousy of a Black woman is the root of so many of the problems facing the monarchy today – that is one of the Windsors’ “original sins” of the modern era, the fact that Will and Kate lost their everloving f–king minds the very second they learned that Harry was dating Meghan. Nothing was ever the same. As for Gary’s denial of Carole’s orchestrations… yeah, even Kate-friendly journalists fully admit that Carole was the brains behind Operation Big Blue, and the facts are not on Gary’s side. From Kate trying to copy William’s gap year to Kate changing schools to go to St. Andrews once William’s choice was confirmed, it’s silly to try to deny the Middletons’ “orchestration” at this point.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I guess he didn’t get the memo that she is now Catherine, not Kate!

  2. Tessa says:

    Exactly what values does Gary have. Even when he wears fancy outfits it can’t hide his bad character. William needs to tell Kate and Carole to stop trotting out this man who beat his wife and present as being in any position to judge harry and Meghan. He was an embarrassment for years.

    • WaterDragon says:

      At least the plaids in his vest match perfectly. That’s all I have.

    • Proud Mary says:

      I agree, Le Baron de Bang Bang is embarrassing for Kate. But I should also note that trotting out the racist azz drug kingpin uncle to defend you, is only an inch below commissioning racist, lying lackeys like Camilla Tominey to post multiple articles defending you, by putting Meghan down for not “knowing her place.” Kate will never survive this, because it is who she is; that image of her as “never putting a foot wrong” is a figment of royalists wet dreams

    • Deborah says:

      I love how Uncle Numbnuts couldn’t finish the book but stayed long enough to count how many mentions Kate got.

    • nona93 says:

      This is the four-times-married Gary Goldsmith, brother of Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole, who named his villa ‘La Maison de Bang Bang’ on Ibiza and who was witnessed by a taxi driver socking his wife in the eye causing her to fall to the pavement injuring her head when she accused him of snorting cocaine after a night out. “He was screaming and swearing at her. She slapped him round the face and his glasses fell off.”
      He was later charged with assault by beating and fined £5000 by the court.
      A few weeks later he was seen in the early hours staggering around London’s famous Regent Street (owned by King Charles!) before collapsing on a pavement.
      He then stopped off with his pals for a late-night McDonalds before brazenly emptying his bladder in front of shocked onlookers.
      Obviously a well-adjusted and sober commentator on his racist niece, the future Queen of England no less..

  3. Tessa says:

    Best university for the history of art.omg. Kate never used the art history degree and she just happened to major in art history the same major that William had.

    • Nic919 says:

      Former classmates also said she would copy off of them in class too. Some even putting down false information she would copy during tests.

    • James says:

      “You can Faberge this, or you can faberge that, you can faberge this, or you can faberge that” (see Kate sing and dance to the tune of fatboy slim – weapon of choice)

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      St. Andrew’s has never been known as the best university for art or art EVER in SMILING caps. Edinburgh University has always ranked higher than St. Andrew’s in that area. Uncle G, go scratch your schweaty balls in a corner.

  4. Mrs. Smith says:

    You know, a great person at the palace to interview about this would be the Diversity Cz….. Nevermind.

    • Christina says:

      Bwahahahaha!!!! The Diversity Czar!!!

    • Lorelei says:

      You beat me to it! The mysterious Diversity Czar who we’ve never heard mentioned again after the announcement that the position was about to exist.

      • Not a subject says:

        From now on when anyone says “K never puts a foot wrong” – I’m gonna say “So you don’t think being a racist is wrong??!!”

  5. Laura D says:

    First he writes he hasn’t been able to finish it and then writes from the first page to the last it’s a rehash of old stories. Even though he hasn’t read it all he can tell us that W&K are mentioned 291 times! So, which is it? Either he read it or he didn’t. I’m gonna guess that he didn’t read the book but, his sister has and she’s told him exactly what to write. 😉

    • Laura D says:

      ETA: If he (or his sister) have actually read the book then they will KNOW that Kate isn’t mentioned as the person who had ‘concerns’ about Archie because, her name isn’t mentioned in the English publication. If by chance he (or his sister) got hold of the Dutch version before it was pulped I doubt very much that either of them speak enough Dutch to understand the meaning of the crucial sentences. This whole article is far from being a defence of Kate. Rather it’s rather confirmation that she is less inclined to be positive towards POC.

      • Lorelei says:

        Oh I’d bet my firstborn that CarolE is on at least her second reread of it

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Laura D. Thank you! Uncle Hooker’s& Blow allowed his name to be assigned this funny story. How can he report on a book that the translation is in question? He must certainly didn’t read an Enlish version When Endgame came out, did Uncle Hooker’s& Blow rush out and buy the Dutch version instead of the English one?lolz Just when you think the dumberry of the BM isn’t any lower, they show themselves.

        Not buying him counting how many times the Wank’s name may have been mentioned. Uncle G counts things in pounds & grams.

    • Jennifer says:

      He counted 291 times without finishing it?!?!

  6. Dandun says:

    i cant help but wonder with the benefit of hindsight how many other women who tried to pursue William like Kate did are so glad that it was she who won the prize and not them. nobody could be looking at her life now and wishing it for themselves

    • Lady Digby says:

      @Dandun this is why I believe Endgame will give anyone sensible and sensitive second thoughts about marrying FK should he become officially available. Who wants to marry a boring bully and rageoholic with an icy family who curry favour with the press by snidely briefing against each other? Neither W nor K look content and fulfilled by either their marriage or public roles. Imagine being expected to chum up to CT and dish the dirt on family members in return for her endorsement?? Horrid husband, bitchy briefing from family members and the ravenous British media clamoring to be fed.

  7. OnThisDay says:

    Have I missed them trotting out a lifelong, through previously unheard of Black friend of Kate’s? Like William’s homeless cosplay (cuz what is sleeping rough supposed to accomplish) Black friend? What happened to him, anyway? Hope he spent that $$$ he was paid very well.
    Oh, and Kate can’t be racist bc her mother grew up in a multiracial environment is delightful. Racism isn’t inherent, but neither is anti-racism. Both must be taught. Carol(e) didn’t think to replicate that experience for her daughters and Nazi marshmallows boy, did she? Must not have been the kind of environment and experience she wanted for her kids.

    • First comment says:

      Carole is definitely a great supporter of the English classism system and wanted her daughters to marry in it. Classism and racism usually work together, so, no matter what oncle Gary says, and despite the multicultural environment she grew up, she’s definitely a racist

    • swirlmamad says:

      I think it’s quite clear that no matter how diverse Carole’s upbringing supposedly was, she didn’t want the same for her children — me thinks she thought she was better than and deserved more than what she had, so she was going to be damn sure to chase down an opportunity to break into the aristocracy, which is decidedly NOT diverse. She was not encouraging her kids to befriend anyone from a lower social status than she was aspiring to, nor anyone from a different race or culture. We had your number YEARS ago — give me a break, girl. 🙄

  8. Becks1 says:

    The whole switch from Edinburgh to St. Andrews is so well documented, I dont know why he’s bothering to pretend that isn’t what happened.

    And yeah the Middletons are panicking if they’re releasing Uncle Gary. I am laughing in a “its not really funny” kind of way – their rationale for why Kate isn’t racist isn’t “she has one black friend” (like it was for William); rather, its “her mother grew up in an area that was fairly diverse so of course Kate isn’t racist.”

    And yes, he’s right, racism is learned – but its learned from a variety of places – family, friends, school settings, neighborhoods, the circles we move in, society at large etc. Nothing about Kate’s upbringing suggests that she was exposed to anything except majority white spaces and as she got older, majority rich white spaces.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    “Kate in particular, who is mentioned an extraordinary 291 times. There is even a chapter devoted to her, Kate, my niece!”

    Lol… is uncle hookers and blow really trying to say it’s nefarious that a book about the prominent members of the royal family… mentions a prominent member of the royal family?

    And hi, Carole! I see you whispering “291”. We know only you and Kate would count the mentions of Kate, and Kate can’t count that high.

    • Harper says:

      291 times. Okay, Gary. That’s a tell that they used the Kindle search function and put Kate’s name in so they could go straight there. CarolE and Kate really skipped over the part of Diana’s lore where she physically embraced the minorities, the dying, the old, the starving. I don’t think Kate wants a life like that, but now she’s stuck being a performative empath.

  10. The desperation is real in the Middleton camp. Who cares what Uncle Gary says. This is where we are and only Uncle Gary will come to Cants rescue. Peg has said nothing to defend her no one else other than Camilla T has tried to help her. Very telling. It’s very hard to help a racist mean girl whose only goal in life was to catch a prince. She has no friends of any color to stand up for her but again photos thru time paint a pretty good picture of who and what she is. They are letting the bus hit her and they aren’t going to render any aid. Can’t has put out so much negativity to Meg and Harry and it’s all coming back to her now.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      It boggles my mind that Kate doesn’t have a friend group. Not just that she doesn’t have a “diverse” friend group, but that she doesn’t appear to have any friends at all. I find that so strange. Because this is the moment when all of this gossip about how mean and cold Kate is could be countered by her buddies telling us all about how nice she actually is, deep down, or whatever. As we’ve said, even William has that random black friend from pretending to be homeless for a few hours that one time about twenty years ago. I mean, I’m not the future queen of England and I work from home, so my friend base is fairly limited these days, but my college friends and professional pals would almost certainly come to my aid if I’d been aired out like this in public. She’s always hated the York girls, she’s not particularly close to Zara…smh. Meghan and Harry are still on good terms with some of the family, but not Kate. Never Kate. I would love to know precisely how bad she is in private.

      • Lizzie Bennett says:

        @Suebarbri33 I agree. I’d like to know how bad she is in private. I’m 2/3 done with Endgame – Scobie’s gone easy on her so far. Is Kitty Kelley still alive? I’d love for her to do a deep dive on all the Middletons. Kate has always had such a strange vibe.

      • Becks1 says:

        The only two friends we ever hear discussed regularly are Sophie Carter and Emilia Jardine-Patterson.

        Ha I just found this – there seems to be pretty much just one friend mentioned who has no connection to William. Everyone else dated one of William’s best friends or their husband went to Eton etc. But look who’s listed at the end 🤣🤣

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, you’re right, those are the two we hear about. Yet aside from the annual church walk, we never see Kate out with Sophie, at a restaurant or shopping or whatever. And I don’t remember ever seeing her with the other one.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Becks1, thanks for the link. The only things that are listed when they get together are formal. Weddings, etc. If they’re so close, why are they never seen together just having lunch or shopping? It sounds like they’re acquaintances, not friends.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Very true. She’s being left to twist in the wind.

  11. Cessily says:

    Defending the indefensible is never a good look especially when the WanKs are using the criminal family members to do it. Is Andy writing an article next?

  12. Dawning says:

    Gary is not the best person to defend KKKhate on racism. Wasn’t he the one who said Meghan isn’t the right sort? Or something to that effect.
    Also, if KKKhate got in the best Art History school, please explain why she had that racist painting in the room when she entertained the Obamas.

    • JT says:

      Seriously. I always find it interesting that the Middletons can’t trot out somebody more upstanding to defend them. This is the best you can do? Uncle Hookers n’ Blow? The wife beater?

      • Lorelei says:

        Like, what about Pippa ffs?

      • swirlmamad says:

        After she stole Pippa’s Early Years interest for her own benefit, she decided Kate was on her own. LOL

      • Christine says:

        I’m a little surprised they haven’t trotted out the brother’s wife, to speak to how welcoming and joyous Kitty was when she joined the family. Surely her new sister-in-law is better than Uncle Hookers & Blow?

        There is no one coming to her defense. This would be funny, if Meghan hadn’t been tormented by a bunch of racists.

  13. Nanea says:

    It’s utterly ridiculous to consider that uncle Gary – not only a convicted domestic abuser, but also a drug peddler and user *and* someone who has been caught urinating in public – would be the person to defend the undefendable, his niece’s known racist behavior that she has displayed for years. Couldn’t the RF find anyone with a little more repute?

    Too funny that someone bothered with having a software count how many times the keen Mumblina McButtons is mentioned in Endgame.

    And people say it’s all about the Sussexes.

  14. @BelizeEmpower says:

    Thought exactly the same thing the moment I read it…Gary did not write any of it. Someone else did & he put his name to it. Bottom line is they were all concerned about what the offsprings of Harry & Meghan would look like standing next to their white cousins in pitures….on the balcony, family photos, what happens when they grow up and start supporting George, etc, etc. and they could not have that so let’s banish them and get them out the picture completely as it were. Combine that with all the other petty jealousies, made-up grievances and wanting to be shown deference and they all have what they have now and they are too arrogant to admit they were a-holes and apologize for it.

  15. Tessa says:

    I did a Google search and in 2009 Gary was persona non grata and william advised to stay away from him. This was the time of Gary writing of inviting Kate and will to his home and Gary’s embarrassing anecdotes. Now he is trotted out as a someone who feels he can lecture and talk about values. Carole is desperate.

  16. Lulu says:

    Kate doesn’t have any black friends that can stick up for her, but to be fair she doesn’t have any white friends either.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      She’s a mean girl and a bully who takes her insecurities out on others instead of trying to better herself, with the help of the BM. Now she’s in the hot seat and there’s no one to defend her. It’s what she deserves.

  17. Tessa says:

    I hope james and pipp a refuse to go to the media at the behest of their mother.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I figure Pippa’s husband has already written off the Middletons. Just to save his own business. And Pippa was over Kate a long time ago.

      • Jaded says:

        Yeah. Pippa’s father-in-law is way more of an embarrassment, her husband doesn’t need another black sheep attracting attention to them. As for Pippa and Kate, I think their relationship is “space” as well. Kate’s probably seething with jealousy over Pippa’s happy marriage to someone who clearly adores her, and I’m sure she’s tried lording it over Pippa as the “FQC”.

    • Libra says:

      Pippa has managed to steer clear of the trainwrecks so far. Continuing to keep quiet is a good choice for her.

    • Proud Mary says:

      First, when it comes to Pippa, I don’t think jealous Kate wants the world to discover how much more articulate and poised Pippa is than she (and as was said earlier, I don’t think they want us to remind the world of her sketchy F-I-L); second, when it comes to James, are you seriously kidding me? This is the same loser who sold Nazi memorabilia, and is swimming in multiple bankruptcies. I don’t think kittyKat is dumb enough to trot that racist grifter out there to defend her.

  18. slippers4life says:

    Dammit!!! I considered placing a bet on whether they’d trot out uncle goon squad! I could be so rich right now!!!!!

  19. Amy Bee says:

    Did Becky English write this screed for Uncle Gary?

  20. Jais says:

    The desperation is real. When uncle Gary is the character witness, shit has hitteth the fan.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Me: scream out with laughter! “hitteth” aaaaahhhhh!

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      No kidding. I always remember what my late MIL said to a flasher – “Hmph. Is that the best you’ve got?”

      (Bonus, I hear it in her voice. She was French – if you’ve been “HMPH”d by a Frenchwoman, it sticks.)

  21. HannahB says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that they have no problem interviewing and quoting this piece of filth.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Get out your dictionary and look up the phrase “white privilege”. If a picture of the Middleton family (which includes dirty Goldsmith) is missing, return your copy and demand a refund.

  22. Beech says:

    He bought the book? And read it? 🤣

  23. Thelma says:

    The Middleton desperation is real…Uncle Gary is no upstanding citizen to defend his niece. I will stop at wife beater.. scum! No Uncle Gary, what is incredulous is that at 40 plus years, your niece Kate doesn’t seem to have any close friends that she’s ever seen with or that can credibly speak to her character.

  24. Inge says:

    To everyone commenting she doens’t have any friends: what about the group who was with her at that festival? Where she got “papped” showing she could have fun too! 🙂

    Seriously, I read that she sees all women as competition so she dumped any friends she had.

    And then had a serious lack of people to fill her side of the church with and wasn’t the local baker invited or something?

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Hahahahahaha. That was my favorite Kate moment of the year, the mess where she turned up at Rose’s festival, looking stoned and fragile. I can’t imagine what they were thinking by releasing that picture. Goodness me!

      • Harper says:

        Funny thing about that night is I didn’t come away thinking oh, Kate does have friends, especially the Chumleys. I came away with “concerns” for her well-being from the way she looked–her hairline was receeded, her wiglet was MIA and yes, fragile is the only way to describe her frame. It was supposed to be a candid win in her column but was the opposite.

      • swirlmamad says:

        She was photographed without her support wiglet chatting up a small group of 60 year old men, with her hosts Rose or David nowhere in sight. Hardly proof that she’s the life of the party with a ride or die girl squad!

    • Lorelei says:

      Kate seems to me like one of those women who would drop her friends in an instant as soon as she had a boyfriend, then husband.

      And they totally padded Kate’s section at her wedding with people from Bucklebury, but framing it as if she was being so kind and charitable to include some peasants on the list.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, she filled out her side of the church with Bucklebury shopkeepers, which quite frankly is something I’d have to do if I were required to fill half of an 800-wedding guest list.

  25. Over it says:

    Am I am absolutely horrible person that Kate is going through it right now ? I do love this for the racist piece of sh-t and her dog sh-t grifting family. Meghan made you cry lie says hello Kate, it’s karma here. He can’t finish the book yet he knows how it ends . Seems being stupid is a family trait .

    • swirlmamad says:

      Oh you’re not the only one — couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. As we’ve seen, Meghan’s ancestors work hard and Karma may be slow, but she’s always steady and sure.

  26. ales says:

    Uncle Gary is the main character reference for Kate. His standards appear to be very low. Nothing to be proud of, or have the BRF embraced him and his crassness. They are all slowly sinking into a bottomless sewerage pit, courtesty of the Midds.

  27. Mslove says:

    Uncle Gary would be better off helping Carole pay off the vendors, but I think he’s broke, lol. Gary & Carole can feel the royal grift slipping from their fingers & they’re panicking. How will they be able to maintain their lavish lifestyle? Tsk tsk.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      It just occurred to me, Gary & Carole, George & Charlotte. Kate even copy-keened her grandmother when naming her children! That woman doesn’t have an original thought in her head at all.

    • Unblinkered says:

      I think their lavish lifestyle is long gone. Got to be careful their creditors don’t see them photographed on hols.
      With their British Airways ex-staff discount they’ll still make the exotic flights, but imagine they’ll be cadging free accommodation from Pippa’s in-laws the Matthews who own a hotel in the Caribbean? Or from others who can’t see through them. Carol is as hard as nails.

  28. Libra says:

    Taking bets; who wrote this piece? Everyone has their own ” sound” in print. Trying to figure out which of the tabloid tyrants this sounds like.

  29. aquarius64 says:

    Uncle Gary is panicking because Race Gate is not only a bad look on Kate but on the Middletons as well. How else would she learn these racist qualities?

    • Nic919 says:

      Uncle Gary also forgot to mention that the mixed neighbourhood when he and Carole were kids in the late 60s and 70s were rife with racial tensions because the white people didn’t like the new immigrants moving in.

  30. Monlette says:

    You can tell someone wrote that for him. Had he wrote it, it would have sounded more like. “Kate’s no racist. She has lots of black friends, like…anyway, she has a huge painting with a black person prominently displayed in her office! Would someone who is racist do that? She even put a special plant in front of it when she spoke with President Obama and his wife. Who are both black and American. If she was racist she would have burst into flames!”

  31. Ale says:

    The only thing that comes to my mind is, looking at the infamous chain link fence pic…
    Blue mask man, i feel you.

  32. ChattyCath says:

    Picturing a scene at KP ‘We’re in Crisis Sir’ ‘You don’t mean the Final Option’ *shakes*. ‘Yes I’m afraid it’s come to this’…. UNLEASH THE GARY!

  33. Mary Pester says:

    Ahhh the upstanding citizen of weed ville! We see you uncle Gary, now please explain how you got hold of a Dutch copy of the book that has been withdrawn from sale and is being pulpped?or have you taken a little detour after your latest jaunt to Amsterdam???. We know you had to keep putting the book down, two reasons weren’t there, those smokes go out real easy, and then bugger me, you came across some really long words like “perhaps” or unconscious bias “, and come on, even without your shoes and socks on, you could by count that high. Now go back to Carol, tell her you tried, but now lots and lots of people are calling you a fkwit and a liar

  34. MaryContrary says:

    I can see just see Camilla reading this article over her morning coffee, chuckling.

  35. kelleybelle says:

    I see being a liar runs in the family. Your whole existence is utterly ridiculous, you embarrassing ass. Shut your mouth. This is the best they can do to say Kate’s not a racist? To drag out this idiot once again? The Sr. Markle of the RF? What a bunch of losers.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Pathetic, right? They’ve got the full weight of the government on their side (idiot MP), the ‘legitimate’ press–TV & print (BBC, Times), and yet–they pull out Uncle Gary??? This guy?

  36. Beverley says:

    For someone who couldn’t stand to finish the book, he sure knows the exact number of times Triple K’s name is mentioned.
    Who’s falling for this garbage?

  37. QuiteContrary says:

    I’d be mortified if the only person I could find to defend me was Uncle Hookers and Blow. But the Middletons, Kate included, have no shame.

    She’s been radiating racism for years. There’s a reason this story gained traction so fast — because it’s so plausible.

  38. VilleRose says:

    Oooh Uncle Gary, our favorite Kate defender. LOL at this quote from him: “Does Scobie really believe that Carole was sitting there in a war room down in the basement of Bucklebury planning out some devious strategy saying: ‘Right. If we put her in the right place on this day then bang… fireworks’?”

    Yes, Uncle Gary, yes that’s exactly what we think. Except it’s not just Scobie who believes that, it’s all of the people who are not fans of Kate and there’s more than he realizes. Also loving how he calls her Kate when we are supposed to call her Catherine. Like I said yesterday, worst rebranding in history.

  39. Beach Dreams says:

    Damn…Uncle Gary and Camilla Tominey are the best defenses she could pull out? That’s pretty dire. I’m still waiting for William to say something like the way he jumped to tell a reporter “We are very much not a racist family” the day after the Oprah interview. The fact that he has yet to do something like that (and remained silent at the Royal Variety show when questions were being shouted at them) doesn’t bode well for Kate.

    • Veracity¥47 says:

      William is applying the « never complain and never explain » policy, so going at an evening event with Kate, holding her wrist for a few seconds ( very romantic and intensifying pda), giving plastered grin with the Swedish princess, her husband and Kate, plus the concert organised by Kate, when he went with all their children to show togetherness and family unity are sufficient and enough for him.
      Maybe another out and about with Kate, where they can shower us with their toothiest grin, so next time that’s what William will probably do, and additionally they will bring the blackest blackity black person they can find for photo op!😏😤

  40. Jaded says:

    I was wondering when they’d trot that old sleazebag out for another screed supporting Keen. Give up Gary, go back to your hookers-n-blow, nothing you say will support Khate, in fact you’re an embarrassment to her. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to have any friends who will publicly defend her, not even her sister and brother. If Uncle Gary is the only one who’ll step up to defend you Khate, gurl, you in trouble.

  41. Beverley says:

    Why isn’t the palace stepping up to her defense, like they did regarding botox and hair extensions?

    How odd that her husband isn’t defending her! Just like he didn’t raise a finger to pay off her family’s debts.

    • kelleybelle says:

      I think Will and Kate both said something; they’re both racists but Kate is being thrown under the bus to protect the heir. She’s taking the hit for Chuck and Will. It’s always the married-ins that get blamed

      • JanetDR says:

        That makes perfect sense.

      • Veracity¥47 says:

        The canonised and sanctified Kate narrative is nauseating to say the least!
        Kate has been reported to make both Andrew daughters cry ; sounds familiar?!
        Kate is not the victim nor the sacrificial lamb in this scandal, she may be put under the bus, but I think it’s earned and well deserves; perhaps there is more than one person who made the unconscious bias comment, but something is telling me that Kate reign comes to an end, because she is facing her karma.
        Even the daily Mail wrote an article weeks ago to warned Kate to watch out, because neither of the precedent princess Catherine end well!
        How strange 🤨

    • Veracity¥47 says:

      Never complain and never explain is the current moto, so they would not open their mouth to defend Kate; while Charles who is the king didn’t have yet his press agents publicly refuted any accusation of racism.
      But some folks want William or else in the royal family defending Kate, as if she is the most important member in this family; unfortunately this past year, some journalists and her sycophants let Kate believe that she is the most powerful, intelligent and important person in the firm; so without her the firm will drown, they said; maybe this is what they plan with Piers Morgan.😏

  42. Lady Digby says:

    Did either Uncle Fester or CT justify KM taking umbrage over her not getting an Easter egg when one expected one and then one didn’t get and one was cross? Keeping it real and relatable in 2023!

  43. AC says:

    The Midds are not getting protected by Ks husband or the firm so they have to fend for themselves. As I commented a day or so ago, the history books are probably not going to be kind to the Middletons. Karmas a B.
    Good luck in trying to find new partnerships with different companies/entrepreneurs , as no business wants to have their image downgraded. The world is getting more and more diverse and multi-racial , some people like these idiots are just still in Denial 🙄.

  44. BlueNailsBetty says:

    “Operation Big Blue”


  45. J.ferber says:

    Yup. And he’s NOT fat and bald. Recollections may vary.

  46. JaneS says:

    Isn’t this Uncle Gary? Who has a fairly shady biz past? Money laundering or drug dealing?

    QE had the correct idea “Never complain, never explain”
    Everyone connected to the senior level working BRF would be better off if they would do as QE did.
    Walk out, wave, smile, photo, keep ya mouth shut!

    Their PR is crap. All this does is keep all the sh*t swirling and the tabs start it all over again.
    W, K, KC and C just keep losing ground bc they keep trying to spin and plant their side.
    How can they not understand that most people do not care about them at all?
    I’d say they are a living soap opera, dress up dolls, wearing unholy amounts of jewelry.

    Can I say that I have a real kink about the BRF jewels? I hate them for their wealth hoarding. But, but the jewelry! I can’t help it, I know it’s wrong, stolen gems, bad mojo, money that would be better spent on charity, etc. But, it hits me at a gut level. The jewelry is true art by true craftsmen. Stunning many times. And so far from reality it still stuns me.
    Diana, so young and beautiful looked as if she was born wearing those fabulous jewels. It shocks me when Kate or Camilla wear the jewelry, they do not have the beauty to do the jewels justice. Might be the fact that we know both Cam and Kate are cruel to others in order to get what they want.

  47. Lemons says:

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again…If at your wedding, there are no other people in your wedding party than those that have the same skin tone as you and the same cultural background, you are either very sheltered, racist, or complicit. It’s not hard to make close friends throughout the course of your life with people who look different.

    And Kate’s wedding party, friends, and family have never included anyone that doesn’t look like her.

  48. Lau says:

    To be fair, Kate doesn’t appear to have any friends OR aides at all. If she had either they wouldn’t have to send Dodgy Uncle Gary to do that sort of work.

  49. Myeh says:

    Ahhhh the age old “we don’t see color” argument, therefore how can one of us be racist….. Smh

  50. JaneS says:

    You have got to figure that if William did not pay the Middletons bills or find a way to squash that news…..All the Middletons are going to be pushed farther and farther away from the spotlight as time goes by.

    But why would this surprise us?

    William has disengaged from Harry, his only brother.
    William and therefore Kate as future K&Q, will continue to move away from all uncomfortable issues and work 24/7/365 to secure their Throne, and tell themselves they are doing it to secure the future for King George.

    The mafia treats family with more empathy.

    Btw, Pippas’ husband seems smart to stay out of all of the W&K and Middleton bs. Pippa married a billionaire, 3 kids. Stay out of it all.

  51. ChattyCath says:

    Sorry for posting again. I read an article a few weeks ago that said Camilla insisted the Middletons had to use the Tradesmans’ Entrance. Of course they deserve it but no wonder Khate is beginning to fray