America Ferrera was honored with the See Her award at the Critics Choice Awards

America Ferrera gave such a heartfelt speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night when she won the See Her award, presented by Margot Robbie. She cracked everyone up when she got to the podium, paused and admitted that she was waiting for the teleprompter to start. At one point she told the tech people to roll past a part she cut. My favorite part was when she said “We are all worthy of being seen — Black, brown, indigenous Asian, trans, disabled, any body type, any gender. We are all worthy of having our lives richly and authentically reflected.” I also liked when she gave a shout out to her husband, Ryan, and clarified that she didn’t mean Ryan Gosling. America’s performance in Barbie was so moving, her activism has always been on point, and this was well deserved.

In terms of fashion she was in a copper sequin Armani tank dress. I really like her sleek styling and it complements the look well.

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Sheryl Lee Ralph also rocked a tank dress. She was in a champagne colored CD Greene gown dotted with crystals. Sheryl’s daughter, Ivy Coco, is her stylist and she always makes her mother look amazing. Sheryl was nominated for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, which went to Meryl Streep.

Meg Ryan was also super sleek in black strapless Yves Saint Laurent. I feel like this needs a bracelet or something but she also looks amazing and I love to see her comeback! Meg and her costar, David Duchovny, presented. Their movie, What Happens Later, is streaming to rent now. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s free but I do want to see it.

Christina Ricci took it a little too severe in this black PVC deep v-neck gown with a scalloped bustline. Maybe this would work with softer styling. I would love to see her recognized more for Yellowjackets, because she is so good as a sociopath on that show. (I’m all caught up, but I’m mad at it and don’t think I will keep watching.) Elizabeth Debicki won in Christina’s category, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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  1. Ginny says:

    America knocked it out of the park with this dress and styling! I’m loving seeing more personality emerge in her awards season fashion after the serious tone of her Barbie promo looks.

    • LeaTheFrench says:

      I agree. The neckline and colors are perfect for her, very flattering.
      Christina’s look is too severe, too dark, too sharp. The heavy bangs are hardening her facial features.

  2. SAS says:

    Good lord these ladies all look SPECTACULAR! Congrats to America. I also love Abbott Elementary and Yellowjackets- so much talent in this post!!

  3. smcollins says:

    Meg looks fantastic from the neck down (although I do like her haircut), but I swear I’ll never get over how she ruined her beautiful face with terrible plastic surgery and fillers.
    Christina is a No for me, but America & Sheryl both look gorgeous. Sheryl’s figure is insane!

  4. BQM says:

    America’s hubby played her hubby in the film too!

    Sheryl Lee looks amazing. Vavavoom. That’s how you put the girls on display without them looking painful or making the look trashy. And her hair is perfect.

    • SarahCS says:

      I don’t think I’ll ever see a picture of him and not think of Duolingo now. My mum and I both use it daily and when we finally watched Barbie together at Christmas (having both been to the cinema when it came out) we had a good chuckle at that part.

  5. Chaine says:

    Sheryl is 🔥. With America’s figure, I think I would have liked this gown better at knee length, but waist up is fine. Christina, yikes, she looks super uncomfortable, prime example of the gown is wearing her. I just cannot look at Meg Ryan and there is no way I could see an entire movie starring her now. Her face just looks like a puppet.

  6. Miranda says:

    I’m glad Meg Ryan is getting a comeback, but what was it that kept her away for so long in the first place? Was it just because she ruined her face? Sexist backlash following the whole Russell Crowe thing? Maybe it’s been discussed plenty and I’m just out of the loop, but I don’t remember her or anyone else actually pinpointing a concrete reason.

    • one of the marys says:

      I think the Russell Crowe situation and the breakdown of her marriage to Dennis Quade totally exploded her image as America’s sweetheart and her rom-com credentials. If I remember correctly Dennis Quade was not kind to her publicly. I don’t remember anyone coming out to defend her but there was coverage of the double standard at play. I don’t remember Russell Crowe losing any credibility and in fact I think he downplayed the relationship and abdicated all responsibility for the fallout for her. That’s all I remember.
      It doesn’t help that her face work made her almost unrecognizable. She had a very distinct face that’s now been jacked to the extreme

  7. Ameerah M says:

    Love America’s dress. She always looks really good in these simple streamlined looks that highlight her curves. I like what Christina Ricci was going for but it’s a tad TOO severe on her.

  8. Pulplove says:

    You mentioned in another post that Carey Mulligan dressed very much like a Disney villainess. To me, it’s actually Christina who fits the description best here. The hairdo, make up, and dress fabric are just too harsh. Shame, she’s gorgeous and I would want her attire to compliment her beauty, but this just doesn’t.

    Sheryl rocks!

  9. one of the marys says:

    I like all the dresses. Sheryl is a knockout here. The colour on Meg is gorgeous and I think an accessory would complete the look. Christina is a total look here but that look is not for this event.

  10. Nina says:

    Christina is wearing latex not PVC and I think she looks awesome.