Rihanna goes topless on GQ cover, pays homage to Lady Gaga


Rihanna went topless for the January issue of GQ Magazine. The New York Daily News gives the cover a resounding “meh” and calls it far from provocative. I’m not so sure – Rihanna has done photo spread stunts before (like the sketchy bound and muzzled spread she did for Italian Vogue), but I do think this cover is interesting, just because Rihanna looks young and vulnerable, which is unusual because she’s been trying to look more ass-kicking lately. It’s become quite the thing for stars to go topless for GQ – I question their editorial decisions (and the sneaking suspicion that the editors have become one-trick ponies) more than I question Rihanna’s judgment.

In a recent interview, Rihanna also admits that she’s doing a sort-of tribute to her new favorite artist, Lady Gaga. She dons some… interesting sculptural dresses and some sketchy makeup. Is that all it takes to do a Lady Gaga homage? Maybe.

Rihanna’s raunchy makeover continues, as the pop singer graced a magazine cover in little more than a pair of leather hotpants. Despite her arms being strategically placed, the daring shot of a topless Rihanna leaves little to the imagination.

Rihanna is seen featured of the forthcoming issue of the US edition of GQ magazine as she continues her high-profile publicity campaign for new album Rated R. And it’s clear she is keen to push the boundaries both visually and musically.

Rihanna has worked hard to relaunch her career following the abuse incident she suffered at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. And it appears she hasn’t taken inspiration from the pop world’s emerging superstar Lady GaGa.

‘She has a very bold, fearless image,” Rihanna told MTV News on the set of her “Hard” music video. ‘I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren’t afraid to do what they want to do. That’s what I respect most, so she’s awesome.’

And in tribute to her new heroine, Rihanna wore a GaGa-esque dress with huge spongy spikes for the promo shoot and carried a rifle.

[From The Daily Mail]

Rihanna is also debuting her new video “Hard” at some point either today or tomorrow. She already released a 30-second preview of the video and it looks… okay. I guess. Rihanna’s videos kind of leave me cold, and I don’t really care for the Mad Max vibe she’s been rocking lately. I guess it’s her way of reasserting her power after the Chris Brown incident, so God bless. It’s just not my cup of tea, though.

GQ cover and additional GQ photos courtesy of The Daily Mail.


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  1. Firestarter says:

    Oh God, the CB loons will be all over this, claiming she deserved to be beaten “cuz she’s a nasty ho!”

    Have to say, love that she is all over the place getting attention, while Chris is boo-hooing, trying to get attention. Hey Chris, I think one place sells your cd’s, but they are all hidden in the Gospel bins!

  2. Harmony says:

    i agree: this “tough” image is obviously a result of trying to prove her strength. i understand it might be helping her for now, i just hope she doesn’t stick with this for a very long time now…she doesnt need to prove her strength on the outside we all know its in the inside.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I have seen enough boobies to say the GQ cover is boring.

    But in the Italian Vogue and the bottom pictures with the gun she looks like Grace Jones, not what she was going for I am sure.

    I am not a fan of hers though, I feel bad for what she went through with Chris Brown but…

  4. ,,,, says:

    I think it’s kind of weird that people think she has so much control over her image. She’s bound to her record label and since she has an album to sell, she basically has to do what they tell her to do. I also think her image transformation was happening before the incident. Remember the video for Disturbia? I mean, she admires Gaga for being original and not afraid to do what she wants. I don’t think Rihanna has the creative freedoms that Gaga has.

    Also, her pants are unbuttoned in that photo which I think could send the wrong message to girls who look up to her. Topless and unbuttoned hot pants is a little much for me, personally.

  5. Ana says:

    I like the picture. At least she doesn’t look like she’s begging for a doggie biscuit or has a “hand bra.”
    I don’t like her hair though…..

  6. Lway says:

    She’s a little “strange” lately. Doesn’t quite facinate me either – she’s just weird all of a sudden. I don’t like it.

  7. snowball says:

    I thought she was pretty/cute in her Umbrella, ella, ella days. I get that she’s evolving and changing her image (I think she has more control over it – not that her label has none, I just think most of it is her), but she’s gotten a little freaky.

    That cover isn’t sexy at all and the Mad Max pics are a little creepy. Between the rooster hair, all the tattoos and some really questionable clothing (what’s the deal with all the hooded, cut down to there sweaters/dresses?), she’s just looking strange.

    I’m glad she’s coming out strong after that turd CB beat her up, but there’s strong and there’s hard; she looks really hard now.

  8. rraven says:

    Although I think CB is a jerk, always thought he had the kind of face that seems mean and self absorbed, I don’t really see Rhianna as a victim, partly because if I were her in that situation I would hate for everyone to be looking at me like some poor fragile being whose boyfriend suddenly out of the blue became a creep, even though I may have been somewhat aware of what he was like but hoped I could control/change him, which isn’t the definition of a victim? Also, and this is not condoning CB, Rhianna seems to have an edge to her, don’t know if its her age or what, but it may attract the wrong types. I am glad she got a rude awakening now, and I hope she judges her future prospects way more strictly than she has previously.
    Also I really like the image of her above, she looks good, but I admit it may be a little too provocative for younger fans, but I swear there is sex, or the suggestion of it in every single thing, sometimes i think the world has gone a little mad

  9. birdie says:

    That “Hard” song is incredibly annoying.

    But I do think a Rihanna/GaGa collaboration could be magic!

  10. elina says:

    she gets on my nerves…seems like shes trying waaay too hard… the ugly hair, ugly clothes, and nekkidness….no thanks

  11. diva says:

    Her fan base is teenage girls who she said she wanted to be a “role model” to. This new hard core sexy image is the reason why she is not selling any cds, since parents are not going to let their teens listens to sexually explicit and violent lyrics and cursing that are on her cd.

  12. Lenn says:

    I am so bored by her. I am so bored by all the pop-women out there. Gaga, Rihanna, Shakira, Beyonce, Britney. All doing the same think, all wearing those bodysuits instead of pants. Yawwnn!!!

  13. BlackStar69 says:

    She is just beautiful.

  14. princess pea says:

    A) GQ is not a teen girl magazine. I know, the little fans will buy ANYTHING with their hero’s face on it, but all the same, an adult should be allowed to be kind of adult in magazine for adults.

    B) Wasn’t Rihanna already wearing wild structural fashion before Gaga hit the mainstream? I think it’s always been her style to go over-the-top and kind of hardcore…

    My thoughts.

  15. ligeia says:

    a female popstar appears undressed and strategically covered up on a cover of a magazine. more news at 8:00!

  16. Catherine says:

    Most talent-less girls end up doing these kinds of covers to keep a spotlight on them. They have nothing else.

  17. the truth says:

    the cover is sexy, her body is the truth

  18. WTF?!? says:

    Time for her to remember that she’s supposed to be a musician. This personae is boring and old and tired and completely unoriginal. It’s beginning to look like she has no substance and has to rely on showing off her t&a and bad, bad fashion.
    Moratorium, please?

  19. ButteryBuddha says:

    I saw her in concert. Unoriginal, boring clothes, boring hair, shuffled around with so called “dance” moves, awful singing.. People think she is some genius for wearing so called “avant garde” fashion. No, she isn’t. She is just a product of a label that thought making her “Edgy” would sell her albums and it did. I don’t like her but I don’t hate her. She’s Eh.

  20. mags says:

    i love gaga. that is all

  21. slymm27 says:

    poor girl….she has gone over the edge!

  22. Dan says:

    “Rihanna looks young and vulnerable”

    not somthing i want coupled with a topless picture of a woman, especially with all the roman polanskie’s in the world…..

  23. cinday says:

    ugh..she’s jz slapping her own face,,she claimed that she wont go bk to chris brown cuz she wants to be a ROLE MODEL for young girls, and she was acting like she wanted to represent female power, and now she is making herself merely a SEX OBJECT, this is wat she called a role model for young girls? it gave ppl a image that now she dun give a damn about her moral or her body, after chris brown hit her, so i guess young girls will be like,,oh,,if a guy dumped me,,i’ll go have sex with other girls or dress all slutty as a big F U…and is she’s doin this to say a big F U to chris brown,she simple is not over him yet,

  24. NicoleAM says:

    Say what you want but Gaga’s got killer tunes!

  25. Aspie says:

    Rihanna’s got a killer body!

  26. Johannes says:

    i’m quite surprised that so many people dislike her style… i thought damian collins and avigail claire’s styling skills were absolutely genius, i understand how opinions on style are somewhat subjective, but i think her new “look” is very far from “bad fashion” and i find it rather fascinating