Queen Margrethe only told her sons about the abdication three days beforehand

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe announced her abdication on New Year’s Eve. The abdication isn’t official until January 14th, this Sunday, when Margrethe will sign the abdication document and her son will become King Frederik. Many of us have wondered when Frederik and Mary learned of Margrethe’s decision, especially since just a few weeks prior to the NYE announcement, they had been looking miserable in Australia and there were rumors of significant marital discord. Many people believe that the marital discord was a factor in why Margrethe decided to step down when she did. But when did she tell her sons? When did Mary know that she would be queen sooner rather than later?

It appears as though Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s abdication news came as a surprise not only to the world but to her sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, too. According to Danish newspaper Berlingske, Frederik and Joachim found out about his mother’s plans to abdicate the throne on Dec. 28 — just three days before her official announcement.

Prince Joachim, who lives in Washington, DC, with his family after announcing plans to move across the pond in March 2023, is expected to return to Denmark for his brother’s accession. Joachim and his family made the transatlantic move after Queen Margrethe stripped his four children of their prince and princess titles.

On Sunday, Margrethe is expected to sign a declaration of abdication at Copenhagen’s Christiansborg Palace during a Council of State meeting. After she signs, her son will become King Frederik X, and her daughter-in-law will be Queen Mary.

The new rulers will hold a reception at the palace to mark the occasion, however, there will be no official coronation ceremony as there was for King Charles in May 2023.

[From The NY Post]

So… she did it on December 28th, after Christmas. Mary and Frederik spent several weeks in Australia, with Mary’s family, but they returned to Denmark a few days before Christmas. I wonder how icy they were during all of the royal Christmas stuff and what Margrethe saw between her heir and daughter-in-law. And did it really come as a huge surprise to Fred and Mary, not to mention Joachim? I’m also curious if King Fred will ask Joachim to come back to Denmark to live full time, or if this “living in America” solution is permanent.

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  1. LRB says:

    Amazing lady, seems from what I know she has been a popular queen, eclectic tastes… but sorry to say the obvious could she not have her teeth whitened? Americans often comment on our UK royals teeth, but Margrethe’s just show her lifetime of smoking which surely could be improved. Teeth aside, I wish her a very happy retirement and hope we still see her out and about… I just would like her to retire her fur coats too. I know they are old, but it is the optics of wearing fur. If Mary really didn’t know I wonder if Sunday will bring a rewear…which would be in huge contrast to the profligacy of KCs coronation – I am so glad I was out of the country that weekend.

    • smegmoria says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m sick today and looking at her teeth made me sick to my stomach.

      • aftershocks says:

        Wow, my thoughts exactly regarding QM’s horribly yellowed teeth. Why don’t elder European royals seem to care about adequate dental care and hygiene?! 🤔😝

        I ask that as someone who has to struggle to save money for cosmetic dental care because it is not covered by insurance plans in the U.S. Meanwhile, royals like KC-III and Queen Margarethe have more than sufficient wealth, status and access to afford proper dental care! I don’t get it! 🤷🏽‍♀️

        Not to mention, it’s disgusting re the royals who smoke privately! Eeeww! Yuk! 🤮

      • EvaM says:

        Hi 🙂 (My first ever comment here on CB, sorry for my mistakes, am not native) I might have the answer for you: cosmetic dentistry (veneers and crowns) are not as a huge trend in Europe as in the USA, and whereas we appreciate white teeth, keeping as much enamel as possible (preserving natural tooth structure) is still most valued. Bleaching of worn, cracked and probably periodontally compromised teeth is not considered a medically recommended treatment. What I see, that”yeah, yellow, but cool that she has her own natural teeth! “. (European dentist, Germany/Hungary)

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        EvaM, thank you for explaining. It makes sense. Also, I’m glad that you commented today and I hope you do more commenting in future!

      • aftershocks says:

        Thanks for your response EvaM. Yeah, I’m sure cosmetic dentistry is culturally viewed quite differently in Europe. I will also say that the cosmetic dentistry approach to dental care can be overdone in the West. Some people have huge veneers with a whiteness that looks unnatural. So, I think there is a middle ground in which responsible dentists can help people who, for many reasons, need to improve the health and the appearance of their teeth (I’m not referring to commercially-focused dentists who are mainly after the money).

        Good for QM then if people feel it’s celebratory for her to still have her own teeth, albeit in their badly yellowed state. At the very least, for her own good health, she should not smoke. That alone, even without resorting to whitening, would reduce the badly yellowed appearance of some of her teeth. But okay, I can accept that it is not a priority for her. 😁

      • Fabiola says:

        Why are teeth so yellow? It’s so gross. She has the means to whiten them

  2. Chloe says:

    Im pretty sure that the send off to America is a permanent one. Or at least they will not return to Denmark until Joachim and his wife are well past retirement age. Wasn’t he basically exiled to France? Hard to imagine Fred didn’t know about it or even signed off on it. It seems that in royal families, there is only room for 1 popular couple.

  3. JaneS says:

    Those furs are vintage, might as well wear them. She’s old too, not gonna change her mind.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Why are her teeth so yellow?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Because she’s a heavy smoker.

    • ChattyCath says:

      Her teeth are really off putting. One should see a Queen and what she stands for. All I see are those horrible teeth

      • Libra says:

        My husband has yellowing teeth from past years of smoking and now age. The dentist asked when he would like to come in to get that look improved, so I can’t believe this has not already been offered to her.

      • ML says:

        Libra, A couple of my older relatives had their teeth whitened, but they had to avoid anything that would stain their teeth for about a week after the procedure. Light foods, no tea/ coffee/ wine/ etc, and no smoking. Maybe that last bit is why?

  5. Amy Bee says:

    After Joachim finishes his posting in DC, my guess is he will go to another Embassy to work.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    If true, I am more convinced than ever that the recent news coverage of Frederic catting around provoked her decision. She’s old enough to have a clear memory of Charles and Diana and she wanted to cut off any oxygen about the heir’s marriage being on the ropes.The only question now is Mary fully back on board and committed to the marriage? She obviously feels humiliated by her husband. Stay tuned!

    • Cee says:

      Nothing will convince me she did not take this scandal into account to make her decision. Sure, she has health issues, but I firmly believes she “accelerated” the outcome in order to lock Mary in as Consort. There is no point in delaying the inevitable and risk another Camilla on the throne.

  7. YeahRight says:

    She seen the mess that is the house of Windsor she doesn’t want her own house to look like that. Why you think she immediately smoothed things over with her second son and his family. She seen how much Liz’s older son fumbled his first wife who would’ve been an excellent queen she will not allow Fred to do the same.

    • aftershocks says:

      Right! Queen Margrethe is skilled at getting her royal House in order without delay. After the hurt outbursts by Joachim and family, QM released a public statement of regret and apology regarding how the title demotions for her second son’s progeny were handled. She held fast that it was the right thing for her to do, but she sincerely regretted how it had been handled. I believe she spoke privately to Joachim and to each member of his family, likely including his first wife too (the mother of his two elder sons). This is something Chuck is too indecisive, too petty, selfish, and self-pitying to do for the benefit of righting the wrongs still percolating in the House of Windsor.

  8. eve says:

    Gives me huge Monster in Law vibes. She basically hijacked their lives. Although they knew they were next in line for the throne, the couple obviously is going through marital issues and to force them to be/stay together and become king and queen must be shocking for both. I feel super bad for Mary and in all the pics she looks like she would like to be anywhere else then where she is

  9. Lauren West says:

    If this is true it makes the organization and roll out of information even more impressive.

  10. JenC says:

    I have to respect this family’s “I’ve made my decision, deal with it, bitches” vibe.
    “BTW, I’m stripping your titles, kids.”
    “Cool, cool, Mom. I’m moving to the US, then.”
    “Happy New Year, I’m abdicating and you’re up next, Frederik. Get your shit together.”

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I was ” I’m stripping your titles, kids. Also we are finding your father yet another job abroad.” Jokke didn’t get those jobs himself (also they don’t have to pay him because the taxpayers do)

  11. Mamasan says:

    Sounds like she kept her own counsel and did it her own way.

    Her teeth, her business.

    I like her. She could give a shit less what we think. Love it.

  12. Lauren West says:

    For those who are enjoying this introduction to the Danish royals here is an interesting video, though kind of long, that provides basic background on Q Margrethe II, CP Fredrik, and family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AITycQA_rrU

    Interesting tidbit not included in the video: Q Margrethe’s first public appearance after the abdication could be at the Danish version of the Oscar’s since she has been nominated 2 for awards.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Lauren West, thank you for the link to the video. I’ll be watching it a little later. I love the idea that the Queen may be getting an ‘Oscar’ (or the Danish equivalent). What little I’ve read about her, she seems to be a very talented person.

  13. Thena says:

    I had wondered how there were no leaks of her abdication plans in advance. Well, now we know why — she barely told anyone!