Tyra Banks cancels her talk show to focus on being fierce

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles

I’m kind of “meh” on this story, probably because Tyra Banks plucks my last nerve, and thus, I avoid anything with her. So, Tyra announced today that this current season of The Tyra Banks Show (Tyra’s daytime talk show) will be her last. Tyra will now spend her time concentrating on “reaching more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.” Really? Tyra is going to help me be fierce? No thank you, I don’t want an ugly weave. Also, what about her dream of becoming the next Oprah? Doesn’t Tyra need to spend several more years telling people to kiss her ass and focusing on the oft-ignored problem of baby-daddy drama?

After five seasons, two Daytime Emmy awards and too many girl-power episodes to count, Tyra Banks is announcing the end of The Tyra Show.

“This will be the last season of The Tyra Show,” Banks tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years.”

Wrapping at the end of its fifth season in the spring of 2010, it will be lights out for the show that brought viewers memorable weave-exposing, cellulite-revealing and tear-jerking moments.

Banks will focus on the launch of Bankable Studios, a N.Y.-based film production company currently reviewing possible projects. Sticking to her mission, Banks aims to bring “positive images of women to the big screen,” says an industry insider.

“My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are,” Banks says.

Adds the insider: “Tyra is sad because she’ll be missing so much of the daily connection to her viewers, but excited at the same time to be taking on a new challenge.”

With encouragement from filmmaker Tyler Perry and longtime mentor Oprah Winfrey, Banks is “redefining beauty for women in film,” adds the source. “With Oprah’s big announcement this year, I think that gave Tyra the confidence to get out there and follow her longtime dream of film producing.”

But fashion fiends worry not. America’s Next Top Model is slated to return for its 15th season in February along with Banks’s ABC show True Beauty.

“There’s a lot cooking right now and a lot of fire burning in my heart,” Banks writes in an open letter on her Web site. “And I salute you my amazing family of viewers; without you there never would have been a Tyra Show. I really love you all.”

[From People Magazine]

See? Isn’t it kind of “meh”? Then again, I don’t watch daytime television. Sniff! But seriously, I can’t say I’ve ever really caught a Tyra show, I’ve only seen clips on Talk Soup and online. I’m aware that Tyra has tried to do some Oprah-type things with her show, like interviewing Hillary Clinton and that kind of stuff, but isn’t the show basically like a slightly more highbrow Jerry Springer show?

Tyra Banks on location for a photo session in Chelsea and Madison Square Park.

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  1. ! says:

    I never have been so relieved for another person’s failure in my entire life. That show sucks. I have the great misfortune of having to watch it every now and again when one of my neighbors beats me to the apartment complex’s gym. She is uninteresting, awkward, and lacks insight. Her show is so sensationalist that no one can take it seriously. And some of the subjects/guests are just a joke. Some of the stunts they pull on the show just make me want to throw up my hands and spit. I also find it hilarious after all that “kiss my fat ass” garbage, she went ahead and lost the weight.

    SO relieved its going to be over!!

  2. Beth says:

    I’m shocked since the ratings are the highest they’ve ever been. Hate the show though.

  3. Risa says:

    Is it just me or does Tyra appear to have a slight 5 o’clock shadow of sorts in the image below the article??

  4. canadianchick says:

    Is Oprah grooming her to take over? The timing is interesting though I don’t think she can fill Oprah’s Laboutins vy a long shot. Her talk show was lame but I admit I like the bitchiness and fun photo shoots of ANTM. I especially have a yummy preference for Nigel the Noted Fashion Photographer-meeoow…

  5. Essie says:

    Tyra’s show is aimed at young women and the things she talk about on the show reflect that. The episodes I’ve seen were reflective of her audience and that’s why the show is a hit. It’s not for everybody and is not meant to be. I think comparing it to Jerry Springer is ridiculous, but, whatever!!! No need to be nasty. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. She obviously doesn’t need you for the ratings.

    I can’t imagine what kind of movies she will make but if Tyler Perry is her mentor, she should do well. I say, good luck to her.

  6. Enonymous says:

    I agree with Essie. I like Tyra so good luck to her, she is a smart woman.

  7. Oi says:

    Am I the only one that thinks she’s not that “fierce”? She just looks screwy to me.

  8. Pont Neuf says:

    It’s good that Tyra is retiring. Actually, she should have never had the opportunity to make evident how unintelligent, uncultured, vulgar, incongruously vain and self-centered she is, on TV.

    No matter what subject is being “discussed” in her joke of a show, she always manages to make everything about herself and how she is so much better than her guests, whom she rudely patronizes and humiliates at will. Nothing is ever truly analyzed in her show, which is, as Kaiser says, a milder version of the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ with an abrasive, nasty, bitchy, illiterate idiot for a presenter.

    Apparently, being an aging ex-top model with emotional problems, no brain and a tendency to become hysterical for no reason, is enough to build a career nowadays.

  9. hatsumomo says:

    I just cant stand Tyra. I f she wasn’t so conning, I would think this is a great idea, but knowing her, its going to be a farce instead of fierce.

  10. girl says:

    I don’t get it. Does “fierce” mean “self-absorbed”?

    The only thing I find interesting about this article was that she won daytime Emmy’s. What the EFF?

  11. Dan says:

    i cant even begin to comment on the contrdictions this woman makes-when you compare her wanting to “redefine beauty for women blahblahblah” with her “america’s next top model” show to the whole weight controversy and then she loses weight to pretty much everything she does (and yes i am thinking of those clips on the soup when they show up her hypocritical ass) looks like shes just following oprah-like shes trying to out-do her. i just get this vibe that she doesnt care about anything really except that we pay attention to her. all i ear when she opens her mouth about anything is “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”.

  12. Sumodo says:

    Good for Tyra. More time to be fierce? How about, less time spent on a crappy show that’s more Maury than Oprah.

  13. diva says:

    I am amazed that anybody would actually watch her show and that presidential candidates appeared on it is a disgrace.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    One down, one to go. Now when is she going to scrap ANTM?

  15. Judy says:

    Tyra needs to stick to ANTM. Her talk show sucks.

  16. qb says:

    Good thing is going to be over soon. She is so judgemental and a hipocrite , I saw the episode she when ‘undercovoer’ as a stripper and backed out because she could not use her body to make money or some bullshit excuse like that, is funny becaue her tits and ass is what made her famous, victoria secret models are just glorify strippers.

  17. OXA says:

    Good riddance to her annoying arse, now bring Bonnie Hunt’s show back so we have something to watch besides Maury and Judge Judy.

  18. Aspie says:

    I absolute agree with Essie too. Tyra is smart and very talented and is not a failure at all. All of her “haters” and the nasty comments (the ones on this site included) have no bearing on her future successes and earnings.

    This is only the beginning for her and this won’t be the last we hear from her (and it probably won’t be the last snarky write up about her on this site either).

    At least she’s not screwed up like half of the so called celebrities out here *cough Lindsay Lohan *cough cough *Courtney Love* cough cough* I could go on and on…she doesn’t have any major drug and alcohol issues, she manages her money well and she’s a great role model. I think it takes some brains to do that, wouldn’t you agree?

    Good luck and go Tyra!

  19. ! says:

    Talented? At what? Self promoting? Seriously, what is she talented at? I’ve yet to figure it out. She lacks the depth and relate-ability that is so demanded in television these days. She more often than not goes insane on the air just to generate some ratings. Give me a break!

  20. Carena says:

    I turn on her show every once in a while just to see where she is on her downward spiral. I saw an episode titled “Woman with Two Vaginas” the other day. If that isn’t the bottom of the barrel, I don’t know what is.

  21. Newyorking says:

    After watching her Vaseline, kiss my fat ass, and Naomi Campbell clips, I cannot bear to watch anything remotely close to her show. She is damn smart though – for someone so bitchy and judgemental and a hypocrite, people still tune in to listen to her. Who are these people?

    I cannot stand ANTM either.

  22. Birdie says:

    There is a thin line between love-to-hate and hate-to-love.

  23. Ally says:

    Update: Apparently she wasn’t fierce enough to tell her TV show staff about it in person first. They found out about it on the internet:


  24. Ogechi says:

    plz what is ANTM? my sister complains of her show all the time. Really dont have time for talk shows anyways. But all the best to her.

  25. Lita says:

    Are the people saying “she’s a smart business woman!” The same that think Jordan//Katie Price is a smart business woman? She’s not on drugs and an out of control train wreck, so that makes her a great role model?? Is this the benchmark we’re setting now?

    Won’t somebody think about the CHILDREN!!

  26. lucy2 says:

    I can’t stand her, she is way too self obsessed and doesn’t seem to see anything beyond herself.

    I wouldn’t call her a failure though – as annoying as she may be, she’s been pretty successful in various ways in her life.

    I am concerned what her canceling the show will do to the Soup though…

  27. Newyorking says:

    Lucy2, there is always Wendy Williams 🙂

  28. p says:

    really she’s just too beautiful (laugh away) to have a successful talk show. i mean, yes the show’s content sucked, the production sucked, the guests mostly sucked, etc,etc. still, Oprah’s content really isn’t much better -but she’s fat and not great looking … much easier for women to watch that!

  29. spiceh says:

    She’s so annoying and self-absorbed, and I never found her pretty. She seems so harsh and phony. I tried to like her, but I couldn’t.

  30. y are humans so mean to each other if you dnt like her show dont watch it if you dnt lik her y waste your tim blabbing abot it o the the internet you mak your self even more childish looking you mad people up there writen mean things just becuz u dnt lyk her is just jealousness “you need to GROW UP” she aint ganna care nt lyk she gon read it so just SHUT UP!! plse to annoying !

  31. Mimi says:

    Some of these people are obviously such haters,thy can’t spew enough hate while sitting behind a keyboard,eating your second box of Twinkies or walking on a tread mill(MMM) on a black woman who is successful and beautiful both inside and out. Who actually doesn’t conform to your ideals of who you think she should be,she is allowed to do what she wants just like you are but she doesn’t have to put someone down to do so . She is not conceited,she is strong don’t confuse the two. Some of you would know the difference if it weren’t for your own self esteem issues or else you wouldn’t waste your time doing things like this. I like how you people again tried to throw Oprah under the bus as well,obvious jealousy. Its strange how you know so much about the shows but claim not to watch n have some much animosity. Who has the emotional issues here? Diva,spiceh,Pont Neuf

  32. Mimi says:

    ohhh jennie Downlane,you couldn’t be more right,I was going to say the same thing,it isn’t like she is going to read an be traumatized that these loser don’t like. They are all miserable and just want to spread it because they are not satisfied with themselves.

  33. Roxy says:

    oh please.Everyone has opinions.People will always love or hate no matter what.I personally find the show very sleazy. It was as if Tyra had to desperately dig through garbage for ideas on topics when she was running out.Maybe she should take a chill pill and relax.She humiliated some people on the show to. But i guess when you are better than other humans you can do that to them.

  34. Ian says:

    Atleast she uses her money to help people. Her show wasn’t that bad I enjoyed alot of the episodes. You guys are a bunch of ignorant fools. Especially the article writer. Talking about weaves and shit.. That is not what she means you racist prick.

    GO TYRA! 😀