Bower: ‘The monarchy in fact depends on actually obliterating the Sussexes’

As some people have already discussed in the comments, “royal expert” Tom Bower has been a tear this week. Bower is a vile man who always has the absolute worst sh-t to say about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Specifically Meghan, who he once called a “brazen hussy” because Meghan smiled and waved at fans. He’s also been pretty clear that he’s targeting Meghan specifically, in part of the royal media’s general attempt to “force” a Sussex separation so Harry will come running back to them. Except that now, in the year of our lord Beyonce 2024, Bower seems to understand that Harry and Meghan’s marriage is strong and there’s no divorce on the horizon. So Bower said the quiet part outloud: for the monarchy to survive, the Sussexes must be obliterated.

An eminent royal biographer believes the future of the monarchy depends on the ‘obliteration of the Sussexes’ after Prince Harry’s brief visit to the King following his cancer diagnosis. Tom Bower launched a blistering attack on the Duke of Sussex branding him a ‘traitor’ when discussing his meeting with Charles on this week’s The Reaction, the Mail’s new YouTube talkshow.

It was hoped the troubling news of the King’s illness could bring Harry closer to his father and his brother, the Prince of Wales, after launching years of vicious attacks against the monarchy. But Mr Bower told the Mail’s columnists Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce that the opposite is the case.

The author of ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors’ gave his opinion in this week’s episode: ‘I think that the monarchy in fact depends on actually obliterating the Sussexes from our state of life because their continuation is bad for us. I am really furious that he was even allowed to land in London and then given a special escort to Clarence House.’

‘I do think it is interesting that given all the number of bedrooms they have got at Buckingham Palace and all the other palaces in London, that he had to stay overnight in a hotel.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This is grotesque, dangerous, vile, infuriating and appalling. It’s also the rare moment where someone is saying something explicitly which other royalists feel but refuse to say outright. This is genuinely the mindset of not just Bower and his ilk, but the entire royal establishment, from the palace to the press to the online deranger campaign. It was never “live and let live” or “the Sussexes can do their own thing and it has nothing to do with us.” The entire royal establishment was turned upside down four years ago because the spare quit that bitch and found a way to thrive outside of their toxic prison. The royalists are literally too stupid to figure out a way to move on from the Sussexit, so now an entire national media and an entire monarchy have decided that they must “obliterate” the Sussexes.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    I love it when idiots say the quiet part out loud. It makes it so much harder to sell their lies overseas, even if the trash British media still give ithem airtime. He’s admitted his only purpose is to destroy and disparage the Sussexes, so what can he otherwise offer for insight as an “expert”.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Depends on which British media. It’s actually not that bad at the moment, to be fair, and I think that’s part of the problem?

      These royal ‘experts’ might all be out of a job soon and they’re fighting tooth and nail to keep the thing going because for them no royals=no work.

      Two polls made after Chuck’s diagnosis put the monarchy at 45% of support, mainly in the group over 55.

      Apparently, it was never that low in the Queen’s lifetime.

    • ariel says:

      A “journalist” “royal expert” “author” – said this on tv.
      This one actually stopped me in my tracks.
      It is horrific. It is dehumanizing. It is borderline to threatening.
      That is violent language.

      I realize in the age of trump, we are all more numb to violent, racist rhetoric. But this is disgusting.

      • Delphine says:

        Agree! This is dangerous talk. He’s practically asking someone to hurt them or worse. Is this even legal?

      • Lorelei says:

        @Ariel, same. I saw this last night and screamed. I turned to my husband and said, “That was a threat! He just issued a threat!”

        It was absolutely said to incite violence. I still can’t believe it.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I would report it to Ofcom, but after reporting some vile reporting before & getting a ‘nothing to see here, this does not violate our policies’, I’m not going to bother.

      • Christine says:

        Well said, Ariel. This is horrifying, it’s like Piers Morgan opened the floodgates, and now it is open season on calling for the death of two people who are in love, with two small kids.

        Meghan and Harry are hurting no one. Their entire purpose is HELPING, and it’s beyond gross that anyone would allow this to be published, anywhere.

      • bisynaptic says:

        Agreed. It’s a measure of the rot at the heart of the British state that nothing will be done about it.

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      Notice he said their continuation is a threat to “us” — meaning the whole KP-adjacent tabloid industrial complex. They are not a threat to Britain as a whole — only the trash that has glommed on to the monarchy and learned to live in a parasitic relationship with them.

      • Megan says:

        Can you imagine being appalled that a citizen of your country was “allowed” to land in order to visit his sick father? Bower is truly unhinged.

      • Deering24 says:

        They really are stuck in the 14th century–and believe H&M are a rival court. Four years ago, I honestly thought these folks were just overreacting to H&M leaving–but they are dead fucking serious . . . not to mention demented. 👀🙄😳 Charles is not going to kibosh this mess–and it will be one of the main detriments his reign is known for.

      • Snoozer says:


        In actual fact, the smartest thing the royals could do is to publicly make up with the Sussexes. Suck it up, apologise privately, and bring them back into the family’s bosom. Let them live their lives overseas; but occasionally show up to do stuff together in the UK. Stop sniping about them to the press. Stop leaking. Make the relationship boring and happy to the public – even if they secretly despise each other.

        But they cannot do that because there are too many narcissists involved.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      They know who their base is. The people who love the royal family are hate-filled racists, and it’s clear the royal family wants to continue pandering to that base. This will be their legacy, and future generations will cringe over the racism and dysfunction surrounding Charles and William.

      • Charlene K Brooker says:

        Monarchists in UK are so much like Trumpers in the USA and oftentimes they read and watch the same garbage.

      • bachy says:

        It’s a retrograde, ugly, binary mindset we see regularly:

        “The monarchy depends upon obliterating the Sussexes.”

        “The white future depends upon obliterating POC.”

        “Motherhood depends upon obliterating feminism.”

        “Heteronormativity depends upon obliterating homosexuality.”

        Etc ad infinitum.

      • roooth says:

        A Venn diagram of Trump MAGAts, Sussex derangers and Taylor Swift haters would just be a circle

    • ales says:

      A vile gossip writer who makes a living writing about people he has never met. Is this a british media thing. How can anyone be declared to be an expert, if everything they do and say is based on heresay.

    • Bingo Esq says:

      I don’t love it because his words will actually inspire sick people to actually try and attempt to do just this.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Let’s call these attacks by Bower and other members of the Rota out for what they really are at this point: stochastic terrorism.

    • ChattyCath says:

      Who can forget his ‘It’s Meghan I’m after’. Making threats to kill is illegal. Where is the Action and Reaction?

  2. lanne says:

    If the rota ratchets don’t push back against this, then they have created a new low that I believe will ultimately be their grave.

    They are calling for the death of people who have done nothing other than leave a toxic institution. Death to 4 people, 2 of them children. Tell me the royal establishment isn’t a cult.

    If the royals don’t respond to this, they are completely bankrupt.

    • Giddy says:

      I realize the KC is ill, but he needs to vigorously respond to this. No matter what Harry is his son, and the King needs to make it clear that he will not tolerate this kind of hate language.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Chuckles has already tolerated it and in fact probably supports it. His own wife’s bff said equally vile and dangerous things. And not a peep. Ever. Not even palace sources leaks that he’s upset. And definitely nothing official from Chuckles or the rest of the clowns in that establishment.

    • the Robinsons says:

      This makes me really think the BRF may have had a hand in Princess Diana’s death like Dodi Fayed’s father said.

    • Lorelei says:

      Bower isn’t employed by any particular outlet, right? Isn’t he just sort of an independent contractor, brought in to give his opinion now and then?

      So he can’t be punished Wooton-style and be outright fired, but he can stop receiving offers to appear anywhere to spout his bile (I’m not holding my breath for this one).

      I guess time will tell us what people truly thought about his comments. If he pops up again soon, we’ll know that the highers-up fully endorse his “obliteration” wish. And want the public to hear more from him.

      • kirk says:

        DailyFail has always provided Bower a lucrative outlet via DF serialization of his new books. One can only deduce from DF action that there is a ready market of britadults willing to read whatever junk he’s written. Understand DF is trying to capture US audience, but I don’t personally know any American who actually reads DF. I don’t even read DF summaries written on this blog unless I’ve seen something in US media that immediately counters DF narrative.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Apparently, he said in on TV? Did the person sitting there live push back? At all? Even a little?

      All it takes is people regularly starting to say “No. You sound INSANE.” before these people wouldn’t be so comfortable or casual making pronouncements like that.

  3. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Every now & then they just unmask themselves. No wonder Harry visits alone–these people are saying out loud that they want his family destroyed.

  4. Lady Esther says:

    How is this not hate speech? Shouldn’t this be prosecutable by law in the UK? Can “obliterated” mean anything but death, and isn’t wishing death on a public figure outside the boundaries of legally acceptable speech? Would love any CB lawyers to weigh in….

    • ML says:

      Not a lawyer, but to me this sounds like hate speech.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Hate speech in UK? I almost laughed… after the Brexit referendum I got a boatload of that hate, then death threats, and once I got in a constabulary to report it I was told to take a hike.

      Very, very few instances of hate speech see the perpetrators actually charged.

  5. Lady Digby says:

    This level of hatred and bile talking about obliteration is an incitement to violence and he should not be platformed to normalize hate speech.

  6. Snuffles says:

    How is the man allowed to speak in public? They should put Nosferatu back in his coffin and nail it shut.

    That said, let’s say they “obliterate” the Sussexes. They would still be left with a seriously ill monarch, a useless Prince of Wales who can’t even stand up straight, and Schrödinger’s Princess. They have NOTHING and they know it.

    • Lgtrent says:

      ^^ Schrödinger’s Princess! Internet winner here!!

      • kirk says:

        ITA Schrödinger’s Princess for the win! 🏆

        Video of swaying, blinking PoW reminded me of Queer Eye episode where one of the heroes had brought his terminally ill mother home to care for her and wound up helping himself to some of her pain medication.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Snuffles: yes, to all of this. Actually, I think the opposite is true. Without the Sussexes whom they keep talking about incessantly, what have they got to talk about but the big nothing burger of a monarchy that’s left?

  7. Nanea says:

    What a disgustingly vile human being.

    What is the RF waiting for? Someone in their offices should have a modicum of intelligence and release a short statement about stopping to incite hatred and how calling for violence is a no-go, without naming this particular person, as he’s not the only one. Piss Moron called for H&M’s *dismemberment*

    I mean, they always found the time to deny botox and wiglets…

    So good that several Squad members shared contact details and complaint forms for Met Police and IPSOS on Xwitter.

    • Mimi says:

      they also found the time to deny Can’t being in a coma.

      • Lauren says:

        I don’t think they ever denied that Kate was in a coma. There was an article about how William was angry about the rumor which seemed like it was meant to imply a denial. But William would also be angry if the truth got out when he was trying to hide it

  8. Wow that was just all out honest in a horrible way my god! Now about that little bit of honesty how about applying it to Peg and Can’t with the honest truth about what’s going on there hmm. Oops I forgot that would be the thing that might actually blow up the monarchy.

  9. Seraphina says:

    Shame on those who publish this type of speech. Shame on them all. This is dangerous hate speech and needs to be stopped.
    THIS is what H&M have been dealing with from the get go. And they have always thought this way, but these people now say it out loud without fear. They show themselves with out fear and that is also scary.

  10. s808 says:

    I’m sure those in the Palace share this sentiment and it’s why I’m not surprised H stayed in a hotel.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Exactly. And Putin is not the only authoritarian who knows that defenestration is a thing.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Look up the story of Kanga, Lady Tyron. She was Prince Charles’s other married mistress back in the pre-Diana days. She and her husband split and she was institutionalized in a mental hospital, where she “fell” out a window. She survived, but was severely injured and required a wheelchair. She lived a few, sad years longer and died in a way that she wouldn’t have with proper care. (Some saying she used alternative medicine to try to curry favor with Charles.) There was a documentary about the tragedy of it all. It’s often up on YouTube.

        Kanga and Diana actually became friends and Diana wore dresses from Kanga’s dress line. One of the reasons I’m team Kanga.

      • Rnot says:

        Kanga explicitly said that she was pushed out that window. They said that she did it to herself and that she was crazy. Quite a track record.

  11. Jais says:

    He’s furious that Harry was even allowed to land in London? Umm, my dude, you know his passport hasn’t been revoked, right? Did he seriously want Charles to go to parliament and rule that prince Harry cannot even land in London? 😂😂😂

    • Rapunzel says:

      “And then given a special escort”
      He’s also pissed Harry had security. You know, so no psycho could take a shot at him.

  12. Beverley says:

    “Obliterate” sounds like violence. Yet – without fear of the King’s wrath – this rota rat was able to suggest bringing grievous harm to the Sussexes? I guess KC3’s open lack of fondness or care for Harry emboldened Sykes.

    You’d think the Met Police would be curious about his comments about the king’s son. But it’s pretty obvious the Met has no issues with the threat of violence directed at the Sussexes, taking their cue from the palaces. For reasons I can’t fathom, blatant racism is the norm and the Met remains unfazed by it.

  13. Dee(2) says:

    I think it’s 50/50 with these people. Most of it’s just good old-fashioned racism, that’s why they’re always calling him a traitor, (of course to his country and family never never to his race, we totally aren’t bigots). But the other half of it is they can’t get paid if he’s not there. Even with the sycophantic press, outright burying of negative information, and Photoshop galore people still aren’t largely interested in Harry’s Father, stepmother, brother, and sister-in-law. I for the life of me don’t understand how they can brand themselves as royal experts on someone getting media deals, having a job, working in the United States. What Harry and Meghan is doing has never been done in that family, especially not to the scale how can you be an expert on this?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Dee(2), it’s really obvious when they called Harry a traitor and then say the Sussexes should be obliterated. This may be wrapped up for the UK audience, but it’s stark to the rest of us. He is deliberately riling up people because of the race issue and are doing it blatantly. There are already two people in prison in the UK for wanting to obliterate Prince Harry as a race traitor and the bm wants to encourage more people to do the same.

      I wish a credible media source in the US would use this video and break it down to what it’s really saying.

  14. lanne says:

    death and dismemberment for leaving a toxic family.

    Did anyone wish death or dismemberment on a royal pedophile who paid his victim 12 million dollars?

    I didn’t think so. British media is embarrassing itself. I said British media because they give space for cretins like these to commit stachastic terrorism.

    The royals and the royal establishment really, really hate black people. Noted. I will never, ever visit any British royal venue, support any British royal cause. (So what, I’m 1 person and an American at that). But it’s boycott time for British royal anything. I don’t ever visit any British media sites except the Guardian, and TLDR news.

  15. A says:

    Amazing how the only place(s) that cover a right wing lunatic threatening a blood prince and his wife are gossip sites. I am in no way denigrating this site’s coverage, I just think it’s absolutely insane how traditional media doesn’t simply ignore it, they promote it.

    • Deering24 says:

      Shoot, these last few years has made me radically change my opinion of “gossip.” Too many major stories have started as whispers. “Gossip” is/was how women in media often warned each other about creeps–and rightly so. And too much stuff dismissed as crazy talk has turned out to be true. Heck, if people had believed the “rumors” about Trump, we would not be in our current electoral fix. 🤮 Now, I’m not saying one should buy every bit of info one gets. You have to check one’s sources for objectivity–and be sure there’s more than one source. But rumor/gossip can save one a lot of bad news–not to mention pain.

  16. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    I’d like to say let them fck around and find out but after what happened to Diana, I am scared for the little family with statements filled with hatred like these. Arrest those royal commenters. On the other hand, the commenters are so stupid, because this only means that PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN ARE STRONGER THAN THE ENGLISH MONARCHY, for it only to survive without them: petty king charles, COWeen Vag Camilla and Eggplant Pegger Prince William got nothing on them. Queen of hearts Diana, good king harry & biracial
    Smart American Actress Meghan wins.

  17. equality says:

    Makes one wonder if the future of the monarchy depended on “obliterating” Princess Di also. Didn’t use to believe the conspiracy theories, but circling ever closer.

    • Tina says:

      I never used to think this but after the last few years I’ve come around.

    • AliceBTokeless says:

      Well, as it was reported later, “Diana’s death was, ‘a tragic solution to a terrible problem,’ according to the Queen’s cousin Countess Mountbatten.” I also couldn’t see how it was anything other than a terrible accident. “Couldn’t,” as in past tense. I can see clearly now, and I’m not just circling ever closer; I would need an evidence-heavy tribunal to convince me it was an accident. I don’t believe she was that serious about Dodi, but the firm didn’t know that, or didn’t want to risk it becoming serious. I see all of this so clearly now in the fullness of time…and the appalling racism repeatedly flung at Meghan from a bunch of inbred simians and their Fleet Street lackeys. My years of scoffing at the notion that Diana was “taken out” came to a screeching halt after bearing witness to the treatment of Meghan. Or should I say, the ongoing treatment of her. Diana was murdered. I’m sure of it now.

      • lanne says:

        Imagine what happens if Kate doesn’t recover fully from whatever’s wrong with her.

        Diana: dead in an “accident”
        Kate: mysteriously “ill” and absent
        Harry and Meghan: so called royal reporters calling for them to be obliterated and dismembered.

        No wonder William couldn’t stay on his feet. If anything happens to Meghan and Harry, or their children, and if Kate isn’t seen in her buttons and wiglets in due time, things are about to get really ugly. Because people will start talking about Diana again.

      • Deering24 says:

        Yes, I thought Diana’s death was an accident for a long time as well. I didn’t follow the RF or BM much then. And I honestly couldn’t see how her going about her business as an independent woman would be a problem for the RF–heck, you would think they’d be delighted she would be “out of their hair,” as it were. But for the RF and BM to go to _these_ lengths to threaten H&M–and with the ghastly press/RF favors ecosystem increasingly exposed, well…something long-game-sinister must be going on. And when you throw in whatever the deal is with Kate…😳👀😞

      • WaterDragon says:

        “The Crown” – season 6 was very carefully written to promote the idea that Diana died in an accident and that Charles was devastated by her death. Sorry, not buying it. Charles wanted her dead so that he could marry Cowmilla free and clear. Earlier in Season 5, Phillip basically threatened Diana that he did not see it ending well if she was cooperating with a book , as rumored.

        Overall, season 6 was not at all flattering to the Queen and Phillip in regard to their treatment of Diana.

    • Emily says:

      Between what happened to Diana, Kanga, and now Kate’s “surgery” I’m not convinced the RF isn’t following the Henry V111 playbook.

  18. Sunday says:

    At a certain point it doesn’t matter if this is clearly coming from Will’s team, not Charles. It’s literal hate speech, it’s a call to violence, and it makes no difference if the sitting monarch actually agrees or not. By once again not pushing back, by not calling this outrageous and incendiary, it’s a tacit endorsement of the message.

    • Tara says:

      Exactly. What could each and every one of us do about it?

      • Tara says:

        Replying to my own comment above, as I am unsure if its understood correctly – I meant it for real. What ways do we know of that we as “readers” can stand against it?

      • 1960tlm says:

        @Tara, I’m with you! We really need to do something because obviously the UK citizens are either so used to this hate speech or too overwhelmed with what’s going on in their own lives to ever put a stop to it. If anyone has a solid suggestion on what we should do I think we should go forward with it. Us being angry does nothing, we need to stop this immediately!

  19. The Old Chick says:

    Bower incited murder. How is he allowed to keep walking this earth? Where are the police in this?

    • The Old Chick says:

      Replying to myself because my 2am comment sounded like I wanted him dead, no I meant locked up. I don’t regularly go around wishing people dead, unlike the British media.

  20. tamsin says:

    I have already commented that this type of speech is hate speech and inciting violence and therefore is tantamount to stochastic terrorism. This needs to be reported, and I think it has been. Morgan was on a rampage about tearing Harry from limb to limb. Along with Jeremy what’s his name’s wish for feces to be thrown at Meghan, it is time for certain elements of the British media to be investigated. It looks like coordinated terrorism.

  21. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    The “obliteration” of the Sussex’s will spell mutually assured destruction for the Windsors.

    • Cessily says:

      It would be their worst nightmare.. they already have very little respect on the world stage as it is.

    • Giddy says:

      This is an important truth! If the Windsors don’t put a stop to this hate before there is a tragedy, the center will not hold and the word royal will become synonymous with terrorism.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Yeah! But people like Bowen don’t really care about that. He just want to make as much money as he can. He knows the followers of this youtube channel are incels, racists and brain dead sheeps.

      As others have pointed out, people still remember Diana. Quite a few people who didn’t belive she was killed is now on the fence or convinced she was, because of their treatement of H&M. The Windsors are clearly still to dum to realise that this is year 2024, not 1024.

  22. Chantal1 says:

    Why and how do these evil morons still have jobs? It seems that YouTube is their latest destination to spew their vileness. The algorithm has been trying to push this channel on me but I ignored it. Now that I know, I’ll do the same to it that I did to PM’s channel – click dislike for the video, go into that channels settings, and click report and “violent or repulsive content” or “hateful or abusive content”. The algorithm stopped pushing PMs channel on me so I’m going to do the same for the rest of those type of channels I keep seeing in my recommendations.

    Also, why aren’t these a-holes being investigated for these threats? The silence from the palaces is deafening and telling. It makes Harry presenting the NFL’s Walter Peyton award last night that much better. Welcome back home (to the US) Harry!

  23. Proud Mary says:

    In a way you guys, I think we she consider this a victory for the Sussexes. If the leftovers, led by William and Charles and their wives where handling business, their sycophants wouldn’t be in this much of a panic. Remember, Tom Bowelmovement is the guy who penned a lying azz screed that was supposed to be the one book that would finally demolish Meghan. That the Bowelmovement sees the need for the monarchy to destroy the Successes as the sole means of its survival, is telling. It shows that they are succeeding in a way their haters could never imagined. And conversely, the monarchy is failing miserably. And that’s a good thing.

  24. Beana says:

    To my eyes, the only thing royal that’s getting obliterated is Willy during day events.

  25. Lau says:

    Oh wow, they’re doing full on death threats now ? Now that Harry as won one of his suits perhaps he should keep some proofs on Bower just in case.

  26. Neners says:

    Tom Bower is 77 years old. He’ll be dead soon. I’m just keeping it real. There’s a whole class of old folks that don’t seem to accept that the world is going to change whether they want it to or not because they’re not immortal. And when they’re gone, we’re going to do whatever tf we want to.

    • equality says:

      The world is changing. Hitler is dead, but neo-nazi and far right extreme groups are supposedly on the rise. These people are brainwashing all kinds of people through the media. They themselves aren’t immortal, but their ideas go on.

    • lanne says:

      If these idiots don’t wipe us all out along with themselves with their extinction bursts. That dude needs to spontaneously combust.

      I was joking with a colleage that I wish I really was a witch sometimes (no I don’t mean wicca or pagan–I mean the casting spells witches of folklore). Because there are certainly some folks who need some spells cast on them:

      Double double toil and trouble
      Fire burn and cauldron bubble
      Filet of Putin, MAGA steak
      in the cauldron boil and bake

      royal ratchets, racists gall
      Donald, Vlad, Qanons all
      Insurrectionists, and some Musk
      roil together in creepy dusk…

      and so on.

  27. Tara says:

    Now a new era is dawning. What was previously powerful is disappearing, everything is coming to light, they say. These will be turbulent times, because evil will not voluntarily make way for the good of the new world. But in the end, good will prevail. We all make hundreds of decisions every day between good and evil. Everyone can consciously decide which side of history they are on. When I read an article like this, I realize that now is the time to take collective and global action, more than ever before. This kind of thing cannot be tolerated – it’s just the beginning.

  28. Eurydice says:

    What I don’t get about these “royal experts” – isn’t the point of the monarchy that the King is Sovereign and must be respected? If Charles wanted to see Harry and to give him a police escort, then who is Tom Bower to say otherwise?

    As for obliterating the Sussexes, that could easily be done metaphorically by just ceasing to write about them and leaving them alone. But then Bower wouldn’t make any more money off of them.

    • Deering24 says:

      One of the many, many scary things about the Grey Men and folks like Bower is that they honestly feel they would be better rulers than anyone wearing the crown. For of course, they _always_ have the country’s best interests in mind, right? 👀 Power-hungry people are never satisfied no matter how close to the center they are–and it must frustrate these creeps that they can’t just stage a coup or something. 👀😳 In the immortal words of the excellent Tom Barnaby, pride/”patriotism” can lead folks into all sorts of folly…

  29. Sophie says:

    Yeap, Bower has gone cray cray! Honestly what can push someone to say on TV that he wants someone else obliterated? Or that the RF needs them to be obliterated. Are we living in Tudor England? Will the next time Harry or Meghan or both are in the UK the king or his mistress yell “Off with their heads”? Should we expect something like that? In all fairness though, what the most recent round of these royal experts tell me is that they try to weaponise hate against the Sussexes. The language they use is not only threatening and dangerous, it’s like they try to energise people that feel hate towards Harry & Meghan in order to take up arms and remove them from the face of the earth. I don’t know who they take orders from, but I’m really afraid of them

  30. Grandma Susan says:

    If the continuation of the monarchy hinges upon destroying the happiness and/or lives of one small family what does that say about the monarchy?

  31. NMB says:

    My god. Why do these people care so much about Harry and Meg? Move the f on. They literally aren’t doing anything but minding their own business, yet these reporters act like Harry and Meg personally killed their puppies. Unhinged to say the very least.

  32. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

    I thought Harry and Meghan were losers who didn’t matter and would never live up to the delirious heights the Waleses have achieved. /extremesarcasm

    These rota knuckleheads need to make up their minds.

    • NMB says:

      THIS! I feel like we had this 180 degree whiplash about Harry visiting. The first day it was like “reconciliation is going to happen! THIS IS AMAZING!” to “What a selfish jerk! We need Harry and Meg to be obliterated.” Seriously. What?

  33. Kay says:

    This vile man once said on morning tv that he wasn’t interested in Harry but wanted to destroy Meghan.Why is Harry’s wife such a threat to them all . Was it because she was an intelligent woman who wouldn’t play the game. Seriously these middle aged bitter men need to get a life.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      We know why Meghan is a threat to old white guys like Bowers. Because she’s biracial and they cannot stand the fact that she is better than they are in EVERY way. It challenges their twisted belief in white supremacy.

      Bowers is a vile POS and his remarks should be condemned by BP, but we know they won’t be.

      I’m just grateful that Harry and Meghan are thriving in the United States, where they are respected and loved.

  34. Kristin says:

    This moron is actually furious that a citizen of the UK was “allowed” to land in London? What is the fuckity fuck are they smoking over there? And this asshole is nothing short of despicable. This is hate speech, plain and simple.

  35. Mslove says:

    Maybe Tom Bower thinks Peg will finally stop obsessing about the Sussexes & start playing ball if they are obliterated? The Sussexes aren’t the problem. Chuck & Peg are the problem.

  36. Mary Pester says:

    Eminent Royal expert, fkn “eminent!! No, no and a million times no to both! There is nothing eminent about this Harry and Megan troll, nothing expert about this decrepit ex solicitor.
    He needs to be arrested for inciting violence /
    Let’s all remember that this walking talking turd had to stop publicising his book because it was full of lies, and even though he dressed it up in legalise because he thought it would stop him ending up in court, he hadn’t banked on people he named, calling him out on the lies and twist to their words. Christ they even wrote to the Times an open letter about it, THAT’S why his publisher stopped him doing any more promotions about it.
    Now this “expert” has Been proved a lieing pratt by the king, who actually sent security for his sons arrival. Oh and Harry is a son of the crown and Mr bowel can travel freely to any part of the UK he wants, so crawl back under your rock your “mate” Wooton is waiting for you

  37. Libra says:

    “Obliterate” is a call out to radicals to stage a ” hit” on the Sussexes imo

    • Just Jade says:

      Soon enough his diarrhea mouth will get him in trouble and he won’t be able to book anything even from that island and hopefully disappear into oblivion just like DW and now PM.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      This rhetoric is why I’m shocked about Britain bidding to host the Invictus Games. It’s not safe for Harry, Meghan or their children in that cultish place.

  38. Dora says:

    He wants them dead because they are king their best life outside the toxic fish bowl which is incidentally his. Bread and butter. If he wants Harry, Meghan and their children dead, cause Harry married and had babies with a blk woman imagine how they felt about Diana who was sleeping with a non-white man and rumored to be pregnant by him. This is dangerous. All Harry did was leave. He took the clothes on his back, his wife and kids and left and this racist old bastard wants them dead. This is going too far. If this were said about anyone else the palace would be bitching so would certain members of the press.

  39. KT says:

    It’s definitely not the entire national media. In fact it’s a very very small portion of it – it’s not even everyone working at the tabloids, who would absolutely miss being able to cover the Sussexes.

    It’s the deranged ranting of a tiny minority with an outsized megaphone.

    • lanne says:

      why isn’t the mainstream media speaking out against it? They are complicit! They have these people on their TV shows! 1 Nazi + 10 friends at a table =11 Nazis.

  40. Just Jade says:

    Unfortunately for them they will not get away with it if they obliterate the Sussexes unless they want to end it sooner rather than later. There’s no way anyone can convince me this people didn’t have anything to do with the NY Chase? This is not 1924 everyone knows what is happening and some are paying close attention.

  41. atlantababe says:

    disgusting pos. as someone who didn’t follow the royal family before meghan, i am shocked that these frauds are able to make a living from being royal experts and act like it is a real job. hope they all get what’s coming for them.

  42. therese says:

    But what can be done. What can I do as an individual to protest this man, who I detest in particular, and what Piers Morgan said yesterday or the day before? I have been asking myself what can I do i to protest this? Supposedly You Tube has a lot of rules, so I could protest to You Tube when not if he says something out of bounds.

  43. SamuelWhiskers says:

    When I read the headline, before I even saw Kaiser’s comment, I said to myself “they sure are saying the quiet part out loud huh?”

    But doesn’t it show how scared they are?? The whole toxic lot of them – the monarchy and the tabloid/right wing press – are running scared because at the end of the day they have nothing, no real work, no work ethic, no principles. Just hot air and hate.

  44. Over it says:

    Someone get Tom the wacko and all the rest like him a padded cell fast . These f-ing sewage rats are beyond redemption.

  45. Lady D says:

    As I said six months ago, they are losing their minds trying to get a response out of the Sussex’s.

  46. MikeB says:

    Harry chose to stay at a hotel because he didn’t want the tabloids to know where he was staying, Bower is too stupid to understand that.

  47. yupyup says:

    Well, how is going for you Bower?! lol 4 years of fail.

  48. JaneS says:

    These anti H&M opinions are just annoying. H&M are not the cause of problems.

    The Monarchy needs to find a way to make the current members of the BRF useful. In a way that can be shown that they are worth the tax payers cost to maintain the show.
    BRF has no power, they are ceremonial only.

    I’m in US. I feel the are useless. I bet the majority of UK tax payers feel the same. Especially the under 60’s.
    Btw, doesn’t M look beautiful in that first photo?

  49. JaneS says:

    Re: Diana.
    I still think The Firm or The Men in Grey had something to do with her death.
    Especially why it took so damn long to get her to a hospital after the crash. She was alive when EMT arrived, she should have been helicoptered straight to hospital.
    Lots of cover up, IMO. Not wearing a seat belt was not the only reason she did not survive, IMO.

    This 77 y/o jerk making these comments, it is hate speech. Should be charged for it.
    At 77, could you just retire and go away?
    Society is changing. You can not stop that.

    And why doesn’t Charles force an end to all this press BS? We know he could.
    Queen Elizabeth gave a press release saying Harry “still a beloved family member” while she was Queen!
    I think Liz knew what a sh*t show it would all turn into. Charles should and could control it all.
    He is now King. Why does he let all the hate go on?
    Small, petty, awful, hard nosed, wealth hoarding, terrible excuse of a Father. All day long.

    • Tessa says:

      Her sisters said it was odd about the seat belts they said she always buckled up. The car which was recently recovered was deployed at the last minute it was an older car. The seat belts may not have been able to adjusted to fit Diana s waist. And the excuse so called that the French system did not allow her to be coptere d to the hospital is really suspect.

  50. May says:

    In addition to the term “obliterating,” Bower states that the Sussexes need to be obliterated “from our state of life…”. There is no question in my mind that he is calling for the death (murder) of all of the Sussex family members. We know that some persons in the UK have already levied death threats against the Sussexes, some of which have been jailed.. So, it is not inconceivable that someone could act on Bower’s statements.

    It is an Inchoate crime in the UK to wittingly encourage or assist in a crime. For those interested in filing a complaint:

    • May says:

      This is the IPSO complaint form. However, it is very limited on the matters about which you can complain. However there are provisions under the editor’s code to file complaints regarding harassment as well (even in cases such as this where the Daily Mail reports on the statements of Bower on another platform) and the behavior of journalists.

  51. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I didn’t believe any of the conspiracy theories about Princess Di’s death, but I have come to the conclusion that her death was likely murder. The Monarchy was severely damaged when Princess Di died–because of all of the articles written that was damaging to her. KFC and the Escort didn’t once consider the public’s response when they started this media sh!tshow. Now, if the Sussexes are murdered, I don’t think the Monarchy will survive. Oh, it will limp along, but it will seriously debilitate it. Their standing in the world will not be positive, because the brf did nothing to stop all of this vitriol in the UK press. I don’t know if there are enough years left in the world to fix that.

    If this man wanted attention, he got it. That saying that there is no bad press doesn’t hold true in this type of press. This is seriously bad press.

    I can’t wait for the karma train to roll over these fake journalists. It’s coming.

  52. Kelsey says:

    We BEEN knew.

    The longer they thrive and excel in their private lives, doing charitable ventures while not taking a dime for the taxpayer, the louder the growing whispers of “well if they don’t need taxpayer money to act in service and community, why do the royals?” will get. And they don’t want that.

    It’s so juicy because the British media, the hateful Royal Family members, the complacent Royal Family members…this is all of their own doing. The last chance they had to “keep the Sussexes contained” would’ve been to take them up on their part-time working royals offer and they couldn’t even get that right. Idiots. SEETHEEEEEEE.

  53. Beverley says:

    KC3 disclosed their location, stripped them of their security, and evicted them from their own UK home. He has repeatedly briefed against them and allowed the media’s vitriol against the Sussexes to go unchecked. Yet everything the Firm has done to “bring them to heel” has failed – the Sussexes are happy together and thriving.

    Maybe, since he can’t control Harry, Charles is comfortable with the idea of Harry and his family being “obliterated”?

    How this kind of public hate speech can be legal confounds me!

  54. ChattyCath says:

    Please Google ‘complain about YouTube videos’. This must be taken down. It’s an incitement to violence.

  55. Serena says:

    Not only Harry will always be a prince but he’s a british citizen and as such he CAN land on London’s soil as much as he fcking wants. The audacity of this excuse of a man to even say such ludicrous sht.. They want to obliterate the Sussex because they know they make the RF and all the establishment look bad lmaoo.

  56. sammi says:

    Bowel cancer is actually right….they do need to get rid of The Sussexex because the rest of them are …………………………………………………. fill in the words.

    Their problem is that The Sussexes are not going anywhere but up and up and up theirs too!

  57. bisynaptic says:

    At what point do the police actually manage to get involved? This is disgusting and ridiculous.

    • Beverley says:

      I’m of the opinion that the police won’t lift a finger, even though to every right-minded person this sounds like incitement to violence. But I think it’s an open secret that Dogsh*t Charlies is comfortable with any and all attacks on the Sussexes, including “obliteration”. Otherwise this maggot Bower would be frantically backtracking his inflammatory comments already.

      The fact that the police do nothing underscores the fact that the press isn’t the only public agency that has a transactional relationship with the Left-Behinds.

  58. Nerd says:

    It says something about the monarchy and those who support it that it takes “obliterating” others is necessary for its survival. The monarchy has a history all over the world of obliterating countries, cultures and people to be where they are now and the fact that this is the core of their existence, tells us that their racists, classists and xenophobic tendencies is the backbone of who they are. It’s the backbone of those who support such hateful and intolerant views and opinions. These people are the worst of mankind. Harry and Meghan removed themselves and their children from a workplace and family where this type of abuse is tolerated and encouraged. To be so consumed with this type of vitriol because two people refused to have threats of violence and racists rhetoric thrown at them and their children daily, is unfathomably disturbing. The complete absurdity and unhinged nature of all of this is that neither have said or done anything regarding that family in over a year and this is the type of filth that these people are still saying.

  59. Macky says:

    These people are trying to be like piers Morgan with the “I’m personally offended and its life or death”. The difference is piers had a tiny link to both h&m. Piers sounded like a jilted lover and shouldn’t be taken seriously. These others sound serious. It sounds like a call to action.

    They are making Harry’s case that he needs Protection! I think this guy should be made to walk this statement back.