Susan Sarandon might be bangin’ 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin


Forgive me. After I got over the shock of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins’ split (which was announced late Wednesday), some of my first thoughts/guesses were that Tim Robbins might have some young piece on the side. I thought that because this seems to be the year for men dumping their partners for younger, grosser girls. But, as it turns out, it might be Susan Sarandon who has the young piece on the side. Is it any different if it is Susan and not Tim? I have no idea.

So, Page Six was one of the first to run with this particular rumor (and seriously, this is all rumors and suppositions at this point). It involves Susan and a 31-year-old hipster named Jonathan Bricklin. Now, some of you might be like “Dude, how do you know this guy is a hipster?” Trust me. First, his hair. Second, he runs Spin, a ping-pong club in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. That was actually how Susan and Jonathan met – she’s an investor in the ping-pong club, Spin. Here’s what Page Six says:

Sarandon was recently rumored to be involved with 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin, a partner in Spin, the Flatiron District pingpong club Sarandon invested in. Before opening Spin in September, Bricklin was known for hosting Naked Ping Pong, an occasional party at a TriBeCa loft attended by models, hipsters, and celebs as diverse as 50 Cent and Salman Rushdie.

Reached for comment earlier this month, Bricklin denied to Page Six that he and Sarandon were anything but professional, calling her his “friend and business partner.”

[From Page Six]

Yeah, a “business partner” in your pants. The Observer also ran a profile earlier this year about Bricklin, his partners, and Spin. The Observer claims that Susan and Bricklin met in April 2008, when she came to one of their ping-pong parties and “she ended up hiring the boys to make a tribute video for boyfriend Tim Robbins’ 50th birthday.” Here’s Gawker’s summary, with added unnamed sources!

What caused the breakup? A theory: Sarandon wanted to pursue ping pong entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin.

A source tells us Sarandon, 63, is now in a relationship with the 31 year-old Bricklin. Which, first of all: Holy sh-t. Second of all: This suggests Sarandon’s investment in Bricklin’s Ping Pong social club, Spin, was not only motivated by her professed love of the game.

Bricklin is a filmmaker whose latest (first?) film is a documentary about his father, the founder of Subaru of America. He’s also one of three principals in Spin, which opened this September in the Flatiron and offers unlimited ping pong playing and hobnobbery for a modest $100/month membership fee. (Filmmakers Franck Raharinsoy and Bill Mack are the other two founders.)

If the rumor is true, the unlikely couple’s relationship was probably sparked by their mutual appreciation for thwacking a little plastic ball across a net. According to the Observer, Sarandon and Bricklin first met in 2007 at one of the celebrity-studded “Naked Ping Pong” parties Bricklin and his two filmmaking buddies hosted in their Tribeca loft. (Alas, no actual nudity was involved.)

Sarandon then hired the trio to make a video for Robbins’ 50th birthday. (Whoops!) According to our source, “The rest is history.”

A quick trip down Google lane finds Bricklin to be a cuddly hipster Ping Pong nerd, haplessly forehanding his way into the pages of Vogue, the Times and New York Social Diary. In 2008, he tried out for the Beijing Olympics in what must have been a joke.

His level of play was described by USA Today as “marginally better than some pickup pingpong match in a college dorm rec room.” (He lost in the first round, 4 sets to nil.)

We’ll see if Sarandon and Bricklin are spotted playing any heated doubles matches in the near future.

[From Gawker]

This is totally throwing me for a loop. Would Susan Sarandon really dump Tim Robbins just to break off a piece of this Bricklin guy? That seems… out of character, yes? I mean, I get that she’s a cougar and she loves young guys, but would she really dump her partner of 23 years for this? Here’s video of Bricklin being interviewed about Spin and stuff. Okay… he’s kind of hot when he talks. And he has pretty eyes. He seems a little full of himself though.

"The Lovely Bones" Press Conference

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  1. Popcorny says:

    Seems more like a “don’t feel sorry for Susan”/”she’s still got it” fluff piece.

  2. ButteryBuddha says:

    Why Susan? WHY?!
    Why did you have to be with a pretentious hipster?!
    Gah,gives me another reason to hate on Hipsters.
    “Look at me, I am a pretentious arse who drinks tea at obscure places while wearing size 2 girl jeans. Oh look, I look like I rolled around in a thrift store .. I don’t care about money or how I look. Oh wait, here is my freakin $2000 Macbook fully loaded.”
    P.S I saw a pic of him .. he looks more like a nerdy schoolteacher.. He’s kinda cute.. but the hipster rant stays!:D

  3. Brandy M says:

    Ok I may sound stupid, but what is a hipster???

  4. diva says:

    A hipster is someone who is hip and cool. Susan must have lost her collective mind if she dumped Tim Robbins for what is surely to this young guy a fantasy fling, he probably has a whole lot of other girls her daughters age that he is also dating. Their is the saying their is no fool like an old fool.

  5. He looks like Andrew McCarthy’s slower, dorkier brother.

  6. wif says:

    “‘Business partner’ in your pants”

  7. bella says:

    I don’t believe it. Not my Susan, one of my (few) idols. I want proof.

  8. Pont Neuf says:

    Well, she isn’t a saint. OK, no one ever expected her to be. People cheat, and leave their partners for others. That’s life.

    Also, given her rather awful taste in men, it’s no surprise that she would enjoy being with a guy like this.

    Tim Robbins himself comes across as the type of man who is overly impressed with his own intelligence, even if he ends up looking more ridiculously fatuous than actually bright.

    All I can say is, I hope Mr I-Adore-Myself-For-No-Valid-Reason is good in bed… Although he looks like he needs a crane to hold his gigantic head on top of his scrawny body.

    Oh Susan, you really know how to pick them.

  9. no way..... says:

    Is it just me, or is he totally gay?

  10. wow says:

    Good for her if she is.

  11. Stephie says:

    Who said her thing with him started before her partnership with Tim ended? Maybe he’s just what she’s moved on to from Tim. Why assume she cheated? Tsk.

  12. Kathie says:

    Well good on Susan for hittin the young stuff! I hate the relationship ended but this is really a surprising twist! I am glad to know the Sarandon/Robbins coupling been over since summer and they have kept a respectful attitude toward one another. I am sure they will be friends for life as they share children but perhaps 23 years was the lifespan of their romantic relationship. I wish them both the best.

  13. lucy2 says:

    @Stephie, that’s what I was thinking too. If Susan and Tim broke up in the summer, it’s totally possible that they’ve grown apart, whatever, and she has since started dating this guy. I don’t see Susan as the type to throw away a long term relationship with kids involved for a fling. Stranger things have happened, but right now I kind of doubt this one.

    I just remember reading something about this Spin place and thought, really?

  14. Eileen Yover says:

    Susan Sarandon is so freaking awesome, she can bang Levi Johnston if she wants. Wouldn’t that be a match!!??

  15. snowball says:

    And there’s the other possibility, that Tim found out she was playing a little too much ping pong and decided it was time to leave. I don’t know if all the facts will come out, they seem to be fairly private.

    But the bottom line is really, we don’t know who the dumper was, whether it was a mutual dump or who’s doing whom. I don’t think it ever ocurred to me that either one was a cheater, so if she is dating this..person, then I’m tempted to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she started after she broke up with Tim over the summer.

    Ping pong? Is it really that big that you have clubs where you willingly pay $100 a month to do it? That’s what I thought was shocking.

  16. Laura says:

    I don’t know… they just seem so progressive that if susan wanted someone on the side, Tim would let her?

    Seriously though, they were my ideal couple: active in poltics, not a fan of insitutional marriages, grown kids and mutual respect for one another. If they can’t make it work, what are the chances for me?!

  17. Betty says:

    Ping Pong could be the Premier place in NY City to hang out? This is worse than Tiger and the Pancake waitress. No offense (I’m 58) but 63 year old women are saggy and have to have arthritis in at lest one joint. THis makes me sick.

  18. LolaBella says:

    Wait…so the guys aren’t actually naked when they play ‘naked’ ping pong???! I call FALSE ADVERTISING! LOL.

    I figured after reading yesterday’s statement from Susan’s rep that it meant that she was seeing someone new.

    I’d like to think that after she and Tim broke up that she got closer to Jonathan PingPong (after all they probably spend a lot of time together due to their business partnership) and they started a relationship.

    Good for her.

  19. diva says:

    @Betty not all women are saggy at 63 my mom is a size 4 and worksout 3 times a week.

  20. Sumodo says:

    Shock and awe!

  21. Sunnyjyl says:

    Wow, he’s a pretty boy!

  22. MymaJane says:

    @ No way

    No, it’s not just you. He’s totally setting off my gaydar.

  23. Goddess711 says:

    Ok, let me get this straight; Tim Robbins has been banging side pieces for years. Finally Susan decides that if it’s good for Tim, she can do it too and all anti-Susan hell breaks loose? Nah. Doesn’t wash. Well done, Susan! This is turning into a Christmas Blessing story! MARY CRIMMAS TIM, U OL’ DAWG!


    I’ll be happy for Elin when she gets it on with her new SuperStud too!

  24. Iggles says:

    Please tell me this is not real!

    No, just NO!!! This is wrong on so many levels!!

    I love Susan Sarandon, but seriously — WTH???? This dude is half her age! He could be her son! Ick!

    I hate when men go after women half their age. I don’t think it’s any less gross for woman to do it. If this is true, I feel for Tim. This is shocking.

  25. Munkey says:

    He kind of looks like David Gilmour.

  26. Birdie says:

    My take on this is, Susan is having some fun. I highly doubt she takes this relationship seriously. It’s called a rebound FLING. Yes, she is 63, but she is still a pretty level-headed cool lady. I don’t expect her to pull a Madonna and use her man candy to watch her kids/keep her in the tabloids.

    All the people who are dissing 63 year old women for being “saggy” …. 63 Year Old MEN are JUST as saggy (for my money, there is nothing grosser than the idea of saggy testicles) but younger women will still date them. So enough of the double standard sexism!

    Susan is having fun, and this guy is probably totally enamored with her. She looks damn good, she’s famous, talented, successful, wealthy, independent, you name it, Susan’s got it. Let her have her fun, guys her own age are looking for “a nurse or a purse” LOL (that’s a quote my 75 year old grandmother loves to use when guys ask her out)

  27. Rosanna says:

    Now, if it were Tim to cheat, everybody here would be judging him but it’s Susan, so it’s cool *rolling eyes*

  28. cb says:

    @no way: My gaydar went off right away, too.

  29. javelin says:

    I’m thinking Susan picked him as a rebound boy, and Tim’s (rumored) womanizing during their relationship was what really ruined things.

  30. Tess says:

    This storyline is a big nothing burger.

    Pure face-saving for granny.

  31. vlad469 says:

    Notice how much he looks like a young Tim?

  32. loldongs says:

    You’re female, of course you have a confirmation bias that favors females.

    It’s more often the woman anyhow.

    The media overcompensates for this by excessively focusing on the times men do cheat.

  33. loldongs says:

    This sounds like it was long time coming, glad Tim finally grew a pair and DTB.

  34. hatsumomo says:

    this is surprieing. and a double standard.

    So Susan either cheated and/or left her committed relationship for a much much much younger kid and Its ok?!?! Hell no! I liked Tim! They were such a good team together! Geez, if it was the other way around y’all would be tearing into Tim and vilifying him left and right and now its just excuses on Susan’s part to justify her actions?! Gah! And the thing is, they are so private, they wont ever release a statement or do interviews so we’ll never know for sure! Arrgg!

  35. says:

    oh yeah, he’s gay. i knew in 3 seconds. my best friend/roomate of 6yrs is gay….mama knows a gay when she meets one.

    happy christmas eve everyone!!!!!

  36. teehee says:

    I alwyas bear in mind that a relationship ususally undergoes demise BEFORE a parnter ‘finds a piece on the side’ to use the vulgar slang. As in, if its true, this likely didnt cause any split up but was a manifestation thereof, instead.
    That aside, he’s pretty. 🙂

  37. Eh. Good for her?


  38. Oh My says:

    His level of play was described by USA Today as “marginally better than some pickup pingpong match in a college dorm rec room.”

    pickup pingpong, you have got to be shitting me with that one

  39. Cheyenne says:

    diva: not all women are saggy at 63 my mom is a size 4 and worksout 3 times a week.

    Good on your mom. I’m close to her age and I’m a size 4 or 6 and not arthritic anywhere. Although I hit the gym only once a week, max. (Winter makes me feel lazy and jealous of hibernating bears.)

  40. Beth says:

    It’s amazing that all of the blogs and comments had Tim cheating and he was a sleaze. But when Susan is accused of cheating with a younger man it’s “you go girl”. How hypocritical.

  41. 63 says:

    Yes a 63 year old female is just perfect for a 30 something guy. Almost as bad as Hugh and his bunnies. This one won’t last 23 months much less 23 years.

  42. Goddess711 says:

    Tim’s bagged a few on the side over the years. I think it’s great that she’s getting her own.

  43. Popcorny says:

    I’m not sure I have Gaydar but my Spidey Senses say he’s gay.

  44. Dee says:

    Most women will forgive a man who strays, but very few men will forgive a woman who isn’t loyal. My sense is Susan did the cheating and Tim can’t get past it.

  45. CB Rawks says:

    Michael.K thinks this guy is a bit too sparkly to be on Susan’s team. 🙂

  46. Birdie says:

    He seems gay, because he’s a hipster… It is common for hipsters to have a very metrosexual/bi-curious way about to them.

    Where does it say Susan cheated? I read they broke up this summer, and she just started seeing this young guy which means she was single when they hooked up. I’m sure it’s just a fling. Why do you people take it so personally if 2 consenting adults of any age or sex wishes to copulate with someone who doesn’t match up perfectly to them. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything, this hipster guy, as well as Hugh Hefner’s bunnies can screw whoever they want to screw, I just don’t care!

  47. Lia says:

    She’s technically old enough to be his grandmother. Yuck. He can’t find anyone his own age? Or, maybe he just can’t find anyone his own age who has that much money and influence in Hollywood……

  48. journey says:

    maybe he’s simply her version of ken paves? only because she’s brighter than jess she wants a hang-buddy who is brighter and a bit unusual. (and at least where i come from, people who host naked ping pong parties do qualify as “unusual”!)

  49. bigelle says:

    Now then when you said they had split up yesterday my first thought is why does everyone seem to think it was Tim who had strayed ;o) … Susan is a gorgeous woman and I’m praying I’m looking that good at her age. Power to her – she seems a fabulous woman!

  50. Popcorny says:

    Okay, Susan’s great and everything. But, c’mon, nothing to do with this break-up, but she doesn’t look so hot anymore. Folks must be seeing her through those “good friend colored glasses”. You’re all sweet.
    Her neck, face, eyes and body have gone to hell. I commend her for not going the drastic-plastic route, but she could have done better in taking care of herself (exercise/toning, skin care, hair care, etc.,).

  51. Danielle says:

    that man is completely gay.

  52. Maritza says:

    No, I doubt this is true.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    63: This one won’t last 23 months much less 23 years.

    It may not last 23 days, but they will be 23 days she won’t forget. At her age what has she got to lose? Go for it.

  54. ladymay says:

    Susan Sarandon seems to be a level-headed woman; I’ve wondered about Tim Robbins being a player and having fun in places other than home for quite some time. I think Tim might have been romantically uninterested in Susan long enough for her to say “enough”, time to be out of a dead/dying relationship.

  55. K-Love says:

    1. There’s no fool like an old fool.

    2. She is old

    3. Seperated is not divorced.

    4. if they are together, one day he will roll over in bed and realize he’s with an old woman. And all the money in the world will change that.

    That’s just how it is with a May/December romance.

  56. Judy says:

    She isn a moron..the guy isnt going to want somne 60 some yr old woman for long. She isnt that great to looki at and her body is that of a 60 yr old woman. She blows off a relationship of 23 yrs for a romp with this guy??? LOL hope he turns out to be gay.

  57. terris says:

    come on, “might be banging” sounds like the author of this story is a teenage boy. for crying out loud, if she even is seeing this guy, what kind of idiot headline is that?

  58. terris says:

    plus she is 63 years old. she can do whatever the hell she wants. i seriously doubt this is true and even if it was, i think she looks fantastic. her hair and body and skin look great. wait til you are 63 and see how you look

  59. Cheyenne says:

    @ terris: I agree. She is far too sensible to take this liaison seriously. She’s having her fun while it lasts. Can’t fault her for that.

  60. Go Girl says:

    When I heard the whispered Infidelity, I thought it might be her.

  61. ccoop says:

    @dread – that’s exactly what I thought!

    And that has got to be one of the worst photos ever of Susan.

  62. jeannified says:

    Are you F’n kiddin’ me?! Ugh!!!

  63. Splat says:

    K-Love: “separated is not divorced.”

    They never married, so there’ll be no divorce.

  64. says:

    alright susan!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i look that good at 63. If it is true i think it’s great that she can find happyness even if it’s temporary.

  65. Aspen says:

    I can’t accept that Sarandon would cheat after 23 years with this…person. She and Robbins have been apart a while now, and I’ll just stubbornly believe that she and Robbins grew apart after the kids were grown and split…and NOW she’s found a toy to date.

  66. quel film says:

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  67. Jojo says:


  68. az_spunky says:

    He does seem gay. Maybe she’s just “allegedly” seeing her business partner to give the business a little press buzz.

  69. D-boy says:

    That interviewer is cute =)

  70. Mary S. says:

    you can get the point here

  71. rg says:

    Harold and Maud anyone?

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  73. jocko studmuffin says:

    Good for them Get a life and get out of their bedroom or ping pong parlor as the case may be. I am single, 58 got a 31 year old very hot Latina mujer, her son and 105 of her relatives. I haven’t been so happy in a long time. Is this a capital offence?