Tori Spelling is entertained by drag queens impersonating her

Tori Spelling has decided to cash in on the fact that people mock her constantly, and even welcomed some drag queens impersonating her at party to celebrate her new faux-reality show, so NoTORIous:

In the show, you tackle all the jokes about yourself. How does it feel to be the one to make the joke?

It’s been really freeing. I’ve been a target my entire life. At this point, there’s nothing anyone can say that will faze me. Bring it on! It’s more material for the show.

So you’re beyond being offended?

VH1 and Out magazine are (throwing) a party for the show, and they’re hiring Tori drag queens! They were like, “Does that offend you?” Of course it doesn’t offend me! There’s this famous drag queen called Suppositori Spelling. I’m like, “You have to find her!”

That’s a good attitude to have, and she’s going to get the last laugh if her show is a success. Here are pictures of Tori and her marked man at the XL Lounge in LA NY (thanks Mark) to promote the premiere of So NoTORIous last night.

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