Larry King probably sleeping with his wife’s sister

Larry King and his wife, Shawn

There’s a lot of juicy gossip about 76 year-old high-waist pants wearing talk show host Larry King, particularly his relationship with his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, 50. It’s Larry King, though, so these stories tend not to get a lot of play. The Enquirer reported late last year that Southwick had a year long affair with her son’s baseball coach, a 29 year-old aspiring actor. Around the time of the affair, Southwick went to rehab for an addiction to Vicodin. There were breakup and divorce rumors around that time, but Larry and Shawn stayed together. They have two sons, Chance, 10, and Cannon, 9.

Now the Enquirer has a follow-up that claims that Southwick’s affair was revenge for the fact that King was secretly sleeping with her 45 year-old sister. They claim that King was lavishing Shawn’s younger sister Shannon with gifts including a car and an all-expenses paid year and a half long stay at the Beverly Hill’s Hotel. When Shawn figured out what was going on she flipped out.

Shannon – a voice-over actress and model – claimed she had an affair with Larry, telling a close pal: “I had sex with Larry, and he bought me an expensive car.”

The car triggered an explosive confrontation between the two women in early July, sources say.

“To help her sister out, Shawn sold Shannon her Mercedes-Benz at a huge discount,” a close friend of Shawn told The Enquirer.

“Just weeks later, Shawn saw Shannon driving a $160,000 car. When Shawn confronted her, Shannon said she’d traded in Shawn’s Mercedes and bought the new car with money she’d earned from voice-over work for a movie. When Shawn asked which movie it was, Shannon claimed she couldn’t remember.”

A suspicious Shawn eventually learned her husband… actually bought the car for Shannon, said her close friend.

“Shawn said she also discovered that Larry had spent $1.5 million to put up Shannon at the swank Beverly Hills Hotel for 18 months,” divulged the friend – who passed a polygraph test. “Shawn was furious! She said that she wouldn’t have felt so crazy if she’d caught Larry fooling around with a stranger. The fact that he’s cheating with her sister has made it so much worse.”…

Shannon’s story also triggered Shawn’s affair with their son’s baseball coach… sources say.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 4, 2010]

Don’t Larry King and his wife sound perfect for each other? Instead of dumping his cheating ass she got some on the side from the hot baseball coach and went back to him. Maybe she realized that her prenup wouldn’t afford her the lifestyle she was accustomed to and she may as well suck it up.

The Enquirer has a photo of Larry out walking in NY with Shawn’s sister, Shannon. Shannon is thin and blonde just like her sister and she obviously shares her sister’s scruples. I wonder if Shawn and Shannon are able to put aside their differences for the holidays and flash each other fake smiles or if they avoid each other. There’s always the alternative – a knock down sister fight. Larry King isn’t worth it though. Just take the old guy’s money with a shrug and a smile.

Larry King and his wife Shawn are shown at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on 5/3/06. Credit: AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM. Other photos are of Larry and Shawn on 11/19/09 and 8/10/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Lem says:

    stunning legs

  2. nikki says:

    he’s worse than Tiger Woods!!!

  3. Codzilla says:


  4. macaquinha says:

    jesus i wouldn’t marry or sleep with this old man for all the money in the world bdachhh

  5. AlaskaJoey says:

    Nice legs, but the upper half is scary as hell. I’m so glad to be a regular woman with a regular job, not to have to put myself through so much tanning, bleaching, dieting, and cosmetic procedures to keep a decrepit old meal ticket because I have no skills of my own to make a living.

  6. Dorothy says:

    Just one reason why viagra is bad!

  7. Green is Good says:

    Screwing your sister’s husband for a car and rent. Classy.

    That’s the clear cut definition of a whore.

  8. ligeia says:

    yikes she could use a burger or two

  9. Goddess711 says:

    Ew and Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    That Larry King is still putting his penis into women is something that both revolts and disturbs me.

  11. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


  12. Raven says:

    This is disgusting. I knew Larry King had multiple marriages, but I didn’t realize that he was really just a geriatric Ryan Phillipe. I think after 4 marriages, you just shouldn’t be allowed to get married again.

  13. KansasRefugee says:

    Does Larry King think he looks cool with these fake boobery machines?

    He looks kinda like an idiot. Why don’t we get him off the air?

    His interview of Mavis Leno, where she spoke of her view that this century might be the “century of the woman” (when we really come into our own as players in public life), was so great. King appeared very threatened and Mavis Leno held her ground despite his petty fears and attacks.

  14. lisa says:

    I have seen clips of them on TMZ. She seem to be a bit off the chain. And that really surprised me. I had seen her before when she was promoting a book or something, and she seemed fine, but then it just seemed like all of a sudden BOMB she lost her mind. I think she is like a lot of women.. unhappy but scared to leave the life she has. He can be very snappy with her and from what I have seen in the clips she seems to get on his nerves with the way she behaves in public.. Larry is a bit OLD SCHOOL. She just seems to have gotten really wild. but If he cheated with her sister.. that is every which way wrong. But I don’t expect the tabs to run with this, or the entertainment shows. They have their favorite punching bags.. and that is why we are hearing about the indiscretions of so many other celebs. they have been hiding behind the lies they print about Tom/Kate and Brad/Angie… I bet there are lots more juicy stuff out there that we don’t know because the rags focus on a few celebs.. Maybe 2010 will start a new trend. Leave the old stories behind and start looking at the other celebs. They have gotten a free ride for 5 years.

  15. OXA says:

    I can see why she did not divorce him, he is older thatn dirt and could drop dead any minute.If she divorces him and he marries her sister she dont get the wifes share.

  16. Sumodo says:

    OL, puh-LEEZE! There’s more shit on Larry King than you can imagine. Each of his 5 marriages has been a crapfest. There was a woman in Philly that Larry was engaged to and cheated on her with Shawn. There is so much there, and it’s not even HIDDEN.

  17. guest says:


  18. diva says:

    Nothing like an old school pimp. Good job Larry King! Didn’t think you had it in you. His wife and sister are both gold diggers so they evidently don’t mind sharing the wealth.

  19. DrM says:

    @ codzilla….classic!!! I was laughing my a** off at your one word response

    @lisa: I don’t’ know if your response was meant to be funny but it is…especially the “BOMB she lost her mind part” couldn’t agree more.

    Larry King is such an old ‘ho. But you know its his life and if his wife and sister in law don’t mind sharing…then I agree with the comment that you should just take his money with a shrug and a smile.

    Yuck…I think I’d rather work for my living 🙂

  20. Sincerity says:

    I really hope this isn’t true.

    Having an affair is one thing but running around with your wife’s sister is simply “depraved” by any sane person’s standards. You would think a man his age would be getting ready “to see his maker” rather than “making out” with anyone who would have him! I really feel sorry for his young children because at some point he’s going to have to justify his behavior with their aunt. What kind of example is he setting for them?

  21. damien says:

    a million and a half at a hotel for 18 months….not likely….buy a house or pay rent but not a million and a half on a hotel bill..that seems to blow the story up to me…but who knows..maybe he wanted it so bad he let her talk him into it…..sounds like they all deserve each other

  22. max says:

    I thought his wife is supposed to be a mormon! (i.e., holier than you and I.)

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus, even Tiger didn’t mess with his own sister-in-law. How tacky-depraved can you get?

  24. jzhz says:

    Ugh. The thought of this made me soil myself.

  25. Ashley says:

    She looks good for 50.

    If I were her I’d be happy the sister was taking up the slack. I mean she’s the one that has to sleep with the old man (and only get a car?), but she gets all the spoils. When he finally kicks it, she’ll be the one getting all the cash, not the sister. And she doesn’t have to pretend she likes having sex with a corpse. She should consider herself lucky.

  26. Wresa says:

    Wait, Larry King is married to Brandi Glanville??

    AlaskaJoey, that was hilarious!!

  27. oh hey says:

    From reporter to trophy wife, sad.

  28. Julia says:

    GatsbyGal, rarely have I seen a statement that expresses my feelings so perfectly.


  29. nj says:

    Maybe someone can help me with this- is money really such a turn-on? I’ve never been rich, don’t know any rich people who aren’t kind of miserable, and have never chased after guys with money or ran in those circles. Is being so rich really so great? Is it really worth sleeping with this decrepit nerd? I am not even being self-righteous or mean. I am asking an honest question and would appreciate an honest answer, if anyone has the experience.

  30. Ophelia says:

    He can still have sex?? He looks like a marionette.

  31. Tazina says:

    Great interviewer, can’t take that away from him, and good father too, but as a husband he gets an “F”…..Shawn gets an “A +” for the between the sheets time she puts in…..woot!

  32. ccoop says:

    Ewwwwww. I don’t need to know any more about the adventures of Larry King’s wizened weenie.

  33. Ewww says:

    I’ve heard it all now….and now have to run to the bathroom and throw up. Seriously.

  34. Birdie says:

    Larry King… Gross!

  35. Mary Stevens says:

    Troo Trash meets one another in the gobbidge heap!

  36. Jazz says:

    My first thought when I read that headline was eeewwwww!

  37. Ogechi says:

    i love this forum, am always happy after

  38. CYANN says:

    OMG! I could not imagine lying there while that old man flopped around on top of me like a fish out of water. I would have at least gotten a house outta that deal!

    Kaiser – You give great advice.

  39. rundee says:

    I wonder what he looked like when he was still alive…

  40. K McFarlane says:

    NJ, it’s true that he’s physically unattractive, but after reading his autobiography I can see that he could be very charming and amusing company and that can be appealing. He’s a lot funnier than he comes across on TV. I don’t think that he just gets women because he’s rich.

    Besides, any woman who sleeps with her sister’s husband is motivated by a lot more than just wanting a new car.

  41. Codzilla says:

    DrM: Glad to be of service! 😉

    And, like you, I’d prefer to earn my own keep rather than ride some withered old horndog to pay the rent.

  42. JohnP says:

    Look at pic 3. OMG Biff Tannen!

  43. Katey says:

    I know Shawn King, and I was around the scum who claimed he had an affair with her. This guy is so desperate to make money, and a name for himself that he fabricated a story about himself and Shawn that because I know Shawn, is laughable. Shawn is an excellent mother and wife, and puts up with a lot of crap. She’s too classy to mention that when she married Larry, she had her own money. She even gifted Larry with a Jaguar in their first year of marriage… from her own money. Shawn is an artist, and quite humble about her own creative and financial accomplishments which are vast. It’s a shame to see so many people getting so much joy throwing stones at others, under the cloak of anonymity. I stumbled on this site, and don’t think I’ll be back.

  44. BigWill says:

    She looks like she has an eating disorder!! I`m sorry, but she looks DISGUSTING!!! With her big azz head and starved body, she looks like a table spoon!