“Xenu won’t let Katie Holmes have a tattoo” links


Katie Holmes wants a tattoo to celebrate her love, but Xenu refuses. [Celebnewswire]
Everything about the Lohans is orange. [Agent Bedhead]
Van Morrison is father again at the age of 64. [D-Listed]
Coco is rodonkulous, Part 935: “Coco At The Beach.” [The Superficial]
I like Drew Barrymore, but I want to smack her here. [Evil Beet]
Mariah Carey refuses to walk. Ever. The end. [Bossip]
This is the sexiest Ben Affleck has looked in years. [Pop Sugar]
I really think Ashlee is punching Pete Wentz in the face. [Lightly Salted]
Taylor & Taylor‘s romance was “overblown.” I will not make a blow job joke. [ICYDK]
Jessica Biel‘s only career acclaim is taking off her clothes. [Moviefone]
Seriously, everyone hates Ashlee Simpson. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Charlize Theron is going to cut a bitch. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
This Janice Dickinson photo will make you dry heave. [PopBytes]

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13 Responses to ““Xenu won’t let Katie Holmes have a tattoo” links”

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  1. GatsbyGal says:

    Really Pete Wentz, you fell and hit your eye on the street? You might as well say you walked into a door. C’mon man, you’re not fooling anyone, it’s so obvious Ashlee punched you a good one. Poor boy.

  2. Dhavy says:

    Refuses? give me a break! it’s her own body! she can do whatever she wants to it

  3. Dirty Martini says:

    Maybe if she’s a really really good girl this year…….Santa Claus trailing behind her will BRING her a tatoo.

  4. velcrodots says:

    Katie Holmes got photobombed by Santa!!

  5. Sumodo says:

    Janice Dickinson is a pig.

  6. Goddess711 says:

    Not even if it’s a tattoo of Xenu or “Xenu loves you but I’m his favorite”? Aww mannnn that sucks!

  7. To Help You All says:

    Lord Xenu is to Scientologists as the Devil is the Christians.

    Xenu implanted all the sick SP thetans on earth and it’s all his fault that Tom isn’t seen as the light of the world he thinks he is.

    Xenu and Scientology are only linked by the creation story … and Xenu is not their friend, ruler, or who they pray to.

    Xenu is more so the leader of the Suppressive Persons, or SP’s as the scifag will term us…

  8. Goddess711 says:

    Ummmm… that’s creepy and I don’t think it’s helped anybody….
    Maybe if we read it in a Darth Vadar voice…

  9. Peach says:

    The real story here is that Santa is stalking her!
    Look out Katie! He’s right behind you. Eeek.

  10. Lway says:

    What a crock of shit.

  11. knotstu says:

    Actualy… Santa might put you on the naughty list .
    Gosh… he really does look like santa…..no-wonder i didn’t get a prezzie, he’s living it up with the celebs !!

  12. bo says:

    I really like that every now and then, Drew Barrymore randomly (and intentionally) looks like one of the kids from Juno.

  13. PigskinMama says:

    Why not–she probably already has a bar code and a microchip so Tommy can track her.