A gentle toner, a travel pill case and a canvas bag that holds so much

From CB: I got this single bar computer speaker and it’s just what I needed. The sound is nice and it has a headphone jack in front. I’ve probably already mentioned this, but this canvas utility tote is incredible and holds so many groceries. It’s great for making just one trip from the car with the groceries if you don’t mind how heavy it is. Here are some more things Rosie and I are looking at on Amazon.

A glossy lip balm that’s a dupe for more expensive brands

L’Oreal Paris Glow Paradise is on sale for under $9, which is such a bargain. People say it’s a dupe for YSL candy glaze lipstick, which is about $40 a tube and is made by the same parent company. This listing has 4,800 ratings, 4.2 stars and a B on Fakespot. People love this lip balm and say it adds just the right amount of color. “L’Oréal’s lipstick in shade 190 is a winner! The color is gorgeous, the scent is lovely, and it keeps my lips hydrated all day. No more cracked lips! It’s now a must-have in my makeup bag.” “Now that I’m 68 l do not want any deep or vivid color on my lips. These are all a beautiful sheer tint/wash. Though Blush Fantasy is a bit darker than the other two shown. They bring a nice color to my face. And leaves lips cushiony soft.”

A mini travel pill case with stickers for easy identification

This travel pill case is under $8 and it comes with branded stickers! It would be great for keeping in your purse or backpack and for travel. This listing has 330 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say that these are so convenient and appreciate that they can easily tell what is in each compartment. “I work random shifts but also deal with some medical concerns of my own. At first I was just carrying around each pill bottle and it got ridiculous. Just too much clutter in my backpack. This thing is perfect for carrying around a few doses of each thing I may need.” “Love that all my meds fit in this! I keep it in my purse in case of an emergency.” “Love these stickers easy to peel and stick on the pocket pharmacy! I love those they have about every type of medicine that you could possibly think of and there is a blank set of labels for you to create your own!”

A gentle toner that will leave your skin so soft

I received a sample of both this toner and the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow dew drops as part of a Sephora gift. I forgot about the toner and only recently started using it. My skin feels and looks so nice! This toner is formulated with BHA, hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract for clearer, smoother skin. This listing has almost 5,600 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say this toner is hydrating, that it feels refreshing and that it leaves their skin dewy. “This is my second bottle of this and I can’t say enough good things about it! It seems pricey for a bottle but you get a lot for your money, it lasts me about 6 months using it nightly. This gets rid of so much dirt if used on a cotton pad. I wash my face and use toner then go in with this on a cotton pad, wow the amount of dirt this still pulls off my face is insane!! I also noticed it helping with the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and lips.” “I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t err-ate my skin at all it’s very dewey/shiny/gorgeous leaves a flawless glow to the skin instantly.”

A dish detergent spray that will make you want to spray all the things

From Rosie: I picked up the Dawn Powerwash Spray after CB recommended I try it a few weeks ago. It’s awesome. It works really well ondirty dishes and greasy pans and the spray avoids the mess that liquid detergent creates. It has more than 34,000 reviews, 4.7 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People mention that they also use it to clean their fridges, stovetops, and more, which I’ll have to try next. “The spray nozzle makes it incredibly easy to apply the soap directly onto dirty dishes, saving both time and effort. No more filling up the sink or constantly squeezing out soap onto a sponge.” “It cuts grease INSTANTLY. It’s been a savior to clean my range that is always covered in little specks of oil. Hard to reach places in the fridge with little food stains? A little spritz of this on a cloth and I quickly wipe it off.” “It works great on grease. I use it to clean not only dishes but the stovetop/oven, fryers, floors, patio furniture, shower, tennis shoes(white hey dudes-worked great!), fire place and so many other things.”

An affordable version of the Everywhere Belt Bag

From Rosie: The Everywhere Belt Bag has been all the rage lately. After Mr. Rosie bought one for our trip to Europe last month, I finally caved and got one myself last week. I used it to run errands and go for a walk this past weekend and now I see what all the fuss is about. It was lightweight and easily fit my wallet, keys, earbuds, some makeup, and more. Pander’s version is only $20, and is made of nylon and polyester recycled from bottles. It comes in 14 different colors, has a 4.7 star rating, almost 800 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. In reviews, people say it’s a very well-made, affordable dupe to the Lululemon one. “This bag is very similar to one sold by Lululemon, but priced lower. The zipper works smoothly, there are mesh compartment separators in the main part of the bag and a small zippered compartment on the backside. The adjustable strap is sturdy and made well.” “They are exactly like the Lululemon brand bags with a cheaper price. I definitely recommend and would buy again. It’s convenient and I was able to wear crossbody as well as around my waist.” “Currently, using this on a solo trip to Japan for the Tokyo, marathon and beyond, and this thing has been a game changer with how big it is, and how many pockets it has combined with the fact that it’s waterproof and has a great strap.”

A reusable makeup removing cloth that really works

From Rosie: The Original MakeUp Eraser boasts that it removes all types of makeup using just warm water. It’s made out of polyester and cleanses and exfoliates your skin, even sensitive skin. I especially like that it’s reusable (machine washable) and therefore eliminates more waste in general. It comes in 10 different colors, including pink, yellow, green, and purple. It has a 4.6 star rating, more than 14,100 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. People who use it love it, saying that it really works. “I thought for sure this thing wouldn’t work, but it actually does a great job! Takes off makeup, easy to wash, and better for the environment than one time use wipes. Would recommend.” “I thought there was no way this thing worked but it does, it’s amazing, makeup comes right off. I wish I’d found it years ago.” “I can’t believe this works with just water! The neutrogena and dupe remover wipes were just getting too harsh on my skin so wanted to change it up. I simply get this wet with warm water, hold it on my eyes for a second then just wipe it all away.”

A classy-looking tea box to organize your tea

From Rosie: I’ve been looking for a box that holds my tea bags for a while now. I’ve been using a Christmas-themed one and it’s time to get one that I can display for the rest of the year. I’ve been looking at this bamboo one, which has spots for eight different types of tea bags as well as a little pull-out drawer for accessories, etc. Right now, it’s on sale with an additional 7% off coupon applied at checkout. It has a 4.7 star rating, more than 3,300 reviews and a B on Fakespot. In reviews, people mention how nice it looks on their counters. “Perfect for my selections of tea bags. Very well made, lots of storage for tea bags.” “Not only is this tea box useful, it is beautiful and well-made.” “The tea box is beautifully crafted. I originally purchased to organize my teas and store within a cabinet but the box is too beautiful to not show off!”

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  1. Ponsby says:

    I’m not usually that into skincare products but I do like everything I’ve tried from Glow Recipe

  2. LarkspurLM says:

    Confirming the L’Oreal Glow Paradise is good stuff! I have shade 200 and it’s very natural. Smooth formula, not glossy, or super-sheer. Often find on sale and coupons at CVS.

    Also confirming the Glow Recipe Watermelon toner is very good! I got it as a sample/Sephora bday gift. It’s not watery, like a “traditional” toner, but more of a bouncy, liquid-y gel.

    • iisaidwhatiisaid says:

      I’ve tried the balm and the colors are pretty and it’s really moisturizing. The only issue I have with it, is the very powerful flower smell. But otherwise it’s pretty great.

  3. Eden75 says:

    I have the makeup eraser clothes and they get funky after awhile. There is some sort of musty, funky smell that will not wash out no matter what I do. They worked great up until then.

  4. Whyfortheloveo says:

    I am buying that tea organizer I love tea and get tired of all my tea boxes everywhere. I am obsessed with that Dawn Spay. It is so so good and Gerri f grime off of things!!!

    • dj says:

      That Dawn spray is amazing. I have used on the kitchen counters, stove, and shower. Anything that’s oily or sticky.

    • Rosie says:

      I ended up using it to clean the stove and it was great! I didn’t even think to try the shower. Thank you!