Prince William’s friends think Harry ‘behaved like a teenager’ by visiting the king

There’s been such a weird vibe around all of the royal reporting for months, really. It’s obviously gotten much, much weirder since King Charles and the Princess of Wales’s dual health crises, and the fact that Kate hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day is still unsettling. Also unsettling: Prince William was largely MIA for weeks before popping up on Wednesday, looking and acting sh-tfaced at an investiture ceremony right after his office announced that he would disappear for another couple of months. Add to all of that the fact that William’s office seemed insanely reactionary to Prince Harry’s sudden visit to the UK once Buckingham Palace announced King Charles’s cancer diagnosis. What was a simple story about a son flying to see his ill father in person was invaded by Prince William’s very obvious wall-to-wall briefings about how much he despises his brother and would never meet with him. As always, the Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes spoke to “friends of William” about all of the latest developments. Even Sykes sounds a bit bored with William’s mindnumbing tantrums at this point. Some highlights:

The briefing war between the palaces about Harry’s visit: While the meeting with Charles undoubtedly represents an important step in repairing their relationship, the chances of fraternal reconciliation seem close to zero. One friend of Prince William told The Daily Beast that William “never” wanted to see Harry again. Another added that Harry’s hop to the U.K. went against the royal family’s tendency to put institutional calm above “personal impulses,” and accused Harry of using the king’s diagnosis to “cast himself as the dutiful, concerned son” despite openly trashing his father and other family members in his book, Spare. However, staffers at Buckingham Palace, seeking perhaps to calm the waters, have let it be known that the king welcomed his son’s visit, and one former courtier pointed out it would have been easy for Charles to ask Harry to come at a later date, had he so wished.

William still hasn’t seen his father: William has still not seen his father in person since the diagnosis, The Daily Beast understands, content with supportive calls and messages. Reports that Princess Beatrice made a special visit to London to visit her uncle are wide of the mark too—she has for many years lived in an apartment in St James’ Palace, which is part of the same compound as Clarence House. Princess Anne is thought to have seen Charles at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday morning.

Harry’s trip to the UK added drama! One friend who has known the family for decades told The Daily Beast, “To announce on Monday that he (Harry) was flying home immediately after (Charles’ diagnosis) was made public added unnecessary drama to an already febrile situation. It had people speculating that Charles was at death’s door, when in fact, his cancer is eminently treatable and, as the prime minister subsequently said, has been caught early.” The family friend was unwilling to criticize Charles for agreeing to see Harry at such short notice, saying, “Any father would do the same thing.” They added: “I don’t think Harry should have put him in the position by asking, quite frankly. It created panic at the worst possible moment.”

The king wasn’t trying to snub Harry: The Times of London reported sources close to Charles were “eager to stress that the brevity of the visit was not a slight to his younger son, but merely an indication of the 75-year-old King’s fatigue after the previous day’s hospital procedure.”

William hated that Harry visited their father: A friend of Prince William gave a fascinating insight into the depth of anger still felt toward Harry by many in the family and their circle, telling The Daily Beast: “The king announcing he had cancer was totally unprecedented and incredibly brave—but suddenly the focus was on what Harry was doing. He seems to have this knack of making it all about him. Some people think it’s a bit late to cast himself as the dutiful, concerned son after all the unforgivable things he said about his father, and brother, and their wives in his book.”

Harry acted like a teenager! Asked if Harry’s trip, and Charles agreeing to see him, was not a clear sign of a wish to build bridges at least on his father’s side, the friend of William told The Daily Beast: “Of course, but members of the royal family generally don’t behave like a teenager in a reality show expressing their personal impulses. It fuels speculation and panic. They keep calm and carry on.”

William briefed that Harry wanted to see him so that William could brief that he would never see Harry: Another friend of William scoffed at Harry’s reported willingness to meet William during the trip after his camp told the Daily Mail, “The duke’s primary reason to travel to the U.K. is to visit his father. If the opportunity were to arise to see the Prince of Wales then the duke would have gladly accepted it.” The friend said: “William never wants to see him again.”

Buckingham Palace is tamping down William’s rageaholic briefings: One former courtier told The Daily Beast: “I don’t think it’s fair to blame Harry for coming over. Charles could have easily suggested a later date. Overall, I think the situation has turned out pretty well for everyone. Getting those two in a room together for half an hour is actually a remarkable achievement, and it sends all the right messages of forgiveness and reconciliation without rolling out the red carpet. If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.”

[From The Daily Beast]

The same “former courtier” also said that Harry’s visit shows that he and Charles can clearly replicate that again in the future, and that Harry will likely stay in hotels if he comes again because it’s less complicated. While people close to Charles clearly briefed Robert Jobson following Harry’s visit, it’s also clear that BP is not officially or unofficially displeased with Harry’s visit. BP’s message is: thanks for visiting, Harry, it was a bit melodramatic but your dad appreciated the effort. The message from William/KP is: CODE RED EMERGENCY Harry visited and William is vomiting with rage and throwing a hissy fit about how much he hates Harry! This unsubtle shade too: “If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.” BP’s message to Peg: Put on your big girl panties and STFU, you child.

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  1. Lexistential says:

    William is a sh*tstorm. KP and the media need to muzzle him or figure out an intervention with BP. These rageaholic briefings are not from a stable brain.

    • They certainly are not from a stable brain! The only one acting as an adult human is Harry. The aristocratic friends have yet to grow up they don’t have to because they are wealthy and still play like teenagers. They live in their little privileged bubbles with no idea how the real world works. Harry is a good human who loves his undeserving father and visited him when he found out he has cancer. That is what human adults do.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        They keep saying that Harry makes it all about himself. So Harry must be the most powerful person in the world. To be able to make all the tabloids actually write and print stories about him and his family. When they could so easily not write or print them. And then nothing would be about Harry. But nope he’s just that powerful.

      • Megan says:

        They need to find William a more productive hobby.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        @robertphilips so powerful he is the one to make or break the monarchy. The Spare soared higher than his own father the King and heir brother eggplant prince willie

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      A stable person doesn’t assault his brother. A stable person doesn’t scream and throw things at his wife. I think William likes to champion mental health issues because it’s a case of “doth protest too much.” Seriously, he need help.

    • Kristin says:

      Have lobodomies been completely outlawed? Because if not, William sound like a prime candidate.

    • ales says:

      Williams friends are upset, they are ignoring that Harry had an official escort from the airport. King C would have arranged this. Remember Harry has no official protection in the UK. Wondering when William and Kate will grow up. 40 somethings behaving like preschool toddlers has become totaly boring. If there was intelligence instead of extreme jealousy they would be working and making positive differences for the UK. Having an unlimited credit card to shop for clothes and wigs is not working, nor is feeding the british media with vitriol from their tantrums about Harry and Meghan and anyone else who they believe is their competition. Worldwide Royals from every country, all try to make a positive difference, these two are practised narcissists who seem to believe that they are superior to everyone, focus only on themselves. Two abject failures who are bringing the british monarchy down at an alarming rate. The media seem to be ignoring that Kate has always disappeared for months every year , but they have not commented on this before. Now its catasthropic, its definitely giving her and W a lot of attention…

      • Roan Inish says:

        “William’s friends are upset….”. Does anybody really think that the writer is getting comments from Will ‘s friends?! These are all Willnot’s comments straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • Macky says:

      I didn’t believe he was attentional leaking. Everything just seems off kilter. However William has created his own bubble. I guess he thinks these briefs make him appear tough and steadfast? I’m leaning toward he makes statements and his people create stories from them. His people also seem out of touch. They are more out of touch then Elizabeth and Philips old staff!

    • William is really starting to resemble King George V1, and many others Windsors. Not good.

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    Wow this is shockingly even handed for the Daily Beast. Cue another round of William’s incandescent pillow throwing tantrums that BP is not letting him own the messaging.

    • bluhare says:

      I think William’s angry because he doesn’t know what they talked about.

      • Jais says:

        Who knows if they even talked about anything serious. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. But the point is that William has no idea and that makes him angry.

  3. Mei says:

    BP are actually being diplomatic? Tf? At the same time, it would have been miles better PR to invite Harry to Sandringham the following day for some time with his father before he left the country. But we don’t know the details of KC’s illness or how unwell he is feeling, so it’s difficult to say how feasible that would have been.

    Keep on keeping on, Peg, soon everyone in and out of the UK will be see exactly what kind of person you are. Tantrum? Teenager? Pray, who does that sound like.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s also possible Harry didn’t want to go to Sandringham, if he knew he was leaving the next day and he knew he had the NFL appearance as well on Thursday.

  4. equality says:

    So “members of the royal family generally don’t behave like a teenager in a reality show expressing their personal impulses.”? Unless those are “impulses” like having mistresses, committing adultery, breaking up marriages, using trafficking victims, pushing people, throwing sinks and pens, being incandescent with rage and flinging pillows at one another. And “any father would do the same”? Would a father who has run out of town every time he could have spent time with his son do “the same”? Any decent father would have never discontinued his son’s security detail or have pushed him out of a house that he was paying to lease. “Any father” would have stayed in town and spent more time with a son and have offered a night’s lodging.

    • Christine says:

      Well said. The truth of the matter is Harry is the only one acting like an adult.

      • KeKe Swan says:

        100%!! If anyone’s behaving like a teenager it’s William. “I hate him! I never want to see him again!” Vomited out over and over. Do any 40 yo men YOU know behave like that?

    • Shawna says:

      I’m theorizing that they act on those horrible impulses partly because they are told they can’t act on natural human ones. It’s that plus being able to hide bad behavior and having the resources to indulge.

    • Couch Potato says:

      This! The whole article is basically describing Willnot behaving like a raging teenager.

      • HuffnPuff says:

        It’s always projection with the royals. They accuse others of what they’re doing or not doing. It’s in the Donald Trump playbook in fact.

      • Sunday says:

        Yup they swapped the names again, they’re writing about Will. He’s the one acting like a teenager on a reality show, skirting his duties for weeks on end then showing up visibly hungover or drunk and dropping medals everywhere, then raging to any “palace insider” he can find about how DARE Harry overshadow cancer!, then only managing to somewhat pull it together to hobnob with his favorite A-list celebrity at a big party.

        It’s like he’s the stereotypical rich kid a*hole teenager on Gossip Girl, it’s pathetic.

      • TybeeLucille says:

        Peggers has no time to visit a father fighting cancer but he can make a gala where he takes pics with Thomasina Cruse. Priorities Priorities. He’s a wanker!

    • Kristin says:

      Don’t forget about having an absolute meltdown if your collection of teddy bears aren’t perfectly arranged. I mean, that sounds completely grown-up (eyeroll)

  5. Maida says:

    Dear God, how does anyone survive being part of this “family”? Going to see your father who has just been diagnosed with cancer is somehow construed as acting like a drama-seeking teenager?

    This is a level of abusive dysfunction that seems outright unendurable.

    • ShazBot says:

      Yeah, someone at BP is smart enough to know how much people will recognize the fear and stress of a family member being diagnosed with cancer and see what Harry did is a rational and acceptably emotional response.
      I wonder how long William can sustain this before it all comes crumbling down.

    • jemmy says:

      The timing of the worldwide announcement of KC3’s diagnosis is somewhat suspect especially if as they claim is nothing to worry about. I mean it was known. that the Invictus Vancouver 2025 programme is due next week and perhaps KC3/ BP wanted to draw away attention on that event through the announcement of the cancer diagnosis, with the aim of getting the sympathy vote from the masses + kill the “where is Kate questions” whilst at the same time trying to openly snub Harry and make him seem desperate & eager to be welcomed by the RF- maybe this is the reason for all the different voices being put out & making it seem Harry was played.

      At the end of day, it seems Harry is the one who has won at the end of day – he effectively silenced any negative narrative that BM/ BP may have planned to put out in the public in relation to the NFL award & the upcoming Invictus Games.

      I would not be surprise if the cancer diagnosis is suddenly reported as ” cancer is now in remission”

      I hope I am wrong…. if KC3 is genuinely ill , I wish him speedy recovery & that he is restored back to full health. I also hope he reconciles with Harry

      • Sweet Peas says:

        Then we are both going to be wrong because I 💯% agree. The timing is very suspect. These people are not normal and every thing they do is out of selfishness. I’m just glad H&M know longer care and really are moving on.

      • BQM says:

        Charles has cancer. The timing isn’t suspect. This isn’t the first IG. There’s nothing special about this one compared to the others save maybe that it’s in a commonwealth nation. Royals can lie about a lot. But if Charles made up about having cancer? He would never recover. Too many people have been personally affected by that disease. And even BP isn’t that stupid. There’s just no reason for it. Certainly not to just get some headlines over the IG.

    • olivia says:

      spot on

  6. Vinot says:

    So, was William on a bender leading up to the investiture ceremony? He looked bad.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      I think he is on medication. He has suddenly lost weight which *could* be from giving up alcohol. But he would need something to deal with his anxiety (maybe Xanax) since he can’t use alcohol.

    • Delphine says:

      He looks so awful I wouldn’t be surprised if he had health problems as well.

      • Concern Fae says:

        He’s had Covid at least once. That causes all sorts of long term effects.

      • Jaded says:

        @Concern Fae — but William’s weight loss and erratic behaviour is recent so not covid-related. BTW I had covid last month and it was 4 days of feeling like I had a heavy cold, now I’m fine. Yes some folks unfortunately end up with long covid but they’re in the minority. I think he could have been punch drunk from taking a strong sleeping pill the night before.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        1 in 6 is a minority? um… ok

      • BQM says:

        Yes 1 in 6 is literally a minority. It’s roughly 17%. 4 out of 6 would be a majority. It’s not an inconsequential number for sure, and will likely grow in percentage in the next few years, but it’s definitely a minority.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      He is sick with worry for his dad and his beloved wife! He is single-handedly holding up the monarchy! *sarcasm*

    • Becks1 says:

      He did look bad at that and the gala. I dont think its alcohol related, people I know who have stopped drinking and lost weight tend to look better – yes they’re thinner but they don’t look sick/gaunt like he looks.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        His sudden weight loss happened too fast for his facial skin to adapt so now he has a lot more wrinkles. It’s temporary and should smooth out in time but for now it ages him.

      • Jaded says:

        It’s clearly stress-related. All that driving the kids to and from school is soooo stressful.

        All kidding aside, he looks like a hunted animal. He’s being shunned by his family and Kate’s, the press are circling him like hungry vultures, he’s trying desperately to appear normal but you can tell he’s in panic mode. This is a real turning point in his hitherto feckless life — you can run from responsibility but eventually it will catch up to you, like Karma.

  7. AB says:

    “I don’t think Harry should have put him in the position by asking, quite frankly. It created panic at the worst possible moment.”

    Good lord these people are doing TOO MUCH. They’re like cartoon villains at this point.

    • Dutch says:

      It speaks of what they see as Harry’s true crime which is not going through “proper channels” so they could control him and the narrative surrounding him from afar. You know both KP and BP wanted a round of “Where’s Harry?” and “How dare H&M do X before visiting KC3?” stories in the press. For some reason, these courtiers still see Harry as a bit of a dullard and are shocked when he consistently runs circles around them on both the human decency and PR fronts.

  8. Kristen says:

    How is no one talking about this in context of Harry’s phone tapping lawsuit, etc? Like, we KNOW that these are sensitive conversations that contain information that plenty of people would gladly break the law to access. Information about Charles’ treatment and form of cancer would both be huge stories. Of course Harry flew in to discuss in person. Phones aren’t secure.

  9. Lurker25 says:

    “If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.”
    —oh mah GAWwDdD!!!!

    Yeah that’s as direct as it gets. Charles is openly saying that all the anti-Sussex energy is coming from W, not him.

    The wagons are no longer circled against the Sussexes. There’s a new formation taking place.

    I don’t believe astrology and can’t say “Nostradamus” with a straight face but omg these days I really WANT that stuff to be true..

    • Caribbean says:


      • ML says:

        Hence the “Harry was way too quick” to visit KC energy of the other article. I guess Peggington didn’t believe that his brother could be bothered to show up for their dad and was therefore showed up himself.
        It’s the bare minimum when someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer—you show you care.

      • Couch Potato says:

        No, did you expect that? Willnot or his team might have realised how horrible he looked in comparison to Harry, hence this article trying to paint Harry in a bad light. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet Willnot is either in rehab or house arrest.

      • Macky says:

        At couch potato. I too have gotten a feeling of William being on house arrest, over the years. It wouldn’t be the first time a royal was on secret house arrest.

    • moderatelywealthy says:

      YES! This had ne howling!

      William is always the party pooper!

    • Becks1 says:

      I could NOT believe they said that AND that the Daily Beast included it. BP is literally telling William to stand down, because he’s only making himself look bad here. BP wants no part of this.

  10. CM says:

    William is carrying around lot of rage – any Harry is simply an easy target – it’s going to destroy him- he should seek treatment from one of his patronages and get a grip already. For this and so many other reasons it’s so great that Harry is no longer in that toxic orbit – yay Harry!

  11. Neners says:

    William: Thinks Harry is the worst. Thinks Harry is unworthy of “forgiveness”. Thinks Harry is immature. Thinks that Harry, thinks that Harry, thinks that Harry.

    Harry: Doesn’t think about William at all.

    William’s “friends” are revealing him to be an obsessive loser.

  12. Jais says:

    For a king who reportedly hates confrontation, it must be a challenge to discuss anything with William.

  13. greenmonster says:

    I guess the proper adult and royal way to deal with things like this, is showing up drunk to a work routine. Good to know… *taking notes for monday morning*

  14. NMB says:

    Literally what? William is such a moron. I hope the public turns on him for how incredibly shady and lazy he’s being during this time. If the Harry and Meg hating public ignore the Harry-visits-his-dad stuff, fine. I hope they don’t ignore how work-shy and closed up he’s been about Kate. How can ANY Will apologist still be on his side after the last month!?

  15. Beach Dreams says:

    “William has still not seen his father in person since the diagnosis, The Daily Beast understands, content with supportive calls and messages.”

    …Why not??? Seriously, he’s the one who’s a mere stone’s throw away while Harry’s across the Atlantic. Why hasn’t he even bothered to dip in for a brief meeting with Charles himself to see how he’s doing??? It looks pretty damn terrible that his brother flew eleven hours for a check-in while he’s doing…whatever the hell he’s doing.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Maybe Charles refuses to see William until he gets his drinking and rage tantrums under control. I really think whatever happened to Kate is the reason Charles is refusing to see William.

      • Shawna says:

        It would be incredible if this weren’t William being lazy but Charles refusing him!

      • Jais says:

        Yeah I’m leaning towards Charles doesn’t want to see him. At the same time William possibly hasn’t even tried. I’m just thinking these two prefer to keep their dealings short and over the phone. But I’m intrigued by the idea of Charles flat out saying no to William, don’t come and see me and then letting it be publicly known that Harry is visiting Charles.

      • Kit says:

        I think that whatever happened to Kate is related to William. Charles doesn’t want that sh*t touching him. It’s so toxic that Camilla is letting him see Harry. (You know it’s toxic and in the upside down world of BRF, Kate’s situation is way worse than child trafficking and Andrew and Epstein.)

        Will is running scared and is being put in timeout, both self imposed and by Buckingham Palace. But Will being the lazy, jealous, ragey prince also needs someone to punch so he ok’d his royal leakers to attack Harry. Will doesn’t want to meet his dad cause he doesn’t want to be lectured to AND he’s scared.

        The non-meeting is mutual detente right now. They can’t stand each other. At some point, both will negotiate a new working treaty. All depends on Kate’s outcome.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Mary Pester has said a few times in a few threads that, according to her source-in-the-know, Willy has seen Chuck once since the cancer diagnosis, for 15 minutes.

    • Caribbean says:

      I notice that any negative about William or the ‘over there’ RF is usually buried in an article almost as an afterthought. Anything about Harry & Meghan is front and center.
      William has not seen his father in person is BIG NEWS to report on. Kate has not been seen for going on Two Months IS BIG NEWS!
      At the very least they should be asking what is going on with a publicly funded figure that is set to be their queen!!!

    • Jay says:

      Bull. Even if Charles didn’t want to see W, he cares deeply about the stability of the monarchy. He would at least want it to look like William is supportive behind the scenes.

      He also likes to play his sons against each other in the media, so it wouldn’t be crazy for him to agree to meet H in order to “encourage” W to get off his butt. Alas, some people can’t be shamed!

      Furthermore, there’s no reason why William’s team couldn’t put out that they he and Charles were in regular contact, chatting on the phone or facetiming regularly. He could even have said that he can’t visit in person because he can’t possibly expose Kate or his father to infection. So thoughtful! He could have released a message or statement from KP or thanked people “on behalf” of the royal family. He’s done nothing.

      • Becks1 says:

        This article does reference phone calls between the two, but generally speaking, William can’t put something out there that BP might shoot down.

  16. lanne says:

    do these “friends” think they are helping Will-di Amin look like a king-to-be? They make him sound like a whining bully on a playground who’s crying because the victim got fed up and punched the bully back.

    All that’s being communicated here is that Billy Basher thinks about nothing and no one other than Harry. Everything with him is Harry focused. He’s going to inherit a 25 billion dollar fortune to supplant the billion dollar fortune he has now, and all he can do is stew in his impotent anger that Harry has his own life, and is living his best life.

    Does William speak to anything that isn’t related to Harry in some way? He even compromised his earthshot prize–which by itself is not a bad idea–by holding it in the US to “get back” at Harry.

    That the media enables this abuse is weird and sad.

    One thing to say about brother-killer Cain–he made his offering in good faith. Why did God refuse it? At least he had a motive for his jealousy. William was the golden child, the literal heir to the kingdom, and apparently that’s still not enough for him to be happy and live a good life. How utterly sad. How sad for his children.

  17. Mads says:

    After reading this, I now think Cam briefed Jobson to run a sniping take on Harry visiting Charles. Someone at BP knows Charles was pleased Harry flew over and is happy to put that out. William is spiralling; watching the clip of his excessive blinking, swaying and dropping the medal at the investiture was eye opening. He was clearly not well, whether through booze or other self medication. His inner rage is starting to spill over into his public role.

  18. North of Boston says:

    I don’t always feel fatigued after a previous day’s hospital procedure …

    … but when I do, I always make sure I take precisely scheduled unnecessary helicopter rides between 2 of my palaces!

  19. sevenblue says:

    Omid talked about a meeting he got with Lee Thompson (K&W’s guy) when he first came to his role. He said to Omid that the things will be different with him: no more negative briefings, no banning reporters from engagements because of what they wrote. It seems like either Lee was lying to Omid or he wasn’t powerful enough to change the tides of how K&W’s office is run. It is true that there is no good that will come from always playing “the bad cop”.

  20. Lady Esther says:

    “If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.”

    Bill, you in danger gurl!

  21. Truthiness says:

    Interesting to read that the King or his advisors eager to say there was no Harry snub, it was fatigue from the previous day’s procedure. Weird, was Camilla out of the loop for this?

    You can’t erase the past but I hope this continues, for Harry’s and Charles’ sake. Naive of me, I know.

    • ML says:

      Maybe, Truthiness? I don’t know. There is no love lost between Camz and Harry, but I have reluctant respect (the bar is admittedly low) for how she’s handled the situation. She’s supported KC. She’s showing up. The reporters are gettIng their stories. I actually wonder if this might have happened because of her? Short meeting. Excellent spin. BP comes out looking much better than KP, with which they seem to be at war.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      If he was so fatigued why didn’t Charles just stay at Clarence House? Why travel back and forth and back and forth?

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        One thing I will say for Charles is that it may be easier to limit his exposure to other people outside of BP and Clarence House when his immunity is impaired. During COVID, the Queen’s bubble was not in London and I wonder if they dusted off those plans to limit KC3’s exposure to germs while still ensuring he has someone to put toothpaste on his toothbrush for him.

      • equality says:

        @Pinkosaurus He was at CH, which is his main residence so should be staffed by people he has mainly already been around. And, he can’t keep people out of any residence? He went to a larger one that would, theoretically, have more staff.

      • Becks1 says:

        Someone mentioned this and I think there could be truth to it – 2/6 was the day of QEII’s accession and (in her later years at least) she always spent it at Sandringham as she marked her father’s death. So I wonder if Charles wanted to go back to Sandringham as part of that.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Ohhh, the 2/6 connection is probably it.

      • Jaded says:

        As Charles’ treatments increase his immune system will go into serious decline so his exposure to the outside world needs to be monitored carefully. Sandringham is very rural with massive gardens and a much more tranquil, private environment than Clarence House. It has a number of smaller homes like Wood Farm (where Prince Philip stayed during his final days), and York Cottage where Charles could go to if he didn’t want to be around too many people. Clarence House is right on the mall in downtown Westminster and is bound to be noisier and way less private so I can understand him wanting to retreat to the country.

  22. ML says:

    I assume that “friends of William” actually means William himself, because wow (!), how could you possibly brief a reporter who will publish this story and believe that it makes your “friend” look good?!

    I never want to see my brother again! He showed up way too early to see dad! That was so inconvenient because we’re supposed to keep calm and carry on and the cancer is treatable anyway! Yikes.

  23. MrsH says:

    William has significant mental health disorders.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Agreed. He’s had anger issues since he was a kid and it seems like no one really did anything to get him help for that.

      • Patricia says:

        I am concerned about Kate. William’s anger is such that he really has little contro!l over his emotions and this has been true since he was a small child. It may be that Kate may indeed been comatose, it’s been far too long with no.proof of life. It also may be that she is already gone and TRF may say, somewhere down the road, it was an embolism, or something like that, and she could not be saved. Remember George the V was injected with an air bubble so that his death could make the morning papers and Prince Eddy, who was rumoured to be involved in some women’s death but died conveniently of a communicable disease. This group is not above convenient deaths. Just ask why it took so long to get Diana to a hospital. I put nothing past these people.

    • Wisdom45 says:

      Everytime they give a statement about William says or thinks they should show him at the investure swaying drunk to God save the king

    • Just Jade says:

      Agree and not very good people around him. They need to get him therapy and permanently part ways with SC & JK and hire competent people to guide him away from self destruction.

  24. Fawsia says:

    I don’t think Harry invited himself to see his dad. Everything we saw was arranged for a short visit as had a previous engagement in Vegas! It wasn’t melodrama it seems the King knew and made the necessary security arrangements for his son!

  25. s808 says:

    “If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.”

    OOP. And it sounds like that’s exactly what he wants to do. The fact that everyone *could* move on without Harry getting “punished” (whatever that looks like to W) probably eats him up.

  26. Beverley says:

    Peg is frantically seeking some reaction from Harry. If only Harry would engage!
    Harry ignoring him is driving Peg to madness.

    Harry is increasingly better looking, more compassionate, more popular, more at ease in public, harder working, independently wealthy, influential and successful. Not to mention, has a gorgeous, intelligent wife who he actually loves. Peg is pale, stale, old-before-his-time and needs brown-noser sycophants to write fluff pieces about how he’s bringing sexy back.

    Yeah. Sad. No wonder Peg won’t let this go.

    • lanne says:

      Bottom line: Harry is a better man than William. William knows it and can’t stand it. The world is starting to see it and that’s even more embarrassing and unendurable to William.

      All the wealth and power in the world, and he;’s miserable because his brother is a better man, living a happier life, in a happier relationship, than he is.

      I think he counted on Harry being miserable forever, which suited him because he could share misery with someone, and have someone to be superior to at the same time. It’s no wonder his “people” are always talking in terms of Harry’s “betrayal.”

      Harry “betrayed” William by deciding to live his own life on his own terms, with wealth, a hot companion wife, beautiful kids, a gorgeous home, and meaningful work of his own choosing. The royal family sustains itself on misery. I truly believe that. Even their private family gatherings sound miserable. Changing clothes 5 times a day just to hang out with each other? Weighing each other after meals? Ick, ick, ick.

      How dare Harry be HAPPY?

      • Beverley says:

        Earlier you mentioned how sad it must be for the Wales’ children. Agreed, having a dad who’s so deeply unhappy and distracted can’t be healthy, grounding, or peaceful.

        Not getting his sons therapy after Diana’s death was a terrible failing on Charles’ part. Harry eventually sought professional help. But William has always leaned into his negative and destructive inclinations.

        The Wales children have a difficult family legacy. I feel for them.

  27. Sportie says:

    I have a serious question …. can anyone else see these “friends” of William? Are these friends real people or just William’s imaginary friends. He doesn’t strike me as someone with close friendships/relationships, lots of aquaintances (he is TFK) but no real friends.

    • sevenblue says:

      They started using “friends” because Harry called them out about leaking by using “palace sources”. He explained this is the way the palace is talking. So, they are mostly referring to the sources as “friends” since then. I am sure it is just palace staff as usual.

    • Dutch says:

      There’s no shortage of old money, frat bro types who like to drink and cheat on their wives. They tend to cluster together and will do Will’s bidding because they know what benefits will come their way once he gets the crown. They are friendships of convenience but friendships nonetheless

  28. Jay says:

    My takeaway is that William just admitted that he hadn’t visited his father either during his hospital visit, before or after his diagnosis was made public. Harry flew all night to see his father while the older brother who lives nearby couldn’t be bothered!

    We know someone on his team is available to speak because there have been endless briefings about how much he hates Harry. They couldn’t even bother feeding the rota some lies about how William is calling his father daily to check in, or driving with him to get chemo. Just the worst!

    As for Harry supposedly behaving like an impulsive teenager instead of “keeping calm and carrying on”? Well, that would be a much stronger argument if William hadn’t just been sulking in hiding for more than a week. He definitely was not keeping up appearances or maintaining a stuff upper lip. He ran away! What is more childish than that?

  29. Aud says:

    Wait— he has friends?

  30. Dee says:

    Bulliam doesn’t have any real friends. Without the title, they wouldn’t give him the time of day

  31. Lulu says:

    They keep calm and carry on – Right and we see just who is doing that and big hint it’s not Billy.

  32. QuiteContrary says:

    “members of the royal family generally don’t behave like a teenager in a reality show expressing their personal impulses. It fuels speculation and panic. They keep calm and carry on.”


    Angry Bill is the very opposite of keeping calm and carrying on. He’s so filled with rage that his fists and jaw are perpetually clenched.

    Harry’s visit made Willy’s inattentiveness to his father look terrible. Willy knows it, but as usual, he blames Harry for it.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Coming on to say the same: nothing says “Keep calm and carry on” like this unhinged briefing to the rota.

  33. Advisor2U says:

    A friend of Prince William, a family friend, a (former) courtier, a source close to …., another friend of William – all the same person – that is, Lee Thompson, Prince William’s Communications Secretary, briefing Sikes weekly in person, on behalf of Prince William.

    Sikes, please, stop being such a terabable mouthpiece, show some journalistic distance, integrity and creativity. You’re writing looks like that of a lazy middle schooler.

  34. HuffnPuff says:

    William wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be a king some day but not anytime soon but he’s ready but not yet. He wants to be a modern royal but Harry needs to ask him for permission to see their father. He wants to be a family man but he doesn’t see the need to visit his wife or his father in the hospital. He also doesn’t see the need to see his father after hearing his diagnosis. No one has seen his in-laws visiting their daughter/sister. He needs to be there for the children but no one has seen him doing the school runs.

    If anything, William seems to be a raging control freak. These stories aren’t helping him in any way. If I were his PR team, I would follow Charles’ lead and talk William into humanizing himself. All they need to do is stop covering up what’s really going on. If they haven’t noticed, none of what Team W&K is doing is normal and the longer they keep it up, the more speculating will happen.

  35. BeanieBean says:

    Harry didn’t make this visit all about him, the press did that. I really really dislike the lies they keep perpetuating. And who gives a rat’s *ss if William wanted to see Harry or not? Did none of these idiots think that perhaps, just maybe, Harry doesn’t want to see William??

  36. Lau says:

    Well somebody is finally feeling called out ! Shame that it only makes him behave worse though.

  37. Over it says:

    Dear wank aka William . STFU. And also, where is your wife ? She hasn’t been seen in almost 2 months. We need proof of life at this point

  38. Serena says:

    Lmao loved the shade of BP to Peg! I think they’re all done with him throwing rage tantrums about Harry and not lifting his ass to actually work.

  39. First comment says:

    WHAT friends????

  40. Just Jade says:

    I love: CODE RED EMERGENCY Harry visited and William is vomiting with rage and throwing a hissy fit about how much he hates Harry!

    Everyone in KP needs to be fired and hire professional people that can stop Willy from destroying everything or may be they secretly want him to end it cold turkey.

  41. Eurydice says:

    This is like “your mouth says no, but your eyes say yes.” This article is trying to criticize Harry, but ends up painting a picture of a father and son, both with tight schedules, who managed to find some time to get together. And they try to make William a victim, but paint a picture of a father and son who won’t see each other for some undisclosed reason. Then they end with the opposite picture from how they started – that William is the teenager, not Harry.

  42. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if all of this vitriol has to do with what Harry has not said. I think we all know that Harry has been careful with what he says and what he wrote in Spare. There’s a lot worse that he hasn’t gone near. What if the brf wants to do what it takes so that anything Harry does say in future (I’m not saying he will), people won’t believe him? Lots of desperation going on and it gets worse not better.

    The bm is easily understood. They want Harry to stop the lawsuits. I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’re afraid these lawsuits will end them. I don’t think that’s true. I think they can switch to writing articles with truth in them. They don’t have t tell the full truth, but they could start being a lot more honest. They would discover that people want to read that.

  43. Amy Bee says:

    If Harry didn’t go to UK William’s friends would have been crying that he wasn’t there for the family.