Beyonce announced Renaissance Act II at the Super Bowl, after her Verizon ad

Well, we finally got an explanation for Beyonce’s “country” look at the Grammys two Sundays ago. At the Grammys, Bey was decked out in a Louis Vuitton ensemble, with white-blonde hair and a giant cowboy hat. Now we know – she’s going country! When Bey dropped Renaissance in 2022, the official name of the album was “Act i: Renaissance.” Well, we’re getting “Act ii.” Beyonce coordinated the whole thing by agreeing to star in a Verizon Super Bowl ad. Sidenote: I would love to know if she personally cast Tony Hale in the ad and I would love to know if she’s a Veep or Arrested Development fan. Here’s the Verizon ad which started the whole thing:

According to internet rumors, Verizon paid Bey $30 million for this, but I’m not sure if I believe that? Verizon absolutely spent a lot of money, both on the production for the ad and hiring Beyonce. The “BarBey” thing was so cute (did they get Mattel’s permission?) and so was BOTUS (Beyonce of the United States). But the focus for the Beyhive was the last line – “Okay, they ready, drop the new music!” Suddenly, Beyonce overshadowed the Super Bowl! Within minutes, we learned what the “new music” would be – Act II, a country album. Cowboy hats, banjos, Texas. The first two songs are “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” Beyonce also got Rhiannon Giddens to play the banjo and viola on “Texas Hold ‘Em.” She got Robert Randolph to play on “16 Carriages.” You can read about the significance of those choices here.

Anyway, Act ii will be out on March 29th. She’s already giving the Beyhive more visuals than she did with Act 1.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Instagram.

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22 Responses to “Beyonce announced Renaissance Act II at the Super Bowl, after her Verizon ad”

  1. Jais says:

    As a Beyoncé fan and someone who grew up on 8os and 90s country, I’m into it. The commercials and visuals were amazing. I haven’t listened to much country music or at least country radio in a very very long time. I’m still thinking they’re not gonna play Beyoncé though😂

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Maybe this time she will get album of the year.

  3. sevenblue says:

    One of my fav songs from Lemonade is “Daddy Lessons”. I am so so happy we are finally getting a country album from Beyonce.

    • Jais says:

      I loved when she performed with the chicks. We’re they at the CMAs? I mean there were some people in the audience who were into it.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Jais, yes they performed at the CMAs. But, shortly after, the video of the performance got removed from the CMA’s youtube channel, because people on the comments were calling Beyonce the n word and CMA didn’t defend and protect Beyonce from their racist audience. Also, the song was not accepted on the country category by Grammys. After seeing all these, I didn’t think Beyonce would make a country album, but I am happy to be wrong. I hope, she gets more respect from that part of the media and audience this time.

      • Jais says:

        I did not know they removed the video. Omg.

    • Lisa says:

      Daddy Lessons is like my all time favorite Beyonce song (which I know is something no one says but I love it) so I am so into this album idea. I hated Renaissance, not my kind of music and I didn’t think it highlighted her vocals so when I listened to these two singles last night I was so excited. Can’t wait for this album.

      One can only assume part 3 is going to be a Rock album. But I am here for Beyonce doing country. Also both songs were great but 16 Carriages was so good.

  4. Bklne says:

    For anyone who isn’t already in awe of the gloriousness that is Rhiannon Giddens, she is *amazing*!!! So excited bout this collaboration!!!

  5. Kate says:

    I am really hyped for this Beyoncé album. I thought the songs she dropped were fantastic and it’ll be the first time I go back to country music in years!

  6. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Now I’m into Beyonce doing country in her own way and style. Country music has its roots in the black music experience but that’s been erased over the years. Country music owes a HUGE debt to Ray Charles for reviving the genre back in the 60’s. Heads probably exploded in Nashville.

    • sunny says:

      Yes, so many people don’t know this. Love that she’s doing this.

    • Yvette says:

      @Midnight@theOasis (one of my all-time favorite songs!) and @ sunny … Well, she is from Texas. I’ve recently discovered on YouTube that Texas has its own brand of ‘Black Country’ music, and I am so loving it! 🙂

      Funny that commenters would react that way on CMT when they wholeheartedly embraced country born Lionel Richie’s song “Sail On.”

  7. Sunday says:

    I saw someone say a Renaissance is also a Reclamation. First house music, now country – Beyoncé is reminding us all whose ancestors created these music genres. Let act III be rock, please!!

    And I guess I’ll get the clown makeup out if necessary but I reallyreallyreally think that Telephone part ii might be part of act ii, the imagery fits a little too well, we know Beyoncé doesn’t do coincidences!

  8. Slush says:

    I really recommend listening to “Dolly Partons America” – it’s not only about Dolly specifically but gets into the roots of country music, Rhiannon is interviewed on the episode “Neon Moss”

  9. BB says:

    I’m so hyped for act ii ! March 29th can’t come soon enough!!

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