Lindsay Lohan’s mom starts “Lohan House” to sell old swag; Michael arrested

Stars Come out to Hamptons for Super Saturday Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser!
Lindsay Lohan’s mom has started a website called “Lohan House” as an easily mocked way to sell the family’s castoffs online, many at a hefty price. It looks like the Lohans are hurting after those reality show checks dried up. Along with selling old clothing, shoes and purses, has a “news” section that is both undated and out of date. The site makes references to the Lohan’s reality show on E!, “Living Lohan,” as if it’s still going on despite the fact that it ended over a year ago. Dina even claimed this summer that the show ended because E! wanted her to fake a pregnancy.

In “Lohan House” the Lohans are still relevant, Lindsay is still getting work and “Living Lohan” is still on the air. Coupled with their unwanted luxury goods, the dubious Lohan “news” is enough to make you feel a tinge sorry for the youngest Lohans: Ali, 15, and Cody, 13. (There’s also Michael Lohan, Jr., 21, a student at Ithaca College who Jezebel calls “refreshingly normal” and Lindsay of course. Anyone that’s no longer a teenager can fend for themselves in that family, and they obviously do.)

One Lohan not welcome at “Lohan House” is absent dad Michael. Michael had some drama of his own this weekend when he was reportedly thrown in jail in Medford, NY for phoning his ex girlfriend, Erin Muller, who has a restraining order against him. Under the terms of the restraining order, Michael is to have no contact with Muller. According to Michael, though, he was never arrested and didn’t spend time in jail. He told RadarI was not arrested. Erin and I had an argument. She has an ongoing order of protection against me. She called and said I violated it by making a phone call to her. I went down there today and saw the judge and I handled it and that was it.” Law enforcement sources told Radar that he was arrested, and was “picked up, processed and released.”

Michael “I tape all my phone calls” Lohan is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell. He served nearly two years in jail on multiple DUI and assault charges and was released in March, 2007. It looks like the guy is getting bored after selling all his phone tapes of his daughter crying for help and his ex buddy Jon Gosselin confiding in him. He needs to find another stupid reality star to befriend and exploit. I hear those “Jersey Shore” kids are looking for a father figure.

Ali Lohan and Cody Lohan Spin Records At A Verizon Wireless Store In NYC

Stars Come out to Hamptons for Super Saturday Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser!

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31 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s mom starts “Lohan House” to sell old swag; Michael arrested”

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  1. ruru says:

    Yeesh, the Lohan family should be used for skin cancer awareness posters.

  2. Neelyo says:

    I doubt they’re unwanted luxury goods as much as unaffordable.

    Maybe it will turn into the Long Island version of GREY GARDENS with Big Dina and Little Ali holed up in a grey McMansion giving away all their belongings and longing for the halcyon days of their E! Reality Show when Ali was on the verge of stardom with her hit single and upcoming role in TROLL and they had the world at their feet.

  3. Newyorking says:

    There’s more lohans than Lilo and Ali? No wonder Dina doesn’t care about Lilo – she is not the only paycheck. This family grates. Ali looks so much like Ashlee Simpson here. Dina dress your age biatch.

  4. bella says:

    Why am I not surprised? I guess since the Lohan children were for sale, nothing is taboo with this family.

  5. Jazz says:

    Lohan House sounds like a rehab. She looks like an old leathery bag!

  6. bella says:

    @ Newyorking,

    Yes, there are 4 Lohan kids…that’s why Linds is such a mess: Dina was more interested in keeping the gravy train running and capitalising on Lindsay’s fame than discipline – she never told her daughter “no.” And Michael is a piece of crap in his own right, as well. The Gosselins & Octo-Nut-Job are nowhere near the first families to use their children as a way of supporting their children.

  7. Alecto says:

    i don’t think i want to tan anymore. ever

  8. birdie says:

    Some of that stuff they are selling includes personal messages from the designers….. In regular people world, trying to sell free gifts would be considered cheesy and RUDE! I wonder how the Lohan’s have justified this in their minds. It’s not even being done under the umbrella of “charity”.

  9. lilred says:

    Lohan House, where you can get purses at rock bottom prices… with rock in the bottom

  10. JadedJudy says:

    Did anyone actually got to this site? It is ridiculous! Formatting and grammar errors abound, terrible cut and paste type pictures and don’t even get me started on the actual content!

    I’m beginning to think Dina’s fake Twitter account wasn’t so fake after all!

  11. Scribe says:

    What is that ring around her eye?

  12. audrey says:

    She looks like a giant scab.

  13. heb says:

    Is it just me or does that website not even work?

  14. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh the sun damage.

  15. Maddie says:

    Look how sad Ali looks in that one picture, her eyes are not smiling at all.

    So sad to have not one but two F_ked up parents.

  16. Kermit says:

    Dina’s decisions are mind-boggling. This site represents the whole family poorly, the article makes valid points. Feels like a garage sale. Per Lindsay, she’s working and has 3 movies coming out in 2010 including Machete with Robert DiNiro and The Other Side with Woody Harrelson as well as photoshoots and the Ungaro gig. Per Ali, Ashlee Simpson? I don’t see it. I see a bit of Demi Moore, Kristin Davis and Angie Harmon with Lohan familiar expressions. Ali has grown about 6 inches or more this year and is currently close to 5’9″ and very slender. She’s toned down the makeup since staying with Lindsay this year and I’ve seen plenty of pics where she wears none at all. The pics and info on the Lohan House site of all of the Lohans are dated.

  17. gg says:

    Gadz! Sun damage anyone?

    Also, Ali looks terrible with the black hair. People – if you don’t naturally have dark hair, don’t think you can get away with the black dye. It ain’t gonna look “artsy” or “cool”, it just looks tired and ill thought.

  18. Kermit says:

    GG Maybe there’s a dark rinse in the pic but Ali’s hair color is naturally very dark brown. See her kid pics. Both her and Michael Jr. have very dark brown hair that appears almost black at times.

  19. Gistine says:

    God I hate this slop tart. She is a disgusting hag who pimps her children out to the entertainment industry for her own means. She is riddled with filth and is a deplorable human being that cannot even be put on par with maggot excrement.

    Like I would want anything from ashtray face Lindsay. Gross.

  20. Annabelle says:

    Dina looks younger than Lindsay

  21. la chica says:

    the Lohans must be running out of money. this website is an embarrassing admission of failure. i guess Shoe-han must have been a flop.

  22. Praise St. Angie! says:

    gg, good advice on the hair coloring thing.

    I thought about dying my hair black when I was in college. (it’s naturally a light brown/red color that gets lighter in the summer.) thank GOODNESS I have a great hairdresser who set me straight!!! He pointed out to me that a LOT of women would dye and perm their hair to look like mine.

    So, I’ve thankfully learned to love my unruly, curly, reddish Irish hair!

  23. diva says:

    Lindsay must be going broke, to be selling her used clothes on a family website. Being a drug addict is expensive and she is obviously a shopaholic since she is always photographed shopping and doesn’t have the income to support $20,000 a week shopping sprees. Their is no doubt in my mind that Lindsay is bipolar, she has all the classic signs, out of a textbook. Risky behavior, substance abuse, shopping sprees, manic behavior, erratic behavior, and hypersexual. She is only getting worse, by self-medicating and each month she looks worse and the antics get worse, she needs to be hospitalized. It’s amazing how celebrities get a pass, whereas a normal person would be in 5150 hold by now.

  24. Kermit says:

    Diva. You’re hitting on the underlying issue. Some feel it is borderline personality disorder that Lindsay has.

  25. ! says:

    All hail diva, the armchair diagnosis queen. How many is this for you today?

  26. NicoleAM says:

    She’s a junkie, plain and simple folks. People with a sunstance abuse prob can mimic other disorders. I think she had success, fame and money too early, and she’s grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and treatment. If anything, she has a narccistic (sp?) PD.

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