Piers Morgan: Prince William drank wine all the time when he was 13 years old

For years and years, royal biographers have detailed Prince William and Prince Harry’s early-years boozing. When Harry was a teenager and even into his 20s, he probably spent most weekends swimming in alcohol. Harry’s boozy adventures were often used as a cover for his older brother, who was and perhaps still is quite a drinker. Mike Tindall recently revealed that his nickname for William is “One Pint Willy.” William also looked under the influence during a mid-day investiture ceremony two weeks ago. I strongly suspect that William has been a heavy drinker for years. Well, now Piers Morgan is confirming that William was boozing it up when he was just 13 years old.

“HELLO, Sir,” I said to Prince William when we first met nearly 30 years ago. A tall, shy 13-year-old boy with braces on his teeth tentatively shook my hand at Kensington Palace. His mother, Princess Diana, had invited me to a private lunch – I was editor the Daily Mirror at the time – and at the last minute, asked if I minded her elder son joining us.

“That would be terribly inconvenient,” I replied, deadpan. Diana blushed slightly and started a stuttering “Yes, of course, I’m so sorry…” apology before I burst out laughing.

“Ma’am, I think I can stretch to allowing the future King to join me for lunch!”

What followed was the most extraordinary meal of my life in which Diana opened up about everything in her life from her failed marriage and numerous boyfriends to her cellulite and the future of the Monarchy, as William eyed me throughout like a suspicious young dolphin encountering a hungry shark. He was a polite, intelligent, mature-beyond-his years, quite intense young man who was clearly very close to, and protective of his mother. But there was one moment which has always stuck in my mind.

William asked for a glass of wine to match mine, and Diana, mindful of how such underage boozing would look to a scoop-ravenous tabloid news hound, instantly snapped “No, William, what are you thinking?”

He replied: “But Mummy, I drink it all the time.”

“Erm, you don’t actually, and you can’t have any!” she exclaimed, nervously.

“Yes, I do, and yes, I can!” he chuckled. And he then did. This, I thought, was a boy who knew his own mind, and had a slightly naughty, rebellious streak.

We met a few more times after that, and he was always charm personified, once prodding my stomach at a party and guffawing: “That’s not a six-pack, Piers, that’s a keg!”

[From The Sun]

The rest of Piers’ column is all about how Harry “betrayed” William by, you know, getting married and moving to America. Harry was supposed to stick around so William could hide behind him forever! Harry was supposed to be like Princess Margaret, trapped in the royal system, divorced and unlucky in love, and a tragic alcoholic. Instead, William is the one who is trapped, William is the one who seems unhappy in his marriage, William is the one who needs booze to get through daytime work events. Again, I know both William and Harry were huge drinkers and they abused alcohol when they were far too young. But it looks like only one of them outgrew it and got therapy and stopped self-medicating with alcohol. Anyway, it’s curious that Piers put this out there.

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  1. Tessa says:

    This is an old story by piers that has been circulating since the mid 1990s. I doubt Diana confided in piers with all those details. William did found club h when he was still a teenager. Lots of drinking there.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right. That’s everything she told Andrew Morton, so it’s now common knowledge. And Diana’s not around anymore to contradict whatever PM writes. I am wondering about her having PM to lunch, though. I guess when she was trying to court the press? I find it sad that she felt she. had to play that game. As for William, what a pill. He sounds less like Diana’s ‘rock’ and more like her tormentor (granted, he was a teen, but still). And ‘charm personified’ is NOT poking someone in the stomach & implying they’re fat. Geez louise!

      • Square2 says:

        According to the tabloid rats that work during Diana’s time, they would purposely print something untruth or unflattering about Di and Diana would invited them to the palace for a meeting.

        So she might indeed invited Piss M to lunch, but I doubt she said all those things to him.

      • Christy says:

        I feel really bad for Diana. If this really happened (probably, I could see him being a brat especially at that age) she must have been so embarrassed, and worried what people would say about her parenting.

      • aftershocks says:

        @BeanieBean, Diana “felt she had to play the game” with the media because, guess what? In those days, social media did not exist. Diana had no other reliable way to try and get her story out to the public. She was unhappily trapped and suffering inside the gilded cage. Thus, she sadly resorted to courting media honchos like PM, and writer-reporters such as Andrew Morton (who wrote her tell-all, “Diana: Her True Story,” via the information Diana shared on audio tapes secreted to him). Even though this reaching out to the media was problematic in many ways, it was brave and resilient of Diana to fight back, rather than submissively giving in to bts mistreatment.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      I absolutely do not believe for one minute Diana apologized to him for the presence of her son. Diana was the opposite, she doted on her boys and protected them.

    • Anon says:

      IDK what’s going on with William in that video and why people think he was drunk (besides the swaying and maybe some other info of which I’m not aware), but it immediately looked and reminded me of times when either myself-or someone I was in a room with-was super sick and trying desperately to not throw up or pass out and/or was just make it long enough to get out of the room and lay down. I don’t know if he’s a migraine sufferer, had a virus, was exhausted from a bad night of sleep, or maybe had a hangover, but that’s how it read to me. I guess maybe drunk-or “tipsy” (I suppose that’s where that expression comes from), but if that’s the case, I’d also bet on about to be very sick and/or desperately needing to lay down. And/or maybe shock of some kind.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        He’s had Covid at least once we’re sure of, possibly 2x.

        Long Covid hits something like 1 in 6 people now? I’ve seen folk with LC comment he looks like he’s showing those kind of symptoms. As is Edward. Both look thinner and more haggard than normally.

  2. Tessa says:

    Will was bratty and still is.

  3. Chloe says:

    What is Piers trying to do here by starting his column with this anecdote? It makes Diana look like a terrible parent and William look like an alcoholic. Plus making the restaurant staff look highly unprofessional.

    • Tessa says:

      Will was mouthing off then. I doubt his mother gave him wine. Although piers has been writing articles putting down the late Diana of late. Diana did not coddle William the way Charles does. I recall how when william was sulking and would not go in the house Diana scooped up harry and went in with William running desperately after them

      • Zen says:

        Tessa, I remember that from a show on them. Will was little and he was sulking and hiding in the garden. Diana was holding Harry and said “OK then Harry will get *whatever* ” and William roared “noooooo!” and he ran out from the garden and came to where they were. I thought he was bad-tempered and bratty.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      “Yes, I do, and yes, I can!” he chuckled. And he then did. — it makes him sound like a jerk to her mother, which I guess happens with teenagers, but still.

      This, I thought, was a boy who knew his own mind, and had a slightly naughty, rebellious streak. — or a dumb jerk who disrespects his mother in public. Again, I know teenagers can be assholes, but come on.

    • ML says:

      Was this ordered from Camzilla’s menu of stories that (bonus!) make her husband’s ex and son both look terrible?

      • Grandma Susan says:

        It surely sounds like a Camzilla feed to me.

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        I realise this doesn’t exactly make my country look great, but it’s legal for children to drink alcohol at home from the age of 5 or something, and you can legally drink in restaurants from age 16 as long as someone over 18 purchases it. So if the lunch was actually in KP (didn’t click the link, sorry) then it wasn’t illegal.

      • ML says:

        SamuelWhiskers, I just learned something today—that about the consumption age of alcohol at home is wild (when I think about “as of 5 years old”)! https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/talking-drugs-alcohol/underage-drinking/#
        So, since I live in the Netherlands where they raised the drinking age to 18, I looked up how old a child needs to be here to consume alcohol. Samuel, I’m afraid that the Dutch have NO minimum age, so the UK’s 5 years old looks wildly responsible in comparison! I will say I’ve never encountered any Dutch person allowing grade school kids any alcohol and I’ve been here for years. Teenagers around 15 or so is a different story.

      • ML says:

        Whoops clarification: there is no law about alcohol consumption and children at home. There are laws about consuming alcohol just about anywhere else—you legally need to be 18. I know of no one who lets their kids drink anything before around 15.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      No restaurant, no staff – this was a private lunch at Kensington Palace. It’s also perfectly normal in sophisticated European families for young teens to be served wine with meals (usually watered down). A carefully supervised introduction to alcohol means they won’t go overboard the minute it becomes legal for them to drink.

      I think the drinking’s a William problem, not a booze problem – he could have addictive personality traits and can’t say ‘when’.

      • Chloe says:

        That’s not exactly true. Back in my day the drinking age for lighter alcoholic drinks (beer and wine) was 16 (has since moved up to 18) and when it was introduced in the home it was done so at 15. To “teach” teens how to drink. Never at 13, further removed from the legal drinking age. And never watered down.

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        That’s true in France but not remotely true of the UK. While it is technically legal for children to drink alcohol at home, underage drinking is very much frowned upon and considered to be extremely “chavvy.” Like, most kids do experiment with alcohol from maybe 15-16 and that’s fairly normal, like you might drink cider or alcopops with your friends. 13 is INSANELY young to start drinking and only kids who were raised absolutely feral drink that young.

        And it really isn’t normal for parents in the UK to give their children alcohol, the way it is in France. My dad was French so he did occasionally give me a tiny bit of wine in a glass of water (I doubt William was drinking wine in water) and that was extremely frowned upon and considered very shocking in Britain at the time. I’m about the same age as William.

      • Cairidh says:

        It’s only legal if the alcohol is given by a parent, which is expected to mean drinks with dinner. It’s not legal for children to drink by themselves/help themselves or have booze sessions with their mates.

        In practise, other adults give children drinks with meals and it’s considered normal. When I was 12 I was having lunch with my r.e. Teacher who was an ex vicar (my mum worked with him) and when he was serving the wine, he offered me a glass. I declined because alcohols bad for your health, but it wasn’t considered a shocking or unusual thing for him to do.

        On the other hand, when I was 8 my Grannie used to give me whisky or sherry mixed with lemonade, as well as baileys. Not with dinner just drinking at night. That used to annoy other adults, 8 was considered far too young. My Grannie wasn’t an alcoholic, just Scottish.
        At home from about age 6 I’d bake cakes by myself, with whisky, brandy, port, sherry, Rum. I’d make Irish coffee and variations from other countries – Caribbean rum, Russian vodka, Scottish etc. That was all legal.

    • Chloe says:

      Chloe, I think you asked the right question. This was my immediate response: he is trying to hurt Harry. Just like a stalker who is desperate for some kind of acknowledgement

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    At least one You Tuber thinks old Piers is trying to tell us something about what happened to Kate. The You Tuber sees William as an angry drunk which tracks since he’s also angry on the rare occasion he’s sober. And this gentleman helpfully pointed out that teens with an alcohol problem tend to get worse as adults without intervention and that Piers is mighty tight with Camilla. He’s also trying to blame William’s substance abuse on Diana.

    • Tessa says:

      I hope Camilla ditches piers. The article made William look like a brat. Diana said he did not get wine in that story.

    • Lawrenceville says:

      I loved Princess Diana, I do love that woman to this very day. But if William was drinking alcohol, at 13 years of age and under Diana’s care, then yes, his alcohol problem is her fault. His not seeking help for his drinking problem, as an adult is definitely NOT on his mother, that’s on William, but the beginning of all the problem is on the mother who, instead of being a parent decided to become a friend and an enabler.
      My 4 siblings are alcoholics because, as kids (I’m talking 6, 7, 8 -10 year old kids), my mother encouraged all of us to start drinking alcohol. On Christmas and Easter (the only big days celebrated in our home), we knew it was a day to add milk tea and bread to our breakfast menu and add rice, chicken and booze to our lunches, and we would reeeaally drink after meals on those days it’s not even funny. As teenagers, we turned into mother’s drinking buddies every afternoon after work, instead of her children. Some of us who didn’t have the heads for alcohol were, to this day traumatized by the hangover etc; but those that had the heads for it never got off of it and are “functioning” alcoholics now. So yes, as much as I hate that being Piss-moron, he is right to blame Princess Diana for William’s alcoholism if she allowed him to drink as a kid.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana was not a bad mother. I take what piers writes with a grain of salt. William said his mother allowed it which dies not make it true. Piers is wrong. Diana was a parent to William and did not overconfide. this is spin from Charles camp. William was enabled by Charles which resulted in William forcing his brother out. This would not have happened on Diana’s watch.

      • lanne says:

        Even if Diana had said no, there were plenty on staff who would have given William whatever he wanted. She was a parent, but far from the only influence on him, and I’m sure he was able to get around her limits just by pulling his “I’m the future king” card. His boozehound great grandmother would have likely indulged him.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I should make clear that the only part of the story I believe is that William was drinking alcohol as young as 13. That was the YouTuber’s focus, along with William’s anger issues and how this might be a clue as to what is going on with Kate. The person on YouTube did not even mention Diana since whether she did or didn’t enable the drinking is irrelevant to the point he was making about PM basically telling us that William has both an anger management problem and an alcohol problem. Wish I had saved the YouTube video but didn’t.

      • Shawna says:

        I’m sorry for your personal experience, but this isn’t proof that Diana was responsible in this case.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        You’re falling for the bait to blame Diana because it resonates with your personal anecdote, but that doesn’t make it true.

        Let’s examine the source: Piers is mouthpiece for Camilla. Camilla hated Diana and tried to destroy her. Camilla took Diana’s husband and then worked slowly to undermine her boys in the press. These are established facts.

        Cut to today: a story by Camilla’s mouthpiece that makes Diana and her son look like trash.

        William might well have a drinking problem, but I’ll not take PM word on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lawrenceville, I’m sorry your parents abused you and your siblings in such an outrageous, horrid manner. But don’t project your parents’ dysfunction onto people you don’t even know. The fact that your mother encouraged drinking at an obscenely young age, has ZERO bearing on whether or not Diana did.

      • Christy says:

        I think that is a complete stretch to say Diana was encouraging her son to drink. I know that happens in some families and it’s a tragic situation. But I see it more likely that William was in a “I can do whatever I want” phase. I run into this with my own child (who is not a future King!). My son sometimes truly will not listen no matter what anyone says. My son is neurodiverse, and (unrelated to this wine story) I’ve actually wondered the same about William (and Charles). But even if William is neurotypical, I think there’s plenty of evidence to show that he was a bratty kid who was used to getting his way, and sometimes intentionally tried to make things difficult or embarrassing for both his parents.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Lawrenceville, Diana said that was not true. Unfortunately, C&C did everything they could to smear Diana back in the day. Most of what people tend to believe about her is untrue. What I think is much more likely is that ‘Club H’ was the problem. Was that only after Diana died? We know it was around when Harry went to Eton and Wont probably had that established. That can be laid at KFC’s feet for being such an absentee Father that he just let them do what they wanted to. This makes me wonder if Wont’s drinking problem is going to come to light and the brf (the Escort) and bm will try and put this is Diana’s fault. ‘Spare’ pretty much puts paid to that.

        I can’t imagine having to grow up in the environment that you describe. So much left unsaid. I’m very happy that you’ve grown and made a life that is positive. It’s says so much about who you are as a person that you were able to do that.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Lawrenceville, I am so sorry, parents making their kids part of their alcohol abuse is just really hard. My mom started down that road but not till her kids were in their 20s and therefore much better able to handle the situation. Giving you, your siblings, and your younger self a very big hug.

  5. Miranda says:

    Uh-huh. Excepting the part about William’s underage drinking, this reads like the bad fanfic it most likely is.

  6. Zen says:

    First of all, his subservience is revolting. Imaging calling a 13-year old “Sir”. It’s unnecessary. Secondly why on earth would Diana invite this rat into her home and tell him everything?! Was this the invisible contract? I’ll tell you everything but you only print nice stuff about me?

    • Tessa says:

      Diana is gone and can’t refute it.

      • Nlopez says:

        💯 Tessa!!!. Also, William had 2 parents at the time. I hope william brings the monarchy down!!!!!

    • Smart&Messy says:

      Also, Peg had braces? They either did a bad job, or he didn’t give a shit about wearing his retainers later.

      • ShazBot says:

        He did! Both W&H did…maybe they don’t do the permanent retainers there?

      • Lawrenceville says:

        Both Diana’s children wore braces. Just google William or Harry with braces.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        ShazBot, I am the same age as Peg and had my braces when I was 16ish. I got retainers to wear at night, and I had nowhere near the access to quality as Young Peg. However, I did stop wearing them after a while and I had to redo the process two years ago. My teeth migrated back almost to their original position. It cost half of the value of my car, but they were clear aligners and removable for an hour or two if necessary. So I don’t know what’s stopping him from fixing his teeth. Even a little whitening would go a long way.

  7. Jais says:

    So Piers wants us to know William has a drinking problem. While Kate is still settling from her planned and successful abdominal surgery. Interesting.

    • First comment says:

      Yeah, I believe this as well..why mentioning this particular story after so many years? There’s obviously a ban for the press regarding Kate’s disappearance and he’s trying to “reveal” the problem ( after camilla’s encouragement, perhaps?). Anyway, they always alluded to their drinking habits with different articles or even sketches (do you remember the one where Kate was shown holding a bottle and drinking?)… they are not happy people, no matter what they tell us..

    • Jane says:

      I still think that Kate had surgery for pancreatitis brought on by drinking. The timeline fits and Kate has aged so much over the last several years. She 100% looks like a very heavy drinker.

      • Kiddo says:

        There are lots of things that can become ill or injured in one’s abdomen. There is no proof of such a thing to claim this.Poor speculation about someone’s private health issues is gross. And alcoholism , if it exists for anyone anywhere, is a disease.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        @kiddo, I’ll be honest, the Kate stans telling people to stop speculating about her disappearance causes is getting old.

        Let’s remind them that she mocked MM for wanting privacy even after the palace legally threatened papers against writing about her Botox.

        People are not only allowed to speculate, but doing so given their complete silence and her disappearance the speculation is inevitable.

        Shaming people for speculating is an attempt at controlling even commenters on a gossip site, which frankly isn’t a great look.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Sadly, my mom’s side of the family is full of alcoholics and I cosign the early aging effect of that disease on women. This conversation is making me sad, and happy I gave up booze two years ago.

  8. janey says:

    so King Rat is trying to tell us that William is all masculine and can drink hoorah! Trying to refute the one pint willy narrative, whilst actually telling us that William was and is a spoilt brat who thought nothing of embarrassing his mother in company and will do anything to get his own way? I don’t think it’s having the effect King Rat thought it would…

  9. Explains things. No wonder he was swaying and blinking at the investiture. He probably isn’t seen because he goes on day long benders. Man he was a tool the minute he was born and has only gotten worse.

  10. Just Jade says:

    How wonder how many pieces of silver the mistress threw at him or are the chickens caught home to roost.

  11. TarteAuCitron says:

    He wrote about this in his book The Insider back in 2005. It may be old tea, but it is interesting that Piers has decided to give this some context now (or stir the pot, if you prefer). These column quotes are lifted almost identically from his book.

    • Tessa says:

      It was also part of an anthology of essays about diana after Diana died. I recall Tessa Dahl. Daughter of Patricia n e a l wrote an essay

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, interesting that Piers brings this up now. Is he just being Camilla’s attack dog? Is he trying to muscle his way back into being relevant?

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, if this has been out in the public for years, its interesting that he’s making a point of bringing it up again.

  12. Jay says:

    This reads like a Morgan fanfic about how he “charmed” Diana at a lunch. He sounds like an awful toady (I think I can stretch to allowing the future King to join me for lunch!) and keep in mind this is his own description. Yuck.

    13 year old William sounds like an awful brat who got his own way all of the time.
    I don’t necessarily think that this story is relevant to his current drinking habits, but it may tell us a lot about his personality and how he responds to limits ( not well).
    Also, is Piers implying that staff at this restaurant knowingly served a 13 year old? Or is he saying that he (and his newspaper – would it have been the DM?) ordered and paid for alcohol for a minor?

    • Tessa says:

      Like piers thought he charmed meghan.lol

    • Zen says:

      The lunch wasn’t in a restaurant. It says in the snippet it was at Kensington Palace which is where Diana lived.

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      The lunch was at Kensington Palace. I have a copy of Piers Morgan’s book ‘The Insider’ here (luckily I’m WfH today :-)) . Diana invited him for lunch to (1) ask if he could go easy on Fergie (2) Introduce William to Piers (3) off-the-record tea-spilling about Camilla, Julia Carling, James Hewitt, Panorama and how William was getting on at Eton.

      Diana: “[…] I just thought that given you are a bit younger than most editors, it might be good for both of you to get to know each another”. So at 13 years of age, William was getting his feet wet in terms of the media and building Rota relationships.

      After the wine exchange, Morgan noted “A small but interesting power play to observe. William knows what he wants, and Diana’s a soft touch with her boys. Both facts seem quite good news to me. She had water.”

      • BeanieBean says:

        Wow. I can think of nothing less healthy than growing up in this family & having to suck up to members of the press from childhood. Will W&K continue the tradition? Is George just a few years away from such lunches? Sad to think, really.

      • Jay says:

        Ah, yes, I missed that! Thanks for checking your copy, @tarteaucitron!
        It’s funny to think that PM was ever considered young and more “understanding” than the rest of the rota, but I think Diana also understood how to butter him up!

        Other than William sounding like a complete spoiled brat, I’m not sure why this story got dragged out again today. Is it just Ol’ Piers trying to prove his bona fides now that he’s been dropped from another media company? Is it a demand to KP to play ball or more stories may just slip out? Or is it merely an old man recycling stories of the good old days when the royals answered his phone calls?

      • Irene says:

        “Diana invited him for lunch to (1) ask if he could go easy on Fergie”

        More confirmation that Diana was kindness and light personified. The royals of today would invite that demon to lunch and feed him Meghan and Harry.

  13. Harper says:

    Piers is struggling to stay relevant and he lashes out by revealing what he considers to be shocking insider revelations. However, this is the game the royals opted into, and if William is a drunk, or a semi-functioning alcoholic, it’s public interest. After all, William is the one who showed up grey-faced and swaying back and forth at that investiture.

  14. equality says:

    Sounds as if the dinner was at KP. You know that a servant had charge of pouring the wine. There wasn’t an open bottle sitting on the table for PW to serve himself. So, where is the rest of the story, Piers?

  15. aquarius64 says:

    I think Piers is firing a warning shot at the Windsors because in Harry’s lawsuit the court found Piers as editor had knowledge of the phone hacking done by the Mirror. If Piers goes to the dock he will spill all the tea. Remember he outed Charles and Kate as the ones who made comments about Archie’s color. Careful Piers; Kate is still missing.

  16. Whyforthelove says:

    Wow you sling mud with the muck you end up covered in filth. This whole lot deserves each other. The Royal Rota is like an information Mafia and the palace loves them when they are on the sameSide. They teamed up to drive H&M out of their home, job and gleefully almost drove a pregnant woman to end her life. I am human so watching several evil entities attack each other is fun, but the sad part is knowing they are setting the stage for this to be done again in 30 Years if the Monarchy lasts long enough to take out the next generation of Heirs. William was a brat from birth, but the institution he was born into made him so much more destructive than he could ever have been as say a taxi driver or a middle manager. He wouldn’t have the press as a weapon in a normal life. That destructiveness and press weapon is now being used for William to take out his biggest target….himself

  17. Libra says:

    Camilla spoon fed him every word imo. She has a vested interest in putting Wm in his place. Too much” soon to be our king” for you, Queenie?

  18. Lau says:

    I’ve never cringed that much reading something than I did reading that Morgan’s piece. There is not a single element that is not embarrassing to read in there.
    Also is that white wine in his glass in the first photo ? Because if so this is way too much wine, like Real Housewive level of filling a wine glass.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Agree, agreed, oh my god a giant amount of wine, and agree

      • Becks1 says:

        If I’m placing that picture correctly, I think that’s beer.

      • Lau says:

        I don’t know, it doesn’t have any foam at the top. Plus I like to think that they were pouring that amount of wine in his glass and he was like “a little bit more, a little bit more”.

      • Hyacinth Bouquet says:

        That’s beer in a beer stem glass. Usually used for an IPA or fancier type of beer.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    Piers’ saying William’s an alcohol in a roundabout way.

  20. Mary Pester says:

    Morgan is a liar, a proven liar, a phone hacker and a coward. He is trying to Royal fetch for his utube gossip grosse chanel.
    William was drinking from a younger age than 13. The Queen mother insisted that he had to “get used to alcohol” as he would one day be king. He started at Balmoral and it continued till today.
    Ken Wharf will confirm that.
    William crashed several vehicles on the Balmoral estate and has done the same in Windsor. Diane, not only that but William was 10 when his parents separated and they shared custody. So please Morgan stop with your flights of fancy.
    Now I have a question, when Tindal the thug called him one pint willy, was that one pint of chablis or cabernet

  21. Sue says:

    In no way defending the BRF approach to teen drinking but I was surprised, when we lived in England, at how casually people seemed to approach alcohol for their kids. My then 14 yr old attended a birthday party, for instance, where the parents provided wine coolers for their teen guests. The attitude seemed to be that alcohol was a fact of life and that having it available in the home would prevent kids from seeking it elsewhere. Not sure if that logic worked given the problems the UK has with binge drinking among their young people. Looks like Prince William has more in common with just plain folks than he’d like to believe.

    • Nic919 says:

      There is a culture of drinking in the UK that is not present in North America. When colleagues go to London for business trips, they know that there is a lot of drinking for the client meetings and not drinking at all is the exception.

  22. Beverley says:

    Where is Kate? It’s way past time for answers.

  23. Lady Digby says:

    I wonder if KC’s operation hadn’t happened whether the original plan was for Willy to go into rehab for anger and alcohol addition and that is why they were floating the option of husband and wife sabbaticals until May?

  24. Nerd says:

    Interesting how Piers goes on and on about Harry and Meghan sharing their experiences in that family is betraying the royal family, yet he has built his career on telling stories about the royals, even though he isn’t part of the family or part of all of the stories he reveals. I don’t understand how they keep using the idea that Spares have a certain role that Harry has gone against when Charles’s own siblings didn’t follow the rules the media try and say Harry went against. All of his siblings got married and had families without it having any impact on his role as heir. Two of the three divorced because of adultery, yet none of them were abused and labeled betrayers of the heir for getting media coverage over Charles. Anne continues to have more engagement numbers yet she was never accused of going above her station by doing more than the heir. Harry’s experience as a spare compared to his father’s siblings doesn’t align with the claim that Harry betrayed his family by getting married, having a family and getting more attention than his brother. I think that they even fudged the engagement numbers of both Harry and Meghan in order to make William and Kate look good. There were engagements behind the scene and unknown until the project was completed so there is no way they were accurate numbers of engagements shared.

  25. Lulu says:

    Wow, the very definition of ‘people will show you who they are’… He was an entitled brat who knew he was embarrassing his mother yet demanded to be served wine at 13. Also, what a cautionary tale when we are tempted to spoil our kids.

  26. Jensa says:

    Yep, PW definitely sounds like a brat here. And it is an old story. But if Piers is bringing it up now, there’s a reason. Piers is a complete reptile, but he often knows more than he lets on.
    As an aside though: I do find it a bit odd that Diana was willing to have this sort of conversation (about boyfriends etc.) in front of her 13-year-old. If true.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jensa, Diana would not have given this information to PM. This is P!ss saying want he wants to, because Diana isn’t around to correct any of if.

      If PM wants to allude to Wont’s drinking today, he needs to go back to the fact of “Club H”.

    • Tessa says:

      I doubt Diana talked about her boyfriends to william.she had friends like Monckton that she confided in. I recall she talked about Dr khan whom she called mister wonderful to her friends.

  27. QuiteContrary says:

    “That’s not a six-pack, Piers, that’s a keg!”

    Punching down as usual … And yeah, Piers deserves whatever he gets, but it’s still gross that a member of the royal family — let alone the FK — makes fun of one of the serfs.

    William is definitely a mean drunk.

  28. phlyfiremama says:

    He’s such a skeeze. He creeps me out just reading this Hornswoggle!