Da’Vine Joy Randolph won an Oscar in Louis Vuitton: exquisite?

Da’Vine Joy Randolph swept this awards season for her heartbreaking performance in The Holdovers. My favorite scenes were the quiet ones, where her character Mary was watching The Newlywed Game and talking to Paul Giamatti or just cooking meals. There’s something so genuine and vulnerable about her that comes through in every scene. She is now going down in Oscars history! Her acceptance speech was one of the most memorable and moving last night. Paul Giamatti cried!

Da’Vine was so glam in a baby blue Louis Vuitton sequin gown with feather sleeves and a chiffon train. This was the color of the night, and Lupita Nyong’o, who presented Da’Vine, was wearing it too except she was in Armani! (Kaiser is covering her separately.)

Ava DuVernay also wore baby blue Louis Vuitton, she was in a cool off the shoulder gown accented by buckle straps. I wonder if Origin would have been nominated if it came out earlier. There was a last minute push for it but it didn’t have enough leverage.

Mary Steenburgen was in a Tom Ford LBD, also with a buckle detail at the bustline. Everyone was talking about her newly blonde hair, which looked so pretty. She wore the same jacket over her gown that she wore in 1981 to the Oscars when she won Best Supporting Actress for Melvin and Howard. Mary presented Emily Blunt.

Eva Longoria was there for the Oscar nominated song from her film Flamin’ Hot. She was in a very striking Tamara Ralph gown with spiky cap sleeves. At this point you have to commend Diane Warren for always showing up to the Oscars no matter what. She’s been nominated 15 times! She did get an honorary Oscar in 2022.

Photos credit: Avalon.red / Avalon

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  1. original penguin says:

    Da’Vine looked fab in that blue. I’m amazed to hear its LV.

    Loving Ava’s styling – she pulls off that dress makes that dress great rather than the other way around

  2. ML says:

    DaVine and Ava look brilliant in light blue. They’re wearing the bleep out of their dresses.
    Mary and Eva look pretty good too in black. I’m not entirely sold on Mary’s buckle though.

    • CatMum says:

      I agree about that klunky Tom Ford buckle. but everyone in this post looks amazing! nice to see variety and creativity sneaking back onto the red carpet.

  3. sparrow says:

    I am so pleased. Her Holdovers performance was fantastic; the standout of the entire film. Without her sublime acting and pacing, the film would have lost a lot of its gravitas and meaning.

  4. Nubia says:

    Diane Warren has never won an Oscar ?

    • Flamingo says:

      Technically, she has, they gave her an honorary award in 2023.

      But she has been nominated 15 times and no win.

      Susan Lucci said keep trying!

  5. K says:

    I mostly watched to see Davine. I am so happy for her❤

  6. LargeMarge says:

    Ava DuVernay is a BABE!!! And super, super talented, as well

  7. Chaine says:

    Both of the baby blue looks are fabulous. Eva needs to lighten her hair… too severe color or at least coupled with this straight heavy style.

  8. tealily says:

    I loved that Da’Vine went for a big, BIG dress! The drama was perfect for the moment! I think the way they presented the acting nominees was really sweet. Everybody got their moment, winner or not.