Pregnant Suki Waterhouse wore a cutout red Valentino to the Emmys: bold or too much?

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I have mixed feelings about Suki Waterhouse’s crazy cutout Valentino gown at the Emmys. On one hand it’s bonkers that she’s so pregnant and she wore that, on the other she’s a damn model/actress and she looks phenomenal. Why should she cover up for the Emmys just because she’s pregnant? I was floored when I first saw this gown on video (I tweeted about it) but when Suki talked to Laverne Cox I thought she looked adorable. She said that her gown had to be accommodated for her pregnancy, of course. Suki told ET that the dress had to be taken apart and put together several times and that she wasn’t sure it would be ready.

I like it, I don’t care! It’s making me smile so hard like “damn that’s daring!” Also it looks better on camera than it does in still photos. Suki is in Daisy Jones and The Six, which unfortunately didn’t take home any Emmys. I would have liked to have seen Robert Pattinson with her on the carpet.

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Laverne Cox was in vintage Thierry Mugler from her own collection. Laverne loves asking people what they’re manifesting and there’s something poetic about her saving a dress for over twenty years and wearing it on the Emmys red carpet. She looks incredible and I love how well it fits her and the witchy vibes she’s giving. So many people complimented her makeup too. I appreciate Laverne but she seemed like she was phoning it in last night, like she’s got too much happening in her professional life and she’s tired. That’s relatable.

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Nominee Keri Russell was in this black Alexander Vauthier that had a pencil skirt and a giant bubble cape. At first glance I don’t like it, but I see what they were going for. It doesn’t quite work, but it’s a cool concept.

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I’m including nominee Sharon Horgan here because not enough people know her. I watched a couple of episodes of her show, Bad Sisters, on Apple. It was fun but it wasn’t enough to keep me watching! She’s a standout though. I don’t have an ID on Sharon’s dress but she said on the CW red carpet that it was heavy and vintage, and that she was having a wardrobe malfunction because her double sided tape wasn’t holding up and her boob was in danger of popping out! The CW hosts tried to hand her some tape and it didn’t seem like they were successful because she looked at it and said a deflated “gee thanks.”

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  1. Josephine says:

    Sharon Horgan’s dress is lovely. It’s about the only dress of the entire night that I liked. Man, the dresses last night were pretty awful across the board.

  2. fishface says:

    I would have liked Suki’s dress more without the bow. Laverne looks just incredible.

  3. Ameerah M says:

    Suki’s dress…Issa no for me dawg. Hate everything about it. Loved Keri’s Alexandre Vauthier.

    And I don’t have issues with pregnant women showing skin. It’s just an ugly dress and it looks cheap.

  4. vs says:

    Suki is no Rihanna
    I love Keri’s dress

    • Carmen says:

      It looked like Suki was trying to channel Rihanna and failing abysmally.

      • Ameerah M says:

        I have to agree with this. I wasn’t a fan of Rih rig’s pregnancy style either but I felt like Suki was trying to copy it and can’t carry it off.

    • Kirsten says:

      I also love Keri’s dress — I think she looks fantastic.

  5. dlc says:

    I LOVED Sukis dress! I also loved that she was clearly feeling herself. Pregnant women showing skin, looking and feeling sexy. Awesome.

    • Carrie says:

      @dlc. I loved it too and thought she looked gorgeous. Elegant to Rihanna’s not so elegant look.

  6. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Suki’s dress is a no for me but im all for dressing up exactly like you wish when you’re preggers. So kudos for that

    • Another Anne says:

      There’s another advantage to the dress Suki wore – the trolls can’t claim she’s using a fake baby bump for a fake pregnancy! They do this for so many celebs, especially the partners of other internet boyfriends (see Cumberbatch, Prince Harry, etc)

  7. Bumblebee says:

    I like all these dresses. And they are doing great with the hair and makeup. Nothing awful here.

  8. SAS says:

    Suki’s dress looked fantastic in half the pics and terrible in the other half. I liked the boldness, I wonder if it had been a more sedate colour if people would be more on board.

    I can just tell Laverne‘a dress must look MAGICAL in person.

    Sharon Horgan is hilarious and a brilliant writer. I’d definitely recommend sticking with Bad Sisters and watching Catastrophe.

    • Concern Fae says:

      The weird square bust is what I found a bit off. The rest I loved.

    • Brenda says:

      Bodies change rapidly at the end of pregnancy.
      Only God, Suki, and the stylist know what that dress looked on her like when the idea got hatched weeks ago.

  9. North of Boston says:

    I like Sharon Horgan’s dress. She was fantastic in Bad Sisters (and was also the creative force behind it) So funny and So dark.

    She was also great in Game Night which is a fun, ridiculous movie with Kyle Chandler, Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons and others.

  10. Chaine says:

    I don’t care for Suki’s dress, but the color is great on her. She looks vibrant. I love what Keri wore, but I wish it was not in black. I think it would’ve really been a stand out in purple! Bad Sisters was so good! I really enjoyed that show.

  11. Nikomikaelx says:

    I love Sukis whole look, if only cause its so insane. Love when Actresses just say f- it and wear whatever crazy thing they like.

  12. Carmen says:

    Whoever put Suki Waterhouse in that hot mess of a dress should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail. What on earth was she thinking? Maybe that dress was the reason Pattinson stayed home.

    Laverne Cox’s dress was 🔥 🔥 🔥 and she was wearing the hell out of it. She’s got the best toned arms since Michelle Obama’s.

  13. Scout says:

    Suki looks like she is wearing a Home Depot apron. It’s really awful.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      To me, it looks like bib overalls. I would hate it even if she wasn’t pregnant. 🫣

  14. Kimmy says:

    I absolutely think pregnant women are stunning and I love when they go the sexy route when dressing. BUT this is not the dress. It’s not flattering. What is the bow?! It’s a gorgeous shade of red though and I will say, she looked confident in it, but that’s the model in her. She can wear anything.

  15. Normades says:

    I guess this is better than some tent dress and this is LA so not worried about dressing seasonly appropriate, but still not feeling the bib cut.

  16. Carnivalbaby says:

    Suki’s dress is stupid. The bow, the bib, the drop waist emphasis, the side boob. It’s stupid. I agree the colour is fabulous, but it doesn’t do anything for her. She is a nice lady, but that was a dumb choice.

  17. Margot says:

    Love Sharon Horgan. If you haven’t watched Catastrophe, do yourself a favour and find it! Probably my fave dramedy series ever.

    I kind of like Suki’s dress. It made me think of my husband’s grandmother who was a teacher and had to retire when she got pregnant because you couldn’t show off your growing belly around the children. Just shows how far we’ve come in some ways.

  18. Fwiw says:

    I just came to say that Sharon Horgan’s show Catastrophe on Prime is one of my favorite shows ever – if you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and start bingeing!!

  19. Karen says:

    I loved “Bad Sisters”! They’re doing another season sometime. (I also liked Sharon’s fashion in it.) Aside from “Catastrophe”, which people like a lot, is the show “This Way Up”; Sharon plays the sister of Aisling Bea. Also great.

  20. hanna says:

    an ugly dress is an ugly dress, even if the woman is pregnant or not. im all for bump showing, flaunt what you have…but Suki’s dress was designed to make any woman as stumpy, wide and unflattering to the body as possible. let’s put a bow on the crotch and draw attention to how short the skirt is in relation to the torso so we can maximize how awful it is to cut off a model woman’s figure to be stumpy AF, then flatten her chest in this weird apron dickey thing, and oh let’s leave the back completely bare bc women don’t need bras or have breasts. yeesh…

  21. JaneS says:

    Is she who we get these days as a celeb?
    I dunno to me, she is more famous for her dating history vs. her acting career.

    Oof, that dress is ugly. Her hair looks good tho.

  22. TheOriginalMia says:

    Didn’t like Suki’s dress, but if she likes it & felt comfortable in it, more power to her.

    Love Keri’s dress. Laverne looked amazing. No idea who Sharon is, but her dress is very pretty.

  23. JenCF says:

    Ugh, Suki’s dress was designed by someone who has a grudge against pregnant bodies. The material, silhouette and that bow are all wrong. I got nothing against being pregnant, sexy and showing skin, but this looks uncomfortable, unwieldy and just stupid. She deserved a better design.

  24. Sass says:

    Suki’s dress looks like an apron 😬 what a disappointment! It could’ve been so much better. She’s so beautiful.

    Keri’s is cool but that brooch, no thanks. Heigl had one on her gown as well. I’m not loving the brooch trend, they look like afterthoughts. And I have a vintage brooch collection 🤣

  25. tamsin says:

    Suki looks lovely in that vibrant color, but all I see is a square piece of cloth attached to a skirt. it just doesn’t seem integrated into the line of the dress sufficiently. The contrast between the lines of the skirt and the straight line of the “bodice” just doesn’t look like a whole dress.

  26. Kkat says:

    Someone up thread had it right, at least the twilight crazies can’t say she was faking it.

  27. Mollie says:

    The skirt on Suki’s was too much for me. I loved the top part and the cutouts. I think I would like the dress more if the skirt was sleeker.

  28. Tursitops says:

    Laverne needs to expand her vocabulary. If we had done shots every time that she effused about someone who was “iconic” or “amazing” then we would have been drunk twenty minutes into the show.