Jessica Simpson goes to jail – to bail out her drunk friend “Lil’ Cholita”


It looks like we’ve always concentrated on the wrong member of Jessica Simpson’s beauty entourage. I had Jessica’s hair guy Ken Paves as the one Jessica would take a bullet for, her best friend in the whole world, the guy who probably comes closest to Jessica’s soul mate. Well… all of that might be the case, but it looks like Jessica’s makeup artist Mary “Lil’ Cholita” Phillips is also Jessica’s bestie, so much so that when Phillips got arrested for drunk in public, Jessica is the one that got the call. Jessica’s a good friend, too! She showed up to the West Hollywood jail (“the drunk tank”) to get Lil’ Cholita out, but the police wouldn’t release the sh-tfaced makeup artist because she was still so wasted, and apparently that’s against some kind of policy.

Oh, and Jessica is the one who calls Mary “Lil’ Cholita”. Jessica posted the above photo of herself, Phillips and Ken Paves on Twitpics with the note Sizzlin’ w my peeps, pretty boy KP (@kenpaves), lil’ cholita (Mary Phillips)…look out Yo!! This was just hours before Lil’ Cholita’s arrest.

Jessica Simpson paid a late-night visit to … jail!

The singer, 29, stopped by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department in West Hollywood early Friday morning to try to bail out her friend, confirms.

Her pal and longtime makeup artist, Mary Phillips, was arrested at 1:30 a.m. for being drunk in public after police received a disturbing the peace call at the Sunset Tower Hotel, a law enforcement source tells Us.

Simpson, however, was turned away when she attempted to bail her out.

“She was arrested for being drunk in public, and she was not released to Jessica because you can’t release someone who has not sobered up,” Deputy Aura Sierra tells Us. “They’re going to release her a little later when she’s sobered up. I don’t know what time that will be. It could be a minimum of 6 to probably 8 hours.”

Hours earlier, Simpson had posted a photo on Twitter of herself, hairstylist BFF Ken Paves and Phillips — who worked with Simpson on The Dukes of Hazzard and Employee of the Month and prepped her for her 2002 wedding to Nick Lachey.

She said that she was “sizzlin’ with my peeps, pretty boy KP and Lil’ Cholita [Phillips] … look out yo!!”

Phillips is still in custody, the law enforcement official tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

I think Lil’ Cholita sounds like a fun person. I hate hearing about people getting arrested for drunk in public or drunk and disorderly, because ultimately I feel like “at least they weren’t driving.” If you’re not drinking and driving, how else are you going to get home? You’ll have to walk! Thus, drunk in public. I learned that in my college town, where the police loved nothing better than to arrest college kids walking home after a long night at the downtown bars. I never got arrested, but I did my fair share of drunk in public.

One more thing: Lil Cholita 4 EVA.

UPDATE: Lil’ Cholita was released from jail after she sobered up. She was given a citation, and Jessica did not return.

Jessica’s Twitpic courtesy of her Twitter.

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  1. Green is Good says:

    Last photo: What the HELL does Jessica have in that Hefty-bag sized purse? The remains of her career?

  2. LolaBella says:

    Paging Michael K.! MK, you need to investigate this ‘Lil Cholita’ situation. LOL.

    Nice of Jess to try to help a friend out of trouble.

  3. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Green: Nah, the bag wouldn’t have to be nearly that big if it was her career! LOL I think she carries Ken P in it when he’s too tired to walk…doesn’t he remind you of a little yapping dog?

  4. JadedJudy says:

    Relationships like this always crack me up. JP pays them to be around her all the time. Off course they’re gonna act like her friends, I wanna see how often they hang out when she can’t afford to pay them anymore.

  5. javelin says:

    JadedJudy, haven’t you ever partied with coworkers after hours? They’re not on the clock 24/7..

  6. snowball says:

    Of course, Jessica is pathetic and a loser and no one really likes her because she’s fat and can’t keep a man. So for sure, she has to pay people to be friends with her nasty ass.

    Everyone whines (not everyone, I know) about “don’t pick on Angie,” or “don’t pick on Jen,” or “leave Brad alone.”

    Jessica gets the shaft more than those three combined. Not in number of posts, but because nearly every post about her is mean-spirited (thank you, LolaBella for not going there) and I can’t think of anyone less deserving of it.

    She may not have a career, she may be pretty dumb but when has she acted like a selfish scheming witch? Stolen anyone’s boyfriend? Is her sole crime that she’s dumb and usually has no fashion sense? You’d think she’d get more pity than vitriol.

  7. diva says:

    Jessica isn’t having a good week, getting hooked up with Tiger then not able to get one of her drinking pals out of jail. I give her credit for showing up to the jail, I don’t think most celebrities would have done that, too concerned over their image.

  8. Doe says:

    Jess looks hooooooooooot!!! Good for her.

  9. Cat says:

    What a sweetie! It says something about her that her employee wasn’t afraid to call JS from jail. How many famous women would be willing to do that I wonder??

  10. t says:

    I wonder how the make up artist feels about having her name and arrest in Us Magazine. Does she wonder who gave Us Magazine the tip? If Jessica exposed the woman’s embarrassing situation just so she could get publicity, Lil’ Cholita probably feels betrayed.

  11. lola says:

    don t say what you don t know.

    she is just being a friend,how any friends will do that?

  12. Sadly says:

    Ken Paves doesn’t look healthy to me; I hope he’s okay.