Kate Hudson releases her first single, ‘Talk About Love’: good or boring?

If you told me Kate Hudson did an album ten years ago and it faded into obscurity I would believe you. She’s just someone who has her finger in a lot of pies, like Fabletics, a vodka brand and a supplement line. She’s saidI’m an Aries. I get bored. I gotta keep moving,” which might explain her latest foray into music. Kate has released a single co-written with venerable Grammy winner Linda Perry and Kate’s fiance, musician Danny Fujikawa. It’s called “Talk about Love” and it’s very mid, for lack of a better word. First here’s People Magazine’s writeup about it. In her press release for the song, Kate said “I wanted it to be something delicious and sexy and all the things that I believe in.”

Kate Hudson’s debut single has landed!

The actress-turned-singer’s first song “Talk About Love” has finally dropped after weeks of anticipation from fans, providing a burst of blended rock/pop sounds for listeners to enjoy.

In the song — co-written with Linda Perry and Hudson’s fiancé Danny Fujikawa — the actress, 44, celebrates having a love connection at the deepest level possible while belting out vocals over columns of synth, guitars and a jumping rhythm track guaranteed to raise the mood.

“You only have one first single,” Hudson said of her musical debut in a press release. “And I wanted it to be something delicious and sexy and all the things that I believe in.”

“I wanted it to be open and seeking, searching to find something powerful. But I also wanted the music to be the rock, the pop, the dance music and even a bit of the alternative records I love,” she continued. “It was a lot to put into one song, but thankfully, I had some wonderful people working with me. And so, here we are!”

Hudson worked independently with producer Johan Carlsson and Fujikawa to form a fresh sound for the song that also felt natural to her. The collaboration developed into the makings of an album which the actress has teased will be released later this year.

[From People]

This single, which is below, isn’t bad. I like the retro vibe, but it’s like a theme song on a CW show. It’s budget Lady Gaga without the soul or variety. The refrain is OK and it grew on me I just don’t find it memorable or catchy. Good for Kate for doing music if she wants though. There are so many other musicians who are doing complex, nuanced and haunting music who don’t get much attention at all. I’m thinking specifically of Chadwick Boseman’s widow, Simone Ledward Boseman, who sings as sahn. Her music is phenomenal and some of her videos on YouTube have less than 2,000 views. She’s in a different genre and she does slower jams but they just have so much heart. I’d love it if she got wider recognition. As for Kate, sometimes celebrities dabble in things they want to do rather than things they’re passionate about and it shows.

Here’s that single from Kate.

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  1. Elle says:

    Thanks for linking sahn. I hadn’t heard her music before and she’s right up my alley. Listening now – this is soooo good.

  2. Kitten says:

    On one hand, Kate has always had a pretty strong connection to the music industry both tangentially and via her own career so in some ways this feels like a natural trajectory but on the other hand, who’s really asking for this? IDK…maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t see people rushing out to buy Kate Hudson’s album. Eh.

  3. JaneS says:

    I haven’t been waiting for Kate to do any music, has anybody?
    I’m surprised Kate hasn’t gone all “My skin care, beauty products” line like Goop or JAlba.

  4. Mimi says:

    Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson’s voice is also hauntingly beautiful, but she doesn’t get much play, either. This seems like a bored celebrity thing and not a passion project.

  5. Nanea says:

    I don’t think we’d have missed out on something big, special, earth-shattering, had KH not released this single.

    It’s a generic mix, well-executed – but without any individuality.

    Unlike Simone Ledward Boseman, sahn, who really could do with a lot more attention for her hauntingly beautiful music.

  6. Giddy says:

    The song and her voice are okay. Not great, just okay. What surprises me is the cheapness of her video: “Here I am leaning against my car in my lovely fur. Isn’t my hair gorgeous? Now I’m behind the wheel. Look! There’s a microphone! Wait! Now I’m at the mike! Now back to Me in my fur leaning against my car.”; Ad nauseam. Boring.

    • CeeGee says:

      Agreed about the song completely. And the vid is boring but just wanted to note that it is just the lyric video – it’s pretty standard now to release a video showing the lyrics of the song when the song is released, and then an official video comes later (or not as the case may be). Sometimes the singer doesn’t even appear in the lyric video so this is honestly maybe even a bit much for what it is. She looks great though!

    • Olivia says:

      What bugs me is the constant deep breaths she takes at the start of each new phrase, throughout the ENTIRE song. You can hear they tried to fit the song around her poor technique, adding beats to try to disguise the breath, lol. So yeah, if this was anyone else, she wouldn’t have made it into the recording studio, and definitely not released a career with THAT song, which only showcases her weaknesses. Perhaps her actual ability will shine through in some other slow ballad in the album?

  7. SarahCS says:

    It’s fine? I lasted 45 seconds then got bored. I quite like her voice but the song is a bit dull and I sound the video cheap looking and un-engaging.

  8. JaneS says:

    Re: Bridgerton S3 link.
    I’ll watch it.
    But the strikes really took a toll on continuing series, I just have lost interest in shows I used to look forward to.

    The Duke from S1 needs to get his team hustling. He had a good solid PR rush, he is talented, he should be capitalizing on it more while he can.

    Kingsley Ben Adair, now seen in the Bob Marley bio should also be hustling like mad while the iron is hot. He was terrific in Peaky Blinders and then not much for 1-2 years.

  9. Gennessee says:

    It’s dull. I heard it yesterday on the radio and was bored by the .30-second mark. It’s a lovely song for the B-side of a record, but absolutely not as a first single. She really should have worked with better producers. It’s the type of song that would be lost in the middle of a CD for a female alt-soft rock-musician in the early 90s.

  10. Grace says:

    More SAHN, please. I was not at all familiar with her music. LOVE IT! Meh on KH.

  11. GrnieWnie says:

    I mean, she has a better voice than JLo

  12. Thena says:

    Talk about boring.

  13. FancyPants says:

    Maybe she is trying to win Eurovision?