King Charles has ‘a high level of integrity’ & would never evict his brother!

Several days ago, Alan Dershowitz decided to stand up for Prince Andrew. Dershowitz claimed that Andrew made a mistake by settling out of court with Virginia Giuffre in 2022, and that Andrew basically only decided to settle because his mother made him. Keep in mind, Andrew and his lawyers believed that they could get Virginia’s civil suit thrown out of court, and when the judge said it could go ahead to trial – and Andrew was looking at taking the stand and having to face cross-examination in an American court – suddenly, Andrew couldn’t settle fast enough. That was supposed to be the end of Andrew – he was supposed to be shuffled off and never heard from again. Instead, he’s been trotted out over and over in the past two years at public events. It’s clear that all of the current royal sturm and drang is nothing but performative BS for the cheap seats. Now a source tells the Times the same thing: King Charles isn’t going to do jacksh-t to Andrew.

The King will not force Prince Andrew to move out of his home on the Windsor estate, an associate of the duke has said, because “blood is thicker than water”.

Reports last week suggested that the King was preparing to put pressure on his brother to move out of his home at Royal Lodge by making him fund his own security needs. However, the associate, who is in regular contact with the duke, said that although some palace officials favoured such an aggressive approach, the King would never authorise it. The source said the duke was uncomfortable with the renewed coverage of his friendship with the paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, but that the latest disclosures would have no bearing on the duke continuing to live at Royal Lodge.

“The duke has rights like any leaseholder in relation to that property so it’s not like anybody can say, ‘I’ve decided you’re going to move out’, ” the source said. “It’s a very unattractive proposition to withdraw security to kick out your brother and I’m sure the King would never allow that, even if it was suggested to him.”

“The King is somebody with a high level of integrity. There are people in the royal household who would take a more aggressive stance, but in that family, blood is thicker than water.”

The source said that the duke did not expect to return to public life “unless there is a significant turnaround in the public perception of him…If [people believed] he was wrongly accused, I’m not sure that would be enough because of the association with Epstein,” the source said. “The stigma of Epstein would have to wear off.”

[From The Times]

Okay, this is actually Andrew lavishing praise on his brother and publicly reminding Charles that “blood is thicker” and “a man of integrity would never evict his brother!” Please, Charles has no integrity, and he evicted his own “blood” relation, his son. All that being said, the end result will be the same – Charles does nothing but make a lot of noise about “punishing” Andrew and then nothing ever comes of it.

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  1. Cessily says:

    History will not be kind to King Charles the fool, no matter what his pr media propaganda team writes about him.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      It makes me laugh that they put ‘integrity’ and ‘King Charles’ in the same sentence, the same person who got handouts/bribes by all sorts of dodgy characters??

      Lmao 🤣

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Right?? Even if you overlook his deplorable approach to fatherhood, Charles is not a person with integrity.

        Also, Andrew should just shut up and hide in his palace. Not go around gloating about how he is untouchable because his brother is the king of England.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      1- this obviously came from andrew’s camp.
      2- the tone is exactly right when dealing with a narcissist. You flatter them and proclaim that they are too high minded and too amazing of a human in every way to do X. Which gets them positive supply and is all about helping their APPEARANCE which is truly all they care about.

      It’s often the only way to get narcs to do the right thing as they tend to just want to wreck everything and everyone.

      But if they get to look strong – he won’t surrender to the intense pressure, he has integrity! He has ethics and morals! – no matter how ludicrous such a claim is – and they get to look magnanimous and most importantly IN CHARGE – that’s allllllll it takes for a narc to bsck you.

      Whether or not you want to be backed by a narcissist is a whole other thing.

  2. Serena says:

    Apparently blood is thicker than sexual assault on minors, huh. And this is “integrity” for them, lol.

    • Olivia says:

      it is all sound bites, isnt it? Because Harry is not blood? Is he trying now to stir up the shit conspiracies? What a vapid, idiotic person.

      • Libra says:

        Is Charles trying to tell us that he considers Andrew blood but Harry not? How else can he justify pulling security and the lease from Harry but not Andrew?

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        This is from Andrews camp.

        I think he’s not intelligent enough to realize what he’s saying about Harry. But he is reminding Charles that he knows where the bloody bodies are buried and has been loyal in keeping his secrets. And that for their cult family – having someone on your side even if they are blackmailing you, is very very important.

      • LRB says:

        I am just so ashamed and appalled at this report.. blood is thicker than water (unless you marry a POC)… he won’t throw the paedo out, but he will throw his son out… it just makes me want to go out and throw eggs at him…for which I would be arrested. I know the Queen would have protected Andrew, but I think while she had the capacity she tried to protect Harry – but I doubt we will ever know what state she was actually in that last couple of years.
        The thing I hate most about the King is that I can’t bring myself to sing our national anthem…and that hurts.

    • Megan says:

      I hate how “blood is thicker than water” gets misapplied. The full phrase is “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

      Which honestly, now that I think about it… maybe it is used correctly. Because I’ve long thought Andrew has some incredibly shady information on Charles. And I wondered if Charles was one of those with his name redacted in the Epstein docs. So maybe this is a blood of the covenant situation.

  3. “A high level of integrity and would never evict his brother”. That integrity doesn’t apply to the son he is trying to destroy and unalive and evicted! This idiot has no integrity or soul. He is a greedy evil being thinking he is better than everyone. Blood is thicker than water in this family my ass!

  4. Danbury says:

    I hate it when people say “Blood is Thicker than Water”. The real saying is: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”, which I choose to translate as “you don’t need to stick to family members if they’re idiots just because you are related to them”

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      @Danbury, I think that you are spot on in your interpretation of this passage. Seeing this passage in its entirety, not just the snippet that is normally used, certainly does add a completely different perspective on it. Thanks for sharing this!

      • Danbury says:

        Thanks!! I looked it up when I went no contact with my mother as my family kept getting on my case about it using this damn expression – when I shot this back at them it shut them all up right away!!

    • Dee(2) says:

      Your interpretation is exactly what it means. It’s just like the idiom curiosity killed the cat, people always leave the ending off of that and it negates what they think it means whenever they quote it. This family is just La Cosa Nostra with looted jewels.

    • Lauren West says:

      LOL, I was totally going to include this as a little tidbit for those interested because yes the original saying, which is very old, had the opposite meaning. This saying dates back to when men might have exchanged a blood oath of loyalty and become “brothers”. The idea being that the blood exchanged in swearing an oath to each other was a much stronger bond that of family.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The only one who can kick Andrew out of Royal Lodge would be the public, by abolishing the monarchy. Otherwise, everything will stay the same and no one will ever be held accountable for anything. It’s up to you, Brits.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      It’s not up to us, because those sh**stains are *technically* ruling the state. We’re subjects (and yes it’s depressing that 55-60% of Brits still support the status quo)

    • equality says:

      Andrew would still have a lease like others on some of the royal properties. It’s some like PW with no outside properties that would be hit hard.

      • MrsH says:

        William has his own private property too – “Bucklebury Manor” or whatever that house he bought for his grifter in laws is called.

      • Libra says:

        I’m starting to believe that William has the deed on the Buckleberry home and that’s the reason they can’t sell it to cover their debts so I agree it’s his private property. I guess that leaves the Middletons without a pot to pee in.

    • Harpervalleypta says:

      It’s not a coincidence that Charles/Andrew’s generation is also the generation who has forgotten how various European monarchies were kicked off the throne, sometimes very violently. The older generations lived through that and were VERY scared of the British public and had a huge measure of self-preservation. Nobody in Buckingham wanted to either be exiled or face a firing squad.

      Now the BRF is filled with people who have forgotten all that and think they are impervious as long as they have their connections to the tabloids.

  6. Inge says:

    Jimmy Saville & Peter Ball supporter Charles sure has something but integrity it ain’t!

  7. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Charles’s “integrity” reminds me of Andrew’s “tendency to be too noble”, both know nothing of the true meaning of either word.

  8. Becks1 says:

    We all know Charles isn’t going to kick out Andrew but its not because of his integrity and strong sense of brotherly loyalty.

  9. equality says:

    So did PW overplay his hand in attacking KC in the press? And/or Andrew applied some blackmail? If Andrew isn’t meeting the terms of the lease in upkeep it could be broken and that was their claim before. So is Andrew keeping up the property and that was a lie or is Charles going to help him keep it up because of what he knows. Everybody knows where Charles stands on loyalty to family and that is that it only swings toward him and not from him. So, no, it’s not because of blood ties.

  10. Chaine says:

    He is not going to kick Andrew out because Andrew would go get his own ghostwriter and book contract and write a tell all memoir about his sixty years in the royal family and where all the bodies are buried.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I’m sure Andrew would try and do that. But is he not smart enough to know that anything he said would also implicate him as well. I doubt that Andrew and Charles rarely hang around together. Now or then. So if Charles was doing anything wrong. Then Andrew was right there doing it also. Plus if he brings Charles down. William isn’t going to keep him up. And more than likely it would bring the monarchy crashing down. So all of them would be screwed.

  11. chill says:

    integrity noun [U] (HONESTY)
    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change:

    Charles is not honest. He cheated on his wife. He lied about it. This is the opposite of integrity.

  12. Brassy Rebel says:

    How much integrity is required to keep a pedo rapist hanging around?

  13. Dora says:

    I guess Charles level of integrity doesn’t reach his youngest son cause he married a biracial woman and dared to take her out of a situation when the king his oldest son and their tabloid overlords dared to use her as a punching bag. But his rapist brother he deserves respect and protection. After all his victims were white.

    Such a load of total bullshit

  14. JaneS says:

    Team Charles really needs to STHU.
    High level of integrity?
    The adulterer? The man who refuses to speak to his 2nd son?
    Shut up.

  15. Eurydice says:

    Another day, another stupidity. At this point, everyone knows Andrew is slime and everyone knows that Charles isn’t the landlord so he can’t evict him. So what are they trying to sell here?

  16. Amy Bee says:

    It’s clear that Charles and the rest of the family believe that Andrew did nothing wrong and that Harry committed a greater sin by marrying a black American woman and leaving the UK. It’s the only explanation for Harry being evicted and security pulled while Andrew gets to keep his house and security.

  17. Over it says:

    Translation , Randy is going nowhere because he knows all of chucky and wanks secrets. To kick him out is to burn the entire thing to the ground because Andy won’t leave without a fight

  18. Jensa says:

    This obviously came from Andrew’s camp. It’s the reference to “integrity” that does it – just like Andrew described himself as “honourable” (when dealing with Epstein) in his Newsnight interview.
    Charles is a weak man, though, and I do not expect him to deal with Andrew.

  19. Lau says:

    Andrew is not reminding Charles that “blood is thicker” but that he knows where the skeletons are hidden and that he knows all the dirt about everybody in this family.

  20. MsIam says:

    If Charles really believes that blood is thicker than water about Andrew, then he must really despise Harry. What a great look for a king who is head of the Church of England. Smh.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    Ah come on, I have witnessed every level of stupid, but never this!!!
    It really puts the M in moron. So Andrew, and yes this IS Andrew, most probably sat cuddling his teddy bear whilst one finger typing this dross, thinks that heaping faint praise on his brother, will keep him safe in his lodge. Blood is thicker than water?? Try telling Harry that. Charles, my big brother don’t cha know, is a man of integrity, no you nasty little paedo, he is divorcee, who went against his dead mothers wishes, made his sidepiece Queen, withdrew his SONS security and voided his lease after taking away his sons wedding gift from the Queen. So if you think for one minute your safe, your debauched life style has rotted your brain.

  22. Mel says:

    So….. you evict your son for protecting his family but you have integrity for providing cover for your rapist, pedo brother. Make it make sense!!!!!

  23. @BelizeEmpower says:

    I would argue if blood is thicker than water and integrity is the name of KCIII’s game, then Harry’s blood with King Charles, by virtue of being his son, is much thicker than that of his brother, Andrew’s blood, noh? Ergo, the thicker the blood, the thicker the integrity, loyalty and support…but, alas, it ain’t so with his son, Harry, who Charles evicted from Frogmore, took away financial support along with Harry’s security. Charles & William will NEVER live that down.

  24. QuiteContrary says:

    I mean, the nerve to claim that Charles has too much integrity to evict his pedo brother.

    Burn. It. All. Down.

  25. Teagirl says:

    I love the coronation picture. They look absolutely ridiculous in those heavyweight crowns and I giggle every time I see it.

  26. Kake says:

    I honestly thought this was pulled from The Onion! I agree with everyone saying this is from HRH Nonce or someone in his camp because no ACTUAL human living in the REAL world would think this is a beneficial piece. This article does the opposite of its intended purpose, so to all the Salt Island Royals, keep briefing like this. Can only think of the Twain quote about keeping your mouth closed rather than opening it and proving you’re a fool.

  27. LadyHighaLot says:

    Long time reader, rare commenter here. The saying is actually “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”… so take that KFC. Apologies if this has already been pointed out ✌️

  28. Mslove says:

    This is quite interesting. Methinks the dirt Pedo has is on the concubine, and we all know Chuck will do anything to protect her.

  29. Jaded says:

    Author C.S. Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”. Neither Charles nor Andrew have an ounce of honest integrity between the two of them. They hide behind the robes and fake medals and ceremonies of royalty, but behind all the frippery they are the very antithesis of integrity.

  30. ML says:

    I am not going to support The Times in order to find out who the author of this drivel was. Clearly, it’s pro Paedrew (and given what was stated in this article about KC’s brother when we all know how he has treated his own son and grandchildren!), but we also all know that anything that KC does not want in print does not get printed. Internationally, and this irritates me, The Times is seen as a serious newspaper. The fact that this was allowed to be published here says a lot.

  31. Heather says:

    It’s not the stigma of Epstein, it’s the stigma of being outed as a child rapist. Amusing how they will never come out and say that out loud. At least we don’t have to worry about Pedrew visiting the US any time soon. Or ever lol.

  32. tamsin says:

    It now seems clear that Harry’s Windsor blood is the taint.

  33. kelleybelle says:

    Chuck has all the integrity of steaming trash, Jeffrey Epstein and Thomas Markle. Who are they kidding?

  34. blunt talker says:

    the whole world sees this favoritism for a pedo against the backdrop of a son providing and protecting his wife and children from menacing forces-its plain as day and night.