Colin Farrell: Irish artists ‘punch so far above our weight, you know?’

Did you guys know that Colin Farrell has an AppleTV+ series? It’s called Sugar and it’s an LA noir where he plays a private detective (John Sugar) searching for a Hollywood producer’s granddaughter. I love a good noir and a detective show, so I’m probably going to check it out. To promote the series, Colin recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight about the Irish invasion of Hollywood. Colin wasn’t the first Irish actor to work in Hollywood, but he’s something of a big-brother figure to all of the Irish talent working in American productions these days. Incidentally, did you know that Colin and Cillian Murphy are the same age?? Wildly different careers, came up around the same time, and both are 47 years old. Some highlights from Colin’s ET interview:

Colin isn’t surprised by the Irish invasion: He’s impressed with Barry Keoghan, Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Saoirse Ronan, Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson. The Banshees of Inisherin star says that for an island just 33,000 square miles in size, having such a wealth of talent is “amazing” and proves that the country has a deep history rooted in storytelling, whether that be on screen, in music or channeled into any other artistic ventures. “I mean, we punch so far above our weight, you know? We’re only a country of five million people and I don’t know, Irish people — just whether it’s through music, the written word, whether it’s prose of poetry, film, theater of course, we just — we have a deep connection to. I think just to the importance of story and to leaning into stories and meanings with which we understand ourselves and the world around us.”

On Barry Keoghan: “Barry’s off to the races. He’s killing it, he’s doing amazing. He’s great, he’s doing amazing. I saw him last week for the first time in close to a year and he seemed like he was in great form, so it was great to see him.”

On his new show, ‘Sugar’: “I’ve loved noir films for many, many years. I’ve enjoyed so many of them, the private detective trope is always an interesting one ’cause it brings up questions of purpose — meaning what side of the line you’re on, good and bad. Private detectives are usually — in the world of noir — hard-boiled. They’re usually somewhat bittered or jaded by the ugliness they’ve observed throughout their work and this guy wasn’t.”

[From ET]

It is wild to think that Ireland only has a population of 5 million and there are so many Irish actors working across British and American productions right now. There are so many Irish actors, people forgot to name-check Michael Fassbender as well! I have a little theory that Irish actors are able to move around so much and play such wildly different characters because, in general, Irish actors are better at accent work. Specifically, Irish actors are better at American accents than British actors. I don’t know if Irish peeps just have a better ear for accents, or if it’s something else, but I swear, British actors have shown time and time again that they suck at accent work.

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  1. Flamingo says:

    I can’t express how beautiful I thought he was seeing him for the first time in Tigerland. I am glad he got past the whole ‘bad boy’ thing. Sobered up and has become a wonderful character actor over the last few years.

    Apple TV has really stepped up with some great series. Ugh, I may have to buckle and get it again. I was trying to hold out until Foundation season 3 starts.

    • Skyblue says:

      Flamingo- oh boy, me too! I made everyone watch Tigerland or at least tried too. You knew he was going somewhere.

    • Kitten says:

      He seems like a completely different person than the guy from the early 2000s who had a fling with Britney. I really do commend him on is maturity and growth. I also love what he said about Irish people and their connection to the arts–there really is such a rich history there.

  2. Delphine says:

    I saw him once at Rite-Aid and he is even more beautiful IRL.

    • Flamingo says:

      oh wow, im jelly, Right before Jared Leto cut his hair for the Joker in Suicide Squad. I saw him walking down the street in NYC walked right past him. His eyes were so blue, he looked like yt Jesus lol.

    • CassieO says:

      He’s heavily involved in a charity organization (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) and a friend of mine is also an active member, so they cross paths from time to time. Everything I’ve heard about him is that he is incredibly kind, very down to earth, and just as damn fine as he looks on camera.

  3. TarteAuCitron says:

    We grow up watching US, Australian and UK shows because Irish TV is so cheap & awful :)) Irish actors have to work on their accents if they have any chance of scoring well-paying work. (Unless you become famous and then they’ll make the character Irish! 😉 )

    • Bad Janet says:

      Does Derry Girls count under the Good Friday agreement? That show is an international treasure.

  4. Ali says:

    I’m Irish and I honestly think Irish actors are as bad as British actors at American accents (Jamie Dorman in 50 shades was terrible and he’s irish)
    I think that folk just genuinely like The Irish and we’re cut more slack than our British Counterparts. The Brits aren’t afforded the same courtesy cause every country has some historical beef with UK.

  5. Sass says:

    Growing up in the US coastal south and having relatives in Kentucky, you’d be surprised how the dialects can echo an Irish lilt. They are not the same (coastal south vs western rural Kentucky), but there is a common thread and much of that has to do with Irish lineage. Southern accents are nuanced across the region but often come off one-note across media (the default setting sounds like they just spent a month in Arkansas), but the Irish seem to pull those off better than even American actors.

  6. mary mary says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooood loooooooooooord he’s HOT.